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COTTON. The Cotton market re- great briskness, at prices "Is. a 28. mains nearly nominal, on account of the higher. sale advertised at the India House for White, finé.... 428. 6d. a 448, 6d. 14 Friday next. The very favourable re

good ... 418. a 428. port of the Liverpool market has pro

middling 38s. duced no animation in the demand for

Ordinary 34s. Cotton here. tos Boss

The yellow and brown sold low, but CORN. The quantity of Wheat re- they were washed. maining over from last week was con- Yellow, middling... 20s, and 21s. ! ** siderable, and as there were also fresh arrivals to yesterday's market, the show COFFEE. There were two public was rather large: the fine samples of sales of Coffee this forenoon : 299 casks both new and old sold readily at the British Plantation, consisting chiefly of previous prices : in the inferior quali- fine and of very ordinary deseriptions ties the business done was not exten: of Coffee: the former went off heavily : sive, but there was generally an im- at a further reduction, making a decline provement in the trade. There were in the prices of good and fine middling extensive supplies of Barley; the new, of fully 38. a 5s. per cwt. since this in consequence, must be stated at á day week. A parcel of 35 casks goor reduction of 28. a 3s. per quarter; the middling Jamaica was taken in at old, ls, lower.The arrivals of Oats 139s. 68. and 140s.: a larger parcel were so exceedingly limited, that an was then disposed of, good middling, advance of 1s: must be stated.White and of a better colour, sold extensively Peas were 2s, higher; in Grey Peas or at 139s. 6d. and 140s:; fine middling in Beans there was no alteration.—The sold at 1428. and 1425. 6d.; the ordinary unfavourable accounts from the Whale mixed and rank Jamaica, which lately Fisheries bąd the 'effect of increasing' sold on such low terms, may, today, be the demand for Rape and Linseed; the stated fully 2s. higher than on Tuesday former advanced £l. per last; the latter last, and a considerable improvement in was 25. a 3s, per quarter higher. the demand. There have lately been SUGAR. This forenoon the demand

so few parcels of the intermediate quali for Muscovades continued very general; ties of fine ordinary or middling Coffee, the business done has been considerable, that the prices of the latter and of and at very full prices; no improvement foreign may be stated to remain noin the currency can be stated since

minally the same as on Tuesday last. Tuesday last, but the market is exceed. SPICES.-Mace has been enquired ingly firm, at previous prices. The after, and must be stated at an im- estimated sales to-day are 1500 casks. provement.--Pepper, and all other East There was no alteration in the Re

lodia Spices, continue heavy. fined 'market; low lumps were still East India sale declared for Monday, mueh: enquired after, and very few Nov. 11; Prompt Feb. 7, 1823 :were offering for sale, the prices were a shade higher: all the finer descrip- 130,000lbs. Cinnamon 1000lbs. Oil of Mace tions were in plentiful supply, and were

1306 Cloves 1411 bags Black Pepa 20,000

Mace offered on very low terms without fa- 100,000lbs. Nutmegs 1000 tons Saltpetre cilitating sales.Molasses advanced to : 308.; to-day declined to 298.

RICE. The public sale on Friday, There were no public sales of Foreign 695 bags good Patna Rice, was chiefly Sugars during the last week; several taken in at a low price; a few lots sold parcels were, however, reported to be at 128. and 12s. 6d. taken by private contract: the white RUM, BRANDY, & HOLLANDS.descriptions continue enquired after; The Rum market has lately been parti. the yellow and brown still neglected. cularly heavy; the purchases reported The public sale this forenoon con- are confined to small parcels for the sisted of 290 chests Havandab Sugar; trade; there are, however, few sellers the good and fine wbite went off with at apy reduction, and no Leewards


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offer under 1s. 5d.---Brandy and Geneva of Greenland must be stated at an admust be quoted at a small decline; the vance of £2. per tun since Tuesday best marks of the former offer at 3s. 4d. last.-There can now be no doubt of without facilitating sales. The pale the failure of this year's fishing; the Geneva lately landed is offered on the estimated produce this season from the quay at 1s. 6d.

