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protect the bride during his life, and her widow of the Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel father and brother had bound themselves to Charleton.-The Baron Etienne de Pul. protect her after his death, the happy couple ly, to Miss Elizabeth Martin of Sloane repaired to the middle of the room, under Street, London.-At Paris, Major F. Fula rich canopy, borne by four near relations, ler, of the 59th regiment, to Emilia, sewhere, amidst the chaunting of the prayers, cond daughter of Lieut.-General F. Fuller, the bride and bridegroom were each pre. -28. Mr Joseph Wilkinson of Newcastle, sented with a glass of wine. The bride then to Miss Vernon Scougall, eldest daughter broke her glass under her feet in remem- of Mr James Scougall, designer, Arthur brance of the destruction of Jerusalem. An Place, Edinburgh.-29. At Barnton-house, excellent dinner was served up, and dancing James Cunningham, Esq. of Balgownie, to continued till one o'clock.–16. At George's Agnes, third daughter of the late George Square, Edinburgh, Mr Adam Black, Clif. Ramsay of Barnton, Esq. ton, to Jessie, eldest daughter of the late James Brunton, of Lugton, Bridge-end, Esq. -At Edinburgh, Mr James Yule, June 27. Near Ghazypoor, in Bengal, of baker, to Alison, daughter of the late Mr a fever, Lieutenant Greenhill, 17th Foot, in Andrew Thomson, farmer in North Ber. the 27th year of his age, second son of wick Mains.--At Edinburgh, Alexander Charles Greenhill, Esq. of Fearn. Stewart, Esq. Finsburgh Square, London, Aug. 13. At Madras, Lieutenant James to Agnes Marshal, eldest daughter of Wil. G. Brunton, of the 25th light dragoons. liam Logan, Esq. Queen Street. At Leith, Lost, in the ship Anne, on entering the Mr Alexander Macnaughton, Kathrine river Plate, on the night of the 17th SepStreet, Edinburgh, to Miss Catherine Har- tember, Mr Francis Sommers, of the house per, Leith.-17. Major Keane, 7th hussars, of Sommers and Ewing, Rio de Janeiro, aid-de-camp to Major-general Sir Hussey when all on board (consisting of five pasVivian, K. C. B. and third son of Sir John sengers, the captain, and crew) perished, Keane, Bart. to Anne, third daughter, and except the chief mate, who, being dashed also John Grove, M. D. of Salisbury, second on shore by the violence of the gale, was son of Thomas Grove, Esq. of Fern, in the not discovered till the third day after the county of Wilts, to Jean Helen, fourth shipwreck, when he was found by the nadaughter of Sir William Fraser, Bart. Bed- tives in a very forlorn condition, with a ford Square, London... 19. At Edinburgh, broken leg, and otherwise much injured. Mr William Sinclair, merchant, Lerwick, Oct. 25. At Savannah, Georgia, Mr James to Miss Jessie Thomson, daughter of Mr Smith, second son of Mr John Smith, LarAndrew Thomson, Bewlie, Roxburghshire, go, Fife. -At Glasgow, Mr John Black, manufac- Jan. 1. Miss Isabella Blake, daughter of turer, to Catherine, eldest daughter of Mr Sir Francis Blake, Bart. of Twisel Castle, Malcolm Maclean, calenderer. At Middle- Durham.- At Doonside, Captain James field, Mr Thomas Kincaid, Carronflats, to Robertson Crawford of Doonside, of his Isabella, third daughter of the late Mr Wil. Majesty's 21st dragoons. At his house, in liam Balloch, Falkirk. At Stonehaven, Duke Street, St James's, Count Zenobio, John Fleming, Esq. Merchant there, to in his 56th year. The count was descendJane Fordyce, eldest daughter of Dr Wil. ed from the first family in Europe among liam Nicol of Findon, Kincardineshire.- the noblesse, being not only a prince in the At Edinburgh, Mr Andrew Mallach, writer, Venetian republic, but also a prince of the Dunblane, Perthshire, to Margaret, young- House of Austria. Count Zenobia was al. est daughter of the deceased Mr George Fer- so the nephew of Emo, the late admiral of rier, writer in Edinburgh.-20. At Edin. Venice; he was the owner of two of the burgh, Alexander Heastie, Esq. surgeon, finest palaces in the world, Emo and ZenoR. N. to Isabella, only daughter of the late bio. -At his father's house, Rosebank, Richard Baxter, Esq. of Demerara, and Bonnington, in the 21st year of his age, Mr grand-daughter of Andrew Macfarlane, Esq. John Pitcairn Thomson, surgeon ;--and at late of Jamaica.--22. At Ramsay Lodge, the same place, on the 26th, in the 25th Laurieston, Mr James Sanson, merchant in year of his age, Mr Alexander Thomson, Edinburgh, to Mary, eldest daughter of lieutenant in the Durham militia, sons of William Laing, Esq.-23. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Thomas Thomson, St James's Mr John Drysdale, shipmaster, Kincardine, Place chapel, Edinburgh. Suddenly, aged to Janet, eldest daughter of Mr Andrew 65, at the Friend's Meeting-house, EdinAnderson, merchant, there.-26. Mr John burgh, Joseph Atkinson of Manchester, a Laing, merchant, Glasgow, to Jean, only member of the Society of Friends.-2. At daughter of Andrew Monach, Esq. Mount Aberdeen, Captain John Coutts, in the 73d Helen. At Gretna Green, Lieut. John year of his age.-At Bath, William Bal. George Green, of the Queen's Bays, to Char- derston, Esq. W. S.-3. At Edinburgh, lotte Elizabeth, eldest daughter of John Mr Andrew Marr, late piano-forte-maker. William Alburt, Esq. of London, niece to Sir -At Southampton, Sir Richard Onslow, M. Lopez, Bart. Ñ. P.-At Bath, Rear. Bart. K. G. C. B. admiral of the red, and Admiral Macnamara, to Mrs Charleton, lieutenant-general of the royal marines. He was the next father of the fleet to Earl St Mr Thomson's was the case worthy of pri. Vincent.4. At his house

