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Pente, R. Oswestry, wine and spirit-merchant
Phillip, E. Narberth, Pembroke, linen-draper
Phillips, G, Old Brentford, cabinet-maker
#!.. N. Colne, Lancashire, grocer
Pierce, W. Ligh Holborn, wax-merchant
Pierson, J. S. Sutton-street, Clerkenwell, gold-
sml -
Phillips, P. R. Carmarthen, druggist
Ploughman, H. ". Hampshire, brewer
Pratten, M. jun. Bristol, leather-dealer
prentice, w. High-street, Southwark, ironmonger
Price, D.T. Holywell-street, Show editch, butcher
Pratt, W. Walsall, Staffordshire, retailer of wines
Quintin, W. and G. Basford, Nottinghamshire,
timber-dealers - -
Radnedge, J. Bathwick, Somersetshire, dairyman
Ranson, J. Union-street, Southwark, tea-dealer
Reynolds, T. Highworth, Wilts, draper
Rogers, S. Gutter-lane, Cheapside, hosier
Rucker, S. Old South Sea House, merchant
Ross, A. and J. Murray, Leadenhall-street, mer-

ants Sallows, R. Hadleigh, Suffolk, grocer Sharpus, R. Berkeley-square, dealer -- - -sheard, L. Kerkheaton, Yorkshire, scribbling

miller - - shuttleworth, A. and G. Robinson, Lincoln,

boat-builders simpson, w. Coppice-row, Clerkenwell, japan


, Silva, J. R. Liverpool, increhant

Slater, T. Wolverhampton, maltster
Scarf, S. Lecds, stuff manufacturer
Stott, C. Manchester, brush manufacturer
Strong, R. Exeter, clothier -
Sweet, C. Northampton, Devonshire, tanner

Symonds, C. and W. Taylor, Watling-street, warehousemen

o: A. Kent-road, malt-roaster

Tahourden, G. Warwick-court, Holborn, moneyscrivener

Thompson, T. Camomile-street, merchant

Thompson, G. Preston, Lancashire, cheese-mong

er Thompson, J. Liverpool, factor Tipper, J. E. stoinford, stationer Treffry, H. and R. Liverpool, chemists Tuck, W., Marlborough, carpenter Turner, T. Stock Exchange, broker Underwood, S. St Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, carpenter Warey, J. Lee-Green, Wakefield, cloth-maker Wadham, R. Poole, grocer Warwick, J. St Alban's, draper Webb, W. and H. Bristol, linen drapers Weetinan, J. Liverpool, merchant Webster, J. and G. M. Simpson, Tower-street, merchants Welsford, J. C. Adam's-court, Old Broad street, inerchant wo, W. jun. New Kent-road, timber-merchan Wilson, W. Liverpool, merchant Willians, J. Bishopsgate-street-within, linen-drap


Wilson, J. and G. Waugh, Aldersgate-street, hatters

Wiseman, S. J. ... T. Foyson, Norwich, bombazeen manufacturers

Woolley, E. Bilston, Staffordshire, iron-master

Worthy, J. Exeter, factor.

Alphabetical List of Scotch BANKRUPTcIEs and Dividends, announced December 1820, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.


Anderson, J, and Co. Glasgow, merchants
Arnold, T. Stockbridge, Edinburgh, builder
clo Robert, Twomerkland of Glencairn, cattle-
Crawford, J, and A. Glasgow, merchants
Dickinson, A. and Co. Edinburgh, booksellers
Dunlop, J. Stewarton, grocer and spirit dealer
Finlayson, T. at Allan, Ross-shire, cattle-dealer
Galloway, R. Dundee, merchant
Lamb, W. Leith, builder
Lamb, Kerr, and Co, Glasgow, and Kerr, Lamb,
and Co. Gibraltar
M’Callum, Donald, Port-Bannatyne, Island of
Bute, vintner
Milligan, J. Boghouse, Lanarkshire, cattle-dealer
Mungall, Robert, Carse Mill, distiller
Paterson, R. Edinburgh, merchant
Rae, J. Aberdeen, merchant
Ritchie, W. Dalry, grocer and spirit-dealer
Robertson, J. Anstruther, merchant
Scott, Francis, Lockerby, linen and woollen-draper
Smollie, W. Hamilton, spirit-dealer
Turnbull, J. Galashicls, skinner and wool-mer-
Watson, J. Dundee, plumber and oworker
Wilson, J. Glasgow, baker and flour-dealer

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21. At the Hague, the Countess of Athlone, a son and heir.

