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(N. B. The Capital P. signifies the Part; Seft.

the Section ; Concl. the Conclusion; and the small p. the Page; where the Things here specified, are to be found.]

ed Sect. 13. p. 3.listence

Sereded Demon

it determines the Will,

P. 1. Sect. 2. p. 9. BstraEted or Abftrufe Arminians, obliged to 1 Reasoning, whe- talk inconsistently, P. 2.

ther justly object- Sect. 5. p. 74. Ibid. ed against Calvinists, P. Sect. 7. p. 98. Sect. 9. 4. Sect. 13. p. 390. p. 108, where the main

Aftion, Inconsistence Strength of their preof the Arminian Notion tended Demonstrations of it, P.4. Sect. 2. p. 278. lies, P. 4. Sect. 4. p. and whence this arose, 307. Their Objection Ibid. p. 286. what it is from God's moral Chain the common Notion of racter, consider'd and reit. Ibid. p.282.--and how torted, Ibid. Sect. 11. p. diftinguish'd from Paf- 382,3. fron, Ibid. p. 284.

Arminian DoEtrine, its AEtivity of the Nature Tendency to superfede of the Soul, whether thro' all Use of Means, and this, Volition can arise make Endeavours vain. without a Cause, P. 2. P. 4. Sect. 5. p. 312. Sect. 4. p. 66.

and in Effect, to exApparent Good, the clude all Virtue and greatest, in what Sense Vice out of the World,

w See Chhether

P. 3. Sect. 4. p. 226; P. 2. Sect. 3. p. 58: No 234. Ibid. Sect. 6. p. Event without one, P. 2: 257. and Sect. 7. p. 266. Sect. 3. p. 59.-----and P. 4. Sect. I. p. 276. Effeet, a necessary Con= Ibid. Sect. 12. p. 387. nection between them,

Atheism, the supposed P: 2. Sect. 8. p. 103. Tendency of Calvinistic This respects moral, as Principles to it, P. 4. well as natural Causes, Sect. 12. p. 385. How P. 2. Sect. 3. p. 58. Arminian Principles tend Christ, his Obedience

to it, Ibid. p. 386. necessary, yet virtuous :: Attending to Motives, and praise-worthy, P. 3.

of Liberty's being sup- Sect. 2. p. 194. His Aposed to consist in an A- tonement excluded in bility for it, P. 2. Sect. Consequence of Armini9. p. 112.

an Principles, P. 3. Sect. Atonement. See Christ 3. p. 220. : Author of Sin, whether Chubb (Mr.) the Init would follow from the consistence of his Scheme Doctrine here main- of Liberty, &c. P. 2. tain'd, that God is so, Sect. 10. p. 119:--137. P. 4. Sect. 9. p. 354. Commands, consistent

with moral Necessity B.

and Inability, P. 3. Sect.

4. p. 222. P. 4. Sect. L AM E-worthiness, 11. p. 380. Inconsistent

wherein it consists, with Arminian Princiaccording to common ples, P. 3 Sect. 4. p. Sense, P. 4. Sect. 4. p. 225. 297.

Common Sense, why the Principles maintain, ed in this Discourse,

appear to some contrary CAlvinism, consistent to it, P. 4. Sect. 3. p.

with common Sense, 288. Necessary Virtue P. 4. Sect. 3. p. 288. and Vice agreeable to it,

Cause, how the Word P. 4. Sect. 4. p. 297,is used in this Discourse, Arminian Tenets oppo


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site to it, P. 3. Sect. 6. p. 249. Ibid. Sect. 7.

E. p. 263.

Contingence, P.1. Sect. Ffeet. See Cause. 3. p. 28. the Inconsis

Efficacious Grace; tence of the Notion, P. Concl. p. 404. 2. Sect. 3. p. 63. Whe- Election personal. See ther necessary in order Decree. to Liberty, P. 2. Sect. 8. Endeavours, what it is P. 102.-implied in Ar- for them to be in vain, minian Liberty, and yet P. 4. Sect. 5. p. 309. inconsistent with it, P.2. Render'd vain by ArmiSect. 13. p. 185. Epi- nian Principles, Ibid. curus the greatest Main- p. 313. But not fo by : tainer of it, P. 4. Sect. 6. Calvinism, Ibid. p. 316. p. 321. Ibid. Sect. 1. See Sincerity.

. Entrance of Sin into Corruption of Man's the World, V. 4. Sect. Nature, Concl. p. 403. 10. p. 376.

