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Cuar. XII.

Apocrypha. his brethren, and burnt the haven by night, Il bands, and set them over the bands, and and set the boats on fire, and those that fled | went against Timotheus, who had about him thither he slew.

|| an hundred and twenty thousand men of 7 And when the town was shut up, he foot, and two thousand and five hundred went backward, as if he would return to horsemen. root out all them of the city of Joppe.

21 Now when Timotheus had knowledge 8 But when he heard that the Jamnites of Judas' coming, he sent the women and were minded to do in like manner unto the children and the other baggage unto a forJews that dwelt among them,

tress called Carnion : for the town was hard 9 He came upon the Jamnites also by to besiege, and uneasy to come unto, by reaniglit, and set fire on the haven and the na ll son of the straitness of all the places : vy, so that the light of the fire was seen | 22 g But when Judas his first band came at Jerusalem two hundred and forty fur in sight, the enemics, being smitten with fear longs off.

and terror through the appearing of him 10 Now when they were gone from thence that seeth all things, fled amain, one runnine furlongs in their journey toward Timo ning this way, another that way, so as that theus, no fewer than five thousand men on foot || they were often hurt of their own men, and and five hundred horsemen of the Arabians wounded with the points of their own swords. set upon him.

23 Judas also was very earnest in pursu11 Whereupon there was a very sore bat | ing them, killing those wicked wretches, of tle ; But Judas' side, by the help of God, gat I whom he slew about thirty thousand men. the victory ; so that the Nomades of Arabia, 24 Moreover Timotheus himself fell into being overcome, besought Judas for peace, the hands of Dositheus and Sosipater, whom promising both to give him cattle, and to he besought with much craft to let him go pleasure him otherwise.

with his life, because he had many of the 12 Thien Judas, thinking indeed that they Jews parents, and the brethren of some of would be profitable in many things, granted them, who, if they had put him to death, them peace : whereupon they shook hands, || should not be regarded. and so they departed to their tents.

25 So when he had assured them with 13 He went also about to make a bridge ll many words that he would restore them withto a certain strong city, which was fenced out hurt, according to the agreement, they about with walls, and inhabited by people || let him go for the saving of their brethren. of divers countries; and the name of it was 26 Then Maccabeus marched forth to

Carnion, and to the temple of Atargatis, and 14 But they that were within it put such | there he slew five and twenty thousand pertrust in the strength of the walls and pro sons. vision of victuals, that they behaved them 27 And after he had put to flight and deselves rudely toward them that were with stroyed them, Judas removed the host toJudas, railing and blaspheming, and uttering | ward Ephron, a strong city, wherein Lysias such words as were not to be spoken. abode, and a great multitude of divers nations,

15 Wherefore Judas with his company, and the strong young men kept the walls, calling upon the great Lord of the world, || and defended them mightily : wherein also who without any rams or engines of war did was great provision of engines and darts. -cast down Jericho in the time of Joshua, 28 But when Judas and his company had gave a fierce assault against the walls,

called upon Almighty God, who with his 16 And took the city by the will of God, | power breaketh the strength of his enemies, and made unspeakable slaughters, insomuch they won the city, and slew twenty and five that a lake two furlongs broad near adjoining thousand of them that were within. thereunto, being filled full, was seen running 29 From thence they departed to Scythopwith blood..

olis, which lieth six hundred furlongs from 17 Then departed they from thence sev Jerusalem. en hundred and fifty furlongs, and came to 30 But when the Jews that dwelt there Characa unto the Jews that are called Tu. || had testified that the Scythopolitans dealt bieni.

lovingly with them, andeentreated them kind18 But as for Timotheus, they found him || ly in the time of their adversity : not in the places : for before he had disa 31 They gave them thanks, desiring them patched any thing, he departed from thence, || to be friendly still unto them: and so they having left a very strong garrison in a cer- came to Jerusalem, the feast of the weeks aptain hold.

proaching. 19 Howbeit, Dositheus and Sosipater, who 32 And after the feast called Pentecost, were of Maccabeus' captains, went forth, || they went forth against Gorgias the governor and slew those that Timotheus had left in the of Idumea, fortress, above ten thousand men.

