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persons must be either knaves or fools, who, without any reference to principle, clamour for “equal civil rights." Are Jesuits, who are perpetually plotting our ruin, entitled to such rights? What becomes, then, of this much vaunted axiom, which befits only the apostles of infidelity ?

[Our correspondent has drawn attention to an important point. Popery will never be content with equality. Supremacy is her object, and to extinguish Protestantism altogether is her great desire. Sir R. Peel and Lord J. Russell are alike entrapped by Popery, and leading the mind of the English people to bow down before the idol their ancestors cast down, and to revere the power they despised as weak, denounced as unscriptural, and proscribed as dangerous. But Popery is no plaything. Politicians may think it malleable, and easily to be moulded to their plastic touch. This, however, is a delusion. They will find in Popery a tyrant, where they sought a slave, and see the cringing sycophant transformed into an imperious despot. Popery resisted will ere long be Popery overcome. Popery truckled to will ere long lead to Popery rampant. Its nature will not be changed its power will be increased—and it will be an increase of power for evil purposes. Hence we implore our fellow Protestants to watch over the education of the rising generation, no less than over the proceedings of their senators.-Ed. P. M.]


FACTS FOR THE TIMES; OR, he was excommunicated by Pope

THINGS TO THINK ON FOR Sixtus V., and subsequently assassiALL PEOPLE.

nated by a monk named Jacques

Clement (who was prepared for the BY SAMUEL PHILLIPS DAY, FORMERLY

act by a sort of consecration). After

the perpetration of the horrid deed, (Continued from page 142.)

solemn processions were made to the I SHALL now allude to the league Church of the Jacobins, in thanksformed against Henry III. of France, giving for so signal a favour conferred

on the Church; and the Pope (Sixtus which unhappily terminated in his assassination. * The Jesuits' College, which he declared this act of the

V.) finally pronounced an oration, in at Paris, was the centre of this league, monk - admirable and meritorious," in which assassins were trained for the murder of the French emperors; and completed a design, which he

observing that “he had attempted and from whence they were sent (assuming various disguises, just as

could never have done by human they may deem such "necessary), in policy, but by the express ordinance order to foment rebellion and disaf

and succour of God!" +

The next deed of Popish persecufection among the subjects of the King. One of the most notorious of tion I shall mention is the murder of those miscreants was the Jesuit Sam- Henry IV. of France, successor to mier, who traversed Europe with the

the former unhappy monarch. This view of exciting hatred in the breasts emperor having apostatized from the of the Popish sovereigns against 1693, and embraced the errors of

Protestant faith on the 23d July, Henry, who was detested, solely for Romanism, it might be imagined that tolerating his Hugonot subjects within he, at least, would be the beloved his dominior ; and on which ground child of the Papacy. But no! His

* A work was written in justification of change of principles availed him Henry's abdication, entitled, “De Justa Abdicatione Henrici Tertii.”

f Orat. Panegyric in Antichristo.

nothing. Having published the dence could I have believed it, or Edict of Nantz, thereby securing more fearfully shuddered at thiné to his Protestant subjects. the free approaching doom!” | exercise of their religion-he was, in It would greatly exceed the inconsequence, despised and repudiated, tended limits were I to bring before and repeated attempts were made the reader's notice the multiplied acts to assassinate him both by Barriere † of oppression and intolerance which and Jean Chatel, each a disciple of have characterized and stained the the Jesuits. At length he was annals of the Church of Rome in stabbed, when stepping out of his every age of her imperious usurpacarriage, by one Ravaillac, a friar, on tion! However, the Inquisition canthe 14th May, 1610; this murderer, not be silently passed over — that in order to fit himself for the bloody infernal tribunal, where hundreds of deed, having previously attended thousands found their innocence mass, reconciled himself to God, and betrayed-their property confiscated confessed to a priest, to whom he —their piety derided-and their perdisclosed his iniquitous design. Thus sons doomed to destruction,--and all fell, by Rome's cruelty, two Kings of to satiate the wild caprice of a faction! France in succession. Well did one and appease the ferocious spirit of remark, “O Rome! Rome! guilty, Rome! apostate Rome! Had I verily seen In turning over the dark and soul. the finger of heaven pointing to thy sickening page of the Inquisition, I form-had mine eyes visibly beheld feel the blood chill in my veins, and the hand of Jehovah-of him who a melancholy seizes my mind, from hath on his vesture and on his thigh which a momentary shudder in part written, · King of kings, and Lord of recovers me! What, gracious heaven! lords,'tracing the name, 'MYSTERY, permit me reverentially to exclaim, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER what has produced so dire an evil, or OF HARLOTS, AND ABOMINATIONS permitted it so long to triumph? OF THE EARTH,' with a torch lighted Thou who holdest in thy grasp the in the lake that burneth with fire and fierce thunderbolts of stern justice, brimstone, on thy seared brow; not how is it that the cries, and the tears, with deeper more heart-drawn cre- and the agonies of the dying, and the