22. In Upper Berkeley Street, London, the lady of James Saunders, Esq. a daughter

– At Ghent, the lady of Lieut. Col. Muller, of the 1st Royal Scots, a son. 23. At Ormond House, near Bath, the lady of Major-General A. C. Jackson, a daughter. 25. At Burlington House, the Lady Catherine Cavendish, a daughter. 26. Mrs Leith Hay, a son. — Mrs Millar, North Frederick Street, Edinburgh, a son. — Mrs Abercromby of Birkenbog, a hter. 27. The lady of Robert Montgomery, Esq. a son. – At Meadow Place, Edinburgh, Mrs C. Buchan, a son. Dec. 3. At Castle Craig, the Hon. Lady Gibson Carmichael, a son. 4. At Ballechin, the lady of Hope Steuart, Esq. a daughter. – At Montpelier Lodge, Cheltenham, the lady of Peatson Thompson, Esq. a daughter. – At Boulogne sur Mer, the lady of the Hon. Lord Cringletie, a daughter. – At Preston, the lady of William Marshall, Esq. a son and heir. 6. In George Street, Edinburgh, the lady of Henry Harvey, Esq. a son. 7. In Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, the lady of Robert Warden, Esq. of Parkhill, a daughter. 11. At Knowsouth, the lady of William Oliver, Esq. of Dinlabyre, a son. – At Devenham Lodge, Cheshire, the lady of the Rev. A. H. Buchanan, a son. 14. Mrs Dr Maclagan, George Street, Edinburgh, a son. 18. At Carlton Place, Glasgow, the lady of James Lawrie, Esq. a son. 19. The lady of William Hay, Esq. of Drummelzier, a son. 20. At Edinburgh, Mrs Craigie of Dumbarnie, a daughter. – At Brompton, the lady of A. Mac. donell, Esq. of Lochgarry, a daughter. 23. At his Excellency's residence in Grosvenor Place, London, Countess Munster, the lady of the Hanoverian Minister, a sort. — At Edinburgh, Lady Pringle of Stitchell, a daughter. – At New Saughton, the lady of James Watson, Esq. of Saughton, a son. – At Leith, Mrs Dr Anderson, a son. Lately. At Chesterfield, the wives of three gentlemen, all skinners by trade, and the only skinners in the town, were within a few days of each other delivered of twins, all females. At Chichester, the lady of Dr Burnett, Physician of the Fleet, a daughter.

