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Joseph, M. Liverpool, woollen-draper, Aug. 17, dealer, Aug. 3, 10, and Sept. 7. (Betholme

19, and Sept. 17, George inn, Liverpool. and Co. Staple-inn, Holborn (Phillips, Liverpool; and Adlington & Co. Shannon, W. Whitehaven, draper, Aug. 7, 8, Bedford-row

and Sept. 3, Blacklion-inn, Whitehaven. Jones, W. Bristol, victualler, Aug. 14, 15, and (Hodgson, Whitebaven; and Falcon, Elm

Sept. 17, Commercial-rooms, Corn-street, court, Temple Bristol. (Clarke and Co, Chancery-lane; Stevenson, J. Boston, Lincolnshire, grocer, and Smith, Bristol

July 29, 30, and Sept. 3, Peacock-inn, Bos. King, W. Fareham, Southampton, coach-builder ton. (Hopkins, Boston; and Stocker and

Sept. 9, 13, & 28, Red-lion-inn, Fareham. Co. New Boswell-court, Carey-street (Holme and Co. New-inn; and Paddan, Strickland, "J. Steeple Morden, CambridgeFarebam

shire, common brewer, Aug. 20, 21, HardLangdale, T. Cloughton, Yorkshire, dealer, wicke Arms-inn, Arrington, and Sept. 24,"

Aug. 6, 7, and Sept. 7, Talbot-inn, Scarbo- Red Lion-inn, Cambridge.. (Burfoot, borough. (Benson, Scarborough; and King's Bench-walk, Temple; and Beed

Kearsey and Co. King-street, Cheapside ham, Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire Lewis, W. Cardiff, Glamorganshire, linen-dra- Stodart, J. and Stodort, F. Carlisle, cotton

per, Aug. 26,27, and Sept. 21, Commercial. manufacturers, Aug. 13, 14, and Sept. 17, rooms, Bristol. (Poole & Co. Bristol; & Bush-inn, Carlisle. Atkinson, Carlisle: Saunders, Bristol

and Young & Co. Charlotte-row, Mansion: Mason, J. B. Cambridge, cook, Aug. 23, 24, and house

Sept. 28, Red-lion-inn, Cambridge. (Har- Thorp, J. sen. Cheadle, Cheshire, calico-printer.

ris, Cambridge; and Coe, Hatton-garden. Aug. 2, 3, and 31, Star-inn, Manehester, Marshall, W. Hessle, Kingston-upon-Hull, mil- (Atkinson, Manchester; and Mackinson,

ler, Aug. 19, 20, and Sept. 17, George-inn, Temple Kingston-upon-Hull. (Rushworth, Hull; Thorp, J.jun. Cheadle, Cheshire, calico-printer, and Highmoor, Scott's-yard, Bush-lane, Sept. 14, 16, and 28, Palace-inn, ManchesCannon-street

ter. (Adlington and Co. Bedford-row, and Mortimer, J. sen, Cleckeaton, Yorkshire, 'mer- Binns, Manchester

chant, Aug. 5, 6, at Court-house, Leeds, & Tomlinson, W.jun. Nantwich, Cheshire, money. Sept. 10, George-iun, Huddersfield. (Mor- scrivener, Aug. 6,7, and Sept. 7, Lamb-jmi,

ton and Co. Gray's-inn-square; and Norris, Nantwich. (Sandys and Co. Crane-court; H Halifax

Fleet-street; and Broadhurst, Nantwieh Peyton, W. G. Upper Thames-street, merchant, Tucker, B. jun. Bristol, carpenter, Aug. 28, 29,

Aug. 3, 8, and 31. (Druce and Co. Billiter- and Sept. 24, Commercial-rooms, Corn-sti square

Bristol. (Vizard and Co. Lincoln's-innPrice, J. Ryall, Ripple, Worcestershire, dealer, fields; and Heaven, Bristol

Aug. 7,8, and Sept. 7, Red Lion-inn, New- Walker, W. Bolton, Lancashire, shopkeeper, port. (Hieks, Gray's-inn-square; and Glo- Aug. 19, 20, and Sept. 17, Bridgewaterver, Tong, Shropshire

arms, Manchester. (Hurd & Co. Temple Pulman, M. and Pulman, J. Guisborough, and Buckley, Manchester common-brewers, Sept. 4,5, and 21, Cock- Wedgberrow, T. Himbleton, Worcestershire, inn, Guisborough. (Irvine, Guisborough; grocer, Aug. 23, 24, and Sept. 7, Unicornand Plumptre, Temple

inn, Worcester. (Williams & Co. Lincoln's. Rivers, W. and Clowes, J. Shelton, Stafford. inn; and Curtler, Droitwich

shire, manufacturers of earthenware, Aug. Whatley, G. L. Cheltenham, money-scrivener, 9, 10, and Sept. 7, Albion-iun, Hanley, July 30, Aug. 3, Sept. 7. (Clutton and Co. Stoke-upon-Trent. (Andersen & Co. Han- High-street, Southwark; and Whatley, ley; and Pugh, Langbourn-chambers, Fen- Rendcome, Cirencester church-street

