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ceived the Deputation very cordi- these blood-stained monsters is not ally, and M. Fernandez Thomas, ad appeased. At Morphon, they desdressing him in an eloquent speech, troyed every thing with fire and presented him a splendid copy of sword: the women and children the constitution, written on sheets were for the most part confined for of parchment and bound in velvet. days in private houses, without food: When the orator said, “ Your Ma- those not destroyed by hunger were jesty is free to accept or not, on

burnt with the houses. oath, the constitution,” the King A letter from Smyrna, dated Sept. interrupted by telling 'him, “ that Ist, states that in Cyprus, 25,000 he had already sworn to the bases Christians of all ages, and both of the same that he would never sexes, have fallen under the hands be wanting to his oath, and that of the Turkish soldiery. The chilfrom that very moment he would dren under four years of age have swear to the Constitution."

been killed or thrown into the sea. On the 1st of October, the King The churches aud monasteries, in a went in state to the Hall of the district of forty square miles, have Cortes, attended by the members of disappeared ; the priests and monks his family, and there, after deliver- without exception have perished in ing a speech expressing the most dreadful torments, yet there has been patriotic sentiments, took and sub- no insurrection in Cyprus ; but the scribed the oath to the now-com- Sultan has sworn the extirpation of pleted Constitution. When the Pre- Christianity! The Turkish garrisident and Secretaries ascended the son of Corinth, on the 16th Sept., throne, and presented the Bible, his made a great effort to raise the seige, Majesty said, he desired to pronounce but were driven into the town with it aloud, and he accordingly pro- great loss. One thousand remained ceeded" accept, and swear to dead in the field, 3,000 wounded reobserve, and to cause to be obseryed, turned, and increased the difficulties the Political Constitution of the of the garrison. The Greeks havPortuguese Monarchy, which has ing made themselves masters of the been just decreed by the Constituent town, the Castle surrendered at Cortes of the same nation;" and discretion, on the 24th September: he 'then added, " and with the General Colocotroni conducted these greatest pleasure, and with all my operations. heart, The Hall resounded with The grand Turkish 'naval Expeenthusiastic transports of joy, and dition, which has been so long lying cries of · The Constitution for ever!' at Patras, after an unsuccessful at

Long live the best of Kings, the tack on Missolonghi, attempted to father of his country.” His Ma- sail round the Morea, and return to jesty, descending from the throne, Constantinople. It was pursued and exclaimed with great enthusiasm, harassed by the Greek fleet, con

The Sovereign Congress for ever. tinually losing ships; and at length which was echoed by the acclama- was forced, on the 13th September, tions of all present.

to enter the haven of Napoli di RoGreece AND TURKEY.-By a let- mania, where the Greeks, collecting ter from the British Consul at Cy- all their vessels from the islands, prus, dated August 15th, we learn blockaded it. · An attack was hour. that sixty-two towns and villages, ly expected when the accounts came in this unhappy island, have wholly away. disappeared, and yet the rage of