Mrs Douglas, Great King Street, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. June 17, 1820. At Bombay, Capt. MacLeod, of the Hon. East India Company's service, to Miss Gwinnett, eldest daughter of Theodore Gwinnett, Esq. of Cheltenham. 20. At Berlin, Alexander Oswald, Esq. son of the late James Townsend Oswald, Esq. of Dunnikier, Fifeshire, to Ann Scott Greville, eldest daughter of the late John Pattison, Esq. of Glasgow. Nov. 2. Colonel Douglas Mercer, of the 3d guards, to Miss Rowley, second ter of Sir William Rowley, Bart. M. P. for Suffolk. 14. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Robert Young, minister of the Episcopal chapel of St Andrew's, to Margaret, second daughter of the late William Dawson, Esq. of Graden. 15. At Beerferris, Devon, Charles Wil. kinson, Esq. of Rose-in-Vale, near Truro, to Margaret, only daughter of George Ross, Esq. of Wigtown, N. B. 21. At Forfar, Mr John Morgan Coul, Argyllshire, to Cathrine, eldest daughter of Captain James Nash, late of the 26th regiment of foot, residing in Forfar. — At Bonnington, Lanarkshire, Sir Guy Campbell, Bart. son of the late General Campbell, to Pamela, eldest daughter of the late Lord Edward Fitzgerald. — At Manse of Cairney, Aberdeenshire, John Thorburn, Esq. late of Messina, to Elizabeth, only daughter of the Rev. John Finlater, Cairney. — At Frisky Hall, Captain Alexander Smith, to Miss C. B. M. Dickson. 22. At Greenock, James Turner, Esq. to Helena, fourth daughter of Roger Stewart, Esq. 24. At London, Major Terry, of the 25th regiment, to Eliza, the second daughter of Major-General Benjamin Gordon. 25. At Oban, John Bell M*Lachlan, Esq. surgeon, to Miss L. Campbell, daughter of William Campbell, Esq. Collector of the Customs there. 26. At London, John Crawford, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's service, on the Bengal establishment, to Anna Horatio, eldest daughter of James Perry, Esq. of Tavistock Square, London. , 27. At Cheltenham, Lieutenant-Colonel Greentree, of the Hon. East India Company's service, to Jane E. Maria, eldest daughter of the late Colonel Sir John Dyer, K. C. B. 28. At Rhue, Lieutenant-Colonel D. M“Donald, Hon. East India Company's service, to Ann Isabella, eldest daughter of Archibald M*Donald, Esq. Rhue. — The Rev. Alexander Waugh, A. M. of the Scots Church, Miles' Lane, London, to Miss Louisa Gordon.

20. At Felbrigge, Norfolk, the Rev. Colin Campbell, to the Hon. Beatrice Byng, daughter of the late Viscount Torrington. 30. At Glasgow, Kenneth M“Kenzie, Esq. Lochalsh, to Mary, fifth daughter of the late Captain Lachlan M'Lean, of the Hon. East India Company's service. Dec. 4. At St George's Church, Hanover Square, London, the Earl of Errol, to Miss Eliza Fitzclarence, third daughter of his Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence. — At Chapelhill, parish of Carlaverock, Captain Alexander Borthwick, Royal Navy, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Richard Rawline, Esq. of Drungans. – At Wholeflats, Mr Adam White, merchant, Edinburgh, to Agnes, second daughter of John Russell, Esq. 5. Richard Gresley, Esq. of Stowe House, near Lichfield, to Mrs Drummond, widow of Robert Drummond, Esq. of Megginch Castle. 6. At Eyemouth, Dr Andrew Kenney, physician, Edinburgh, to Elizabeth, only daughter of Charles Wightman, Esq. Tobago. — The Rev. George Home Robertson, minister of Ladykirk, to Eliza, daughter of the late Charles Kenney, Esq. of St Catherine's. 10. At Wolverhampton, the Hon. Capt. Joceline Percy, Royal Navy, second son of the Earl of Beverley, to Sophia Elizabeth, third daughter of Moreton Walhouse, Esq. of Hathorn, in Staffordshire. ll. At the Manse of Dornock, John Carlyle, Esq. of Dornock, to Marianne, eldest daughter of the Rev. Nicholas Sloan, minister of that parish. 12. At Leith, John Philip, Esq. surgeon, Burntisland, to Margaret Louisa, claest daughter of Robert Ogilvie, Esq. St John's Place. – At Wester Frew, Henry Richardson, Esq. of Wester Culmore, Stirlingshire, to Miss Helen, second daughter of Mr John IForrester. 14. At St George's Chapel, by the Rev. R. Shannon, James Dove, Esq. of Patriot Hall, to Anne, eldest daughter of the late John Arnaud, Esq. of the city of London. 15. At Edinburgh, George Lloyd, Esq. of Clifton, Yorkshire, to Miss Marion Christina Maclean, fourth daughter of Alexander Maclean, Esq. of Coll. 20. At Ayr, Lieutenant-Colonel James Shaw, late of the 43d regiment, to Mary Primrose, second daughter of David Kennedy, Esq. of Kirkmichael. 21. At Brislington Church, in Somersetshire, John Gordon, Esq. eldest son of the very Rev. the Dean of Lincoln, to Miss Matthews, late of the Theatre-Royal, Covent-Garden. 22. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant Andrew Smith, Royal Navy, to Janet, only daugh

