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a warning to all posterity, and to persuade the Church of Christ never to seek and expect eternal life from self-righteous rules and inventions, but rather to trust entirely to the mercy of the Almighty, and to the grace of Jesus Christ for ever and ever!

But this was not a sufficient foundation for St. Hilarion. St. Jerome informs us that Hilarion tasted no bread for forty years, and drank nothing but water till his seventieth year. All this abstinence appeared marvellous and most meritorious in the eyes of the multitude, whilst Luther most strongly disapproves of such fanciful holiness, which found countenance in the legends and lives of the saints, and he contrasts with these pretensions the sanctity of Christ and Paul. He asks why we do not follow the latter ? Why we do not adopt their rule of life? Because we may be quite sure, that if we follow the example of Christ and obey his rules, we shall please the Father of Mercies far more than Carthusian friars, though they never eat meat once after their profession. And why do they hold to abstinence? Ah, a holy man has given such a rule! But is this a sufficient answer? “Let them boast of their own marvellous works, and laugh at ours," says Luther, « and vaunt with full mouths of distant pilgrimages and adventures like saint-errants, what does it all amount to, when compared with the real holiness of an Abraham, and the Baptist's preaching repentance? And who are their authorities, and what are Francis and Dominic when placed beside the Patriarchs ? ”

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business and occupation, to teach these DR. ACHILLI,

false doctrines to others. I not only

believed in Popery myself, but I have Formerly a Romish Priest, Superior of a Monastery of Dominicans, and Pro

been the means of making others live fessor of Theology for many years in

in that idolatrous communion. But the celebrated College of the Minerva, the Lord has opened my eyes, and at Rome,

sent the heavenly light of truth into Which he read at Cheltenham, as well as my heart; and this light I am bound God.” Now this Gospel must not be and would be attended by results of hidden. The light of God must not the greatest magnitude. be put under a bushel, but on a The religious condition of Italy is candlestick, I am a debtor to my more deplorable than that of any brethren of that mercy which God Heathen land, India or China. In has shown me. I must proclaim the Heathen lands the poor idolaters Gospel to them. I must preach to worship statues and images of their them Christ Jesus and him crucified. pretended deities. In Rome they I am an Italian-a Roman—and there worship statues and images of saints, where I have taught error, there must who are to the Papists SO many I carry the truth. You know, how- deities. Now, amongst Heathen idolaever, that the truth of the Gospel ters, no one believes that the statue cannot be preached in Rome, nor or the picture is an actual God, but spoken, nor written; and therefore merely a symbol or representation,have I left my country for a free land the Papist believes that a piece of where I may speak and write the bread is God—they worship it as truth, none making me afraid.

elsewhere; and which was delivered to spread amongst my brethren, to with much emphasis and feeling, was show them the danger in which they as follows:

are living. DEAR BRETHREN,—I come before Shall I tell you how the Lord enyou in the name of God, of his dear lightened my own soul? It was Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom reading and studying the holy Scripbe honour and glory and power, for tures, and the comparing them with ever and ever. Amen. You have the doctrines of Rome. The first already heard of me, and how the doubt that led me to investigate the Lord has shown mercy to me. But most absurd dogma of Transubstana few years ago I was immersed in tiation was, in fact, the first ray of darkness, and blinded in mind-a light that flashed across my darkened few years ago I worshipped the wafer mind, and showed me the crooked as God, and believed myself able to and dangerous path in which I was offer an expiatory sacrifice for the standing. I did not pause in my insins of the living and of the dead, as vestigation, but followed it on, and, a propitiation for the people before in doing so, I merely yielded to the God. Such is the belief, such is the impulses of that Divine grace which idea of a priest of the Church of wrought my conversion. I can say Rome. And not only was this my with St. Paul, that “ I have not reunhappy state, but it was also my ceived the Gospel from men, but from