Straits and from Greenland, is about IRISH PROVISIONS.-Beef and Pork 8000 tups; last year, it was 17,000 continue to go off in small parcels for tuns; the stock of old is very conshipping; holders appear anxious to siderable, and the quantity of Southern effect sales, on account of the anticipa- and Seal Oil is also more extepsive than tion of low prices next season.Bacon usual; the trade, however, do not parhas sold rather more freely within the cbase at present; £28. is the nearest last week, yet the stocks are heavy, price for New Greenland; £26. has and no improvement in the currency been paid for the old. has been realised.Irish Butters must ASHES.-By public sale, 20th inbe quoted 2s. per cwt. higher.

stant :- Pot Ashes, 277

barrels Quebec, TALLOW, &c.--The Tallow market I sts, sold 36s, 6á.; 2nds, 33ş. and was heavy last week. - Considerable 33s. 6d.-Pearl ditto, 179 barrels Qųe. arrivals were reported from the Baltic, bec, 1sts, 45s, a 46s.; 2nds, 44s. 6d. and there were few buyers ; yet it TOBACCO.-The Tobacco market mast þe stated, the trade who are out of continues in a very depressed state. stock, purchase only for their imme- NAVAL STORES.

-There is no diate wants, and appear anxious re- Rougb Turpentine at market; the last specting the issue of the extensive realized price was 15$. 6d. Tar is in speculations in Tallow. The letters more request, and may be stated a shade from St. Petersburgh are to the 3d in- higher.-In Pitch, Rosip, and other arstant; the Exchange was 10 1-6th and ticles, there is no alteration. a fraction; the price of Tallow bad INDIGO, There is little alteration fallen from 100 to 98 roubles..-In Hemp in the prices of Indigo ; the late curor Flax there is little alteration to no- rency is fully supported. The sale detice.

clared at the India-House is not exOILS.-In consequence of the daily pected to exceed 3500 chests. A further arrivals of the vessels from the Whale improvement is very generally enterFisheries with very little Oil, the prices tained

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Jonas Hobson, and John Hobson, of certain improvements in the construcMythorn-bridge, Kirkburton, Yorkshire, tion and manufacture of spring-jacks, woollen-manufacturers and merchants; and their connection with roasting apfor a new series of machinery, for the paratus. Dated July 27, 1822. better, more effectual, and expeditious Sir Anthony Perrier, of the city of mode of shearing, cutting and finishing Cork, knight; for certain improve. woollen cloths, kersymeres, and all ments in the apparatus for distilling, other description of clothes and piece boiling, and concentrating, by evapora. goods, which require the use of the tion, various sorts of liquids and fluids. shears. Dated July 27, 1822.

Dated July 27, 1822. John Stanley, of Charlton-row, Man- Robert Benton Roxby, of Arbourehester, Lancaster, smith; for certain square, Stepney, Middlesex, gentleman; machinery, calculated for a more effi- for certain improvements on, or addicacious mode of fuelling or supplying tions to, the astronomical instrument, of furnaces in general with fuel, where- known by the name of the quadrant. by a considérable reduction in the con- Dated July 31, 1822. sumption of fuel, the appearance of William Cleland, of Glasgow, North smoke and of labour is effected. Dated Britain, gentleman ; for an improved July 27, 1822.

apparatus, for the purpose of evaporatJohn Pearse, of Tavistock, ironmon- ing liquids. Dated August 17, 1822. ģer and clock and watch-maker; for




Extracted from the London Gazette, N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are between Parenthesis.


