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arranged, there is nothing lacking. obliged to learn by heart a treatise The devout and the profane, the rich by Bouvier on the Sixth (Seventh) and the poor, the thoughtful and the Commandment. careless, the imaginative and the What conflicts for the imagination practical, all can have their wants and the heart.-Rouaze, late a Romish supplied. None are sent away but Priest. true penitents. Such a one can find We were to be guided by Bouvier's nothing to satisfy his cravings,-he Treatise on the Sixth (Seventh) Comasks for mercy, Rome points to mandments ; a more abominable book penance,-he wants to be righteous, does not exist.—Stilmant, late a she points to the cell,—he wants an Romish Priest. internal purity, and she bids him fast, (3.) I have seen the most promising and meditate, and reject God's bless- men with unimpeached characters ings,-he wants rest, but she bids obtain country vicarages. A virtuous him strive, strive, strive, and leaves wife would have confirmed and him still at a fearful uncertainty,—he strengthened their purposes, but they wants a Saviour, and she points out were to lead the life of angels in celian exactor stern and severe, — he bacy. They were, however, men. wants an eternal rest, and she points Young women knelt before them, in to purgatory. And this is the best all the intimacy and openness of conthat Rome can offer. The Christian fession. A solitary home made them cannot be content with this, and so go abroad in search of social conprotests against her; she denounces verse. Love, long resisted, seized him as a heretic, and to still his auda- them, at length, like madness. Two cious tongue, commits him to the I knew who died insane : hundreds tender mercy of her ever-ready exe- might be found who avoid that fate cutioners, and thus maintains her do- by a life of systematic vice. - Blanco minion, her boasted unity, by murder- White. ing every opponent.

How many scalding tears have But thus she proves herself to be already been shed at the senseless Antichrist, the mystical Babylon, the law of celibacy by those who have woman drunken with the blood of fallen into the net of an unprincipled the saints, and the blood of the mar- priest!--Czerski, late a Romish Priest. tyrs of Jesus, and points to her doom, To these we will add the following the fire and the torment for ever. from the Diocesan Statutes of the

Roman Catholics of the Province of TESTIMONIES REFERRED TO IN THE

Leinster :


“ We fear that there is no time in (1.) The manuals put into the hands which the melancholy saying of St. of the young confessor, are grounded Thomas of Villanova is not fulfilled upon the works of casuists, who made in some confessors, That they send their questions for a horribly corrupt themselves and sinners down careless period. You find among them crimes into hell!!'" perhaps never perpetrated except by the brutal soldiery of the Duke of Alva or Wallenstein, a mass of iniquity

DR. WORDSWORTH ON THE that would have been abhorred by ancient Sodom.-Michelets (chap. 2)


P. 4) NALTIES, 1847. Priests, Women, and Families.

(2.) It behoves the confessor to be It is proposed to relieve English fully instructed. Let the chaste reader Romanists from all penalties for aspardon me if I enter into details serting the Pope's spiritual supremacy which exhibit more unseemly ugliness. in these realms, in opposition to that Saint Alphonsus Liguori, &c. Al- of the Queen : and for extolling and though sad consequences be foreseen, maintaining his pretended and usurped it is lawful for confessors to hear con- power over her subjects. fessions of women, and to read trea- What is this but to call upon the tises concerning evil actions.- 1b. State to legalize a public profession

How sad it was for me to be on their part, that they are not subjects of the Crown; and to make this theologians whom he had consulted, non-subjection of theirs the occasion, that a tyrant might lawfully be put ground-work, and reason for legisla- to death, went and assassinated his tive innovations and aggressions own Sovereign, your King Henry III.: against the Crown and the Constitu- dark it was, when on hearing the tion? or, in other words, because it intelligence of that King's death, Pope is true that some persons are disloyal Sixtus V. summoned a Consistory of enough to deny the independence of his Cardinals, and in a set speech the Crown, and to pay little regard ascribed the murder of the King “ to even to the personal safety of the the providence of God," and spoke of Monarch (for the Pope affirms that it as a pledge that “the Almighty deposed Sovereigns may be murdered; would still protect France:"-dark it and what Sovereign of England was, when on the 14th of May, 1610, indeed, what Protestant Sovereign- Ravailac the Jesuit effected what, in is not ipso facto deposed by the Pope?) 1594, Jean Chastel the Jesuit had ---therefore the rights of the Crown, attempted, and murdered your Soveinstead of being more vigorously as- reign Henry IV., and after the deed serted, are to be sacrificed; and the was done, freely confessed that it was person of the Sovereign, instead of the book of Mariana the Jesuit which being more carefully guarded, is to be encouraged him to that design:-dark put in more imminent peril!