God, and pray to it as God. In no Malta is the spot I have chosen for part of the world does a religion the evangelization of Italy. Its po- exist which teaches that a man is sition and constant intercourse with infallible, as Rome does the Pope; other lands, render it a great point nor that requires its followers to open for operations. From thence we can out every secret weakness of their introduce into Italy, Bibles, tracts, and souls to a fellow-man deputed to hear all that we need. Italians arrive the confession, but this is done in in Malta every day. The island itself Rome; and imprisonment awaits the is Italian in language, manners, and, man who does not comply at least above all, in religion. It is, there once in the year. “Am I not, therefore, in every respect, a good station fore, right in saying that the religion for our Mission; but from thence the of Rome is worse than that of many work must be carried round the Medi- Heathen lands? terranean,—wherever the Italian lan- But some one will say to me, that guage is spoken and intercourse with certainly there are Christians in Italy exists. The island of Corsica Rome?' I reply, that faith in Christ, is in the same position as Malta, as and the pure doctrine revealed by far as language and vicinity to Italy him, is that alone which makes a man is concerned. In Switzerland too, a Christian; and that this pure docwe have the Cantons of the Grisons .trine Rome has marred and mutilated and of the Ticino—where Italian is in every single point, by a practice spoken under free Governments. All and doctrine directly opposed to the these are points of interest to our teaching of holy Scripture. ThereMission, and, with the help of God, fore do they forbid the people to read we propose to occupy them all; and, the Bible, and therefore do tbey cry great as the undertaking is, if we out against Protestants for printing commence it in the name of the Lord, it in the vulgar tongue, and giving it and follow on in his strength, we to read to whomsoever will freely. shall succeed.

You know as well as I do that Popery But, I am asked, why dwell so is not Christianity ; but a political much on Italy? Are there not other system, opposed to the most holy relands that need the Gospel ? I an- ligion of Jesus Christ. The Papists swer, Yes, and willingly would we see of Italy, therefore, are not, and ought it preached throughout the world; not to be called Christians, but rather, but Italy is the field to which we enemies and opposers of Christianity. Italians are called, and for Italy we But, thanks be to God, all in Italy must labour. And not only because are not Papists; no! nor all in Rome we are Italians, but because we be- itself. I can assure you, that there is lieve that while no land needs the a religious awakening in Italy at the Gospel more than Italy, her con- present moment, amongst all classes version would have a marked and beginning with the clergy; they startling interest for all Christendom, already see the falsehood of their


system, and are seeking for some way tles were seduced by their heavenly to get out of it. These are the men Master. that need help, and I say this from A series of publications are being my own experience. It is no easy printed at Rome against “ The Indithing to give up country, family, and catore," a journal published in Malta friends, and every earthly endearing for the defence of the true religion. tie,-to give up the very means of In the very first issue of these pubsubsistence; yet this is what the lications, they call us senseless fools Romish priest must do who would for seeking to draw Roman Catholics abjure his errors, and follow the pure to the Reformed religion of England: truths of Christianity; his very

first while on every side Anglican Proteststep must be to leave Italy, where the ants are renouncing the Reformation, laws, more or less severe under the and becoming Roman Catholics. A different Governments, no longer great noise is made at Rome about permit him to live; and, therefore, it those of the school of Dr. Pusey is that the Committee of the Malta

who have joined the Romish sect, and Protestant College have resolved to they especially talk of about a hunprovide an asylum for such priests in dred and fifty of your ministers, and St. Julian's College, at Malta. Some others, having within a few short have already arrived-others await months declared themselves Roman my return to come and join them- Catholics. And, with these arms in selves to us. Together we shall study their hand, they taunt us, and tell us, the holy Scriptures and the saving we are too few in number to make truths of religion, both for our own for the daily losses of the Anglican profit and for the instruction of our Church. brethren.