Browning, T.sen. of East Malling, Kent, farm- Felton, R. sen. High-street, Southwark, hop

er, Scpt. 17, 21, and Oct. 19. (Clutton and merchant, Sept. 16, 17, & Oet. 5. (TownsCo. High-street, Borough

hend, St. Margaret's-hill, Southwark Barratt, T. of Darenth Mills, Kent, paper-ma- Firmin, J. Bulmer, Essex, farmer, Sept. 25, 26,

nufacturer, Sept. 15, 14, and Oct. 22. (Col. and Oct. 26, Rose & Crown-inn, Sudbury. lius, Dartford

(Wriglesworth, Gray's-inn-square; & Frost, Braim, Rev. T. of Much Wenlock, Shropshire, and Co. Sudbury

earthenware-manufacturer, Sept. 21, Oct. Fletcher, P. C. and T. Queenhithe, coal-mer8, and 26, office of Mr. Jones, solicitor, chants, Sept. 3, 7, & Oct. 5. (Stevens and Broad-eye, Stafford. (Dax and Co. Guild- Wood, Little St. Thomas-apostle, Queen

ford-street; and Jones, Stafford, & Hanley street Bateman, A. Bristol, victualler, Sept. 25, 26, Griffin, W. Hay-green, Worcestershire, victual

and Oct. 26, Commercial-rooms, Corn-st. ler, Oct. 4, 5, and 26, Stork-hotel, in the Bristol. (Poole and Co. Gray's-inn; and Square, Birmingham. (Smith, BasinghallSaunders, Bristol

street; and T. Sadler, Birmingham Bevil, C. P. Ipswich, jeweller, Sept. 17, 24, and Golding, T. and S. Ditton, Kent, paper-manu

Oct. 26. (Williams and Co. Gray's-inn-pl. facturers, Aug. 31, Sept. 7, Oct. 5. (Cranch, Candler, I. Jewry-street, Aldgate,

flour-factor, Union-court, Broad-street Sept. 3, 10, Oct. 5. (Druce & Son, Billiter- Gregg, T. R. and W. Phene, jun. Watling-st. square

confectioners, Sept. 14, 28, and Oct. 12. Cripps, J. Wishbeach, Cambridgeshire, draper, (Osbaldeston & Co. London-st. Fenchurch

Sept. 17,28, and Oct. 26. (Jones, Sise-lane street Carter, H. Ratcliffe-highway, linen-draper, Gribbell, N. and Hellyer, M. late of East Stone

Sept. 17, Oct 5, and 26. (Jones, Sise-lane house, Devonshire, builders, Sept. 20, 21 Dalton, J. Tottenham-court-road, merchant, and Oct. 19, King's-arms inn, Fore-street,

Sept. 3, 10, and Oct. 12. (Jennings ånd Co. Plymouth-dock. (Makinson, Elm-court, Carey-street, Lincoln's-inn

Middle-temple ; and Leach and Co. PlyDavis, T. Minories, stationer, Sept. 20, 21, and mouth-dock

Oct. 19. (Thomson, George-st. Minories Humphries, C. Bishopsgate-street, linen-draper, Dent, J. Stone, Staffordshire, cheesemonger, Sept. 20, 21, and Oct, 19. Jones, Sise-lane

Sept. 13, 14, and Oct. 12, Crown-inn, Stone, Hesseltine, R. 'Thirsk, Yorkshire, inn-keeper, Staffordshire. (Benbow and Alban, Lin- Sept. 23, at the King's-arm's, Thirsk, 24, coln's-inn; and Vernon, Broomsgrove, Wor- and Oct. 15, Golden-lion, Northallerton, cestershire

Yorkshire. (Richardson, Thirsk; and Day, J. and R. Camberwell-green, stone-ma- Highmoor, Scott's-yard, Bush-lane, Can

sons, Sept. 13, 14, and Oct. 19. (Shuter, non-street Millbank-street, Westminster

Hedge, J. late of Star-court, Little ComptonDipper, F. Worcester, silk-mercer, Sept. 30, street, Soho, builder, Sept. 17, 24, and Oct.

