Maurice Maeterlinck: A Critical Study

Front Cover
Martin Secker, 1914 - 199 pages

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Page 59 - Alas, my lord, my life is not a thing Worthy your noble thoughts ! 'tis not a life, 'Tis but a piece of childhood thrown away.
Page 180 - Tis less than to be born ; a lasting sleep, A quiet resting from all jealousy ; A thing we all pursue. I know, besides, , It is but giving over of a game That must be lost Phi.
Page 26 - By a crowd that seize it not, Through a circle that ever returneth in To the self-same spot; And much of Madness, and more of Sin And Horror, the soul of the plot!
Page 175 - ... sacs, nourished on space, that fill the centre of her body. She rises still. A region must be found unhaunted by birds, that else might profane the mystery. She rises still; and already the ill-assorted troop below are dwindling and falling asunder. The feeble, infirm, the aged, unwelcome, ill-fed, who have flown from inactive or impoverished cities, these renounce the pursuit and disappear in the void. Only a small, indefatigable cluster remain, suspended in infinite opal. She summons her wings...
Page 14 - ORAISON Vous savez, Seigneur, ma misère ! Voyez ce que je vous apporte ! Des fleurs mauvaises de la terre, Et du soleil sur une morte. Voyez aussi ma lassitude, La lune éteinte et l'aube noire ; Et fécondez ma solitude En l'arrosant de votre gloire. Ouvrez-moi, Seigneur, votre voie, Eclairez-y mon âme lasse, Car la tristesse de ma joie Semble de l'herbe sous la glace.
Page 149 - Si Judas sort ce soir, il ira vers Judas et aura l'occasion de trahir, mais si Socrate ouvre sa porte, il trouvera Socrate endormi sur le seuil et aura l'occasion d'être sage. Nos aventures errent autour de nous comme les abeilles sur le point d'essaimer errent autour de la ruche. Elles attendent que l'idéemère sorte enfin de notre âme; et quand elle est sortie, elles s'agglomèrent autour d'elle.
Page 168 - ... that those will not know who are somewhat familiar with bees. The notes and experiments I have made during my twenty years of bee-keeping I shall reserve for a more technical work, for their interest is necessarily of a special and limited nature, and I am anxious not to overburden this essay. I wish to speak of the bees very simply, as one speaks of a subject one knows and loves to those who know it not.
Page 78 - On dit qu'elle n'est pas belle et qu'elle devient énorme... Mais ceux qui l'ont vue n'osent plus en parler... Mais qui sait s'ils l'ont vue ?... Elle a une puissance que l'on ne comprend pas ; et nous vivons ici avec un grand poids sans merci sur notre âme. . . Il ne faut pas que tu t'effraies outre mesure ou que tu aies de mauvais rêves ; nous veillerons sur toi, mon petit Tintagiles, et le mal ne pourra t'atteindre ; mais ne t' éloigne pas de moi, de ta sœur Bellangère, ni de notre vieux...
Page 43 - Indeed, it is not in the actions but in the words that are found the beauty and greatness of tragedies that are truly beautiful and great; and this not solely in the words that accompany and explain the action, for there must perforce be another dialogue besides the one which is superficially necessary. And indeed the only words that count in the play are those that at first seemed useless, for it is therein that the essence lies.

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