Creation of the World, Equilibrium. See Inat such a particular Time difference. and Place, P. 4. Sect. 8. Exhortation. See Inp. 338.


p. 386.

Nature, ion of the Worlano


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ability Man. See

vledge decertain

D Ecree absolute, not Allen Man. See In+ inferring Necessity, - ability. any more than certain Fate stoical, P. 4. Sect. Fore-knowledge does, P. 6. p. 321. 2. Sect. 12. p. 171. How Fatality, the Principles it follows from Things of Arminians inferring proved in this Discourse, that which is most shockConcl. p. 406.

ing, P. 4. Sect. 8. p. : Determination. See 352. Will.

Foreknowledge of God, Diętates. See Under- of Volitions of moral standing

Agents, proved, P. 2. Ee



Sect. 11. p. 138.-In- ciples, P. 3. Sect. 3. p. consistent with Contin- 222. gence, P. 2. Sect. 12. Grace, its Freeness P. 164. Proves Necef- consistent with the mo.' lity, as much as a De. ral Necessity of God's cree, Ibid. p. 171. The Will, P. 4. Sect. 8. p. feeming Difficulty of re- 350. conciling it with the Sincerity of his Precepts, Counsels, &c. not peculiar to the Calvinistic H Abits, virtuous and Scheme, P. 4. Sect. 11. 44 vicious, inconfiftp. 380.

ént with Arminian Principles, P. 3. Sect. 6. p. 253.

Heathen, of their SalGOD, his Being how vation, P. 3. Sect. 5.

known, P. 2. Sect. p. 248. 3. p. 60. P.4. Sect. 12. Hobbes, his Doctrine p. 386. His moral Ex- of Neceffity, P. 4. Sect. cellencies necessary, yet 6. p. 322. virtuous and praiseworthy, P. 3. Sect. 1.

1. p. 188. P. 4 Sect. 4. p. 308. The Necessity of Mposibility, the fame his Volitions, P. 4. Sect. - as negative Neceflity, 7. p. 323. Whether the P. 1. Sect. 3. p. 27. Principles maintain'd in Inability, how the this Discourse are incon- Word is used in coinsistent with his moral mon Speech, and how Character, P. 4. Sect. II. by Metaphysicians and p. 379. How Armini- Arminians, P. I. Sect. anism destroys the Evi- 3. p. 20, 27. P. 4. Sect. dence of his moral Per- 3. p. 291. Natural and fections, Ibid. p. 383. moral, P. 1. Sect. 4. p.

Grace of the Spirit, ex- 28. Moral, the several cluded by Arminian Prin- Kinds of it; P. 1, Sect.

How Armii! by mepeech, and com

4. p. 35. P. 3. Sect. 4. . p. 231.-of fallen Man - L: to perform perfect Obe: dience, P. 3. Sect. 3. P Ws; the End 219. What does, and whereof is to bind what does not excuse to one side,, render'd Men, P. 3. Sect. 3. p. useless by Arminian Prin216. Ibid. Sect. 4. p. ciples, P. 3. Sect. 4. p. 234. P. 4. Sect. 3i p. 226. 289.

Liberty, the Nature of Inclinations ; see Ha- it, P. 1. Sect. 5. p. 38. bits.

The Arminian Notion of Indifference, whether it, Ibid. p. 40. This Liberty consists in it, inconsistent with other P. 2. Sect.. p. 88.- Arminian Notions, P. 2. Not necessary to Virtue, Sect. 9. P. 107, &c. but inconsistent with it, Licentiousness, whether P. 3. Sect. 6. p. 252. the Calvinistic Doctrine

IndifferentThings,those tends to it, P. 4. Sect. which appear so, never 12. p. 386.----See Enthe Objects of Volition, deavours. P. 1. Sect. 2. p. 9. P. 2. Sect. 6. p. 79. Whether

M. the Will can determine itself in chusing anjong M Achines, whether such Things, P. 2. Sect. Calvinismi makes 6. p. 80.

Men such, P. 4. Sect. 5. Invitations, consistent p. 317. with moral Necessity Means, see Endeavours. and Inability, P: 3. Sect. Metaphysical Reason4. p. 236. P. 4. Sect. ing ; see Abstracted.---11. p. 379. But not To be justly objected as consistent with Arminian gainst the Arminian Principles, P. 2. Sect. 9. Scheme, P. 4. Sect. 13. P: 113. P. 3. Sect. 7: p. 397. p. 264. P. 4. Sect. II. Moral Agency, its NaP. 382.

cure, P. 1. Sect. 5. p. 41. Еe2


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