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Little Walterwanted every In a pretty tow non

the one to know of the precious shores of Long Island, in

love of Jesus.
America, there lived a little
boy who loved Jesus. Out

of his spending money 'some- A FARMER, 'who had
thing was always laid aside

gaged the services of a son in his missionary box. of the Emerald Isle, sent Though he was a good him out

morning to boy and loved to pray, he harrow a piece of ground. liked a game of play with He had not worked long bethe village boys. But what

fore nearly all the teeth ever he did he did it with all came out of the harrow. his might. He was always in Presently the farmer went his place at the Sunday- out into the field to take school.''

notes of Pat's progress, and One day he said to his asked him how he liked, mother, “ Mother I have ten

harrowing. "Oh!”replied dollars in my little box, and

Pat; “ it goes a bit smoother I want two boxes made and

now the pegs are out.' put on either side of the Sunday-school. I love Jesus SELYISH POLITENESS, and I want my money, added " HERE, Alfred, is an apple. to that which the children 1. Divide it politely with your will give, to go-towards edu- little sister." ** How shall cating an African child to be I divide it politely, mamma?” a missionary. His wishes

“ Give the larger part to the were carried out. A black

other person, my child." boy in Africa was thus sup - Alfred handed the apple to ported, and trained, and the


little sister, saying is now telling the good

“Here, sis, you divide it news to the poor Africans.


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ELSIE'S SHILLING. “PAPA, it is my birthday,

Said little Elsie Gray,
As papa came in the nursery,

Where the children were at play. “Mamma called me this morning,

To give me,-only think,
A little Bible, with gilt clasps,

And my name in purple ink. “ She said that I must read in

A little every day,
Both in the morning and at eve,

Before I kneel to pray.”
Here Elsie stopped for want of breath,

papa said, as he smiled,
“So now, you want my present,

Is that not it my child?” “Oh, yes !” cried little Elsie;

“Papa you've guessed quite right."
Here then my love,”—and in her hand,

He laid a shilling bright.
Elsie dreamt about the shilling,

When snug that night in bed,
She thought she bought a story book

With covers bright and red.

The day after Elsie's birthday,

Was a Sunday you must know. Novi Elsie was fond of Sunday,

And to chapel loved to go. There preached that day a minister,

She ne'er before had heard ; And he talked so very gently,

She listened every word. He told about the heathen

Who did not know of God, Thousands of little children

Who could not read His Word. He said that all good people

Their very best should do,
To send out many Bibles,

And missionaries too.
Then turning to the children,

He said, “ Now wont you try
Out of your pocket money,

To put a few pence by?
To send to the poor heathens,

And you'll be glad you've given-
A penny, when you know it's helped

A little child to heaven.
Elsie thought about the shilling,

Which in her pocket lay;
The shilling bright which dear papa,

Had given her yesterday. She thought of many pretty things,

She wished so much to buy. Then of the poor lost heathen,

And softly said “ I'll try.” So when the box came round,

Elsie with tender care, Dropped in the precious shilling,

Then bowed her head in prayer,
That God would bless the sacrifice

She on His altar laid.
In all the chapel there was not,
A happier little maid.-Annie.

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