33 Who came out with three thousand 20 And Maccabeus ranged his army by | men of foot, and four hundied horsemen,

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Apocrypbe. 34 And it happened, in their fighting to- | IN the hundred forty and ninth year it was gether, a few of the Jews were slain.

I told Judas, that Antiochus Eupator was 35 At which time, Dositheus, one of Ba- | coming with a great power into Judea, cenor's company, who was on horseback, and 2 And with him Lysias his protector, and a strong man, was still upon Gorgias, and ruler of his affairs, having either of them a taking hold of his coat drew him by force; Grecian power of footmen an hundred and and when he would have taken that cursed ten thousand, and horsemen five thousand man alive, a horseman of Thracia coming and three hundred, and elephants two and upon him smote off his shoulder, so that Gor twenty, and three hundred chariots armed gias fled unto Marisa.

with hooks. 36 Now when they that were with Gor 3 Menelaus also joined himself with them, gias had fought long, and were weary, Judas and with great dissimulation encouraged Ancalled upon the Lord, that he would shew tiochus, not for the safeguard of the country, himself to be their helper and leader of the but because he thought to have been made battle.

governor. 37 And with that he began in his own 4 But the King of kings moved Aatiolanguage, and sung psalms with a loud voice, chus' mind against this wicked wretch, and and rushing unawares upon Gorgias' men, he Lysias informed the king that this man was put them to flight.

the cause of all mischief, so that the king 38 So Judas gathered his host, and came commanded to bring him unto Berea, and to into the city Odollam. And when the seventh put him to death, as the manner is in that day came, they purified themselves, as the place. custom was, and kept the sabbath in the 5 Now there was in that place a tower of same place.

fifty cubits high, full of ashes, and it had a 39 And upon the day following, as the use round instrument, which on every side hange had been, Judas and his company came to || ed down into the ashes. take up the bodies of them that were slain, 6 And whosoever was condemned of sacand to bury them with their kinsmen in their | rilege, or had committed any other grievous fathers' graves.

crime, there did all men thrust him unto 40 Now under the coat 3 of every one that death. was slain they found things consecrated to 7 Such a death it happened that wicked the idols of the Jamnites, which is forbidden | man to die, not having so much as burial in the Jews by the law. Then every man saw the earth; and that most justly: that this was the cause wherefore they were 8 for insomuch as he had committed slain.

many sins about the altar, whose fire and 41 All men therefore praising the Lord || ashes were holy, he received his death in the righteous Judge, who had opened the ashes. things that were hid,

9 Now the king came with a barbarous 42 Betook themselves unto prayer, and and haughty mind to do far worse to the besought him that the sin committed might Jews, than had been done in his father's wholly be put out of remembrance. Besides, that noble Judas exhorted the people 10 Which things when Judas perceived, to keep themselves from sin, forsomuch as he commanded the multitude to call upon they saw before their eyes the things that the Lord night and day, that if ever at came to pass for the sins of those that were any other time, he would now also help slain.

them, being at the point to be put from their 43 And when he had made a gathering law, from their country, and from the holy throughout the company to the sum of two temple: thousand drachms of silver, he sent it to Je 11 And that he would not suffer the peorusalem to offer a sin offering, doing therein ple, that had even now been but a little revery well and honestly, in that he was mind freshed, to be in subjection to the blaspheful of the resurrection:

mous nations. 44 For if he had not hoped that they that 12 So when they had all done this togethwere slain should have risen again, it had er, and besought the merciful Lord with

weeping and fasting, and lying flat upon the dead.

ground three days long, Judas, having er45 And also in that he perceived that there horted them, commanded they should be in a was great favour laid up for those that died readiness. godly. (It was an holy and good thought.) | 13 And Judas, being apart with the elders, Whereupon he made a reconciliation for the || determined, before the king's host should endead, that they might be delivered from sin. ter into Judea, and get the city, to go forth CHAP. XIII.

and try the matter in fight by the help of the | Eupator invadelb Fudca : 18 bis purpose is Lord.

