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tion. It may be proper, however, to observe, that under the head of the latter is registered, what, as far as we know, has never been done in any meteorological record, we mean the Point of Deposition, or that temperature at which the atmosphere would be completely saturated with moisture, and would of course begin to deposite that moisture in the form of dew or rain. This point is calculated by the formula given by Mr Anderson, in his very profound and philosophical article on Hygrometry, in the Edinburgh Encyclopædia ; an article of which it has justly been observed, that " it has reduced into the form of a science a subject hitherto obscure and little understood." The mean point of deposition, according to Mr Anderson's theory, is about 6° below the mean temperature of the place, and coincides nearly with the mean of the minimum temperature. The abstract given below will enable our readers to verify or disprove this theory. The second column of the abstract contains the monthly extremes, which require no explanation.

3d day,

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METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat, 60.366 Greatest heat,

69.000 cold, 46.716 Greatest cold,


35.000 temperature, 10 A. Ú. 55.833 Highest, 10 Á. M. 3d,

64.000 10 P. M. 50.583 Lowest ditto, 30th,

43.000 of daily extremes, 53.541 Highest, 10 P. M. 16th,

59.000 10 A. M. and 10 P. M. 53.208 Lowest ditto 29th,

41.000 4 daily observations,



Highest, 10 A. M.


30.090 Mean of 10'A. M. (temp. of mer. 38) 29.801 Lowest ditto,


28.680 ..... 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 58) 29.785 Highest, 10 Þ. M.


30.050 ..... both, (temp. of mer. 58) 29.793 Lowest ditto,

28.490 HYGROMETER (LESLIE'S.) Degrees.

HYGROMETER. Degrees. Mean dryness, 10 A. M.

19.466 Highest, 10 A. M.


35.000 • 10 P. M. 8.700 Lowest ditto,


10.000 of both, 14.083 Highest, 10 P. M. 5th,

16.000 Mean point of deposition (Fahr.) 47.600 Lowest ditto,

0.000 Rain in inches, 0.899 Greatest rain in 24 hours, 3d,

0.414 Evaporation in ditto,

1.578 Least ditto,


0.004 Fair days, or rain less than .oi,

20 Greatest mean daily evap. 26th

to 30th,

0.084 10 Least ditto,

6th to 10th,

0.038 Wind from'w.of meridian, including N. 9 Highest point of deposition, 16th,

56.000 E. of meridian, including S. 21

Lowest ditto,


28.000 General character of the month-dry, with gentle winds, and a good deal of sunshine.




METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Calton-hill. N. B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at eight o'clock in the morning, and eight o'clock in

the evening

Ther. Barom. Ther.

Ther. Barom.




Sept. 1



.686 M.56 s. w. Showers.

M.56 29.611 M.61 Is. W. Fair.
E. 55

.755 E. 59
M.56 .730 M.56

S. W. Fair.
E. 56 .766 E. 57
M.60 .575 M.58

Fair foren.

S. W.
E. 61 .606 E. 56

rain aftern.
M.56 .694 M.58

S. W. Showers.
.854 E. 59S
E. 52

M.52 .946 M.58

S. W. Fair.
E. 51 .854 E.155
E. 53 .698 E. 58

M.50 .905 M.58

S. Showers.
E. 54 .815 E. 59 S

753 M.57)

E. 57 .716 E 50S

M.51 .909 M.58

Cble. Fair.
.928 E. 57 )
E. 51
M.53 .811 M.58

Chle. Fair.
778 E. 61
.778 M.60

E.58 .736 E. 61

M.59 .475 M.61


M.60 29.807 M.60
E. 62 .879 E. 64

S. Fair.

.879 M.64
E. 57

Chle. Fair.
.879 E. 63
M.52 .805 M.59
E. 53

.693 E. 58


.663 M.56
E, 57

Cble. Rain.
.714 E, 59

.816 M.57
E. 52
.855 E,56

Cble. Rain.

.830 M.56
E. 53

Cble. Fair.
.830 E. 56
.773 M.55

Fair foren.

N.E. .781E. 55

rain afterns M.50 23

•765 M.54

.787 E. 55 }|N. E. Fair.
M.52 710 M.57)
. 466 E. 57 S

Cble. Fair.

.129 M.56
E. 5428.799 €.56 }|S.W.


.468 M.56

.468 E. 55 ) S.W. Fair.

.61 M.54
E. 46

.781 E. 51 }(N.W. Fair. 28



E. 52


S.E. Rain.
E.50 .454 E, 58 )
.740 M.55

Frost morn. 13

W. E. 54 .807 E. 59 s

shower even. .842 M.54)

Cble. Fair. E. 49 .842 E.57 .911 M.55

S. Fair. 17 .848 E. 60S

M.49 29.182 M.53
E. 44

.461 E.50 ) N.W. Fair.