Oct. 1, and 22, Packhorse-inn, Worcester. 22. (Mangham, Great St. Helen's, Bishops(Becke, Devonshire-street, Queen-square ; gate-street and Hill, Worcester

Harris, T. jun. Ragland, Monmouthshire, cord. Elmore, R. Edgbaston-street, Birmingham, wainer, Sept. 17, 18, and Oct. 19, Beaufort

corn-dealer, Sept. 9, 10, & Oct. 12. (George- arms-inn, Monmouth. (King, Serjeant'shotel, Walsall, Staffordshire, Stork-tavern, inn, Fleet-street; and C. Chadborn, NewyBirmingham. (Turner, and Co. Blooms- ham bury-square; and Heeley, of Walsall, Hewson, J. and Robinson, W. Carlisle, manuStafford

facturers, Sept. 30, Oct. 1, and 26, Crown Edwards, T. Tarvin, Cheshire, corn-dealer, and Mitre, Carlisle. (Clenneli, Staple's-inn;

Sept. 26, 27, & Oct. 22, Royal-hotel, Chès- and S. and G. Saul, Carlisle ter. (Philpot and Co. Southampton-street, Higgin, R. Liverpool, mariner, Oct. 1, 2, and 26 Bloomsbury; and Finchett, Chester

George-inn, Dale-st. Liverpool. (Brooke, Edwards, T. Liverpool, merchant, Sept. 23, 24, Liverpool; and Lowe, and Co. Southamp

and Oct. 12, Star and Garter-tavern, Para- ton-buildings, Chancery-lane dise-street, Liverpool. (Mawdsley, Duran's- Hawkins, J. and J. Nottingham, timber-merlane, Lord-street, Liverpool; and Wheeler, chants, Sept. 30, Oct. 1. & 29, Punch-bowl, Castle-street, Holborn

Nottingham. (Hurst, Nottingham; and Emery, J. late of Rosamond-street, St. James's, Knowles, New-inn

Clerkenwell, victualler, Sept. 3, 17, and Harris, J. Birmingham, nail-factor, Sept. 13, 14, Oet. 12. (Cokayne and Co. Lyon's-inn

and Oct. 19, Hen and Chickens-hotel, NewEllis, H. J. Norwich, linen-draper, Sept. 9, 10, street, Birmingham. (Long and Co. Hol

and Oct. 1, Norfolk-hotel, Norwich. (King, born-court, Gray's-inn; and Smith and Co Serjeants-inn, Fleet-street; and, Murray, Birmingham Norwich

Jones, 0. Newport, Monmouthshire, coal-merFlack, E. D. Manchester, merchant, Sept. 27, chant,

Oct. 2, 3, and 29, Commercial-rooms, Oct. 7, and 26, Star-inn, Deansgate, Man- Corn-street, Bristol. (Meredith, Lincoln's. chester. (F.R. Atkinson, Manchester ; and inn; and J. A. Jones, Bristol W. Makinson, Temple

Jones, R. late of Newport, Monmouthshire, Richards, T. W. Great George-street, Euston

wine-merchant, Sept. 25, 26, and Oct. 19, square, New-road, merchant, Sept. 16, 17, Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Bourdillon and Oct. 12. Knight and Co. Basinghalland Co. Bread-street, Cheapside; and Be. street van and Co.Bristol

Rose, T. of the Cafe-Royale, Regent-street, Jackson, G. Manchester, dry-salter, Sept. 25, Pall-mall, wine and brandy merchant, Sept.

26, and Oct. 29, Bridgewater-arms-inn, 6,7, and Oct. 12. (J. Robinson, Half MoonManchester. (Whitlow, Manchester

street, Piccadilly King, W. Cavendish, Suffolk, grocer, Sept. 21, Smith, J. F. Regent street, linen-draper, Sept. Oct. 5, and 26. (Fowcett, Jewin-street

14, 28, and Oct. 15. (Jones, Sise-lane Lucas, W. Burpham, Sussex, farmer, Sept. 27, Smith, W. H. Faversham, Kent, linen-draper,

28, and Oct. 19, Crown-inn, Arundle, Sus- Sept. 10, 17, and Oct. 19. (D. Jones, Sise. i sex. (Freeman, Arundle, Sussex; & Free.