in South Castle vilege. The presbytery received his appli. Street, Andrew Liddell, Esq. in the 74th cation ; and having transmitted a petition year of his age. At Cowes, the lady of on his behalf to the assembly, and being alJames Macdonald, Esq. M.P.--At Wood- lowed to proceed, they proposed to Mr head, near Borrowstounness, Charles Addi. Thomson the usual preliminary trials, son, Esq.At his house in the Canongate, through the whole of which he acquitted Edinburgh, James Baillie, Esq. of Cul himself to the surprise and satisfaction of terallers, aged 86.-. At her house in his examinators. He was licensed to preach Heriot Row, Edinburgh, Lady Hope, relict accordingly, and was heard, by the crowded of Sir Archibald Hope of Craighall, Bart. audiences whom the peculiarity of his situa-Mr Michael Morrison, modeller, Kath. tion attracted, with great interest and de. rine Street, Edinburgh.-At Springfield, light. He was spared by Providence, howMrs Isobel Ritchie, relict of James Ander- ever, only for a short time, to discharge the son, cooper in Leith. At Perth, after a duty on which he had so early set his heart, short illness, Mr John Scott, one of the and to prepare himself for which he had paEnglish teachers of that city.–6. At Pres- tiently overcome so many difficulties. A cold, tonpans, Mrs Fergusson, wife of Mr James caught by him in the course of his profesFergusson, examiner of excise. Mr John sional exertions, settled itself down upon his Grieve, Simon's Square, Edinburgh.--At lungs. He fell into a consumption, and, Drochill Castle, Mrs Marion Tweedie, after having lingered for some months, the spouse of James Murray, Esq. of Craigend. breaking of a blood vessel at length hasten

-At his seat, Fitzwalters, Essex, Thomas ed his dissolution. The talents and dispoWright, Esq. of Henrietta Street, Covent- sitions of this uncommon young man were Garden, London, banker, aged 65.-At worthy of high admiration and esteem, Greenock, Mrs Campbell

