The American Mariners: Or, The Atlantic Voyage. A Moral Poem ... Prefixed is A Vindication of the American Character ... To which are Added Naval Annals: Or, An Impartial Summary of the Actions Fought, During the Late War, at Sea, and on the Lakes, Between the Ships of Great Britain and Those of the United States of America ...

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Brodie and Dowding, 1822 - United States - 384 pages

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Page 356 - Linnet, and to see our gun-boats seeking their safety in flight. This unlocked for event depriving me of the co-operation of the fleet, without which the further prosecution of the service was become impracticable, I did not hesitate to arrest the course of the troops advancing to the attack, because the most complete success would have been unavailing, and the possession of the enemy's works offered no advantage to compensate for the loss we must have sustained in acquiring possession of them.
Page 373 - January 9th, 1815. SIR, During the days of the 6th and 7th, the enemy had been actively employed in making preparations for an attack on my lines. With infinite labour they had succeeded on the night of the 7th, in getting their boats across from the lake to the river,, by widening and deepening the canal on which they had effected 456 their disembarkation.
Page 361 - ... gunshot. We were of course compelled to abandon her. In resuming our former course for the purpose of avoiding the squadron, we were compelled to present our stern to our antagonist — but such was his state, though we were thus exposed and within range of his guns for half an hour, that he did not avail himself of this favorable opportunity of raking us.
Page 318 - Many of my guns had been rendered useless by the enemy's shot, and many of them had their whole crews destroyed. We manned them again from those which were disabled, and one gun in particular was three times manned — fifteen men were slain at it in the course of the action ! but, strange as it may appear, the captain of it escaped with only & slight wound.
Page 320 - I have no doubt he would soon have drifted out of gun-shot, before he discovered we had anchored, had not the hawser unfortunately parted. My ship had taken fire several times during the action, but alarmingly so forward and aft at this moment ; the flames were bursting up each hatchway, and no hopes were entertained of saving her ; our distance from the shore did not exceed...
Page viii - Religion, always a principle of energy, in this new people is no way worn out or impaired ; and their mode of professing it is also one main cause of this free spirit. The people are Protestants, and of that kind which is the most adverse to all implicit submission of mind and opinion.
Page 239 - American seafaring citizens, and until a final declaration had been made by the Government of Great Britain that her hostile orders against our commerce would not be revoked but on conditions as impossible as unjust, whilst it was known that these orders would not otherwise cease but with a war which had lasted nearly twenty years, and which, according to appearances at that time...
Page 365 - Qualis spelunca subito commota columba, Cui domus et dulces latebroso in pumice nidi, Fertur in arva volans, plausumque exterrita pennis 215 Dat tecto ingentem, mox aere lapsa quieto Radit iter liquidum, celeres neque commovet alas : Sic Mnestheus, sic ipsa fuga secat ultima Pristis Aequora, sic illam fert impetus ipse volantem.
Page 371 - The enemy just then got clear of us, and his foremast and bowsprit being both gone, and perceiving us wearing to give him a fresh broadside, he again called out that he had surrendered. It was with difficulty I could restrain my crew from firing into him again, as he had certainly fired into us after having surrendered. From the firing of the first gun, to the last time the enemy cried out he had surrendered, was exactly twenty-two minutes by the watch.
Page 317 - I ran close into a small bay, about three quarters of a mile to leeward of the battery, on the east side of the...

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