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conditions are understood.Of these the Romish hierarchy in Ireland have conditions, which are tacitly reserved set up." laws of intolerance, of persein the swearer's mind, one is this, cution, of confiscation, of treason, and . Salvo jure et authoritate superi- of slaughter_Page 7 of Letter adoris;" that is, saving the right and dressed to the Queen's Most Excellent authority of my superior," when an Majesty, published by the Protestnt oath is considered unlawful, and can- Association.

: . u 1641 not be kept, which cannot be kept 16. That one of those laws, the saving the honour of the apostolic Bulla, Coence Domini, excommunisee.” So that no oath is to be kept cates the Sovereign of these realms, by a Roman Catholic in which the and all her Protestantisubjects, as honour of the apostolic see is not aceursed heretics. This bull of unipreserved.-- Reiffenstuel, a standard versal curse, it is believed, is still work of Maynooth · (lib. ii. Dec., publicly read in Rome every Maundy tit. 24, de Jurejurando).

Thursday, and is the same bull with 11. That as to " whether faith is to which Luther was excommunicated be kept with heretics.". The question and cursed by Pope Leo: X., on is asked and answered in Reiffenstuel, Thursday, 28th March, 1521. .. in his Decretals, tit. 7, de Hæreticis. 17. And lastly, Because Queen Quest. “Are vassals, and servants, Victoria could not ascend the throne and others, freed from any private without first subscribing, “ in the obligation due to a heretic, and from presence of God," the solemn declarakeeping faith with him ?" Answer.- tion against transubstantiation, which Yes, all are so by the clear disposal declares the Church of Rome to be of the law."

6 superstitious and idolatrous." 12. That the doctrines of the So that, instead of granting the Church of Rome are embodied in public money for the propagation of 136 canons, every one of which ends a religion sanctioning such crimes as with a curse against every person these, the people should forthwith who refuses to receive them.----Coun- demand of the Legislature a complete cil of Trento ,

· investigation of the whole of her - 13. That all Roman Catholics are, Antichristian system, which has from by the Eleventh Article of the Creed time to time enacted against Proof Pope Pius IV., bound to maintain testants of all nations, the severest those curses; and even “ condemn, laws,—and is now the scourge and reject, and anathematize all things oppressor of what might be the fairest contrary” to the sacred canons and portion of the British empire. general councils, and particularly the holy Council of Trent. 14. That the Twelfth Article of the TH

THE POPE'S APOSTOLICAL LETsame Creed (which is the oath of every beneficed priest). declares, that To the Editor of the Protestant Magazine. “ this true Catholic faith, without SIR,—The Times”. of October 4th which no one can be saved, which I at informs us that the Archbishop of present freely profess, and truly hold, Capua had arrived at Rome, and deI promise, vow, and swear most con- manded of his Holiness, in the name stantly to retain and confess the same, of his Government, an apostolical entire and immaculate, to the last. letter, inviting the population of the (God being my helper.) And I will two Sicilies to obey their Sovereign. take care, as far as in me lies, that The holy Father replied, he was the same shall be held, taught, and ready to comply with the request, on preached by those subject to me, or by condition that the Neapolitan Govern. those the charge of whom shall devolve ment should grant, an unconditional on me, in my office. So help me amnesty, and frankly enter the career God, and these holy Gospels of of reform. ' ,***, pe fir open God.

Is this an example for England to 15. That even since the passing of follow, to intreat his Holiness to send the erroneously, termed Catholic an apostolical letter to Ireland, to Emancipation Bill,” it appears that invite them to obey their Sovereign,

and in 'reply be told, that he will do The officer who related this circumit'on condition, the noxious Estab- stance, declared that he had never lishment, the source of religious been so shocked in his life, as when bigotry, is done away..

these lately savage New Zealanders If the successor of Peter, (who thus silently rebuked the ungodliness said positively, and unconditionally, of a company of professedly Christian “ Fear God, and honour the King,"). Englishmen.-Churchman's Monthly may make conditions ere he says, Penny Magazine, page 325, vol. i. *. Honour the King in Sicily, why may he not in England ? : The“ Times” has told us, the Pope's

CABINET. voice would be respectfully listened PROSPERITY, in a great city, to men to by millions of British subjects. who are running a race after it, is a May we not learn, from the case now powerful engine in the band of Satan. cited, that the Pope will attach con How did he endeavour to tempt even ditions to his grant of assistance to Christ with a sight of worldly splenthe English Government in managing dour; and can we wonder at his its subjects ? ','. .