defcated: 23 be maketh peace zeith Judas. 14 So when he had committed all to the



Apocrypha. Creator of the world, and exborted his solo 1 priest, and had defiled himself wilfully in the diers to fight manfully, even unto death, for times of their mingling with the Gentiles, seethe laws, the temple, the city, the country, || ing that by no means he could save himself, and the commonwealth, he camped by Mo nor have any more access to the holy aldin :

tar, 15 And having given the watch word to 4 Came to king Demetrius in the hunthem that were about him, Victory is of | dred and one and fiftieth year, presenting God; with the most valiant and choice unto him a crown of gold, and a palm, and young men, he went into the king's tent also of the boughs which were used solemnby night, and slew in the camp about four || ly in the temple : and so that day he held thousand men, and the chiefest of the ele- || his peace. phants, with all that were upon him.

5 Howbeit, having gotten opportunity to 16 And at last they filled the camp with further his foolish enterprize, and being callfear and tumult, and departed with good ed into council by Demetrius, and asked success.

how the Jews stood affected, and what they 17 This was done in the break of the day, intended, he answered thereunto : because the protection of the Lord did help 6 & Those of the Jews that be called Assihim.

deans, whose captain is Judas Maccabeus, 18 Now when the king had taken a nourish war, and are seditious, and will not taste of the manliness of the Jews, he went let the realm be in peace. about to take the holds by policy,

7 Therefore I, being deprived of mine an19 And marched toward Bethsura, which cestors honour, I mean the high priesthood, was a strong hold of the Jews : but he was || am now come hither : put to flight, failed, and lost of his men : 8 First, verily for the unfeigned care I

20 For Judas had conveyed unto them have of things pertaining to the king ; and that were in it such things as were neces secondly, even for that I intend the good of sary.

mine own countrymen : for all our nation is 21 But Rhodocus, who was in the Jews in no small misery through the unadvised host, disclosed the secrets to the enemies ; dealing of them aforesaid. therefore he was sought out, and when they 1 9 Wherefore, o king, seeing thou knowhad gotten him, they put him in prison. est all these things, be careful for the coun

22 The king treated with thein in Beth- || try, and our nation, which is pressed on evsura the second time, gave his hand, took ery side, according to the clemency that thou theirs, departed, fought with Judas, was readily shewest unto all. overcome;

10 For as long as Judas liveth, it is not 23 4 Heard that Philip, who was left || possible that the state should be quiet. over the affairs in Antioch, was desperately 11 This was no sooner spoken of him, bent, confounded, entreated the Jews, sub- || but others of the king's friends, being malimitted himself, and sware to all equal condi- || ciously set against Judas, did more incense tions, agreed with them, and offered sacri Demetrius. fice, honoured the temple, and dealt kindly 12 And forthwith calling Nicanor, who with the place,

had been master of the elephants, and mak24 And accepted well of Maccabeus, made ing him governor over Judea, he sent him him principal governor from Ptolemais unto || forth, the Gerrhenians;

13 Commanding him to slay Judas, and 25 Came to Ptolemais : the people there || to scatter them that were with him, and to were grieved for the covenants ; for they make Alcimus high priest of the great temstormed because they would make their cov. ple. enants void :

14 Then the heathen, that had fled out 26 Lysias went up to the judgment seat, || of Judea from Judas, came to Nicanor by said as much as could be in defence of the || flocks, thinking the harm and calamities of cause, persuaded, pacified, made them well || the Jews to be their welfare. affected, returned to Antioch. Thus it went | 15 Now when the Jews heard of Nicatouching the king's coming and departing. nor's coming, and that the heathen were up CHAP. XIV.

against them, they cast earth upon their 6 Alcimus accuseth Fudas : 18 Nicanor maketh heads, and made supplication to him that had

peace with bim. 46 Razis killetb bimself. established his people for ever, and who alAFTER three years was Judas informed, ways helpeth his portion with manifestation

n that Demetrius, the son of Seleucus, | of his presence. having entered by the haven of Tripolis with 16 So at the commandment of the captain a great power and navy,

they removed straightways from thence, and 2 Had taken the country, and killed An- || came near unto them at the town of Dessau. tiochus, and Lysias his protector.