, jun. of Strachurr, Notwithstanding the obstacles that opposed Argyllshire.--At Glasgow, Mr Richard his acquisition of knowledge, obstacles Thomson, preacher of the gospel. He had which, to others who are more happily situthe misfortune in infancy to lose his sight ated, appear almost insuperable, his proby the small-pox. Having shewn an early gress in his studies was rapid, and his ac, and very strong desire of knowledge, his quirements were great. His acquaintance parents were induced, notwithstanding the with the principles of his own language, and unhappy deprivation he had sustained, to of the learned tongues, was accurate. His place him in the school of the late Mr John knowledge of philosophy was intimate. His Hall

, and, owing to the progress he made information in history, theology, and general under the tuition of that excellent teacher, literature, was extensive, varied, and well to gratify him still farther by sending him arranged. His memory, as will be supto the high school, and, on the completion posed, in making such acquisitions, was of the four years' course there, to the col- quick and retentive, and the soundness of lege. His brother and other friends who his judgment, at the same time, equal to associated with him, employed much of the excellence of his memory. His powers their time in reading to him; and through of conversation rendered him an instructive, their means, and by the exertion of his and his amiable and cheerful disposition a wonderful memory, he was able not only pleasing, companion. Above all, there was to perform the usual tasks prescribed in added to his other endowments, a pure and the course of a classical and philosophi- humble piety, a love of religion that was, cal education, but to make such profi- at once, ardent and rational. He uniformciency in learning, as excited the as- ly, lived under the influence of that gospel tonishment of every one, and gained for which it had been his early ambition to him several premiums expressive of the preach, and he died peaceful in the faith of high opinion entertained of his extraordi- its blessed and glorious prospects.—7. At

Having at length completed the very advanced age of 100 years, Mr his theological studies, he applied to the Eldred, page to the king. His first master presbytery of Glasgow for licence to preach. was George II.-At Leith, Mr Jonathan It is a law of the church, passed at the time Donaldson, of the exchange hotel. After a of Dr Blacklock, whose case was similar to short illness, at Dublin, William Burton, Mr Thomson's, that presbyteries shall ob- Esq. of Burton Hall, county of Carlow. tain the permission of the General Assem- He for many years represented that county bly before receiving a blind person upon in parliament. -8. At his house, Bath trials for the ministry. Considering the Street, Mr John Walker, manufacturer, matter apart from any particular instance, Glasgow. At his house, 9, James's Place, it was impossible not to hesitate upon the Mr Stewart Benny, painter.-9. At ground of general expediency about acced. Strathaven, in the 63d year of his age, and ing to the application made to them. But 32d of his ministry, the Rev. John Kirkthere was only one sentiment among the wood, minister of the Relief Congregation members of the Glasgow presbytery as to there.-10. At his house, Royal Crescent, the abilities and merits of the present ap- Bath, John Robertson, Esq. late of Chesterplicant; all being agreed, that if ever the hall. At his house in Mansfield Street, church were to grant the license requested, London, General Sir John Floyd, Bart.

nary talents.


colonel of the 8th light dragoons, and go- mended him to the particular attention of vernor of Gravesend and Tilbury forts.- the Earl of Shelburne, (afterwards Marquis At Forge Lodge, Dumfries-shire, William of Landsdowne) who was then the first lord Henry, the infant son of Pulteney Mein, of the treasury, and he was soon after apEsq. -At Edinburgh, Thomas Allan, Esq. pointed one of the secretaries to the treaof Linkfield, Westbarns, in his 45th year. sury, but resigned on the formation of the -11. At London, after a few hours' ill. coalition administration of Lord North and ness, Harriet Jane Leslie Melville, eldest Mr Fox. On the subsequent elevation to child of the Hon. J. T. Leslie Melville. the premier-ship of his friend and patron, At Edinburgh, in his 88th year, Mr James Mr Pitt, he was again appointed one of the Miller, glover in Edinburgh. During the secretaries to the treasury, and continued whole period of his long and active life,

