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'those who love their Roman Catholic the mean time, the priest was forced countrymen, and who wish to make into her room by her son, Captain an effort to heal the divisions of Ire- Wills. She showed so much relucland, send in their contributions either tance to his visit, that the man went to Messrs. Curry and Co., Sackville- away. Mr. Chute, at her request, street or to the Rev. William Magee, administered the Lord's supper, and 9, Upper Buckingham-street, who continued his visits regularly to Ockindly acts as Secretary to the Com tober 13th, when he asked me to mittee, which was appointed for the take his place; and in five weeks I circulation of the tract on the visited her eight times; and being Creeds.

absent eight days during the five Let us have the contributions and weeks, I was sent for. November prayers of good men, the platform of 7th, Miss Wills was in the room the Rotunda one day in the week, for while I read and prayed; and Sunthe month of December, or whatever day, the 15th, Captain Wills was pretime we can arrange, and I trust that sent. So far, there was no opposition the knowledge of the glad tidings of to my visits; but when the time of great joy shall make this Christmas death approached, it was the time for “ a happy Christmas” to many of our Papists to put forth their strength. Roman Catholic friends in Dublin, November 18th, I called on Mrs. through the knowledge of the Lord Chapman, and on entering the room Jesus Christ; and open a field for found the four Miss Wills present, diffusing the blessings of his great The elder rudely thrust a Missal in salvation. And that, as his truth is my face, saying, “ These are the calculated to "give peace” on earth, prayers we are using with grandit may, through his infinite mercy, mama ;" and on repeating this, I told accomplish that which none but God her, that “I did not use a form of can do, and that is, give peace in Ire- prayer.” While reading and praying, land.

the four ladies were sneering and I remain, beloved brethren, making offensive remarks. When I Your faithful and affectionate was leaving the room, the ladies friend,

asked their grandmother some quesand servant in Christ, tion I did not hear; but her answer R. J. M'GHEE. was, “ Then now let me alone,” when

they all four laughed. I thought it my duty to rebuke them, outside the

door, for levity in a sick 'room before POPERY UNCHANGEABLE AND

a dying lady. They replied, by callUNCHANGED.

ing me the most opprobrious names, To the Editor of the Protestant Maga- and using the vilest language. The zine.

next day, I called on Mrs. Wood, the SIR,—Popery is the same in all ages, lady of the house, and learning that whether in the sixteenth or nine- Dr. Doyle, priest of the London-road teenth century, unchangeable and un- Chapel, had been with her; and feelchanged ; being based in error, it is ing satisfied as to the state of mind supported by fraud and strengthened of the dying lady, and not wishing to by treachery. A case that occurred create a disturbance, I did not go up. in Kennington, November 18th and When leaving the house, Captain 19th, prove that the Romish system Wills, his son, and four daughters, deserves this character.

attacked me most violently in BilEarly in October last, the Rev. lingsgate vocabulary, the Captain G. Chute, Curate of St. Mark's, Ken- shaking his stick in my face, and nington, was called on by Captain threatening to use it. Next day I Wills, of Regent's-street, Lambeth, applied to the magistrate at Lambeth to sign a pension certificate for his Police Court for a summons: but the aged mother, Mrs. Chapman. When law does not interfere where the he saw her, he signed the document, offence is committed within doors. and promised to call in about two Had he spoken thus outside the hours to read and pray with her. In house, he could impose a fine and

direct him to procure bail. The case system never saved any person, was dropped on my part. The report not invented for that purpose, and of my application appeared in the had not salvation for its end." I “ Daily News,” Nov. 21st. On No. challenged him to produce “one invember 30th, Captain Wills and his dividual whose moral character was daughter go to the same Police improved by leaving the Church of Court, and state, that “the old lady England and joining the Church of was a Roman Catholic for some time; Rome.” Who were the leaders of that Mr. Cuffe knew it; that he was the Irish Rebellion, in 1798 ? Who never sent for ; that he (Captain was the leader of the Carrickshock Wills) did not use threatening lan massacre, in 1831 ? Apostates. What guage to Mr. Cuffe, but acted with causes Ireland to be as she is, dethe greatest mildness," &c. &c. graded, disreputable, and immoral ?

