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Department of Lands,

Sydney, 2nd January, 1904 NOTIFICATION SETTING APART CROWN LANDS FOR A SETTLEMENT LEASE. "Counci G on the preliminary notice of the 1st December, 1903, His Excellency the Governor, with the advice of the Executive hereunder mentioned are hereby set apart for a Settlement Lease, and shall de disposed of under the prevailing conditions of the law.

The farm will be available for Settlement Lease on and after the 7TH JANUARY, 1904.

An application for a Settlement Lease shall be in Form 50, and must be accompanied by one half-year's rent in advance, and by a survey fee as hereinafter specified. The application shall be signed and the declaration printed on the back of the form shall be made by the applicant. The application may be lodged with the Land Agent by the applicant in person, or by his agent in person duly authorised for the purpose in writing, during office hours on 7th January, 1904, or during office hours on any subsequent Thursday (not being a public holiday), or may be forwarded on any day to the Land Agent in a registered letter, but so as not to be received by the Land Agent before the 7th January, 1904.

The Settlement Lease will be subject to the general provisions of the Crown Land Acts, and to the following special conditions :(a) A Settlement Lessee shall not assign or sublet without the Minister's consent, and if any stock not owned by the lessee are

found depasturing on the Settlement Lease, it shall be prima facie evidence of subletting, (6) Power will be reserved to the Crown and to any person authorised by the Minister for Mines to enter upon the farm and search

for and win minerals. (c) Power will be reserved to the Crown to resume any portion of the farm which may be required for mining purposes, or any

other public purpose, upon giving notice in the Gazette, and upon payment only of the value of the improvements on the portion resumed (such value not to exceed their cost), and a reduction of rent proportionate to the area resumed. In the case of resumption for mining purposes, not less than one month's notice, and in the case of resumption for any other purpose not

less than three months' notice in the Gazette will be given to the lessee. (d) The Settlement Lease shall be kept clear of rabbits and other noxious animals, and of scrub (except edible scrub) and noxious

weeds, subject to Regulation No. 1570, which reads as follows :-The holder of any Settlement Lease applied for after the 8th March, 1902, or the holder of any Settlement Lease executed after the 8th March, 1902, whether applied for before that date or not, shall, within six months from the execution of the lease, commence and take effective steps to keep the farm clear of rabbits and other noxious animals, and shall afterwards continue such efficient steps or means of keeping the land clear of the same during the whole term of the lease to the satisfaction of the Local Land Board. During the second year of the lease he shall commence and thereafter continue to clear the land of noxious weeds and scrub (except edible scrub) at the rate of not less than one-tenth of the total area each year, so that the whole farm shall be cleared during the first eloven (11) years of the lease, and after any land has been cleared or operated upon the lessee shall keep it free from noxious weeds and

scrub (other than edible scrub) during the remaining term of the lease to the satisfaction of the Local Land Board. (e) The lessee shall not kill any of the following trees without special permission from the Land Board, namely: -Straight, sound

gum, pine or box, six (6) inches in diameter, three (3) feet from the ground; straight yarran of any size, wilge, yumung, or other edible trees. Any other trees or shrubs on the farm may be killed by the lessee without special permission. The lessee may take from his leased land such timber as may be required by him for building and other purposes as tonant of such land

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

£ B. d. £. d.
70 11 0 19 13 6 Fences, yards, Warren, 30 Frontage to About one-hall liable to flood. Half black soil,

ringbarking, miles. Maequario half red soil : clayey subsoil ; about one-half
and cultivation,

open forest of box, gum,

and eumo;

and one £112 128. lod.

half thick forest of box, budtha, pine, and
wilga ; about one-hall budtha, wilga, and
currant-bush scrub.
Plan G. 1,650-1,907 Roll; Ms. 1,903–9,465 Dop.

The Settlement Lessee is required to enter into residence within three months from date of execution of lease.

Where the capital value of the improvements is payable, such payment shall be made in one sum, or, at the option of the Settlement Leaseo, in three annual instalments, in accordance with Regulation 166.

The term of lease shall be 40 years, in four terms.

Where a Settlement Lessee is charged a rent for the use of Crown Improvements, such rent shall be paid annually on the same dato as that upon which the rent for the land is payable.


An appraisement or determination of the value of any improvements shall be made after the land has become the subject of an application fur Settlement Lease, unless both the owner (other than the Crown) of the improvements and the incoming lessee havo agreed to dispense with such appraisement, and have agreed on the value to be paid, in which case the agreed value of the improvements shall be deemed to be the appraised value within the meaning of subsection (6) of section 25 of the Crown Lands Act of 1895. Provided that, if in any case the value of the improvements as appraised or determined is at least 20 per centum higher than their estimated value as above notified, the Land Board may allow the incoming lessee, upon application within the prescribed time, to withdraw his application ead to obtain a refund of any moneys paid in connection thorewith.


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