.564 M.50
E. 42

.813 E. 48) N.W. Fair.
M.37 .813 M.47

Rain mora,
E. 401 738 E. 41 W.

snow on hills Rain, inches 1.18

14{ 15 M.51


-At Croydon, J. M.Dowall, Esq. of Mea acting the affairs of his public duty in per. dow Place, Edinburgh, to Catherine Hen- son, although his signature to his last des rietta, third daughter of Lieut. Col. Tudor. patches was scarcely legible. His zeal was -At Dunino Manse, Fifeshire, Charles unabated ; and the gallant veteran may Rogers, Esq. Dundee, to Anne, daughter very justly be said to have fallen at his post. of the late John Cruickshanks, Esq. of the Sir John was one of five sons of the Rev. island of St Vincent.-At Bath, Richard Henry Duckworth, Rector of Ferlmer, Napier, Esq. son of the late Colonel Napier, Bucks.At her seat, Twickenham, the Visa to Mrs Staples, eldest daughter of the late countess Howe, aged 75, widow of William Si James Stewart of Fort Stewart.At Lord Viscount Howe. Kendal, Edward Dawson, Esq. of Aldcliff Sept. 1. At Kirkton Manse, near Haw. Hall, near Lancaster, to Anne, eldest daugh- ick, the Rev. John Elliott, minister of that ter of Christopher Wilson, Esq. of Abbot parish.-At Dublin, Mr Justice Osborne. Hall, Kendal.

His lordship fell a victim to the fever

which is now raging with such destructive DEATHS.

fury throughout Ireland.-3. At his seat, Jan. 21. At his ironworks in Siberia, in Tonley, Aberdeenshire, in the 84th year of his 76th year, Mr Hill, a native of Bristol. his age, James Byres, Esq. This gentle

July 27. At Teneriffe, aged 80, David man had resided long at Rome, which he Lockhart, Esq.

finally left in 1790. At Bedford, the Rev. Aug. 9. At Wallerstein, of an apoplectic Charles Abbot, vicar of Oakely and Gold-, fit, the Princess Dowager of Ettingen-Ettin- ington. At Dumfries, Miss Jane Laurie, gen, born Duchess of Wirtemberg. In his sister of the late General Sir Robert Laurie 77th year, Leopold Fred. Francis, Duke of of Maxwelltown, Bart.At Leeds, Mr Dessau. To him Dessau owes its improve. John Urquhart, merchant, late of Glasgow. Dents, its Woerlitz, its Luisium, and its -4. At his house at Stokes, Stayley-wood, fine roads; but his attention was particular. Cheshire, aged 74, the Rev. James Cooke, ly directed to the system of education and M. A. a gentleman well known for his schools. He employed Basedou, Campe, many useful mechanical inventions. At and Tillich, to realize his idea of the physi- her son's house, Phænix Park, Dublin, cal and moral education of man.-12. At Alicia, wife of John Lefanu, Esq. and sisClifton, in the 70th year of his age, Eyles ter of the late Right Hon. Richard BrinsIrwin, Esq. formerly of the East India ley Sheridan.--Near Musselburgh, John Company's civil service at Madras.-15. Wilson, Esq. late solicitor in London.-5. Walter Croker, Esq. of Corrabella, brother At Hemus Terrace, Chelsea, aged 79, Maj. of J. Wilson Croker, Esq. Secretary of the Brereton Poynter. He entered his MajesAdmiralty.-—-18. At Aberdeen, James ty's service in the year 1755, and served Jamieson, Esq. late of the royal navy. with General Wolfe in America, and was -20. At Amsterdam, the Dowager in the memorable battle at Quebec.-6. At Marchioness of Sligo. Her ladyship was Sandwich, Richard Emerson, Esq. banker. waiting the arrival of Sir William Scott in -At Dumfries, Mrs Janet Paul, aged 80, that city from Switzerland, in order to re- wife of Mr Wm Taylor, watchmaker. She turn with him to England. She was born was the only surviving sister of the celebrated Dec. 9, 1767, and was the youngest daugh. Paul Jones. At Bellisle, Mrs Hamilton of ter and co-heiress of the late gallant Earl Pinmore.-7. Lady Frances Pelham, third Howe.-23. The Hon. Mrs Hugo Meynell daughter of the Earl of Chichester.-8. At of Hoarcross, in the parish of Yoxall, Staf. No 10, Southampton Row, London, John fordshire, sister of the Marchioness

of Hert- Elliot, Esq. aged 49, late of Gerard Street ford. This lady was taking an airing in -At London, aged 69, Mr John Carter, her gig, when the horse unfortunately fell, F.S.A. draftsman and architect, and emiand her ladyship was thrown out. She nently distinguished for his skill in ancient died next morning from the injury receiv- English architecture.—At Foulden House,