This will impose, for a time, on Popery. What is lowering the moral unsuspecting English Protestants. character of England, and bringing The theory and practice of Popery is her down to the level of the Conalways to deceive : such is the teach- tinental nations ? Popery. What ing of that depraved and demoralized has brought the present fearful casystem. Read the teaching of Li- lamity of famine and disease in Ireguori on the subject of oaths. * He land ? Popery. Our God has shown says, “It is a certain and common his anger; but let us prove our soropinion amongst all divines, that for row by an amendment of life. Let a just cause it is lawful to use equivo- the clergy of the Establishment preach cation, and to confirm it with an steadily against the soul-destroying oath.” It is a just cause to attack system of Popery. It is a shame for Protestantism through one of its us to be still and let our hands hang ministers. Captain and Miss Wills' down amidst so much evil. The statement is å tissue of falsehood clergy should carry out the excellent from beginning to end, and is only advice given by that most exemplary an example of what Popery will be Prelate, the Bishop of Winchester, in on a larger scale, should that system his luminous charge to his clergy in gain the ascendancy they look for. 1844. The advancement of Popery,

Mrs. Chapman was a member of my and consequent lowering of religion, congregation, and received the sacra- demands our earnest attention; and ment often in my chapel, and de- my clerical brethren will excuse the clared to me, that it was “a serious appeal made by an humble clergyman trouble to her that her son had be- to their consciences. come a Roman Catholic.” The lady

I am, Sir, of the house she lodged in, and

Your obedient servant, others, can prove that she was a

TENISON CUFFE, Protestant. Should not the clergy of each religious denomination be up

Minister of Carlisle Episcopal and doing? Too long have we

Chapel, Kennington. rested on our oars; we should be

December 15. alive to the great evils of the unhallowed apostasy. What brought the priest into the old lady's room, to PROTESTANT ALLIANCE administer an idolatrous rite to an FOR THE WESTERN COUNTIES OF unconscious person? I hold it, that a SOMERSET, DEVON, AND CORNWALL. Romish priest has no right to teach or MEASURES are now in progress for the minister within this realm, not being formation of this Alliance, and a duly called of God for that purpose. Meeting is intended to be held at I wrote this to the priest, and also Exeter (D. V.) on or before the 12th offered to prove, “ that the Romish of January next, for the purpose of

completing it. * I can strongly recommend a work. The general objects proposed are lately published by the Reformation Society, “Extracts from the Moral The

1. To maintain the Protestant prinology of Liguori." By the Rev. R. P. ciples of the Constitution in the adBlakeney, B.A.

ministration of public affairs.

2. To uphold a system of National Church. Such is the aim of those Education, based on Scripture, and secret Societies which have emerged conducted by Protestant ministers of from their obscurity to devastate and religion.

destroy all that is most venerable 3. To preserve the Church of Eng- both in the Church and in the State, land and Ireland, which admits of and which have been repeatedly toleration to all, in its truth and in anathematized and condemned by tegrity.

the Roman Pontiffs, our predecessors, Ministerial coalition with O'Con- in their apostolic letter, which ananell.

themas we, in the plenitude of our I would beg to recommend Pe- apostolic authority, confirm, and comtitions to Parliament, praying that mand to be diligently obeyed. inquiry may be made into the matter “Such is the object of those most of the coalition betwixt Her Majesty's crafty Bible Societies, which, reviving Ministers and the convicted conspi- an old device of the heretics, do not rator O'Connell, and that such steps cease to put forth an immense nummay be taken therein for the safety ber of copies of the books of the of the country and the vindioation of Sacred Scriptures, printed in various the honour and dignity of Her Ma vulgar tongues, and often filled with jesty's crown, as to the wisdom of false and perverse interpretations, Parliament may seem expedient. contrary to the rules of the Holy

Repeal of the Maynooth Endow- Church, which they continually circument Act.

late at an immense expense, and I would further beg leave to pro- force upon all sorts of persons, even pose Petitions to Parliament at the of the rudest sort, with a view that, very first opening of the session, for rejecting the divine traditions, the the Repeal of the Maynooth Endow- teaching of the Fathers, and the ment Act. The protest ought to be authority of the Church, they should kept up.