it was, when at several times after the But, Sir, you may desire to know publication of the Papal Bull against on what grounds such propositions as her in 1567 (Feb. 24), the life of our these are made,

gracious Queen Elizabeth was atI. First, then, it is alleged that the tempted, as in 1572, by Story, again laws which these propositions would in 1583 by Somerville, again in 1585 repeal are “ the offspring of a dark by Parry, stimulated by the Pope's age.A dark age! The age of Nuncio, and in 1586 by Savage, having Shakspeare, of Spenser, of Ben Jon- plenary indulgence from the Pope, as son, of Burleigh, and Salisbury, and appears from the letter of a Cardinal Raleigh, of Bacon, and of Coke, of di Como, dated Rome, 30th Jan. 1584, Jewell, and Hooker, and of Andrewes! again by Moody in 1587, again by A dark age! Dark indeed, in a cer- Patrick in 1594, by Lopez and York tain sense, it was, when those deeds in the same year, again by Squire in of darkness were performed under the 1598, by Winter, in 1602, from all authority and with the approval of which traitorous designs, set on foot the Papacy, which rendered those by the arts and arms of Rome, she laws necessary :-dark indeed, it was, was delivered by the merciful interwhen on the night of the 24th of ference of Divine Providence: and August, 1572, St. Bartholomew's-day, dark it was, when in the year 1605, a above five thousand Protestants were conspiracy was made to destroy the butchered at Paris, and when within King, Royal Family, Lords and Coma few days after it, in six towns of mons of England, and when Bulls France, five-and-twenty thousand from Rome were ready to give commore were slain :-dark it was, when plete effect to what was then decreed: as soon as he heard of this dreadful -dark, I say, the age may well be massacre, Pope Gregory XIII. went called, when such acts as these were in procession to the Church of St. concerted and executed. But in Louis, at Rome, to give God thanks; another sense that age was one of and when, to commemorate this event, light. Wisdom guided the councils he ordered a medal to be struck, which of England, and sound laws were represents this savage work as per- enacted, by which, under the Divine formed by an angel of heaven, with a blessing, these dark designs were sword in one hand and a cross in the defeated, and the light of peace and other, and which bears the inscription, liberty and public safety were diffused Vgonottorvm Strages, the massacre throughout the realm. But, if in a of the Hugenots :- dark it was, when spirit of presumptuous contempt for on the 1st of August, 1589, the friar the wisdom of that age, and of arrogant Jaques Clement, 'having learnt from confidence in our own sagacity, we

abolish these laws, who shall say that endowing Romanism, the Premier is we shall not bring back in all its gloom disposed to be yet more liberal. In the thick darkness which they dis- the estimates for this year is included persed?

a grant for the payment of Mahometan In the meantime, if we desire to muftis for the instruction of the prove that we are ourselves in dark- ignorant Chinese to deny the divinity ness, we have only to be guilty of the of our only Lord! Can liberality go folly as far as regards England, of beyond this? The question has been calling that age a dark one. If that often asked. We answer, that it may, age was a dark one, O that we had and that it will proceed. We say more such darkness and less of our that Liberalism, not satisfied with own light! Oh, that we had more of equality, will demand supremacy; its loyalty and piety, more of its that Liberalism tends to Popery, just steadiness of purpose, more of its as centralization to universal despotfaith in fixed principles, and more of ism; and that when Popery and its courage in carrying them into despotism shall be alike established, practice. In further justice to these then that freedom which we gave so laws, I shall content myself with readily to the disturbers of order, the referring to the character which is violaters of God's law, the dissemigiven of them by three of our greatest nators of blasphemy, filth, and obstatesmen and lawyers, Lord Treasurer scenity, will be refused ourselves. We Burleigh, Lord High Chancellor love our Church most warmly. We Bacon, and Lord High Chancellor love it each day more and more: Clarendon.-From Dr. Wordsworth's but we cannot help avowing that our Letters on the Destructive Character love for her is based on the serof the Church of Rome.

