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entirely turn'd ; and their Faith in this Promise gave them a most comfortable Dependance upon God's Goodness for the restoring them and their Pofterity to Pardon and Favour, tho' the particular Manner, in which it was to be done, was not revealed to them. But we see things in a very different Light ; the Blessed Jesus is absolutely the Seed of the Woman, He being born of a pure Virgin : He hath bruised the Serpent's Head in the most ftri& and exalted Sense, by destroying Sin and Satan on our behalf. This Prophecy therefore by being compleated in such an emi. nent Manner, is an Argument to us, that the Blessed Jesus's appearing here upon Earth was designed by Almighty God to þring about the Recovery of fall’n Man; and bears Testimony to the Divine Authority of that Religion, which was founded upon that Prophecy, and depended upon the Completion of it.

AFTER Ages received more particular and express Declarations of God's Will, for the bringing about Man's Redemption ; some of the most plain and literal of His Predictions I would go on to recount:

After After the Flood we find the true Religion of the World still subsisting upon this Prophecy, but Idolatry beginning to prevail almost universally, it pleased Almighty

God to renew his Covenant with Mankind, and to annex the Promise of this our mighty Deliverer to one particular Family, viz. to Abraham's ; to Him. it was exprefly declared, that in his Seed all the Nations of the Earth should be blessed : This is a dire& Prophecy of the Messiah ; and if a Deliverance of all Mankind from Sin and Satan, if the Enlargement of the Church of God, the Propagation of the glad Tydings of Peace and Salvation over the whole world, and the Opening the Kingdom of Heaven to all Believers, by the Means of One, who sprung from the Loins of Abraham, be the most eminent, the only Mcans that we know of, whereby all the Nations of the Earth are bleffed thro' Him, then was this Prophecy literally fulfilled in the Person of the Blessed Jesus. It was foretold, that the Messiah should be of the Tribe of Judah; and the Time of his Appearance was mark'd out by that plain and literal

Prophecy Prophecy of Jacob; The Scepter shall not depart from Judah, nor a Law-giver from between his Feet; 'till Shiloh, i.e. the Mesab come ; and unto Him fall the gathering of the People be : and Jesus was undeniably of that Tribe ; and about the Time of his Coming the Legislative Power was actually departed from Judah.

MOSES describes the Mesah in his Prophetick Capacity ; The Lord thy God, faith he, speaking to the Children of Ifrael, will raise unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy Brethren, like unto me; unto him ye mall bearken : And what Prophet ever arose like unto Moses, except the Blessed Jesus ? Like unto him, for the Authority of his Do&rines ; He being a Law-giver as well as a Teacher and for the Number and Power of his Miracles, like unto him, in being admitted to know God Face to Face; but particularly in being the Mediator of a Covenant between God and Man.

David describes him in his Priestly Capacity ; Thou art a Priest for ever after the Order of Melchifedeck : And never was an Eternal or a Melchisedecæan


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Priesthood ascribed to any other in Holy Scripture, but to the Blessed Jesus; and how fully it belongs to him, is most exaltedly declared in the vth and viith Chapters of the Epistle to the Hebrews.

The Meffiah is frequently described as a King in plain and literal Terms, particularly in the Book of Psalms and Isaiab's Prophecy : Unto ys a Child is born ; unto us a Son is given; the Government shall be upon his Shoulder, and bis Name skall be called Wonderful, Counjellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, of the Encrease of bis Government and Peace there Mall be no end; upon the Throne of David, and upon bis Kingdom, to order it and to establish it with Judgment and with Justice from hencefarth even for ever ; the Zeal of the Lord of Hofts will perform this ; He hath the Heathen given him for his Inheritance, and the utmost Parts of the Earth for his Polesion : His Dominion shall be als from the one Sea to the other ; in his Time shall the Righteous flourish, yea, and abundance of Peace so long as the Moon , endureth.


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These are a few of the many passages of this Sort ; and whoever confiders the Glory, the Univerfality, the Duration, the Peaceable Institution of Christ's Kingdom in his Church, cannot be at a Loss for a Literal Completion of these Prophecies; will not think them allegorical or heightning Expressions.

MICAH prophesieth that Bethlehem should be the Place of the Mesah's Birth ; and nothing can be more express than the Words of Daniel with respect to the Time of his Appearance. Know therefore and understand from the going forth of the Commandment, to restore and build Jerua salem, unto the Mesab the Prince, shall be seven Weeks *, and in threescore and two Weeks the Street shall be built again, and the Wall even in troublous Times : and after threescore and two Weeks shall Mefiah be cut off, but not for Himself : and the People of the Prince that shall come, Mall destroy the City, and the San&tuary, and

Meaning by seven Weeks seven Years ; because, according to the Jewish Law, Weeks and Years bear this Analogy to each other, that every seventh Year was the Sabbatical Year, or Year of Rest.; as every seventh Day is the Sabbath or Day of Reft.



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