all interpret for themselves, and by An Old CORRESPONDENT. their own private judgment, the

Word of God; and so, perverting

the sense, be led into grievous errors; THE NEW LIBERAL POPE AND which Societies, Gregory XVI., in BIBLE SOCIETIES.

whose place, though most unworthy, MANY say, a new era has dawned on we are now placed, emulating the exthe Papacy by the accession of the ample of his predecessors, vehemently present Pontiff. Whatever reforms condemned in his apostolic letters ; in tariffs, police, or railways may have and we desire to join as eagerly in graced his accession, no change seems the reprobation.” to have taken place in the hatred of At page 34, reference is thus made Rome to the Bible that speaks her to the secular power of princes, to be doom.

used for the good of the Church :The following is from the Pope's “We trust that the princes, our encyclical letter. The translation is dearest sons in Christ, remembering an authorized one :

in their piety and religion, that the “For you already well know, vener- kingly authority was given to them, able brethren, that there are other not only for the government of the deceits and frightful errors, with world, but more especially for the which the children of this age sharply protection of the Church, and that contend, against the Catholic religion, whilst we maintain the cause of the and the Divine authority and regu- Church, maintain that also of their lations of the Church, and endeavour kingdom and of their safety, that so to trample under foot all laws, as they may hold their provinces in unwell of the Church as of the State. disturbed possession, will aid our Such is the tendency of those wicked common wishes and endeavours enterprizes which have been under- with their power and authority, and taken against this Roman See of defend the liberty and safety of the blessed Peter, in which Christ laid Church, that the righthand of Christ the impregnable foundation of his may defend their kingdom."

66 Our own

of glory—that through their prayers THE IDOLATRY AND BLASPHE

the abundant treasures of the Divine MIES OF THE NEW POPE.

mercy may descend on the whole In the encyclical letter of the present Christian world.” Pope, Pius IX., addressed to all Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops and

LYING WONDERS OF POPERY IN Bishops, occurs the following.

THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. We give it from the authorized translation put forth with the sanc THE “ Tablet” newspaper of Nov. 14, tion of + Thomas, Bishop of Olena, 1846, has an article on V. A. L.

Times," one chief object of which The

passage we refer to, is towards seems to be, to pioneer the way to the end, p. 37. We give it without a general reception for some pretended note or comment; we only ask our miracles alleged recently to have been countrymen, is this the Popery which performed by Romish relics, in our your rulers are willing to endow!! own and other countries. “ That all these things may tend,

The writer on the article observes, as we desire, to a happy and pros “In addition to many other signs, perous end, let us draw near with most worthy of grave and serious confidence, venerable brethren, to the attention, it is a pregnant fact, that throne of grace, and with one mind, one has lately been elected by Divine in the humility of our heart, let us Providence to rule over the whole pour forth our continual and ear- militant Church, of whose future nest supplications to the Father of course, it is more than whispered mercies, and the God of all con amongst men, that there have been solations, that, through the merits secret and solemn revelations." of his only-begotten Son, he will We leave our readers to form their deign to bestow upon our weakness own ideas of this paragraph, and also an abundance of all heavenly gifts ; of what follows; and would only exthat, with his Omnipotent power, press our earnest hope and prayer, he will vanquish our assailants, that whilst thus superstition and imand that he will everywhere cause piety is permitted to rear its head faith, piety, devotion, and peace, again amongst us, they will be the largely to increase, that so all ene more abundant in their prayers and mies and errors being removed, his efforts to oppose error, and build up holy Church may rejoice in tran- the truth, and to "contend earnestly quillity the most desirable, and there for the faith once delivered to the may be one fold, and one shepherd. But saints.” in order that our most merciful God 66 At this crisis-to resume the may the more readily incline his ear thread of our remarks-when so to our prayers, and may grant that many hearts are kindling with the which we implore, let us ever have same hidden fire, and faith is berecourse to the intercession of the ginning to reclaim its long-lost power, Most Holy Mother of God, the Im it cannot be matter of surprise that maculate Virgin Mary, our sweetest another phenomenon should accommother, our mediatrix, our advocate, pany the movement to which it is our surest hope, and firmest reliance, capable of imparting a further imthan whose patronage nothing is pulse. Extraordinary manifestations more potent, nothing more effectual of the Divine Power and Presence, with God. Let us invoke also the which may be anticipated at any Prince of the Apostles, to whom moment, and of which the history of Christ himself delivered the keys of the Church in all times presents so the kingdom of Heaven, and whom he many sublime examples, may be aldeclared to be the foundation-stone most expected to attend the events of of his Church, against which the this age, if we have rightly judged gates of hell should never prevail, their solemn purport.