ter of William Simson, Esq. Solicitor at Law. 22. At Greenhall, Mr Arnot, Elphinstone, to Agnes, daughter of Peter Handyside, Esq. 25. At Oxgang House, George Stirling, Esq. Captain in the army, and second son of the late Sir John Stirling, Bart. of Glorat, to Anne, only daughter of William Gray, Esq. of Oxgang. ideaths. Nov. 16, 1819. At Bellany, East Indies, Lieutenant Thomas Hadaway, 12th Native Infantry, Sub-Assistant-Commissary General, third son of the late Patrick Hadaway. Esq. much regretted by his friends, and highly esteemed by his brother officers. March 13, 1820. At Allahabad, East Indies, Grace, daughter of the late James Robertson, Esq. Superintending Surgeon Honourable Company's service, Dinapore district, Bengal. April 18. At Cheiacole, in the East Indies, Lieutenant George Dun, of the 20th regiment native infantry, third son of James Dun, Esq. of Shawpark, near Selkirk. His death was occasioned by a feverbrought on by over zeal and fatigue in the dicharge of his duty. June 5. At Nagpoor, Alexander Muir Campbell, Assistant Surgeon in the East India Company's service, third son of the late Matthew Campbell, Esq. Wigton, 9. In Camp, near Bellary, in India, Captain Stewart of Stenton, of the 3d regiment, N. I. Madras Establishment. 12. At Bangalore, in the East Indies, Major Doherty, of the 13th light dragoons, eldest son of Colonel Doherty, C. B. July 18. At Miramichi, New Brunswick, Mr George Laurie, merchant. Aug. 5. At Bologna, within an hour of each other, George Meek of Campfield, Esq. and Mrs Janet Meek, his wife. Sept. At sea, Theodore Forbes, Esq. of Bombay, sscond son of John Forbes, Esq. of Boyndlie. 18. At Demerara, Captain William Brown, of the ship William Dawson, of Liverpool, son of Mr William Brown, of Bowershall, by Leith. 22. At Surinam, Lachlan M'Bean, Esq. son of the deceased Lodk. M'Bean, Esq. of Tomatin, 24. At Kingston, Upper Canada, Mr William Mitchell, merchant thcre. 29. In the island of Tobago, Alexander Law, Esq. Cartara. – At the house of her brother, John Gordon, Esq. Bertram's Bower, St Ann's, Jamaica, Mrs Sharpe, relict of Alexander Sharpe, Esq.. some time of the island of Jamaica. Oct. 3. In Kingston, Jamaica, Mr John Hally Henderson, of the Ordnance Office there, only son of the late Rev. John Henderson, minister of the gospel at Wanlockhead. 13. In the colony of Berbice, Alexander Gordon Matheson, Esq.. youngest son of Colin Matheson, Esq. of Bennetsfield. Nov. 5. At his house at Shooter's Hill, Sir Wm. Robe, K.C.B. K.C.G. and K.T.S. Colonel of the Royal Horse Artillery. 8. At Perth, Mrs Ramsay, late of Invernettie Lodge. – At Havre-de-Grace, Mrs Honeyman, wife of Captain Honeyman, R. N. 10. At Ardrossan, a few hours after her passage from Arran, Miss Cunninghame, only surviving daughter of the late Archibald Cunninghame, of Thornton, Esq. 15. At Frasersburgh, Miss Elizabeth Forbes Stewart, aged 19. 16. At Crail, aged 80, Mrs Agnes Gray, widow of the late Mr George Todd, farmer, Castle Mains, East Lothian. – At Collessie Manse, Fife, Mrs Walker, widow of the Rev. Andrew Walker, minister of that parish. 17. At the Manse of Dumbarney, the Rev. James Beatson of Kirkpottie, minister of the gospel there. – At his house, in Guildford Street, London, in the 77th year of his age, the Rev. William Tooke, F.R.S. 18. At Girvan, Peter Douglas Murray, Esq. writer. – At Leith, Helen Walker, wife of Mr Robert Dudgeon, merchant there. 19. At Thirsk, Yorkshire, after a short illness, Miss Lascelles, third daughter of the late Lascelles Lascelles, Esq. – At Lanark, Mr Daniel Murray, merchant. — Aged 77, Mrs Elizabeth Watson, wife of Mr Robert Johnston, Shakespeare Square, Edinburgh, and mother of Mr Henry Erskine Johnston, late of Drury Lane Theatre. — At Barns, James Burmet, Esq. of Barns, in the 84th year of his age. 20. At Wester Wemyss, Mrs Mary Brodie, wife of Andrew Thomson, Esq. – At Carradale House, Sarah Elizabeth, second daughter of Walter Campbell, Esq. of Carradale. — At Fisher House, Islington, Miss Leith. — At his house, North Castle Street, Edinburgh, Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. Writer to the Signet. 21. At his residence in Hans Place, Knightsbridge, London, after a few days illness, the Honourable John Hamilton Fitzmaurice, Viscount Kirkwall. – At Inverary, in the prime of life, Mr Donald M*Nicol, late of Sockoch. He was the eldest surviving son of the deceased Rev. Mr M*Nicol, whose remarks on Dr Johnson's Journey to the Hebridcs are well known; like his father, he was a keen supporter, and a competent judge of the Gaelic language.