lane man and c Coleman-street

Sharp, T. Cheapside, pastry-cook, Sept. 7,17. Low, H.A. Sunderland, near the Sea, merchant, and Oct. 12. (Harding, Mortimer-street,

Sept. 10, 11, & Oct. 15, Bridge-inn, Bishop- Cavendish-square wearmouth, Durham. (Blakiston, Sym- Townsend, W. B. Little Chelsea, brcwer, Sept. ond’s-inn; and Thompson, Bishopwear- 17,0ct. 1, and 26. (James, Bucklersbury mouth

Turney, J. Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, and W. Leah, S. H. Old-street, watch-maker, Aug. 28, Bates, of Halifax, Yorkshire, merchants,

31, and Oct. 5. (Browning, Hatton-court, Oct. 2, 3, and 12, White Lion-inn, Halifax. Threadneedle-street

(Stocker and Co. New Boswell-court; and Leah, S. H. jun. Old-street, spirit-merchant, Wilcock, Halifax

Aug. 28,31, and Oct. 5. (Hill, Rood-lane Thurtell, J. Bradwell, Suffolk, merchant, Sept. Mitchell, T. Bow, linen-draper, Oct. 4,5, & 29, 30, Oct. 1, and 29, Bear-inn, South-tower, (Jones, Sise-lane

Suffolk. (Steward, Great, Yarmouth; and * Moore, T. Paddington, salt-merchant, Aug. 24. Swain and Co. Frederick’s-place, Old-jewry

Sept. 17, and Oct. 1, (Donne, Princes-st. Tomlinson, W. Chester, wine-merchant, Sept. Spitalfields

13, 14, and Oct. 19. (Mayhew, ChanceryNorris, T. Bishopstone, Wiltshire, shoe-maker, lane

Sept. 7, 21, and Oct. 12. (Hillier and Co. Tompkins, H. Bromyard, Herefordshire, innMiddle Temple-lane; and Dew, Salisbury, holder, Sept. 26, 27, and Oct. 26, King'sWilts

arms-inn, Bronyard. (Beverley, GardenPeyton, J. Christchurch, Twyneham, South. court, Temple; and Phelps, Ludbury

ampton, merchant, Sept. 17, 18, and Oct. 19, Wilkinson, R. London, merchant, Sept. 24, Oct. King's-head-inn, Wimborne-Minster, Dor- 1, and 29. (James, Bucklersbury

setshire. (Castleman, Wimborne, Dorset Wall, J. Birmingham, dealer, Sept. 26, 27, and *Percival, R. jun, Eye, Herefordshire, wheel- Oct. 26, Royal-hotel, Temple-row, Birming

wright, Oct. 1, 2, and 29, King's-head-inn, ham. (W. 6. Smith, Basinghall-street; Leominster, Herefordshire. (Bach, South- and T. Sadler, Birmingham ampton-buildings, Holborn; and Lcomin- Wycherley, W. Trefnant, Shropshire, farmer, ster

Sept. 16, 17, and Oct. 1, Talbot-inn, DratonPapps, G. North-street, Lambeth, horse-dealer, in-Hales. (Baxter, Gray's-inn-place; and

Sept. 16, 17, and Oct, 15. (Richardson, Stanley, Drayton-in-Hales, Shropshire Golden-square

Westerdale, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, grocer Poole, T. Heston, Middlesex, dealer, Aug. 31, Oct. 3, 4, and 20, Dog and Duck-tavern

Sept. 7, Oct. 8. (Cathcart, Chancery-lane Scale-lane, Kingston-upon-Hull. (Taylor, Parsons, G. Liverpool, sail-maker, Sept. 2, 4, Clement's-inn

and Oct. 1, York-hotel, Liverpool. (Sher- Yates, W. Bristol, baker, Sept, 13,14, and Oct. ratt, Prescot; and Adlington and Co. Bed. 15, Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Edmunds, ford-row