innocent blood of the slaughtered

dead, did not evoke those burning * This edict, which had been sealed by the most solemn oaths and compacts, was

messengers of thy fury, upon the perfidiously revoked by Louis XIV..' who guilty heads of the demonial corpsdestroyed multitudes by drowning, burn- withering the uplifted arm, and bowing, shooting, breaking on the wheel, ing the imperious head of the persestarving, and other cruel tortures-500,000 cuting zealot, and the tiared priest? inhabitants were compelled to quit France Biit it is not for me to seen the mind in consequence of this revocation. Yet, for all these cruelties. Louis was congratu

of Heaven, or inquire why the poisoned lated by Pope Innocent XI. in a "letter shafts of retribution have not pierced dated Rome, Nov. 10th, in the tenth year their victims yet! of his pontificate, which says, -"The Llorente, in his “ History of the Catholic Church shall most assuredly Inquisition.” thus records the number record in her sacred annals a work of such devotion towards her, and celebrate your


of individuals who na

of individuals who have been merciname with never-dying praises."

lessly sacrificed to Papal cruelty:+ He was arrested in August, 1594, on a Condemned and burnt.. 31,912 charge of attempting the king's life, and Burnt in effigy

17,695 confessed on the scaffold, that he had con

Placed in confinement sulted Aubrey, a priest, who greatly commended his design, and sent him to Varade,

with rigorous punishchief of the Jesuits, for instructions, who ment.............. 291,450 confirmed him in his “holy resolution," änd exhorted him to be firm and of good

Total .... 341,057 courage, and to receive the sacrament for his consolation. Commolet, another Jesuit, assured him that his intention was holy and

The history from which I quote is meritorious! He was finally executed at Melun.

Rev. Robert Trail, A.M.

certainly the most authentic extant, for when the French obtained possession of Spain under Joseph Buonaparte, Llorente obtained permission to examine the several archives of the Inquisition. I would recommend the studious reader who is anxious to be informed on a subject of such importance, to peruse the character of the Inquisition, painted by the masterly hand of the Jesuit Moravry. His description of an execution is truly terrific: “Heretics," he observes, “are burnt, having first been strangled, if they are not Jews; for, in that case, they are burnt alive!A striking instance occurs to mind : It is recorded, that when Philip of Spain was allied to Elizabeth, the daughter of Henry II. of France, he could devise no better spectacle to regale his youthful bride and queen with, than an Auto da Fe! The prisoners of the Inquisition were searched, and a certain number of victims produced. On that memorable occasion the seat of the chief inquisitors was raised some steps higher than those occupied by the King and Queen of Spain. At length the mournful procession advanced bearing the standard of St. Dominic in the van; and so vast was the crowd that many of the victims passed close to the chair of the queen. Among the rest was a young and beautiful Jewess, who seized a moment to address the queen ; and who, in the intense agony of her soul, shrieked, “Mercy, mercy, great Queen, I am about to be burned alive for professing the only religion I was ever taught. Save me, for the love of God!" The young bride was deeply affected by a scene so tragically touching. She glanced at the King, and then at the chief Inquisitor, but felt it were ,vain to intercede for her relief. So hardened were their hearts ! The procession moved on solemnly and slow. The sacrifice was completed! And Elizabeth declared at her dying hour, that she heard distinctly ringing in her ears, the screams of the burning Jewess :—“Misericordia por amor di Dios!