I told you, dear brethren, that the From that College the missionary false religion of Rome was worse agents of the Italian Church will go than that of the Heathen, and see forth ; having first established itself how much evil it inflicts on you. It in Malta, it will extend and surround creates discord amongst the people, Italy, and we pok to God to enable us and con

in the vernment. to carry it into the bosom of Italy It has had a mighty influence in your itself.

recent elections, and God only knows The College of Malta will be a what the consequence will be. On seminary whence the Gospel of Christ one hand Rome laughs at you, and will be preached far and wide ; and on the other insults you. She tries let me extend my views and look into every means to injure you. In Engthe future, closely linked as it is with land alone, Rome has eight bishops, the present time. The position of and a multitude of churches and Malta affords means to act on the ministers; and besides this, a mission Eastern as well as the Western of Jesuits, who introduce themselves Church, and to originate a mighty into houses, gaining over men and movement in both the fallen Churches. women, and sow on every side the The project is vast, but it is worthy seeds of Romish doctrines. And of you. On your assistance now de what is the result? You see it too pends the fulfilment of a plan pro- plainly-—a general tendency towards jected at the very first establishment Romanism, which, beginning with of the College. From the very first some of your ministers, goes down it was called a Missionary College, and down, descending to the very and we have now arrived at the real lowest classes. The doctrines of commencement of the work. I return Rome are preached from your pulpits, to Malta in a few weeks ; my com and are taught by Professors in your panions await me; our mission is Universities. actually on foot; Rome already cries Do not, my dear friends, be ofout, calling us seducers, the very fended if a Roman tells you these name that Jesus Christ was called by. things, and even reproves you for a They say that we have been seduced; fault which has hitherto wrought you why, true enough—just as the apos- much evil, and may one day prove


your ruin. It is well that you should The people are Italian, let the tolerate Roman Catholics even as you Church, too, be Italian. I tell the tolerate Jews, and even idolatry. Pope that it is his business to put But mark the difference : the Papists himself at the head of a Reformation, alone are they who seek in return to and if he will not, then it is our duty injure youRome urges them to it, to do it for him; and if he opposes nay, makes it a matter of obligation us, then we put him out of our comof conscience, to do so. Rome is, munion. I tell him, that however therefore, to you an enemy who makes much we may respect him as the war within your very house ; and temporal sovereign of our states, we while she claims all privileges and all cannot recognise him as the head of indulgences in your house, she will the Church. The Church can have not allow you any in her own. She no other head but Jesus Christ. All will not allow you within her walls, nor this I have told the Pope in the name within any dominion where she rules, of my brethren who have renounced even a church wherein to pray in the his doctrines. On hearing these simple purity of your worship, while things he gave a sigh, as though he she comes and rears in your cities, pitied my blindness, and then made churches and altars, where, to your several attempts, through different peril, acts of idolatry are committed, persons, to induce me to return to his and the doctrines of Jesus Christ and Latin Church. My brethren, I am his apostles are preached against. full of hope for the conversion of My brethren, I do not come here to Italy, but I cannot say I have much counsel you to repel Rome by force hope for the Pope, and therefore I of arms, although being a system don't care about him, but only think purely political, you might well be of the people whom he deceives. Let justified in doing so I am here to us join in this work in a truly Christell you to pray for her ; and, since tian spirit of union—in the spirit of she tries to injure you, I exhort you prayer and of action. Do you pray not to allow yourselves to be taken by for us while we labour for the consurprise. I exhort you to repel her version of our brethren. The Lord arts with prudence, and to refute her will hear your prayers and bless our doctrines with all sincerity. Take a work, and so we shall together have Christian revenge on her. Return the consolation of beholding the exgood for evil, blessing for cursing. tension of the kingdom of God, the While she tries to pervert your minis- spread of the faith of Jesus Christ ; ters, and even, if possible, your we shall call them our brethren who bishops, do you try to convert her now reproach us and persecute us, priests, and, if possible, even the and with still greater right shall we Pope himself. This is the work in call God our Father, and Jesus which we are engaged. Our mission Christ our Lord. deals chiefly with the priests of Rome, because on them depends, humanly speaking, the conversion of the people A VOICE FROM THE LIVING. of Italy. I began by writing to the Pope. Two letters of mine to the "England's protest was England's shield.” late, and one to the present Pope, IT was our melancholy privilege, as have been printed. I tell the pre- well as cur painful duty, some tended head of the Catholic Church, four years ago-under the title of that we want in Italy a Church of “A Voice from the Dead”-to enJesus Christ such as it was at the deavour to call the attention of our beginning—not the corrupted one of readers to the wide-spread influence the middle ages, and such as we now of Popery everywhere; and to point have. I tell him that the Latin them, as we then believed, and still Church exists no longer, for the Latin believe, to the great first cause of its ceased to be a living language four advance, where it is most manifest, centuries ago, and then the people viz., in our own country. We thus were separated from their priests. spoke :