Exchequer-office, Lincoln's-inn; & Jaques, Rix, G. Rix, C. and Rix, G. Manifold-place, Bristol. Newington-butts,

corn-merchants, Aug. 26, 27, and Oct. 1. (James, Walbrook


Aunger, J. Exeter, Sept. 36
Atkinson, M. Great Russel-st. Blooms. Sept. 28
Ashford, J. & Ireland, E. L. Birming. Oct. 1.
Ayton, W. Macclesfield, Sept. 19
Brown, A. J. Portsmouth, Sept. 26
Bradley, W. Louth, Lincolnshire, Sept. 26
Booker, T. Emsworth, Sept. 26
Byass, H. Raleigh, Essex, Oct. 6
Carlile, J. Bolling, T. and Fell, C. Bolton-in-

the-Moors, Oct. 1
Cox, T, Crediton, Devonshire, Sept. 10
Corfield, N. Norwich, Oct. 8
Dean, J. Bingley, Yorkshire, Oct. 7
Dickens, T. Liverpool, Sept. 30
Davidson, T. & Mildigan, J. Liverpool, Sept. 11
Durtnall, J. Dover, Oct. 7
Earle, W. Rotherhithe, Sept. 17
Early, W. Winchester, Oct. 23
Flower, G. York, Oct. 19
Fifoot, W. Bristol, Oct. 10
Fromond, W. Great Yarmouth, Sept. 28
Fenner. R. Paternoster-row, Sept. 17
Forster, P. Great Yarmouth, Sept. 10
Frost, G. Sheffield, Sept. 20
Ford, J. Gloucester, Sept. 19
Hudson, J. Ulverton, Lancashire, Sept. 30
Harrison, J. Portsmouth, Sept. 26

Harris, G. Birmingham, Oct. 4
Hudson, H. Cannon Coffee-house, Oct. 5
Horrocks, T. Ripondale, Yorks. Sept. 18
Howell, H. Knaresborough, Sept. 20
Herrington, J. Farenham, Sept. 18
Ilanister, W. Litchfield, Oct. 12
Jackson W. G. and Hardley, W. Great Surrey-

st. Sept. 28
Johnson, W. Birmingbam, Oct. 4
Keene, J. W. Birmingham, Oct. 3
Knight, J. Coppice-row, Clerkenwell, Sept. 24
Kent, W. High Holborn, Oct. 26
Lavers, J. Knightsbridge, Devonshire, Oct. 2
Lawrence, W. H. Bath, Sept. 28
Lowe, H. Macklesfield, Sept. 16
Lloyd, C. Thesford, Sept. 20
Mattinson, J. Huddersfield, Oct.31
Moore, T. Bartonshaw, Herts, Sept. 16
Maitland, D. New Bridge-st. Nov. 12
Moore, J. Kingsbrompton, Sept, 12
Marshall, P Scarborough, Sept. 28
Mitchell, S. Dorking, Surrey, Aug. 31
Monnington, W. Chepstow, Oct. 4
Morgan, J. Liverpool, Oct. 9
Nicholl, E. Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Sept. 28
Neilson, W. Liverpool, Sept. 26
Pattison, C. St. Neot's Huntingdooshire, Oct. 3

Peake, S. jun. and Bothwell, J. Holliwell, Lan

cashire, Oct. 9 Prentice, A. & Shelly, T. Manchester, Sept. 12 Penrith, W. Bath, Sept. 18 Peters, J. and Weston, F. Bristol, Oct. 7 Penfold, E. sen. Maidstone, Nov.9 Reay, J. Mark-lane, Sept. 24 Riley, J. Leicester, Sept. 23 Ridout, J. P. Bridport, Aug.31 Savage, G. Huddersfield, Oct, 31 Sykes, J. and Hollis, J. Manchester, Oct. 4 Scholes, R. Huddersfield, Oct. 8

Saunderson, J. Sutton, and Masters, T. Potten

Sept. 30 Sharpley, J. York, Oct. 19 Smith, J. and Shepherd, J. Brierley, Sept. 10 Tucker, W.F. J. and Eachon, G.Shef. Sept. 23 Tennant, W. Liverpool, Sept. 19 Towsend, J. Ludgate-hill, Oct. 8 Windeatt, T. & W. W. Tavistock, Sept. 30, Wood, J. Birmingham, Oct. 4 Wallace, W. Workington, Sept. 14 Whitney, W. Ludlow, Oct. 5 Webb, T. New Sarum, Oct. 11.