To re-esand his Co-apostle Paul, and all the tablish the empire of faith in a saints of Heaven who now possess country which has long slumbered in the reward of their labours, a crown an almost universal forgetfulness of

the mysteries of revelation, such guine, but there is abundant ground manifestations would appear to be for hope, and this hope is fortified by necessary. There are, indeed, many the events of almost every successive who doubt whether the restora week and month. There is one tion of such a country as our own, amongst us, who in his judgments whose annals during three centuries mingles mercy, and whose purposes are almost a continuous history of cannot be frustrated, even by our outrages and profanations, can still own waywardness. be possible. The sacrileges of the “Within these few days his presence sixteenth century — the deliberate has been manifested in the chief city blasphemies still preserved and re of our empire by one of those touchpeated in the 31st Article, and in ing events which console, while they such books as the Anglican ‘Homilies' startle. -the desecrated altars of God, placed “ One who had been abandoned by by the command of pseudo-Bishops the most eminent of our surgeons, as in the public ways, that they might beyond the reach of his art, has been be trodden under foot by the unbe- miraculously healed by the relics of a lieving multitude—the decrees of the saint whom God permits “to prophesy Legislature denouncing death against even in death.' those who should offer the adorable “With the sanction of the Vicar sacrifice—the martyrdoms of Christ's Apostolic of London, and accompafaithful ministers and confessors— nied by an appointed course of devothe Liturgical forms proclaiming the tions, the healing relic was applied, most sacred mysteries of Christianity and a formidable and inveterate to be blasphemous fables and dan cancer, for which complete extirpagerous deceits; — all these are, in- tion was the only remedy, was so deed, fearful obstacles to the con- perfectly cured at the end of the version of our unfortunate country; Novena as not even to leave a trace. for there would seem to be more hope " When the saints begin once more for those who have never confessed to exert thus visibly their power the name of Jesus, than for those' amongst us, we may well refuse to who, professing to know him, have doubt, that blessings are in store for crucified him afresh by impieties at England.” which a Jew or a Mahomedan might blush. But if England has fallen

MISCELLANEOUS. more deeply, she has also been MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE WITH prayed for more ardently, more un O'CONNELL.-Many things indicate ceasingly, than any other nation that there subsists an understanding And let it ever be remembered, as betwixt Lord John Russell and O'Cona sign full of consolation and encou- nell. The Repeal magistrates are reragement, that never, from the mo- instated in the commission of the ment of her apostasy to this hour, peace, including O'Connell, and has there been a time when the others; and John O'Connell has been Spirit of God sought fruit on this appointed a Deputy-Lieutenant. Bedecayed vine, and sought it in vain. sides, the members of the O'Connell Each succeeding generation has family are constant guests at the added its appointed number of con table of the Lord-Lieutenant. There verts, men, women, and children, to cannot be a doubt that O'Connell those who were predestinated to has a great ascendancy in the counreceive the true faith. England has cils of the British empire. This apnever been wholly abandoned. And pears to be the dangerous influence doubtless many, who were baptized against which Protestants should now into the one fold, though by alien direct their efforts. It should be rehands, and who lived and died in an membered that O'Connell has the involuntary ignorance of the religion command of seventy out of one of the Gospel, have nevertheless been hundred seats in Parliament for Iregathered, through the mercies of God, land. The heads of the different into the Church in heaven.

political parties seem all disposed to “ We may not, then, be over san- favour Popery. Protestants, there


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