success on men ? Consider in how Should we not be warned in time? seducing a form destruction may ap. . Your obedient servant,

proach. We see and fear destruction Polus in A PROTESTANT.

in the form of pestilence, famine, and sword; men guard carefully their

houses from fire or thieves. But 14: MISCELLANEOUS.

what signifies the form of the weapon ENGLISHMEN REBUKED BY NEw which destroys us? Does the love of ZEALANDERS.-One essential benefit ease make you neglect the remedy resulting from missionary operations which you must take, or perish? in distant lands, is the blessed effect then regard it as a deadly snare. which is often produced upon the Learn to view the world and its minds of professing Christians in those prosperity in the glass of God's Word. countries. Often has it been the case, If you grow wise in Divine truth, you that those who remained wholly un- will see in the history of every day, affected by the exhibition of Christian that misery lies in turning away from principle at home, have been deeply the word of God'; you are never safe struck by it abroad. An instance of a moment, but as you are looking to this occurred a few years ago in New your compass. Satan has snares for Zealand. The officers of a King's believers. Especially let them fear, ship on that station had invited some who are pleasing themselves in their of the neighbouring chiefs to dine on prosperity: let them remember that board their vessel. Having sat down they embrace their worst enemy. to dinner, the officers were not a little Whenever any one would think of surprised to observe their guests, who ensuring peace and safety, let him reare not generally considered' bad member, that nothing can be a basis trenchermen; declining to partake of for these but true religion.---Cecil. any of their provisions. Fearing that they suspected that something was wrong, that the food was poisoned, or

ter nei some want of courtesy towards them Thoughts on reading an Account of had been exhibited, the officers be the Consecration of the Roman Cacame quite uncomfortable. At length,

tholic Chapel at Cheadle in Somerhowever, the matter was explained. setshire, in 1846. Addressed to The eldest chief present arose from his Conscientious Roman Catholics, and seat, and in a reverent and dignified

Uninformed Protestants....By A manner, which was participated in by TRUE FRIEND TO BOTH.. rastopi his brother chiefs, offered up a suit "Paul reasoned with them out of the able prayer to Almighty God, for a Scriptures." (Acts xvii., 2.) , blessing upon the food set before to London: W. H. Dalton, Coekspurthem. This had been the omission street, Charing-cross; 1847. 8vo., which had so disconcerted all parties. pp. 42:11 Get i stiaders to find line

The above is the title of a little saved'-and the scourge in the hand pamphlet, recently put forth, on the of an avenging God, preparing, in subject of Rome's encroachments, and the shape of the Romish superstition, the way in which Protestants are for the chastisement of unfaithful allured, whether from motives of England to those who are perishing curiosity or interest, to sanction by for lack of knowledge. Her other their presence the mummeries of sins, too, cry aloud for vengeance. Popery.

The daily papers teem with reports of The tract is written in a spirit of her manifold and dreadful crimes, and Christian love and affectionate soli- the land, especially Ireland, is filled citude for the souls of Romanists, no with violence, as in the days of Noah. less than Protestants.

God has borne long with her offences, The writer observes, at the com but now the wickedness seems full, mencement :

and the harvest of the earth ripe. “ The faith for which we are ex. (Joel iii. 13—Rev. xiv. 15.) The horted to contend being a spiritual signs of the times must arrest the atthing, the evidence of things not tention of the most heedless. seen,' the weapons of a Christian's “ Among the Protestants present at warfare should also be spiritual. the opening of the chapel, we are told, With no other arms than those were some clergymen of the Estabwhich the Scriptures supply, would we, lished Church : to their shame be it therefore, combat spiritual error; and spoken. They may say they only in the following remarks the uncor. went to see the show; but did they rupted Word of God, which is the not put themselves in the way of sword of the Spirit,' has alone been hearing and receiving false doctrine, employed in the effort now made, in although daily praying not to be led dependence on the strength of Him into temptation? As faith cometh who gave it, to open the blind eyes by hearing, so also does error; and of some of our brethren in the thence, doubtless, our Lord's caution Church of Rome, who offer to God • Take heed what ye hear.' (Mark iv. a service in which he takes no de- 24.) light; and in warning the simple “ But Roman Catholics cling with minded Protestant, whom the dazzling a tenacity to outward things scarcely ceremonies of that Church might mis to be believed. What are we to lead—that the former may deliver think, however, of those · in whom, themselves out of the snare of the on this occasion, the ceremonies of devil, and the other be made ac the day ercited a deep interest and quainted with his devices.”

