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now he is for ever with the mourn his loss, but, thank Lord; his happy spirit is God, he has gone to join loosed from the prison house four brothers and three sisof suffering and has ters in heaven. tered upon that glorious His death was improved rest which remaineth for the by the writer to a large and people of God.

He has left attentive congregation. a dear mother and sister to

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persuade him to stand at A few days ago


one side and let another sing through a pretty, shady take his place : and I was street, where some boys glad to notice that none of were playing at base-ball. them hinted that he would Among their number was be in the way, but that they a little lame fellow, seeming- all objected for fear he would ly about twelve years old, hurt himself. a pale, sickly-looking child, “Why, Jimmy,” said one supported on two crutches, at last, “ you can't run, you and who evidently found know." much difficulty in walking, “ Oh! hush,” said anoeven with such assistance.

ther-the tallest boy in the The lame boy wished to party—“Never mind, I'll join the game; for he did run for him and you can not seem to see how much

count it for him ;” and he his infirmity would be in took his place by Jimmy's his own way, snd how much

side prepared to act. it would hinder the pro

you were like him,” he said gress of such an active sport aside to the other boys, “you as base-ball.

wouldn't want to be told of His companions, good- it all the time.” naturedly enough, tried to As I passed on, I thought

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to myself that there was

it is before me. I explore true little gentleman.

it in all its bearings. My Child's World.

mind becomes pervaded with it. Then, the effort

which I make the people THE EARLIER THE EASIER.

are pleased to call the fruit An old man one day took a of genius. It is the fruit of child on his knee, and talked

labour and thought." to him about Jesus, and told him to seek the Saviour now, and pray to him, and love

JUST him. The child knew that the old man was not him

A MAN stopping at a tavern self a Christian, and felt

for rest and refreshments surprised. Then he looked

began to talk about his up into the old man's face,

journey. He had and said : “ But why do not from a neighbouring town;

he was moving away, and The old man was affected

glad enough to get away, by the question, and re

too. Such a set of neighplied : “Ah ! my dear child,

bours as he had there, un. I neglected to do it when I

kind, disobliging, cross, and was young, and

now my

contrary, it was enough to heart is so hard that I fear

make any one want to leave I shall never be able.”

the place, and he had started, and was to settle in another region, where he

could find a different set of ALEXANDER HAMILTON inhabitants. once said to

intimate “Well," said the landfriend : “Men give me some lord, “you will find just credit for genius. All the such neighbours where you genius I have lies just in are going.” this: When I have a sub- The next night, another ject in hand, I study it pro- man stopped at the inn. foundly. Day and night He, too, was a jour

you seek God?"






peace with





ney-was moving. On in- are looking for? Some quiry, it was found that he people are always in trouble; came from the same place others follow from which the former all men.” Who knows but traveller had come. He

that we can have just about said he had been obliged such neighbours as we wish move from where he

for, simply by treating lived, and hedid not mind lea- them as we ought to? ving the place so much as he did leaving his neighbours; they were kind, considerate, accommodating, and generous, that he felt “The boy who tied a pack very sorrowful

the of fire-crackers to a dog's thought of leaving them tail, and then set fire to and going arnong strangers, them, was a mean fellow,” especially as he could not says Dr. Beetle. tell what kind of neigh- “So was the boy who bours he would find.

threw stones at a drunken “Oh! well,” said the man,” says Mr. Short. landlord, “you will find “ Meaner yet was the boy just such neighbours where who called after you are going.”

fellow who an idiot, Does it not seem possible and got other boys to help that men will generally find to chase him," says Uncle such neighbours as they | John.


a poor


Blessed are the merciful for they shall obtain




we un-to the thirsty bring A cup of

water cold, Dost thou, O Lord, with loving eyes, The

little deed be - hold, The little deed be - hold?

The passionate impatient one,

Whom nothing seems to please ;
The poor, the small, the weary one,

They are “the least of these."

If we should ever help them bear

Their crosses, would it be
As if, O Lord, we helped thee bear

The cross on Calvary?

O blessed thought ! let every one

To this great work awake,
So glad to help the least of these

For their Redeemer's sake.



See the bright and shining angels

Standing on the golden shore, Singing to the Lord hosannas,

Songs of praise for evermore ; Glory to the Lord of heaven,

Sweetly soft their voices ring ; Heaven's arches high resounding

With the melodies they sing.

Friends of old who crossed the river

Bid us now prepare to come ; God shall comfort us in sorrow,

Till we reach our heavenly home. Many times when faint and weary

Has he helped our sinking hearts ; He still keeps our feet from slipping,

He yet to us strength imparts.

Life below is short and fleeting,

Let us ever look above. Christian, up! keep on the armour,

Faithful to your duty prove. Let no earthly treasures tempt you,

From the narrow path to roam, And your triumph will be greater, When


final home.

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