21. At Hastings, Miss Isabella Elizabeth Robertson, second daughter of Captain Thomas Robertson, in her 21st year. At Glasgow, Mr Charles Howat, Saracen's Head Inn. 22. At Desart, his Lordship's seat, near Kilkenny, the Right Hon. John Otway Cuffe, Earl of Desart, in the 33d year of his age. His Lordship succeeded Otway, the late Earl, in 1804, and married, in 1817, Catharine, eldest daughter of Maurice, N. O'Connor, Esq. — At his seat, at the Priory, near Templemore, Ireland, Sir John Craven Carden, Bart. in the 63d year of his age, brother-in-law to lord Viscount Harberton. — At Hutchesontown, in the prime of life, Malcolm M*Grigor, Esq. merchant in Glasgow. — At Edinburgh, Thomas Adair, Esq. Clerk to the Signet. – At Aberdeen, the Rev. William Stuart, Turriff, in the 80th year of his age, and 57th of his ministry. 23. At her house, in Harcourt Street, Dublin, Mrs Dunne, relict of Francis Dunne, late of Brittas, in the Queen's County, Esq. and mother of LieutenantGeneral and Colonel Dunne, 7th dragoon guards. – At Clackmannan, Mr Charles Stewart. — At Grangemouth, Margaret Simpson, wife of Mr Alex. Simpson, shipmaster, and on the 30th, Alex. Simpson, her son, aged four years. - * * — At Aberdeen, the Dowager Lady Bannerman, in her 77th year. – At Dover, Dr Francis Thatcher. – At his house, York Place, Edinburgh, James Kettle, Esq. writer there. 24. At Moffat, Grace, third daughter of James Rae, Esq. – At Cupar-Fife, Mr Bartholomew Cockburn. 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Ord, widow of the late Lord Justice Clerk Macqueen. 26. At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Wilson, daughter of Alexander Wilson, Esq. of Calcutta. 27. At Warriston Crescent, near Edinburgh, Mrs Peddie, relict of Captain James Peddie, Royal Invalids, Jersey. – At Manse of Dumblane, the Rev. Robert Gordon. 28. At Eccles, Mrs Mary M*Laren wife of Captain Cunningham, Berwick shire militia. – At Clippings House, Mrs Macfarlane. – At Rosebank, Newington, Mrs Milne, wife of Mr James Milne, merchant, Nicolson Street. 29. At Balcarres, Anne, Countess of Balcarres, widow of James Earl of Balcarres, aged 94.