When we add to these horrid barbarities the several other instances of

Rome's cruelty, as furnished by the pens of candid historians, as well as those sad occurrences of modern and recent dates, * of which her tyranny has been the precursor, and in most instances, the sole cause, what a hideous mass of intolerance, persecution, and bloodshed, presents itself to our astonished gaze ? Who can contemplate it without horror, or view it without tears ? Who can make a truce with so implacable an enemy, or press so poisonous a serpent to his heart? Who can gaze upon this scaly leviathan, without feeling sensations of disgust beyond the power of language to describe ? Significantly does the inspired record delineate Rome's true character when it affirms, that she is “ drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.”+ Oh! with what trembling does my

heart survey, In dreams of other times, Rome's

direful sway! And hear her curses, like a dark wild

flood, Rolling from hell in perjury and

blood; And feel her grasp-oh! 'tis as when

the grave Folds in its cerements all your soul

would save; Cold as its bosom, where no flower

will bloomHushed as its stillness—dreary as its

gloom: No peace in life she leaves you--none

in death; Nor checks one sigh upon your part

ing breath!

But, yet a moment ! yon gay sun that

flies High in his blazing chariot thro' the

skies, Not oft shall run his bright diurnal

round, Ere, swept from earth, no vestige of

her found!

We allude to the massacre of 200,000 Protestants in Ireland, during the reign of Charles I.; to the persecution of the Zillerthals, in 1837 ; to Dr. Kalley and Maria Joacquina, in Portugal, and Signor Ciocci, in Rome.

of Rev. xxii, 6.


Stern is the voice that calls her to it wears so many different aspects to atone

suit the yaried circumstances of the God's wrath shall hurl her from her times, yet it is ever unchangeable in blood-steeped throne!

principle. I humbly trust that the foregoing The evils of the system are so nuobservations, devoid of all merit save merous and subtle, that we lose much what simple truth imparts, will serve strength in opposing the whole, by to expose a system really Pagan in having to expose its errors in detail

. principle, but worse than Pagan in There is, however, one point which, practice. Assuming “the form of in these days of false liberality, or godliness,” yet "denying the power rather indifference, it is highly imthereof." I am firmly persuaded in portant to make clear. It is now my own mind that the doctrines, pre- pretended that Rome has lately become cepts, and practices of the Romish very amiable and liberal, whereas, Church are equally eversive of the upon the least consideration, it is spiritual and temporal happiness of evidently impossible. The peculiar mankind, and that she is the blight doctrines of Romanism have no founand blast of every nation where the dation in the Bible, and the only smoke of her unhallowed incense authority for them is the pretended ascends--not to heaven to supplicate infallible teaching of the Church. The clemency, but to evoke judgment! particular period when each of those Not to entreat the dew of God's developments was first invented and blessing, but to demand the bitter foisted upon the Christian Church, vials of his wrath! Her first faith can be certainly defined. she has grievously departed from, and thus claimed the attribute of infallicomposed a novel creed of her own in bility, whatever has been set forth by lieu of it. The Word of God she has the Church of Rome to be true and discarded—the traditions of men she right at one time, she must adhere to has embraced. All claims to aposto- at another, so that she is placed in licity and sanctity she has thereby the awful dilemma of either justifying renounced! And we decidedly dis- and glorying in all the idolatries, claim her impious assumption of titles murders, burnings, and persecutions which alone are applicable to a which she has upheld and encouraged Church that maintains and upholds in past ages, or of giving up her inthe doctrines of Christ, the apostles, fallibility, and confessing that the and the primitive Christians! In a entire system has been supported only spiritual, as well as in a literal signi- " by speaking lies in all hypocrisy," fication, may be applied to her the according to prophecy; this result is song of the Roman peasant, “ Roma inevitable, for the whole must either non e mai che Roma era,”—“ Rome stand or fall together; all the authois no longer what Rome was !” But, rities of the Romish Church are there“A universe of death, which God, byfore necessarily obliged to conform to curse,

the former alternative, and to this Created evil, for evil only good; day have never repudiated nor abated Where all life dies, death lives, and one iota of her wicked abominations; nature breeds ;

it is still a part of the code, which all Perverse, all monstrous, all prodi- sincere Romanists must adopt, as gious things,

opportunity serves, that “heretics are Abominable, unutterable, and worse by all ways and means to be extirThan fables yet have feign'd, or fear pated, when it can be done with conceived;

safety to themselves ;” and also that Gorgons, and hydras, and chimeras “when heretics are strong, they should dire!