Harvest was finished in the southern and penury, grumbling, and discontent and forward districts during the course prevail in their stead. of the last month ; in the northern and A fact has been communicated to us, less favoured, during the present. A on unquestionable authority, which tolerably accurate general estimate strikingly exémplifies the unprecedentmay now be formed. On all the best ed depression which at present overlands, wherever situated, the wheat whelms the agricultural interest. Very crop is considerably above an average, recently a drove of 300 Devonshire the quality uncommonly weighty and oxen travelled from South Molton, in fine; and the straw, although not so that county, to every fair betwixt that bulky as in some years, sabstantial and place and London; and stood at Smithextremely valuable. The oat-straw, as field market; failing in a purchaser at fodder, will almost equal the hay of all these marts, they proceeded forty some years. The spring crops, it is miles beyond town. The proprietor, now confirmed, are generally defective, still disappoiuted, again turned their but the quality is generally good; up- heads towards the metropolis; the cat., on moist and productive light lands, tle stood a second time at Smithfield; however, some of these crops have were at Reading and other fairs on their reached an average; and, with respect return; and on Thursday 'se'nnight by to barley, it is remarked in the barley far the greater part were at Bristol counties, that the old stock on hand market, but still they could not be equals in quantity the new growth. sold, and were driven back to the place Hays and grassés rather of fine condi- whence they came, after having tra.“ tion than in very great plenty, with velled in this fruitless wäy not less” exceptions of heavy crops and plenty than 400 miles. of green food, particularly after-math In Ireland agricultural distress seems on various parts. Potatoes a univer- to be greater even than in this counés sally productive growth, the quantity try; an intelligent correspondent ingreatly enbanced by superior quality, forms us that, " the farming interest is the turnips defective in both; as to ruined;" the fair of Ballinasloe has put Swedes, scarcely any quotable crop. the seal on the faint hopes of the farThe eagerness of the farmers, and the mer. Wetliers at 14s., and ewes at 8s, ! two growths, occasioned part of the Sixpence in the pound on account of wheat almost every where to be carted rents cannot be collected in Ireland and stacked prematurely; whence this season. heating, aud a necessity of preventive The corn market has also declined measures. A great hop and fruit year, in a corresponding ratio. In the Dabı even to pears, in some parts. The lin market, the middle price of wheat greatest grape season of the last forty. is about 16s. a barrel. In the country, The live stock and flesh markets, as generally, it is scarcely 12s. Other well as that of corn, have of late made corn in proportion. some stand and some advance in price; Those prices would be enough to bat autumn, the season of plenty and give the finishing blow to the farming of overflow, is at hand. The fallows interest, and more than sufficient to are backward for want of rain, and make the owners reel. But, unfortuvery little wheat has yet been put into nately, the mischief does not stop here. the earth. The state of the farming The burning of farming stock is spreadinterest is truly lamentable, in which ing: in Cork, Tipperary, Roscominon the poor labourer must necessarily and Clare, the work of destruction is share. The condition of a greater part rapidly going on. Haggards and farm of the yeomanry of Sussex is truly de- houses are burning every night, and plorable. Almost daily, sales of live we are informed by a gentleman' well and dead stock take place; and such acquainted with the country, that at is the scarcity of money, that in many no period, during the disturbances last instances they are literally given away. winter and spring, had so general an Ease, affluence, and plenty, which 'alarm spread itself through all the seven or eight years since so univer- south of Ireland. It is now verging sally predominated among the Sussex towards the west, and is creeping along yeomanry, have nearly disappeared, the banks of the canal towards the Eur. Mag. Vol. 82.

2 Y

capital. All this part of the country is this, nor the still more exemplary cleunder the Insurrection Act, and a mency of the Lord Lieutenant, have heavý police force is established in produced the effects, which were so alioost every distriet. How this cala- sanguinely and so rationally expected. mity is to be arrested we do not know. The very roots of society are in the The punishment inflicted by govern- course of being torn up. ment has been exemplary--but neither


(London, Oct. 25.)

COTTON.-We have latety noticed There are very few actual purchases a decided improvement in the Cotton of Brandy lately, but the best marks market, and we have now to state an of Cognac may be purchased at 3s. 1d., advance of ld. to fd. on East India de- and as the new offer at such low rates 'scriptions, and from ad, to jd. on the the latter must either advance or the other qualities.

old decline to nearly the price of the SUGAR. The prices of Muscovades new. - In Geneva there is nothing are advanced 1s. per cwt, but there is doing. little business doing.

CORN. The arrivals of Wheat this In Refined Goods there are few pur- week are moderate ; the fine runs sell chases; the prices are about Is. per rather freely at the late prices.-On

cwt. lower, owing to the late fall in account of the extensive arrivals of » Raw Sugars, and the heavy market.- Oats, the prices must be quoted 1s. Molasses are 309. a 30s. 6d.

lower. -Barley is without variation ; In Foreign Sugars the purchases, by the samples for malting are much enprivate contract have been consider. quired after. In Beans and Peas there

able, good yellow Havannah realised is little variation; the request is rather : 28s, and one contract of fine reported languid. In other articles there is no

at 30s. White Havannah and Brazil alteration. are enquired after, but the sales re. There have been large supplies of ported are inconsiderable.

Flour and Wheat brought to market; COFFEE.-The public sales of Cof- the fine runs of the latter sell freely, fee this week are inconsiderable, con- at rather high prices; the middling and sisting of ordinary rank and mixed inferior go off, but without any inparcels of the British plantations; the provement in the currency. There is whole have sold heavily at a further little fine Barley at market; the few reduction of 2s. a 4s. per cwt.; ordinary parcels offering sell at the previous Jamaica 88s. a 93s., good ordinary 94s. prices, but the middling and inferior, a 98s. There have been very few par- of which there are large supplies, are cels of fine ordinary or middling lately heavy and offered on lower terms with

brought forward; the few which have out facilitating sales. There were exappeared have sold freely, fully sup- tensive arrivals of Oats; the heavy porting the highest prices lately rea. corn supported the late prices; the lized.

