Annual Report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York

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Page 5 - York, as their medical department, under the name of the College of Physicians and Surgeons In the City of New York.
Page 53 - ... appointed Professor of Anatomy and Surgery. Since then the number of Professors has been increased, until, at the present time, they comprise a Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine, a Professor of Chemistry, a Professor of Surgery, a Professor of Anatomy, a Professor of the Institutes of Medicine, a Professor of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, a Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy, and a Professor of Clinical Surgery. Courses of Lectures are delivered by each of...
Page 312 - WIND 0 Calm. 1 Light Air 2 Light Breeze 3 Gentle Breeze 4 Moderate Breeze 5 Fresh Breeze 6 Strong Breeze — 7 Moderate Gale 8 Fresh Gale 9 Strong Gale 10 Whole Gale...
Page 6 - Fund, and apportioned among the several academies of the State ; and by the 9th section, it was made the duty of the Regents of the University ' to require every academy receiving a distributive share of public money...
Page 312 - THE STATE OF THE WEATHER. b Blue sky ; (whether clear, or hazy atmosphere). c Clouds ; (detached passing clouds). d Drizzling rain. f Foggy f Thick fog.
Page 21 - ... In 1814, the trustees purchased a site on the rising ground overlooking the Mohawk valley, a little E. of the compact part of the city. Two edifices have been erected at this place, each 200 feet long, about 40 wide, 4 stories high, standing in a line 600 feet apart ; a colonnade .extending in the rear from each building 156 feet in length, by about 30 feet in width, and 2 stories high. The other college buildings are two boarding halls, farm-house, hospital house, for a professor, a number of...
Page 312 - Forey f Thick fog. g Gloomy (dark weather). h Hail. 1 Lightning. m Misty (hazy atmosphere). o Overcast (or the whole sky covered with thick clouds).
Page 309 - U<> inches, and generally speaking fell in light or easterly winds. A few days, southeasterly winds occurred in the month of September. but the northerly monsoon could not be said to have commencett until the beginning of October.
Page 309 - Chusan is subject to a range of temperature similar in that in the same latitude upon the coast of North America : the thermometer in the shade standing at 103 in the month of September.
Page 122 - ... books or modes of instruction, do not assume to assert as their own, the opinions expressed in the various returns selected for publication. These are given as the views of enlightened and experienced persons employed in actual instruction, which if even in some degree inaccurate, must have a share of utility in inviting the attention of those engaged in the same pursuits to the consideration of topics important to the best interests of society; but which, if correct, are of the highest and most...

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