as senior in that situation for many years. having carried on business for upwards of On the retirement from office of Mr Pitt 60 years, he was eminently distinguished and his immediate political adherents, Mr by unremitting industry, uniform cheerful. Rose resigned his situation, and was shortly ness, benevolence, and public spirit; warm, after sworn of his Majesty's privy council. unaffected, and practical piety. Indeed He was subsequently, on the return of Mr there has been, perhaps, no citizen of Ed- Pitt to office, one of the paymasters-general inburgh, whose virtues and amiableness of of the forces; and on the retiring of the Fox character obtained from all who knew him administration from power, Mr Rose was more heartfelt affection and esteem. Mr appointed treasurer of the navy, which imMiller had fifteen sons, four by a first mar- portant office he held to the time of his riage, now dead, and eleven by a second, of death. Mr Rose was the son of the Rev. whom six survive him. By the blessing of David Rose of Lethnet, in Scotland, by God upon his unwearied exertions, in a Margaret, daughter of Donald Rose of business of very moderate extent, he had Westerclune, and descended by his father the satisfaction of rearing and educating his from the ancient family of Rose of Kirlafamily in a creditable and liberal man- voc, in the county of Nairn. He was born

He was the second time a widower, June 11, 1744, in the county of Brechin, about 13 years before his death, and was but was educated in England from the earable to attend to business for some timely age of four years. He was therefore, at after he had reached his 80th year.-12. the time of his death, 73 years and a half At her son's house in St John's Street, Ed. old. 14. At Keith, Mr Alexander For. inburgh, Mrs Ballantyne, senior, relict of syth, son of Mr John Forsyth, manufacMr John Ballantyne, merchant in Kelso. turer there. At Queensferry, Robt CameAt Castlecraig, Miss Janet Maitland Car- ron Henderson, aged 17 years, son of the michael, third daughter of Sir Thomas Rev. John Henderson, minister of that paGibson Carmichael, Bart. At the Royal rish. At Carron-house, John Ogilvie of College, Greenwich, Capt. William Gordon Gairdoch, Esq.-15. At Greenock, aged Rutherford, R. N.-13. At his lodgings in 64, Mrs Christian Alexander, widow of the Park's land, north end of the Old Bridge, Rev. John M‘Queen, late preacher of the Glasgow, in the 53d year of his age, Ed- gospel. She has bequeathed £10 to the ward Hazelrig, Esq. author of those popu. Greenock Infirmary, £10 to the Female lar papers, entitled “ The Attic Stories.”

