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and should have been Immortals though God the Son had not united himself with our Nature. These to me, seem to gainfay the words of Christ, for it is not by the Reasonabless, but their Union with the Soul of Christ, that makes them immortal:I suppose, they will not say, that our Bodies shall rise from death, only because they are human Bodies: No, for both these are the effects of this Union, which Christ called the Eating his Flejh, and Drinking his Blood,and nothing else3 and therefore St. John faith, God hath given to us Eternal Life, and this 11oW Life is in his Son$ headdeth, He that hath J" * * the Son hath Life, and he that hath not the Son hath not Life. J.

To this most Holy Son of God, and Son . df Man, onr ever blessed Redeemer and Saviour, together with the Eternal Fatherland the Divine Spirit of both, Benediffiion, Honour and Thanksgiving for ever and ever. Amen, Amen.

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I. " I lHE Union of Christ with Mankind 1 7/7 Adam, /« <w<sfer toottr Redemption, signified by the Eating and Drinking the Flesh and Blood of Christ$ the diprent understanding thereof, by Romanists, Lutherans 4n<iZuinglians, from the Church of England.

a. The signification of eating of the Tree of Life' of the Tree of Knowledge, of Manna, of Sacrifice/, and of the Paschal Lamb.

3. That Eatingthe Flejh of Christ, is not meant of Oral Eating, of St. Peters Eating, parallel'd with onr Eating of Christ.

4. That the necessity of our real Union with the Flejh ofChrist,is called Eating ■> how we are united with his Body^andthe benefit thereof

5. The DoEtrine of the Fathers concerning our Union with the Body of Christ, of his Body naturat&mystical.OftheSubjeSionofChrijl

6. Why this Vmon k described, by eating the

flesh Flejh of the Son of Man, and not rather of the Son of God.

7. That the Redeemer was necessarily to be the Son ofMan, and also the Son of God.

8. Why this Union is expressed by such Tragical words, of eating his Flefly, and drinking his Blood. Why the Primitive Church mingled water with Wine in the holy Chalice.

q. The praUice of some Heretic^/, in eating Human flejh in their Sacrament, compared with the Do&rine of Transubstantion. The calumny of Anthropophagy charged upon Christians, and removed.

10. That this Eating the Flesh of Christ is now to be done, for that it was performed at our first Conception in the Womb 5 that the Fathers, and all other Latin Translators, render those words of Eating the Flejh of Christ, otherwise then we do,

11. How our Union with the Flesh of Christy is more beneficial to us, than our Union with the flejh of the Patriarl^s, Prophets and Apoftles.

13. OfEating the Flesh of Christ Spiritually, what is meant by it, and whether such an Eating be sufficient to the right end.

13. Of Eating by Faith 5 whether believing the Articles of Faith be that Eating, which is thereby meant. Of those words of St. Austin, Crede & Manducasti, how to be

rightly rightly understood. The three states of

Souls from Adam. Some doubts and objections cleared ^ The true .cause of the Immortality of Human Souls, and of the ResurreBion of our Bodies, more than of brute Creatures.

21. Of the time when Conceptions receive life and foul in the Womb, which is ca,led Quickning. Of Barrenness. That the %)nion of our fouls with the Soul of chrifty is at our guickning in the Womb$ the Dottrine of the Church of England. therein.

12. That the Soul of Chriji must as necessarily have proceeded from Adam, as his Flejhy Of some Heresies, which gainsay ed the Tradu&ion of Souls j The Do&rine of daisy Creation of new Souls examined.

23. The judgment of the Fathers concerning Tradu&ion of Souls5 The error of the Pelagians therein, and the evil consequences thereof \

24. That Chriff was free from Original (In, although his Soul and Body were derived from Adam.

25. That although the Mother of Chriftwere conceived in (in, yet her Son Jesus was

^free from her Sin3 and howL That jhewas a pure Virgin at the Birth of Chriji. That her perseverance in Virginity to her Death,


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