Letters of the Kings of England: Now First Collected from Royal Archives, and Other Authentic Sources, Private as Well as Public, Volume 2

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Page 17 - Swift as a shadow, short as any dream ; Brief as the lightning in the collied night, That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth. And ere a man hath power to say, — Behold ! The jaws of darkness do devour it up : So quick bright things come to confusion.
Page 481 - A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, from the Reign of Edward I. by JAMES ORCHARD HALLIWELL, FRS, FSA, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. containing upwards of 1000 pages, closely printed in double columns, cloth, 2.
Page 142 - But the mother's consent is not had, nor the young gentlewoman's, who expecteth a great fortune from her mother, which without her consent is endangered. This match, out of my faith and freedom towards your Lordship, I hold very inconvenient both for your brother and yourself. First, He shall marry into a disgraced house, which in reason of state is never held good. Next, He shall marry into a troubled house of man and wife, which in religion and Christian discretion is disliked.
Page 481 - It contains above 50,000 words (embodying all the known scattered glossaries of the English language), forming a complete key for the reader of our old Poets, Dramatists, Theologians, and other authors, whose works abound with allusions, of which explanations are not to be found in ordinary Dictionaries and books of reference. Most of the principal Archaisms are illustrated by examples selected from early inedited MSS. and rare books, and by far the greater portion will be found to be original authorities.
Page 481 - GUIDE TO THE ANGLO-SAXON TONGUE : on the Basis of Professor Rask's Grammar ; to which are added, Reading Lessons, in Verse and Prose, with Notes, for the use of Learners. By EJ Vernon, BA, Oxon. 12mo, cloth, 5s.
Page 334 - This is to tell you that this rebellion is grown to that height, that I must not look what opinion men are who at this time are willing and able to serve me. Therefore I do not only permit, but command you, to make use of all my loving subjects...
Page 389 - I did not justify the truth of your opinions concerning me by my own declaration, which is this, that let my condition be never so low, my successes never so ill, I resolve, by the grace of God, never to yield up this Church to the government of Papists, Presbyterians, or Independents, nor to injure my successors, by lessening the crown of that ecclesiastical and military power which my predecessors left me, nor forsake my friends, much less to let them suffer, when I do not, for their faithfulness...

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