Benevolent Society, £5 to the kirk session -At Banff, Mr William Wilson, merchant. of the new parish, and £15 to three indi. -At Dunjop, in Galloway, Walter Pater- gent persons. At London, Mr Thomas son, Esq. of Dunjop. At an advanced Millar, late ensign 37th regiment. At age, the Right Hon. George Rose, so long Edinburgh, Janet, eldest daughter of Alexknown to the political world, breathed his ander Macdonald of Boisdale, Esq.-At last at his seat at Cuffnel. He had for Perth, the infant daughter of Capt. James some months been in a very ill state of Ross, of the honourable Company's ship health, from which his advanced age afford- Carmarthen.--At his house in South Aud. ed no reasonable hope of recovery. He was ley Street, Grosvenor Square, London, distinguished for his unwearied application Alexander Brodie, Esq. father to the Mara to business, and for his extensive knowledge chioness of Huntly.-16. At Redgatehead, of detail, in which he was equalled by few; near Annan, Mr John Graham, late of and by these qualities he rendered himself Howes, land-surveyor, aged 88.--At his so useful, that he rose to some of the most house at Hammersmith, A. B. Turnbull, lucrative and important offices in the state. Esq. For about eight months previous to He was treasurer of the navy, president of his illness, he edited The Public Ledger. the board of trade, clerk of parliament, He was conversant with most of the ancient keeper of the records in the receipts side of and modern languages.--At Steuart Lodge, the exchequer, one of the lords of his Ma- Fife, Miss Lindsay Steuart, second daughjesty's privy council, and elder brother of ter of the late William Steuart Barclays, the Trinity House, verderer of the New Esq. of Cullarnie.--At Maxwelltown, Mrs Forest, Hants, and member of parliament Euphemia Stewart, wife of Mr Zachariah for the town of Christ Church. At an ear- Cowan, and daughter of William Stewart, ly period of his life, his arithmetical talents Esq. of Shambelly. 17. At Old Windsor, and extensive financial knowledge recom- the Right Hon. Lord Walsingham. At Rosebank, near Falkirk, James Henderson, child of James Hay, Esq. of Collipriest. Esq.At Edinburgh, Donald Cameron, 27. At Gifford's Park, Edinburgh, in the Esq.--At No 13, Charlotte Street, Dunbar' bloom of youth, Margaret daughter of the Davidson, only child of the late Major late Mr Daniel Macnaughton of the Excise. George Davidson, of the 42d regiment, --At Bentley Priory, Stanmore, John James aged 14 years. 18. At Bloomsbury Square, Hamilton, Marquis of Abercorn, K. G. &c. London, Lieut-Colonel Baynes, assistant- The fatal complaint existed in the stomach, deputy-adjutant-general, royal-artillery. said to be attended by an enlargement of Mrs Pollock, South Bridge, relict of Mr the liver. The noble lord suffered much James Pollock, Edinburgh. -At London, previous to his demise. The Marchioness Mrs Lilly Liddell, spouse to Mr A. Hall and Lady Maria Hamilton, his daughter, of London.-19. At her son's house, Park were present. By the death of this noble. Street, aged nearly 80, Mrs Mackay, relict man the poor have sustained an incalculaof Mr John Mackay, in Clyth, Caithness. ble loss. He was in his 64th year. His At Annan, Mrs Agnes Irving, relict of lordship had been thrice married. His first Mr John Irving, farmer, aged 81. At wife was Catharine, daughter of Sir J. CopDumfries, Miss Martha Hannah, daughter ley, by whom he had a son, James, the late of Mr John Hannah, cabinet-maker there. Viscount Hamilton, who died leaving a son, -At Wigton, Dr Robt Couper.–20. At Ed- born in 1811, now Viscount Hamilton. His inburgh,

Hugh Ross, Esq. of Kerse. At second wife was Lady Cecil Hamilton, his Musselburgh, in the 26th year of his age, marriage with whom was dissolved by act of Captain James Stirling, late of the 42d parliament in 1798 ; and his third wife was regiment, son of Major-General Stirling. Lady Anne Hatton, daughter of the Earl 21. At Leith, Mrs Magdalene Ferguson, of Arran, who survives him.-29. At Edinrelict of Francis Sharp, late comptroller of burgh, after a short illness, in the 40th the customs there.--At Dumfries, Miss year of his age, Mr George Adamson, Henrietta Hope.-22. At Aberdeen, Mrs printer. Ann Brown, spouse of Dr James Brown, Lately-At the advanced age of 99, John physician there, and second daughter of Smith, who had been porter at the King's the late Joseph Cumine of Auchry, Esq. printing-house, London, for more than 60 -At Glasgow, Mrs Christian Cameron, years. He wore a cocked hat, according wife of Henry Monteith, Esq.-At Kinloss, to the ancient costume, and enjoyed uninthe Rev. John Hoyes, minister of that terrupted health almost to the time of his parish, in the 74th year of his age, and decease.At Coventry, in his 87th year, 40th of his ministry. A widow and family Robert Simson, Esq. M. D. for more than of nine children lament his death. At the half a century an eminent and highly res. Water of Leith, Mr Alexander Stiven, aged pected physician in that city. He was son 74, 52 of which he was brewer there. At of Dr Thomas Simson, late professor of her house, Greenhead, Glasgow, in the 88th medicine and anatomy in the University of year of her age, Mrs Mary Campbell, wi- St Andrews, and Nephew of the late De dow of the Rev. George Lawrie, D.D. mi. Robert Simson, the celebrated professor of nister of Loudon, and daughter of the mathematics in the University of Glasgow. learned and celebrated Dr Archibald Camp- -At Hampton Court Palace, the Right bell, late professor of divinity in the Uni- Hon. Lady Caroline Herbert, sister to the versity of St Andrews...At Fern Tower, late Duke of Manchester.-At Cheltenham, Miss Esther Caroline Baird, second daugh. Alexander Peterkin, Esq. of Chatham, in ter of the late Major-general Joseph the island of Jamaica, and of Greshope, in Baird, and niece to General Sir David the county of Moray.-At London, Lieut. Baird, Bart. G.C.B.-24. At his mother's general William Souter Johnston. This house, Lawn-market, James Henderson, officer was at the siege of Quebec in 1759, writer, late of Falkirk.-24. At Edinburgh, and distinguished himself in the memoraRobert Beatson, Esq. L.L.D. late barrack- ble battle of Bunker's-hill, where he was master at Aberdeen.-.At Edinburgh, Miss severely wounded. At Ormly, John Rose, Elizabeth Murray, aged 72, eldest daugh. Esq. sheriff-substitute of Caithness.-At ter of the deceased Mr James Murray, wine- Hastings, Sussex, H. Martelli, Esq. of merchant, head of Todrick Wynd. At Norfolk Street, London, whose eldest son, Craig, Robert Gordon, Esq. of Craig.-25. a boy of eleven years old, was a short time At Dumfries, Joseph, youngest son of the since, left by his grandfather one hundred late Mr Joseph Broom, merchant. At thousand pounds, to be placed to the best Edinburgh, Mr. William Bailie, account- advantage until he attains the age of twenant to the British Linen Company. At ty-one.—Sir Claude Champion de Crespigny, House of Hill, Mrs Isabella Hill, spouse of Bart. D. C. L. for near half a century reMr Archibald Wilson. At Edinburgh, An. ceiver-general of droits of Admiralty. At drew Macfarlane, Esq. late of Jamaica, Keil, Mr Alexander Stewart, late tacksman uncle of Lieutenant-general Sir Robert of Inshaig, in the 83d year of his age. At Macfarlane of Gartartan, K.C.B.-26. At her house, No. 45, North Frederick Street, Collipriest, in Devonshire, James, youngest Mrs Jane Walker.