be left to God; if weak, then to be

delivered to the executioner;" and unPOPERY UNCHANGED. happily the instances are not rare (SEMPER EADEM.)

that these precepts are still faithfully POPERY may well be termed the obeyed. The minds of Englishmen “Master-piece of Satan,” and although will naturally revolt at - the idea of

- Dura?

such principles, but Protestantism We believe it is because the dogalone can sustain those feelings of mas of Popery have been so imperabhorrence to show how the most fectly understood, and its practices tender consciences may become so little considered, that the Legisla"seared as with a hot iron.” We ture has already passed measures so have only to mention that the Wards pregnant with mischief, and that of the city of London now annually others are at this time projected, receive, under the name of “Faggot which, if adopted, must entirely submoney,” the proceeds of a fund which vert and destroy our Protestant cona pious Popish lady, in order to save stitution. With this persuasion we her soul from the imaginary fires of have felt constrained to associate for purgatory, and sincerely “believing the purpose of awakening the attenthat she would be doing God a ser- tion of Christians around us to the vice by slaying his saints," bequeathed true nature of Popery, and to the by her will to buy fuel to burn the danger of its aggressions; and further heretics (in Smithfield).

to entreat them to unite with us, that Shall Protestants, then, be so in- our energies may be concentrated in sane as to help forward what must, if the defence and promotion of truth, successful, be alike ruinous to their as opposed to the false principles and temporal as to their eternal interests! Antichristian practices of the Church

of Rome.

In this short address we do not ADDRESS FROM THE COM

enter at length upon the discussion MITTEE OF THE PROTESTANT of

of particular questions, but we feel INSTITUTE FOR READING AND

called upon to lift a warning voice ITS VICINITY.

against à notion craftily insinuated, This Institute has been formed, not and which miscalled charity would for the advancement of any political foster, that the Romanism of the preparty, but for the defence of vital sent day essentially differs from the principles. The time has arrived Popery of past times. On the conwhen it has become necessary for trary, its character is the same. The Christians to unite, not so much for assumption of infallibility forbids all the spread as for the preservation of change. The professions and conProtestant truth. The principles duct of the Church of Rome may vary which formed the bulwark of our with circumstances, but her princiconstitution have been more than ples have been defined, and they are once broken in upon--they are still permanent and unchangeable. That further threatened and the alterna- Church, when possessed of power, has tive forced upon us at the present ever been a persecuting Church. She moment is this, shall we slumber is so still, wherever her influence preand abandon those principles, or shall dominates. She cannot tolerate, she we arouse, and with energy suited to must extirpate all who repudiate her the occasion, by God's help, deter- tenets and abjure her authority. We mine to maintain them?

have read the pages of history to little . We earnestly call upon our fellow- purpose if we have not learnt that countrymen to reflect upon the extent Popery is insatiable and rapacious; it to which our Protestant constitution must be rampant-it will not rest has been already infringed, and to whilst its dogmas are disputed, whilst consider how much recent encroach- its supremacy is questioned. Let ments of Popery have been encou- none, therefore, be deceived by any raged. In Ireland a Popish College plausible and temporary pretext that is largely endowed, whilst in our Rome seeks but a share of legislative colonies Popish priests are regularly power, or will be satisfied with partial paid : and at this time it is even con- endowments. Lessons from experitemplated to endow the Romish ence may prevent the delusion, and priesthood of our sister country, and teach us that it is for the very existin our own land to afford pecuniary ence of Protestantism we are called support to schools in which Popish to contend. errors will be inculcated.

Feelings of LOYALTY must further

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