28. At Botley, Surrey, Sir Joseph James Wilkie, Esq. of Foulden, in his 72d Mawbey, Bart.-In consequence of a fall year.-9. At Edinburgh, Forrest Dewar, from his horse, the Rev. Thomas Thoresby Esq. surgeon.-11. At Maxwelltown House, Whitaker, M. A. eldest son of the Rev. Mrs Armstrong, widow of Wm Armstrong, Dr Whitaker of Holme, vicar of Whalley, M.D. St Kitt's, and daughter of Sir Chas. Lancashire.-29. At Clontarf, near Dublin, Erskine of Alva, Bart.--At London, Robt. the Hon. R. H. Southwell, late of Castle Allan Crawford, Esq. eldest son of Robert Hamilton, county Cavan, and formerly Crawford, Esq. of^ Devonshire Square. Lieut-Colonel of the 8th dragoons.-30. -At Queensferry, James Carfrae, Esq. At Bristol, John Chalmers Rose, Esq. mer- merchant, Edinburgh.-12. Nathaniel chant, of that city.-31. At Plymouth Portlock, Esq. Post Captain in his Majes. Dock, in his 70th year, Sir John Thomas ty's navy, and for the last nine months one Duckworth, Bart. G.C. B. Admiral of the of the captains in the Royal Naval Hospital White Squadron, Commander-in-Chief on at Greenwich.--Thomas Napier, Esq. of the Plymouth Station, and Member of Par. Randolph Hill

. In passing along one of liament for New Romney. Until the very the locks of the canal near Falkirk, he un. day of his dissolution, he persisted in trans. fortunately fell over and was drowned. In Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London, wife of Bartholomew Frere, Esq. his Ma. Mr John Erck, in his 23d year, from loss jesty's Secretary of the Embassy at the Otof blood occasioned by the lancing of his toman Porte. The marriage had been sogums.-At Bath, Sir John M‘Mahon.- lemnized by proxy, according to the usual 14. At Wanstrow, in Somersetshire, the forms ; but Mr Frere having been detained Rev. Charles Goodwin Bethune. At Esher, at Constantinople by the business of the Mrs De Ponthieu, relict of the late Henry embassy, during Sir Robert Liston's abDe Ponthieu, Esq.At Windsor Castle, sence, he never had the happiness of seeing Mrs Rooke, wife of Lieut.-Colonel Rooke, her since their union.At Nassau, New and daughter of the late Ambrose Dawson, Providence, Capt. Edward Rowley of his Esq. of Langcliff Hall. At Edinburgh, Majesty's ship Sheerwater, son of Sir W. Miss Jane Gordon, second daughter of John Rowley, Bart. M. P. for the county of Suf. Gordon, Esq. W. S. Frederick Street.- folk. --At Letterkenny, in the county of 15. At London, John Stanley, Esq. signer Donnegal, of an infectious fever, caught in of the bills of Middlesex, and for upwards the discharge of his duty as Inspector-Genof 40 years clerk to three of the judges of eral of Stamp Duties, John H. Barclay, England.At Arbroath, Wm Cruickshanks, Esq.--At Leghorn, near Louth, Ireland, Esq. late of the island of Jamaica.-16. at the advanced age of 96, William Por. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Sommers, his teous, who enjoyed his faculties to the last Majesty's glazier for Scotland, and the old- At his request, a favourite ass, which he est deacon of the fourteen incorporated had rode to Louth market upwards of 30 trades of the city of Edinburgh.-17. At years, was shot, and buried at the same Chatham, Elizabeth, the lady of Sir Robert time.--At his house, Hanover Square, LonBarlow, commissioner of his Majesty's dockdon, Sir James Earle, Knight, F. R. S. yard at that port.At London, Robert Master of the Royal College of Surgeons. Adamson, Esq. late of Oaksey, Wilts. At -At Dunevely, Ireland, at an advanced George's Place, Leith Walk, Mr George age, the Rev. George Brydon, during 40 Gibson, senior, merchant, Leith.-18. At years presbyterian minister of the congre. Bayswater, Mrs Ansley, wife of Mr Alder- gation of Kircubbin..At Downpatrick, Ireman Ansley.-At Hornsey, Barbara, the land, of typhus fever, the Rev. Arthur eldest child of Thomas Moore, Esq. 19. Ford, protestant clergyman of that place.At her house, Upper Grosvenor Square, At Epernon, the Marquis of Croixmère, in London, Jane, relict of the late Colonel the 100th year of his age. At Ballachroan, Conynghame, and sister of Lady Vernon.- Inverness-shire, Mrs Captain Forbes MacAt Dunfermline, in his 85th year, Adam donell, second daughter of the late John Low, Esq. of Fordel.-.-20. At Learney, M.Pherson, Esq. of Inverhall.-In WestAberdeenshire, Margaret Brebner, eldest moreland, Sarah Hearn, aged 100 years unmarried daughter of Alexander Brebner, and 7 months. Her husband, who had Esq. of Learney.--At Carlisle, Hugh James, been married to her upwards of half a cen. M. D. son of the late Dr James, vicar of tury, and is at the advanced age of 95, acArthuret, in the county of Cumberland.- companied her remains to the grave. At 21. At Inveresk House, Miss Margaret New York, Mr Holman, the celebrated Mary Baird, daughter of Sir James Gardi. tragedian, who so long performed with ner Baird of Şaughtonhall, Bart.At great applause at the London and other Stonehaven, in her 80th year, Mrs Mary Theatres. He was a descendant of Sir Ross, widow of James Young, Esq. Sheriff. John Holman, Bart. of Warkworth Castle, Substitute of Kincardineshire.. -22. At and was distinguished as a gentleman and Dundee, Captain Andrew M‘Culloch, of a scholar. He went to America in 1812, the royal navy.