vices she renders for the defence and The above has been printed and dissemination of God's truth. Her widely circulated as a handbill by the establishment, or non-establishment, Protestant Association.

makes no difference in her sacredness. Strip her of her endowments, and she

may diffuse light, life, and liberty! POPERY IN THE ARMY.

but do not poison her with the deadly THE Government has accepted the venom of Liberalism ; do not let her terms of the Roman Catholics. Po be taught to think herself the sister, pish priests are in future to be paid to the equal, the companion of the aposteach our soldiers treason. The tate Church of Rome. Keep her French monarch well observed, that from all connexion with that apostasy, the next war in Europe would be one as you would keep a loved and only of religion. We furnish him with daughter from the contagion of the the means of making it such, and of worst of her sex. Rather would we enlisting our own soldiers to act against see the Church of England stand ourselves. The very men out of forth in her majesty independent of whose chapels, when they preach in all political influence, withdrawing all English, officers are frequently obliged support from the parties who have to march their troops, are now to be betrayed her, than that her revenues admitted as paid confessors, directors, should be divided between the votaries and advisers of their consciences. The of truth, and the followers of idolatry; Church of England enjoys no such pri- between the servants of God and the vileges. The Established and Free priests of Baal. There can be no Kirks of Scotland, which have thou- middle course. Either our venerated sands of its children in our ranks, Primate is a heretic and an impostor, and the 42d, 720, 79th, 92d, and 93d, who exists by betraying men's souls where they chiefly abound, and which into eternal perdition, or the Pope of certainly are not the least meritorious Rome, and all who vow him allecorps in the army, have no such privi- giance, are intruders into a kingdom leges. The amount of crime in every where they have no authority, which regiment bears a pretty near propor- they enter only to pervert from alletion to the number of Papists in its giance to its Sovereign, its constituranks, Not content, however, with tion, and its God. Kentish Observer

FLOGGING AT STONYHURST me use any offensive expressions COLLEGE.

against them, for I was not conscious THE Preston Chronicle of some days of having said anything that could or back gave the following communica ought to give offence; but I received tion from a correspondent relative to for answer, “Never mind," and was the scholastic discipline of the Jesuit again ordered to strip, and kneel down College of Stonyhurst:

against a chair placed in the middle “We have learned with surprise of the room, while he adjusted the that the practice of flogging is carried sleeves of his cassock, in order to on in a college not far from this town, use the cat more freely. If a boy with a severity that calls loudly for wears flannel, he is ordered to remove reprobation. No fewer than six it, that the force of the cat may not youths were very recently subjected be weakened; he is also made to bind to this degrading punishment in one his braces round his waste, which was day. One of the youths has preserved the case with me. The number of his blood-stained linen to exhibit to stripes I received was upwards of his parents. Another took refuge in thirty. What I have stated can be the house of a gentleman in this corroborated by my five school-fellows neighbourhood, having found an op- who suffered on the same day, and portunity to escape from his tor- for no graver offence than the one I mentors. It is not the rod, but the have stated. We shall all remember cat, to which we allude; nor are those Stonyhurst College and the Jesuits. subjected to the lash children, but I enclose, Sir, my name and address, youths, verging on manhood."

for your private information. One of the youths in question has July 30.

A VICTIM. come forward to confirm this statement. In a letter in the Times of Wednesday last, signed “A Victim," PRIESTLY INTOLERANCE. he states:

AT Coachford petty sessions, J. To the Editor of the Times.

Buckley appeared to complain of an SIR,—Being one of the six youths assault committed on him by the Rev. alluded to in the paragraph which William M.Carthy, a Roman Catholic appeared in the Preston Chronicle, and priest. The prosecutor being exwhich has been copied in the Times amined, stated as follows:-Witness of the 28th of July, I beg leave to is a young man in the employment of say that the whole statement is correct. the Rector of Donoughmore, the Rev. Allow me to give you a faithful Mr. Cotter, as colporteur or distribuaccount of the treatment I have met tor of Bibles and Testaments, was with in this College of the Jesuits. I proceeding alone on Friday last, on was called out of the play-ground by his peaceful mission, when he met Mr. Clifford, a sub-prefect, and told Mr. William M.Carthy, a Roman to go to the room of Mr. Speakman, Catholic priest, who, after passing the head prefect. On entering his him, rode back and inquired what he room I found the window-blinds down, had in the bundle? Witness said, and he immediately locked the door. “ Bibles and Testaments, Sir.” The He then desired me to strip, to receive priest then induced deponent to a discipline. I asked him for what? produce all his books, and as he got He answered for cursing. I requested them together, he flung them in witto know who had heard me curse ? ness's face, dashing them about the His reply was, “ Never mind, you road and saying, “I left the house know that you are guilty.” I ac- this morning to horsewhip you ;" the knowledged that I had on two or priest then called a man to hold his three occasions, when provoked, said horse, and jumping off he ran at “ Damn it,” but that was the only witness and struck him several blows term I had used, and I defied any one across the face and neck, and when to prove that I had made use of any the lash of the whip came off he other term. “You have,” said he, struck witness with the leaden end “ expressed yourself as hostile to the about the head, which but for the Jesuits.” I again asked who had heard hardness of his hat might have killed