admiration, and a lively impression of Having combated by scriptural the power of the Roman Catholic reliauthority many of the errors of the gion?' • THE POWER OF THE ROChurch of Rome, and the plausible MAN CATHOLIC RELIGION!' what sophistries of Bishop Gillis, who does this mean? If it have any meanpreached the sermon on the occasion ing it is this—that the religion of of opening the Romish chapel at Rome exactly suits the carnal heartCheadle ; and remarked on the boasts carnal in its ordinances, carnal in its of Romanists in their prospects of worship, carnal in everything, even success owing to the apathy of Pro- in abstaining from flesh on days fortestants, the writer observes :

bidden! Hence the effect of the fairy Deeply may we be humbled at scene and gorgeous display, resembling these sad proofs of our slothfulness an Arabian Night's Entertainment, in our Master's cause. Dr. Gillis upon the congenial spirit of those carperceives “the strong delusion'.that nally-minded Protestants who were is coming upon the people of Eng- present, and their being worked up land to believe 'THE LIE,' which to into a belief that their excited feelhim appears to be the truth. But ings were indications of devotion to Protestants see, in the progress of God, although on retiring from the Popery, the fulfilment of the pro- exhibition, they must have found they phecy to those that receive not the were not better men than when they love of the truth that they may be entered the building, and might have


been somewhat worse. Had any controverted points. Glad should we Christian established in the faith been be if all would equally, in a spirit of there, which is almost an impossi- prayer, love, and faithfulness, probility, unless, indeed, in order to be test against the evil, and endeavour come better acquainted with the out to build up the weak in our most ward form of Komish worship for a holy, because Scriptural, faith. good purpose-a feeling of commi- The perusal of the pamphlet will, seration at seeing so many poor crea- we trust, afford much instruction and tures carried away by such a childish edification to those whose minds are religion, would have been with him not settled rightly upon the important the prevailing sentiment, with the points to which it refers. same desire to enlighten them that For mere political Protestantism the Apostle had · when he beheld the we have never contended. It is for city wholly given up to idolatry. the Christian faith, purified from the (Acts xvii. 16.) The Church of incrustation of Romish error, that we Rome is a Circe, betwitching the have been anxious. Such, too, seems senses, intoxicating with her golden to be the views of the writer of the cup-a deceiver, sitting on the seven- paper before us. headed beast, captivating the igno- . A vain contest for superiority is rant multitude by a religion that sub- too often injurious to the cause it was stitutes forms and ceremonies for the intended to serve; and always danreligion of the heart. When men can gerous to that party entering upon it. think that such services are accept- But here a different motive ani. able to God, they must be far gone in mates, and feelings of Christian affecerror, and the attempt to bring them tion would seem to have prompted to a sound mind seems almost vision- the writer to admonish Romanists on ary--but we are told not to suffer sin the one hand against the delusions upon our brother, and it has there which are destroying them, and Profore been made : and we pray most testants of the dangers to which they fervently and sincerely, that, no longer expose themselves, when they, from occupying themselves about things motives of curiosity, enter upon which cannot profit,' Roman Catho- forbidden ground, — 6 tempt the lics will cast aside their vain confi- tempter:" and seek, in the idol temple dences, and following the Apostle's of Rome's imaginative religion, for injunction, • Hold THE HEAD, from worship acceptable to him, who has which alone all the body, by joints assured us that idolaters have no inand bands having nourishment mi- heritance in the kingdom of God and nistered, increaseth with the increase of Christ. of God' (Col. ü. 19)—and unite them- Awful words! But they are not selves to those who worship God in our own. They are the words of spirit and in truth ;' for the kingdom eternal truth. They emanate from of God is not meat and drink, but the Deity. . . righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost' (Rom. xiv. 17, 18.)”. The Romish controversy becomes

INTELLIGENCE. daily of more importance. Those DUBLIN, OCT. 23.-Contrary to the who would gladly avoid taking a part expectations of a large body of the in it seem irresistibly to be impelled Roman Catholic laity, and no inconto do so.