Notice of opposition to the discharge of any prisoner must be entered in the book at the office, 33, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, three clear days, exclusive of Sunday, before the day of hearing. The schedules are filed and may be inspected every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between the hours of ten and four, up to the last day for entering opposition.



PETITIONS TO BE HEARD IN THE COUNTRY. County Courts, Durham, 5th Oct.

at eleven. Calvert, Jeoffrey, of Darlington, Durham, la

bourer. Guildhall, Haverfordwest, 5th Oct.

Booth, Thomas, of Mossley, Ashton-under-line,

butcher and innkeeper Brown, John, of Manchester, joiner and house

builder Dixon, James, of Liverpool, porter Entwistle, E, of Bolton-le-Moors, shop-keeper Flanagan, Barnard. of Bolton-le-Moors, last of

Manchester, baker Griffith, William, of West Derby, near Liver.

pool, carter Hirst, Joseph, of Huddersfield, clothier, last of

Liverpool, innkeeper Jones, James, of Liverpool, victualler Kay, John, of Bury, machine-maker, draper,

and provision dealer Kerr, Hugh, of Salford, Lancashire, grocer Knowles, James, of Manchester, manufacturer

and shopkeeper Lightfoot, Thomas, of St. Helens, yeoman Lomax, Abraham, of Manchester, weaver Rishton, John, of Crompton, near Rochdale

last of Blackburn, leather-dresser Scholes, John, of Over Darwen, Lancashire

wheelwright and victualler late farmer Sissons, William, of Manchester, hosier and

laceman Sowerby, Martha, of Lancaster, publican Tipping, John. of Tarbuck, Lancashire, farmer Ward, James, of Oldham, Lancas. shop-keeper 4 Welch, Thomas, of Pemberton, last of Bolton-,

le-Moors, shoemaker Whitby, William, of Manchester, shopkeeper Young, Richard, of Halliwell, near Bolton-le

Moors, of Lawton and Goldborn, Winwick, last of Bolton-le-Moors, farmer.

Shirehall, Shrewsbury, 10th Oct.

at eleven. Astley, Reuben, of 3, Lawrence-la. Cheapside

London, woollen-factor

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Audit-house, Southampton, 8th Oct,

at ten. Williams, Thomas, of Fater, Saint Mary, shop

keeper, last of Orielton-mill, Monckton, both in Pembrokeshire, miller.

Lancaster Castle, 8th Oct. at ten.
Bamford, Edmund, of Hades, near Rochdale,

Lancashire, coal-master
Pairbrother, Joseph, of Bury, Lancashire, shop-

Jones, Thomas, of Manchester, dyer
Mercer, Henry, of Liverpool, landing-waiter?
Smith, Robert, of Manchester, sizer and dyer.
Grand Jury-chamber, Winchester,

5th Oct. at eleven.
Grist, Chs, of East Woodhay, Hants, labourer.
Townhall, Ilchester, 8th Oct. at twelve.
Puze, John, of Bridgewater, Somersetshire, inn.'
Gibbs, Charles, of Wembdon, Somerset, farmer
Green, William, of Pilton, Somerset, thatcher
Hodder, William, of Holford, Somerset, butcher
Sainsbury, Eliz. of Weston, Somerset, widow
Wood, James, of Weston, Somerset, gardener.

Lancaster Castle, Sth Oct. at ten.
Atkinson, Edward Swimburn, of Kendal, West-

moreland, manufacturer of woolfen goods and grocer Bentley, Thomas, of Manchester, book-keeper Blackburst, Thomas, of Preston, corn-dealer


at eleven. Moreau, Johu, of Southampton, artist Wort, George, of Harton, Dorsetshire, dairyman.'

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