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him, and the man who held the fastly admit and embrace apostolical horse, instead of coming to witness's and ecclesiastical traditions, and relief, flourished his stick in a threat all other observances of the same ening manner. The priest then laid Church," that is, the Church of hold of witness by the breast and Rome. made two attempts to trip him by E. Is there any text of Scripture putting his leg behind witness; he against this Article ? then let him go, and drew back to T. Yes, the following text may be strike him another blow, when witness mentioned as an example of many ran off without hat or books and call- others, “ Why do you transgress the ing out "murder," being in great fear commandment of God by your tradiof his life; the hat afterwards was tion? Thus ye have made the comrecovered, but Buckley was informed mandment of God of none effect by that the priest had caused the books your tradition.”—Matt. xv. 3, 6. to be burned on the road. The bench E. What is the doctrine of the consulted, and agreed on taking in- Church of England on this subject ? formations against Mr. M.Carthy, and, T. The Thirty-fourth Article states, ordered that he should give bail to that “ It is not necessary that tradistand his trial at the next quarter tions and ceremonies be in all places sessions.-Cork Constitution.

one, and utterly like; for at all times they have been divers, and may be changed according to the diversities

of countries, times, and men's manTHE CHURCH OF ROME.—THE ners, so that nothing be ordained CHURCH OF ENGLAND, AND

against God's Word.THE HOLY SCRIPTURES.

E. What proof from the Scriptures have you for this statement ?

T. “ The law of the Lord is perfect." « Prove all things : hold fast that Ps. xix. 7. “ All Scripture is given which is good."-1 Thess. V. 21.

by inspiration of God, and is profit“ To the law and to the testimony : able for doctrine, for reproof, for corif they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them."

rection, for instruction in righteous-Isaiah viii. 20.

ness: that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all

good works."-2 Tim. ii. 16, 17. THE SUBSTANCE OF NINE SERMONS

See also Rom. xv. 4; Deut. iv. 2; PREACHED IN CHRIST CHURCH,

Prov. xxx. 5, 6; Rev. xxii. 8; Luke BRADFORD, IN 1846. BY W.

xvi. 29; John v. 39; Acts xvii. 11; MORGAN, B.D., INCUMBENT.

2 Pet. iii. 19; Rev. i. 3 ; Ps. cxix. Enquirer.- Where shall I find a E. What is the second Article of summary of the doctrine of the Church Pope Pius's Creed ? of Rome?

7. “ I also admit the Holy ScripTeacher. In the Creed of Pope tures, according to that sense which Pius, issued A.D. 1564.

our holy mother, the Church, has E. Where shall I find a summary held, and does hold, to which it beof the doctrines of the Church of longs to judge of the true sense and England ?

interpretation of the Scriptures : nor Î. In the Thirty-nine Articles, will I ever take and interpret them agreed upon A.D. 1562.

otherwise than according to the E. How shall I best judge of the unanimous consent of the Fathers." truth, or falsehood, of each doctrine? E. Do the Scriptures prove this

T. By“ the holy Scriptures, which opinion? are able to make you wise unto sal- T. No; for it enjoins us to “prove vation, through faith which is in all things, and to hold fast that which Christ Jesus.”—2 Tim. iii. 15.

is good” (1 Thess. v. 21); and says,

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, E. Which is the first Article of but try the spirits whether they are Pope Pius's Creed ?

of God: because many false prophets T. It is as follows: " I most sted are gone out into the world."-1 John

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