“We cannot help stating our con,, this hour, as his predecessors did viction, that the great cause of all before him, by virtue, and in consehas been but too sadly overlooked, quence, of peculiar religious opinions. even by those who most clearly see, The present line was called there on and most deeply feel, the danger by these grounds. How, then, can rewhich we are threatened, as a natural ligion and politics be so widely disconsequence of that advance. We severed in this country? Was not the allude to the sin—THE GREAT SIN descent of the house of Stuart interof which the nation was guilty, against rupted in order that no Roman Catholic God, and against itself, when it vir- should be seated on the throne of tually renounced its Protestant cha- these realms ? Are not Roman Cathoracter--a sin, as we believe, mainly lics excluded from the Commons consummated by the religionists of House of Parliament by the Oath that day, who could THEN see no of Supremacy, and have not persons connexion between religion and po of that persuasion been subsequently litics, and who therefore manifested excluded from seats in the Upper little respect for the obligations by House ? By these acts the Constituwhich they were bound-many of tion was sealed—the union between them by the most sacred ties--to the Church and State was thus preserved Church of these realms. As all we -it is, according to the present Coriwould or could say upon this solemn stitution of the country, an union subject is embodied in the prophetic intimate and indissoluble as that belanguage of the then Lord Chancellor tween man and wife. If we abandon of England, Lord Eldon, we tran- this principle, we abandon the Conscribe two extracts from the speech stitution itself.'” delivered by his Lordship on the If these things be so --if we have memorable occasion to which we not been walking in error and delurefer ; only adding, that we see little sion for the last 300 years ; if the cause to wonder at the Church,' so names of “ Protestant” and “ Recalled (self-called), at length denying formed Religion”. ever meant anyits Protestantism—the State having thing; how loud is the call upon us set it the example of renouncing hers. to pause and consider how far it is We see indeed, or we think we see, possible for us to retrace our downin Tractarianism, and in ultra Church ward steps. At all events, how inprinciples, only the natural re-action cumbent is it upon all who are now from a forgetfulness of all that consti “in authority," whether in Church or tuted the nationality of the CHURCH State, to do what may be done to OF ENGLAND; and in all that has “strengthen the things which remain," since come upon us-nothing but THE and to counteract the evil we have to RIGHTEOUS

OF AL- deplore-by the sound and scriptural MIGHTY GOD :-

education of the young-by provid“ . It is my firm, my fixed, and un ing ample means of grace for the alterable conviction, that if Roman population of the country, according Catholics are once permitted to take to the doctrines of the Reformation, their seats in either House of Parlia- and, above all, in accordance with the ment, or to legislate for the State, or ritual of OUR SCRIPTURAL CHURCH ! if they are granted the privilege of Thus much ALL may do. “Every possessing the great executive offices member of the Church, in his vocaof the Constitution, from that day, tion and ministry,” can pray (as they and that moment, the sun of Great are taught) to the Great Orderer and Britain is set.'

Disposer of all things, both in heaven And again:

and in earth “ to inspire continually "• If it be true, as so many sup- the universal Church with the spirit of pose, that "religious opinions have truth, unity, and concord; and benothing to do with politics,” then it seech him to grant that all they that is equally true that the King has no do confess his holy name may agree right, or ever had, to sit upon the in the truth of his holy Word, throne of these realms. The fact is, and live in unity and godly love." his Majesty sits upon the throne at They can beseech him also to save


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