light and rough were dull, and fully 1s. RUM, BRANDY, & HOLLANDS.- Tower. The arrivals of Beans are The holders of Rum have lately evin-chiefly left over unsold, no alteration ced a decided inclination to force sales; in the prices can be stated.-White parcels have in consequence been sold Peas were heavy, at the decline of 4s. privately at ls. 4d, and one large con- per quarter. tract of about 600 puncheons Leewards There are several cargoes of Bonded under proofs is reported at 1s. 4d. The Wheat reported for exportation, but market may in consequence be stated The shipments are supposed to be on heavy, and the prices a shade lower.- account of the previous holders, as

there is no demand in the market. Petersburgh the quotation has risen
There has been little doing in Boyded from 110 to 120 roubles. -
Oats, and no purchases whatever of HEMP. The demand for Hemp,
Barley are reported.

which has been brisk and extensive, INDIGO.There is no alteration in has rather subsided; the nearest quothe prices since the sale at the India- tation to-day is 39). 10s. House. The public sale at Liverpool SILK.The sale at the India-House this week attracts some attention, and has gone off considerably higher than it is probable there will be some fluc- the prices of the last sale. tuation here after the event as to price, TOBACCO.--The arrivals are consi&c. is ascertained.

derable, but the purchases continue TALLOW. The price of yellow confined to small parcels for immediate candle Tallow is advanced to 47s. At consumption; the market is exceed

ingly heavy.


The Secretary to the SOCIETY of of Hull-street, John-street, at the back GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION of St. Luke's, Old-street, and now lives of TRADE by Circulars has informed in Anchor-street, front of York-street, the Members thereof, that

Church-street, Bethnal-green, where Several bills dated “ LONDON,” are he is still connected with now in negociation, purporting to be THOMAS COULSON, alias JAMES CANT, drawn by

frequently mentioned, and refers for MICHAEL COMPORT, on, and to be character to accepted by Ellis, Williams, and Co. of M‘KENNEL, 183, White CrossOxford-street; the acceptance to which, street. on being presented, turns out to be a JOHN WRAY, formerly clerk to forgery, Messrs. Ellis, Williams, and Messrs. Dorrien, Magens, and Co. Co. (who have left Oxford-street some bankers, of Fioch-lane, is now in the time) having no knowledge of, por habit of obtaining money under the dealing with, any person of that name. pretence that he is actually in their

John Davison, (formerly mentioned) service, although he has been long Lately kept a baker's shop, the corner since discharged.

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To DAVID MUSHET, of Coleford, To THOMAS SOWERBY, of BishopGloucestershire, Ironmaker; for an im- wearmonth, in the county of Durham, provement or improvements in the mak. Merchant; for a chain, upon a new and ing or manufacturing of iron from cer- improved principle, suitable for ships' taia slags or cinders, produced in the cables, and other purposes. Dated Au-, working or making of that metal. Dated gust 29, 1822. August 20, 1822.

To ROBERT VASIER, of ChasewaterTo WILLIAM MITCHELL, of Glasgow, Mine, "Kenwyn, Cornwall, Civil EnSilversmith; for a process whereby gold gineer; for an improvement in the comand silver plate, and other plate formed pounding of different species of metals. of ductile metals, may be manufactured Dated September 3, 1822. in a more perfect and expeditious man- To HENRY BURGÉSS, of Miles-lane, ner than by any process, which has Cannon-street, London, Merchant; for hitherto been employed in such manu- certain improvements on wheel carfacture. Dated August 24, 1822. riages. Dated September 3, 1822.,




Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basin ghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Parenthesis.


Richards, M. Hythe, Hampshire, ship-builder Harris, J. Bristol, lithographer

Rix, G. Rix, C. and Rix, G. Manifold-place,

Ņewington-butts, corn-merchants,


Allwood, C. Walcot, Somersetshire, confec

tioner, Oct. 18, 19, and Nov, 16, Castle and Ball Inn, Bath. (Isaac Marshfield, Gloucestershire; and Stephen, G. Broad-street

Buildings. Braithwaite, W. Leeds, manufacturer, Oct. 15,

16, and Nov. 5, Court-house, Leeds. (Ma

kinson, Middle-temple; and Foden, Leeds Butcher, W. Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham

shire, mercer, Oct. 8, 9, and Nov. 12, Swaninn, Manstield, Nottinghamshire. (Hall & Co. New Boswell-court, Carey-street; and

Maw, Mansfield Bradford, G. and A. Paradice, Bristol, brokers,

Oct. 7, 21, and Nov. 16, White-ljon, Bristol, (Williams & Co. Lincoln's-ivn; & Browne

and Co. Broad-street, BFistol Burrow, T. Kendal, Westmoreland, grain-mer

chant, Oct. 31, and Nov. 1, and 23, King's.. arms-inn, Kendal. (Addison, Verulam

buildings; and Wilson, Kendal Blackband, G. Gonsall, Staffordshire, grocer,

Oct. 28. 29, and Nov. 26. (Hicks, Gray'sinn-sq.;

and Brookes, Newport, Shropshire Bolton, E. Birmingham, victualler. Oct. 28, 29,

and Nov. 26, Hen and Chickens Hotel, Birmingham. (Long and Co. Holborn-ct.