-28. At London, Hugh since which time he has uninterruptedly Mackay, Esq. of St Martin's Lane, aged pursued his histrionic career in that country. 80.–25. At Interlaken, Switzerland, Lord Mrs Holman, Miss Moore, and Mr SaunMełgund, eldest son of the Earl of Minto. ders, of the same theatre, were struck dead -26. Mr William Haggerston, aged 26, by lightning. This dreadful calamity hapthird son of Thomas Haggerston, Esq. of pened two days before the death of Mr Ellingham.-28. At Cheltenham, in the Holman.--At Constantinople, Isaac Mo72d year of his age, Thomas Bidwell, Esq. rier, Esq. his Majesty's Consul-General in who, during the last 25 years of his life, the Turkish dominions.- -At Tunis, the had filled the office of Chief Clerk in the celebrated archæologist Count Camillo BorDepartment of Foreign Affairs. -At Jed- gia. He had spent a considerable time in burgh, Mrs Margaret Hardie, wife of Wil. Africa ; and, under the protection of the liam Rutherford, Esq. Sheriff-clerk of Rox. Dey of Tunis, was enabled to undertake burghshire, and daughter of the late Henry excavations in search of antiquities, and to Hardie, Esq. merchant, Glasgow.In take the plans of two hundred and fifty George Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Alves, re- half-ruined villages and towns.

He had lict of Dr Alves of Shipland, Inverness- also obtained permission, by special favour, shire.

to copy, in the Dey's own library, three Lately At Madrid, at the house of her Arabic manuscripts, two of which are whole sister Lady Whittingham, Barbara, the ly unknown in Europe.

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On the Pulpit Eloquence of Scotland, Extract of a Letter from Baron Von No


Buch to Gay-Lussac, in regard to On the Optical Properties of Mother-of- Mr

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m201 Memoirof Rob Roy Macgregor, and some Verses occasioned by a late Controversy Branches of his Family (continued J.149 respecting Burns

204 Anecdotes illustrative of the State of the Remarks on the “ Stirling Heads” amm. 205

Highlands after the Rebellion of forty- Considerations on Erroneous Verdicts, five


and Condemnations of Innocent Men 210 Remarks on the Review of Mr Stewart's Notices of Reprints of Old Books, No I. Dissertation in the Quarterly Review, -Decker's Gull's Hornbook mano

nananananana 214 No XXXIII. (concluded Jacoracamin 159


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WORKS PREPARING for PUBLICATION 223 New Gold Coinagecaro


MONTHLY LIST OF NEW PUBLICAThe Knights Errant, No lomi... ib.


Maramwamm. 225 Horæ Historicæ, No I.


MONTHLY REGISTER. Waking Dreams. A Fragmentmanananaw 174 Horæ Juridicæ, No I.-Observations on SCOTTISH CHRONICLE manninn .228 “ Reports of Decisions of the Consis- Agricultural Reportrarnama

235 torial Court of Scotland, in Actions of Commercial Report

237 Divorce; by James Fergusson, Esq.” 176 Promotions and Appointmentsmum 240 On leaving the North Highlands. By Meteorological Report.

242 a Ladymnom

185 ths, Marriages, and


To whom Communications (post paid) may be addressed.


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