29. At Thurso, Mrs Mackay, wife of Mr Edward Mackay, Baptist minister there.

– At Bourdeaux, Colonel George Ramden, of the Guards, in the 33d year of his

e. *. Elizabeth Brand Vilant, daughter of the late Professor Vilant, at St Andrew's, Fife. – At his house, No. 9, King Street, Golden Square, London, John Murdoch, Esq. * At Edinburgh, Mrs MoHarg, widow of the late Archibald M*Harg, writer there. Dec. 1. James Fisher, Esq. of Sorrowlessfield, near Earlstoun. 2. At Dumfries, Mrs Richardson, relict of Captain Richardson, late of Newfield, parish of Ruthwell. - At Humbie, James Hepburn, Esq. of Humbie, the last male representative of this ancient family. – At East Sheen, Surrey, George, second son of Wm. Gordon, Esq. Aberdour. 3. At Waukmill, Musselburgh, Mr Robert Primrose, in the 75th year of his age. – At Kelso, Miss Marion Paton, daughter of the late Rev. Wm. Paton, minister of the gospel at Eckford. 4. At Stirches, Gilbert Chisholm, Esq. of Stirches. – At Edinburgh, Sarah, second daughter of George Sandilands, Esq. – At Slaphouse, near Ayr, Mr Thos. Blair, farmer there, upwards of 93 years of age. He was born in March 1727, was 65 years married, and was amongst the last persons married in Alloway Kirk. – At Govan, Lieut. William Snodgrass, late of the 24th regiment of foot. – At Bridgend, Linlithgowshire, in conuence of a fall from his horse, the Rev. John Reid of Prospect Hill, pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Congregation of Lauriston, (Falkirk.) in the 67th year of his age, and 33d of his ministry. 6. At Langholm, Mr Robert Ker, lineal descendant of George Ker of Faddonside, a near relation of Robert, first Earl of Roxburghe, and one of the heirs of entail of that noble dukedom. – Isabella, infant daughter of Archd. Douglas, Esq. advocate. 8. At his house, West St Vincent Street, Glasgow, William Muir, Esq - At Clydeville House, Lanarkshire, Mrs Cochrane of Kirkfield. - At Hartham House, the seat of Walter Long, Esq. his son-in-law, after a few days illness, the Right Hon. Archibald Colquhoun, Lord Register.

9. At Dumbryan House, Mrs Macdonald, senior of Clanranald. - At Kirkcaldy, Mr Henry Oliphant, aged 80. — At Crossflats, Robert Aird, Esq. in the 69th year of his age. — At London, in his 74th year, the Most Rev. Dr Bray, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Cashel and Emly, over which he had presided 28 years. 10. In Castle Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Edgar, relict of Henry David Inglis, Esq. Advocate. — At her father's house, George's Square, Edinburgh, Mary M. Anderson, spouse of James Anderson, Esq.. younger of Stroquhan. — At Dumfries, Miss Helen Maxwell, daughter of the deceased Hugh Maxwell, Esq. late of Dalswinton. — At Edinburgh, Gavin Hamilton, Esq. late of Tenby. — At Edinburgh, Euphemia, fifth daughter of the late Michael Ramsay, Esq. of Mungall. ll. At Edinburgh, Mr Peter Mathie, jeweller. – At London, Anne, widow of Thomas Graham, Esq. of Kinross and Burleigh, late M. P. for the county of Kinross. 12. Theodore Henry Broadhead, Esq. M. P. — At Edmonston House, James Brown, Esq. of Edmonston. 13. At Ratho, James Wright, Esq. youngest son of the late Thomas Wright, Esq. of Greenhill. — At Cowhill, Sybilla Frances Scott, wife of Captain Charles J. Johnstone, R. N. – At Stonebyres, Mrs Vere of Stonebyres. 14. At Edinburgh, James Fogo, Esq. of Killorn, aged 87. — At Edinburgh, Jane, daughter of George Wauchope, Esq. 15. At the Manse of Kingarth, Bute, the : Mark Marshall, minister of that parisin. — At Bath, Lady Christina Elizabeth Keith. 17. At Fountainhall, Sir Andrew Lauder Dick of Fountainhall and Grange, Baronet. – At her house in Albemarle Street, London, Mrs Margaret Adam, in the 84th year of her age. — . At Caithness, George Innes, Esq. Isauld. — At Newton Green, Miss Wilhelmina Allason, youngest daughter of the late Robert Allason, Esq. of Cowdam.

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