Gray's-inn; and Smith & Co. Birmingham Chapman, G. Old Bond-street, fruiterer, Sept.

28. Oct. 19, and Nov.5. (Swain and Co.

Frederick's-place, Old Jewry Cuff, J. Regent-street, Westminster, jeweller,

Oct. 18, 19, and Nov, 5. (Mayhew, Chan

céry-lane 14 Chandler, J. Jewry-street, Aldgate, four-factor,

Oct. 5, to Nov. 23 Clark, W. Maiden-lane, Covent-garden, soda

water-manufacturer, Oet. 19, Nov. 2, & 26.

(Jones and Co. Great Marlborough-street Eveleigh, T. Devonshire-street, Queen-square,

linen-draper, Sept. 21, to Oct. 31 Everth, J. Pinner's-hall, merchant, Oct. 12, 19,

and Nov. 9. (Martindale, Bedford-place,

Russell-square Fletcher, T. Queenhithe, coal-merchant, from

Oct. 5, to Nov. 23 Franieys, S. and T. P. Liverpool, marble-ma.

sons, Oct. 28, 29, and Nov. 16, George-inn, Liverpool. (Topham, Castle-st. Liverpool ;

Adlington and Co. Bedford-row Frost, J. sen. Bridlington Quay, Yorkshire,

corn-merchant, Oct. 22, 23, and Nov. 26, Great-hotel, Bridlington-quay. (Wardell, Pridlington-quay; and Grace, Birchin-lane

Fenner, T. and J. Why, Holborn-hill, laceman,

Oct. 22, 29, & Nov. 26. (Smith, Barnard's

inn, Holborn, and Bethnal-green Gray, J. Kingston, Surrey, linen-draper, Oct.

12, 26, and Nov. 19. (Reardon and Co.

Corbet-court, Gracechurch-street Gregg, T.R. and R. Phene, jun. Watling-street,

wholesale-confectioners, from Oct. 12, to

Nov. 30 Hart, S. G. Harwich, merchant, Oet. 8, 12. and

Nov. 12. (Saunders & Co. Upper Thames.

street Herbert, T.jun. Great Russell-street, Blooms.

bury, auctioneer, Oct. 22, 26, and Nov. 16.

(Hewitt, Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury, Howarth, J.C. Bath, dealer, Oct. 10, 24, and

Nov. 19. White-lion-im, Thonias-street,
Bristol. (Adlington and Co. Bedford-row;

and Scrace, Bath Handscomb), J. H. Newport Pagņell, Bucks,

lace-merchant, Oct. 26, 29, and Nov. 26, (Jupp and Co. Carpenter's Hall, London

Wall Hulton. W.jun. Chowbent, Lancashire, money

scrivener, Oct. 31, Nov.5, and 26, Bridgeinn, Bolton-le-Moors. (Adlington and Co. : Bedford-row; and Boardman and Co. Bol

ton le-Moors Jacks, T. Bishopsgate, without, flour-factor,

Oct. 12, 26, and Nov. 16. (Lee, Three

crowns-court, Southwark Johnston, J. High-street, Wapping, grocer, Oct.

19, Nov. 2. and 23. (Smith and Co. Austin

Friars Leigh, J. Jeffery’s-square, St. Mary-axe, mor

chant, from Aug. 17, to Oct. 5 Lacey, R. Lyncombe and Widcombe, Somerset

shire, builder, Oct. 3, 10, and Nov.9, Whitelion-inn, Thomas-street, Bristol, (Adling.

ton and Co. Bedford-row; and Scrare, Bath Lane, W. Alderton, Gloucestershire, cow-dealer,

Oct. 23, 24, and Nov. 12, Hop-pole-inn,
Tewkesbury: (Winterbottom, Li Tewkes.

bury; and Bousfield, Chatham-place Martin,

J. Oakham, Surrey, wheelwright, Oct. 5, 26, and Nov. 9. (Walter, Mitre-cham

bers, Fenchurch-street May, W. Wellington-place, Goswell-st. baker,

Oct. 5, 26, and Nov, 9. (Dacre, Palsgrave

place, Temple Musson, V. Gidling-street, Bermondsey, baker,

Oct. 12, 19, and Nov. 9. (Wilkinson, New

North-street, Red-lion-square Mabson, Kelsale, Suffolk, farmer, Oct. 21

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