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Contents. Remarks on Frankenstein, or the Mo- Notice of Mr Hazlitt's Lectures on

dern Prometheus; a Novelamaramman 613 English Poetry, now in the course of Elegy on the Death of an Infant m620

Delivery at the Surrey Institution,


London, No II. Sonnet.

Lecture Fourth.On Dryden and The Roses (Inscribed to Miss T. Jamaanib.


m679 Further Anecdotes of the Shepherd's Dog ib. Lecture Fifth.On Thomson and


Cowper, and Descriptive Poetry Letter of James VI...mmmmwanaman -628

in general

-681 The Dampersaraang

ib. Lecture Sixth. On Gray, Swift, Narrative of a Fatal Eventmann 630

and Collins

683 The Battle of Pentland Hills now 635

Some Account of the Life and Writings Extracts from Lettsom's Correspondence 636 of Ensign and Adjutant Odoherty, late Horæ Sinicæ, No I. Groo-loo-kri-tchi of the 99th Regiment ( Continued )...685

(or the Brown-plumed Condor) comm639 Time's Magic Lanthern, No I. MachiNotices in Natural History, No 11.com640 avel's Death-bed

.689 Changes in the Plumage of Birds.mm641 Regalia of Scotland

„691 Remarkable Tenuity of the Spider's Observations on the Antobiography of Thread, &c.

m642 Bishop Watson (Concluded Jum......692 Description of a Self-registering Hygro- Proceedings of the Royal Society of meter

„697 Remarks on the Histories of the Kraken and Great Sea Serpent


INTELLIGENCE...mamamme -699 Letters of Timothy Tickler to various Literary Characters.

WORKS preparing for PUBLICATION .....702 No II. to Mr James Hogg mammam654 MONTHLY LIST OF NEW PUBLICAAnalytical Essays on the Early English


maren... 705 Dramatists

„.656 Dr Nicol Jarvie's Letter to the Author



Scottish CHRONICLE...... 706 Notices of the Acted Drama in London, Promotions and Appointments manera 713 No III.

Commercial Report coram

recomanam 715 Boxing Match at 669 Meteorological Report.

Cramanmaram. 720 Remarks on the Periodical Criticism of Agricultural Report..... mwanaw 722

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