siderable portion of the clergy, Pope Many who stand by comparatively Pius IX. has “ pronounced " against unconcerned, while evils are raging the scheme of collegiate education at a distance, are reluctantly driven devised by the late Premier, and has to pay attention, when famine or thus afforded a signal triumph to Archfever, which has desolated other bishop M‘Hale and the dissenting houses, extends its ravaging influence majority of the Irish hierarchy. The to their own. And so, too, in the confusion that will of necessity be midst of political delinquency and created by the decision of the Holy theological apostasy, it is almost im- See may be readily conceived, coming, possible to avoid attending to the as it does, at a period when the great “ difficulty" seems less likely than · CONVERSIONS TO POPERY.-- The ever to yield to the legislative wisdom Rev. S. S. Wilson, late pastor of the of any Cabinet, whether composed of Independent congregation in this Whigs, Conservatives, or Protection- town, has joined the Roman Catholic ists. The Evening Freeman (the organ Church.-Hants Telegraph. At St. of the prelates) thus refers to the Gregory's College, Downside, on the Papal rescript:-“ The official docu- 15th of September, W. T. Gordon, ment announcing the decision of the Esq., of Christchurch College, OxCourt of Rome has been just placed ford, was received into the Catholic in our hands. We may here add, Church. ' In his conversion, Mr. Gorthat the document is from the sacred don has imitated the example of his college of the Propaganda—is signed brother, the late Curate of Christby Cardinal Franzoni and by the Pro- church, St. Pancras, who made his Secretary of the Propaganda, with profession of Catholic Faith towards the addition by authority of his the commencement of the present Holiness Pius IX.' The condemna- year.---Tablet.. tion is special, distinct, and emphatic.” CHRISTIAN PERSUASION. - Infor

THE ROMAN CATHOLIC HIERARCHY mations were taken at Dunmanway IN ENGLAND.-All the documents re- petty sessions against the Rev. J. lating to this long debated question Doheny, Popish priest, for flogging among the Roman Catholic clergy of one of his congregation into the England arrived on Tuesday, Oct. 26. chapel on the Sunday previous.The scene of Dr. Wiseman's labours Dublin Herald. . .. .. . is not to be London, as was originally DERBY.—Mr. Raikes attended a supposed. He is to be Bishop of Public Dinner in Derby on Monday, Birmingham. The Right Rev. Dr. the 25th ult., at which many of the Walsh, heretofore Vicar Apostolic of distinguished friends of the Protestant the Midland district, which includes cause were present. The attendance Birmingham, and to whom Dr. Wise- was very numerous, and the Proman acted as coadjutor, is now Arch testant party seems to have gathered bishop of Westminster. The title of strength from each contest in the Vicar Apostolic is to cease, and the borough. The Meeting was addressed bishops are to be for the future called at considerable length by the Chairafter their respective sees. The fur- man, Joseph Lewis, Esq., Rev. J. ther division of England into sees, Dean; Sir H. S. Wilmot, Bart. ; James preparatory to an increase in the Lord, Esq.; C. R. Colvile, Esq., M.P.; number of bishops, is still under the H. Raikes, Esg.; Johnson, Esq.; consideration of his Holiness; when E. M. Mundy, Esq., M.P.; E. A. that is definitely arranged, the num- Holden, Esq., Henry Cox, Esq.; ber of bishops will be increased by Dr. Heygate ; 0. Bateman, - Esq. ; four. There will be also one or two John Henry Cox, Esq., &c. '. ,} more archbishopricks created.. " Times.

THE JESUITS IN BRISTOL.-It is . . . . . . , reported that the order of Jesuits are

NOTICE.. i .. about shortly to assume the manage

ON FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 5, ment of church matters amongst the Roman Catholics in this city. They

a SERMON will be preached (D.V) at have undertaken to liquidate the Trinity Chapel, Conduit-street, Bondexisting debts on the Roman Catho- street, on behalf of this Association, lic places of worship: and likewise to by the Rev. ROBERT BICKERSTETH, advance the necessary funds to the MA Perpetual Curate of St. John's

M.A., Perpetual Curate of St. John's, Bishop of the “Western District," for building a “Cathedral” in Bristol

Clapham, Surrey, and Evening for which the purchase of a site has Preacher at the Magdalen Hospital. already been concluded.

Service to commence at Seyen o’Clock.

Macintosh, Printer, Great New-street, London.

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