17 Now Simon, Judas' brother, had join3 Now one Alcimus, who had been high led battle with Nicanor, but was somewhat


Apocrypbe. discomfited through the sudden silence of 32 And when they sware that they could his enemies.

| not tell where the man was whom he sought, 18 Nevertheless Nicanor, hearing of the 33 He stretched out his right hand tomanliness of them that were with Judas, and ward the temple, and made an oath in this the courageousness that they had to fight for manner : If ye will not deliver me Judas as their country, durst not try the matter by a prisoner, I will lay this temple of God the sword.

even with the ground, and I will break down 19 Wherefore he sent Posidonius, and the altar, and erect a notable temple unto Theodotus, and Mattathias, to make peace. Bacchus.

20 So when they had taken long advise 34 After these words he departed. Then ment thereupon, and the captain had made the priests lifted up their hands toward the multitude acquainted therewith, and it heaven, and besought him that was ever appeared that they were all of one mind, a defender of their nation, saying in this they consented to the covenants,

manner; i 21 And appointed a day to meet in to- 35 Thou, O Lord of all things, who hast gether by themselves : and when the day | need of nothing, wast pleased that the tem. came, and stools were set for either of them, ple of thine habitation should be among us:

22 Judas placed armed men ready in con 36 Therefore now, O holy Lord of all venient places, lest some treachery should be holiness, keep this house ever undefiled, suddenly practised by the enemies : so they which lately was cleansed, and stop every made a peaceable conference.

unrighteous mouth. 23 Now Nicanor abode in Jerusalem, and 37 Now was there accused unto Nicanor did no hurt, but sent away the people that one Razis, one of the elders of Jerusalem, a came flocking unto him.

lover of his countrymen, and a man of very 24 And he would not willingly have Ju- good report, who for his kindness was called das out of his sight : for he loved the man || a father of the Jews. from his heart.

38 For in the former times, when they 25 He prayed him also to take a wife, and mingled not themselves with the Gentiles, to beget children : so he married, was quiet, he had been accused of Judaism, and did and took part of this life.

| boldly jeopard his body and life with all 26 But Alcimus, perceiving the love that | vehemency for the religion of the Jews was betwixt them, and considering the cov 39 So Nicanor, willing to declare the enants that were made, came to Demetrius, hate that he bare unto the Jews, sent above and told him that Nicanor was not well af- || five hundred men of war to take him : fected toward the state ; for that he had or- l 40 For he thought by taking him to do dained Judas, a traitor to his realm, to be the Jews much hurt. the king's successor.

41 Now when the multitude would have 27 Then the king being in a rage, and taken the tower, and violently broken into provoked with the accusations of the most the outer door, and bade that fire should be wicked man, wrote to Nicanor, signifying brought to burn it, he being ready to be that he was much displeased with the cove taken on every side, fell upon his sword; nants, and commanding him that he should | 42 Choosing rather to die manfully, than send Maccabeus prisoner in all haste unto to come into the hands of the wicked, to be Antioch

| abused otherwise than beseemed his noble 28 When this came to Nicanor's hearing, birth : he was much confounded in himself, and | 43 But missing his stroke through haste, took it grievously that he should make void | the multitude also rushing within the doors, the articles which were agreed upon, the he ran boldly up to the wall, and cast him. man being in no fault.

self down manfully among the thickest of 29 But because there was no dealing a them. . gainst the king, he watched his time to ac 44 But they quickly giving back, and a complish this thing by policy.

space being made, he fell down into the midst 30 Notwithstanding, when Maccabeus of the void place. saw that Nicanor began to be churlish unto 45 Nevertheless, while there was yet him, and that he entreated him more roughly || breath within him, being inflamed with anthan he was wont, perceiving that such sour ger, he rose up; and though his blood gushbehaviour came not of good, he gathered ed out like spouts of water, and his wounds together not a few of his men, and withdrew | were grievous, yet he ran through the midst himself from Nicanor.

of the throng; and standing upon a steep 31 But the other, knowing that he was || rock, notably prevented by Judas' policy, came 46 When as his blood was now quite into the great and holy temple, and com ll gone, he plucked out his bowels, and taking manded the priests, that were offering their | them in both his hands, he cast them upon usual sacrifices, to deliver him the man. the throng, and calling upon the Lord of

Chap. XV.

