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In presenting these Elements of the English History to the Public, the Author has no pretensions to novelty or celebrity. His sole object in this abridgement was, the improvement of the numerous and respectable pupils under his tuition. A competent acquaintance with the principal transactions of their own country, was, he knew, a necessary accomplishment. But in imparting this knowledge to his elèves, who are all Catholics, he could not, consistently with his own principles, suh'mit to their perusal, histories of the country, which grossly misrepresent the religion and political conduct of their body: this led him to the compilation of the present work. In the course of his labours, Truth was his only object, and he has pursued it without recrimination or controversial acrimony. If he has presented facts in a different shape, it was under the conviction that they had been distorted, and that the Catholics of this country had been too often victims to prejudice and party intrigue.

In the management of his matter, he has consulted at once, the improvement and convenience of his pupils; as far as the limits of an elementary work would admit, he has called their attention to leading and prominent transactions; and, at different intervals of the history, he has dwelt with some detail on the progressive manners, customs, attire, literature, legislation, and religion of the country, The work having passed through five editions, the Author trusts he may presume upon having secured the approbation of the Catholic public, and that this sixth edition will be no less favourably received.

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