Apocrypha. life and spirit to restore him those again, he a lover of the brethren, who prayeth much thus died.

for the people, and for the holy city, to CHAP. XV.

wit, Jeremias the prophet of God. 5 Nicanor's blaspbemy : 28 be is slain. 15 Whereupon Jeremias holding forth DUT Nicanor, hearing that Judas and his his right hand, gave to Judas a sword of

D company were in the strong places a gold, and in giving it spake thus, bout Samaria, resolved without any danger 16 Take this holy sword, a gift from to set upon them on the sabbath day. God, with the which thou shalt wound the

2 Nevertheless the Jews that were com-adversaries. pelled to go with him said, o destroy not 17 Thus being well comforted by the so cruelly and barbarously, but give honour words of Judas, which were very good, and to that day, which he, that seeth all things, able to stir them up to valour, and to enhath honoured with holiness above other courage the hearts of the young men, they days.

determined not to pitch camp, but courage3 Then the most ungracious wretch de ously to set upon them, and manfully to try manded, If there were a mighty One in the matter by conflict, because the city and heaven, that had commanded the sabbath the sanctuary and the temple were in danger. day to be kept.

18 For the care that they took for their 4 And when they said, There is in heaven wives, and their children, their brethren, and a living Lord, and mighty, who commanded kinsfolks, was in least account with thein: the seventh day to be kept :

but the greatest and principal fear was for 5 Then said the other, And I also am the holy temple. mighty upon earth, and I command to take 19 Also they that were in the city took arms, and to do the king's business. Yet he not the least care, being troubled for the obtained not to have his wicked will done. conflict abroad.

6 So Nicanor in exceeding pride and 20 And now, when as all looked what haughtiness determined to set up a publick should be the trial, and the enemies were monument of his victory over Judas and already come near, and the army was set in them that were with him.

array, and the beasts conveniently placed, 7 But Maccabeus had ever sure confi- and the horsemen set in wings, dence that the Lord would help him :

21 Maccabeus seeing the coming of the 8 Wherefore he exhorted his people not multitude, and the divers preparations of arto fear the coming of the heathen against mour, and the fierceness of the beasts, stretchthem, but to remember the help which in ed out his hands toward heaven, and called former times they had received from heaven, upon the Lord that worketh wonders, knowand now to expect the victory and aid, ing that victory cometh not by arms, but which should come unto them from the Al. even as it seemeth good to him, he giveth mighty.

it to such as are worthy: 9 And so comforting them out of the law 22 Therefore in his prayer he said after and the prophets, and withal putting them this manner; O Lord, thou didst send thine in mind of the battles that they won afore, angel in the time of Ezekias king of Judea, he made them more cheerful.

and didst slay in the host of Sennacherib an 10 And when he had stirred up their || hundred four score and five thousand : minds, he gave them the charge, shewing | 23 Wherefore now also, O Lord of heav. them therewithal the falsehood of the hea- | en, send a good angel before us for a fear then, and the breach of oaths.

and dread unto them; 11 Thus he armed every one of them, not 24 And through the might of thine arm so much with defence of shields and spears, let those be stricken with terror, that come as with comfortable and good words: and against thy holy people to blaspheme. And beside that, he told them a dream worthy he ended thus. to be believed, as if it had been so indeed, 25 Then Nicanor and they that were which did not a little rejoice them.

with him came forward with trumpets and 12 And this was his vision : That Onias, || songs. who had been high priest, a virtuous and a 1 26 But Judas and his company encoun. good man, reverend in conversation, gentle tered the enemies with invocation and prayer. in condition, well spoken also, and exercised 27 So that fighting with their hands, and from a child in all points of virtue, holding I praying unto God with their hearts, they up his hands, prayed for the whole body of slew no less than thirty and five thousand the Jews.

men: for through the appearance of God 13 This done, in like manner there ap they were greatly cheered. peared a man with gray hairs, and exceed 28 Now when the battle was done, reing glorious, who was of a wonderful and turning again with joy, they knew that Niexcellent majesty.

canor lay dead in his harness. 14 Then Oniae answered, saying, This is 29 Then they made a great shout and a

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