Whittingham, R. George-street, Bryanstone Richards, M. Hythe, Southampton, ship-builder square, victualler, Aug. 6,17, and Sept. 14.

Aug. 31, Sept. 10, and 28, Guildhall, South- (Freeman and Co. Coleman-street Los ampton (Barney, Southampton; and Roe, Willson, J.: Ely, Cambridgeshiré, miller, Aug. Temple-chambers, Fleet-street

28, 29, and Sept. 17, Lamb-inn, Ely, (PickRoberts, W. Oxford-st. hosier, Aug. 17,24, and ering and Co. Staple-ind; and Evans & Co.

Sept. 17. (Reynal and Co. Austin-friars Ely Robinson, F. Aston, Birmingham, dealer, Aug. Wortley, V. Henry-street, Hampstead-road,

13, 14, and Sept. 10, Swan-inn, Birming- grocer, Aug. 17, 24, and Sept. 17. (Cardale ham. (Dicken and Co. Birmingham; and and Co. Gray's-inn Jening and Co. Elm-court, Temple,

Young, J. G. Shiplake, Oxfordshire, merchant Robinson, G, late of London-road, Surrey, coal. July 27, Aug. 3, and 3L. (Crossley, King's

Arm's yard, Coleman-street


Adams, J. Stamford, August 24
Burgess, D. and Lord M. Rochdalc, Aug. 19
Binns, Jaand Binns, J. jup. Love, Aug. 20
Blyth, G. W. and F. Birmingham, Aug. 20 & 27
Baverstock, J. H. Alton, Hants, August 28
Brown, J. London, August 20 & 24
Bruce, A. Brown, J. & Scott, G. London, Aug.24
Berry, C. Caversham, Oxfordshire, Aug. 28
Brickwood, J. and Co. Lombard-st. Aug. 27
Banister, W. Litchfield, August 31. !
Birks, S. W. Thorpe, Yorkshire, Aug. 16
Beane, B. Hickling, Norfolk, Aug. 14
Buchanan, D. Smith, S. M. and Ashley, F.

Liverpool, August 13 )
Barber, W. and B. R. Cheapside, Aug. 24
Bellairs, A. W. Stamford, September 16.
Carpenter, J. and Carpenter, J. P. Somerset-

shire, August 30

Carpenter, J. P. & Webber, J. Somersetshire,

August 27
Clarke, J. Liverpool, August 17
Coates, H. Bradfield, Essex, August 22 & 30
Cooke, H, and Prince, D. Coleman-st. Aug. 24
Clarke, J. Wakefield, August 20
Coupland, C. jun. Leeds, Coupland R. Hunslet,

Leeds, Coupland, F. Hunslet, and Coupland,

E. Salford, August 137
Crumbie, G. and Carr, J. York, August 26
Colyer, W. Bloomsbury, August 27
Campbell, D, Harper, B. and Baillie, A. of the

Old Jewry, August 27
Cable, W. Aldeburgh, Suffolk, August 29
Crosland, S. Liverpool, August 14
Corgan, M. Paget, T. B. & Matthews, E. Chep-

ping Norton, September 10
Day, H. Maidstone, July 30


Dieken, J. Shrewsbury, August 26 & 276 )
Dickens, T. Liverpool, September 7
Dubois, J. F, and J Alderman's Walk, July 27
Endicot, J. E. Exeter, August 21
Eayer, J. Findon, Northampton, August 22
Edwards, J. Vine-st. Spitalfields, August 27
Elliott, T. and Haslock, S. Northamp. Aug. 27
Eybe, F. and Schmaeck, A. Bury-et. Sept. 17
Evans, J. Sheerness, September 7.
Fles, L. M. Bury-ct. St. Mary-Axe, Aug. 24
Fox, E. L. jun. Idol-la. Tower-st. Nov. 12,
Farmer, E. Halifax, August 31
Gadsby. G. Leicestershire, Aug. 20
Goodall, W. & Turner, J. Garlick-hill, Aug. 27
Grove, P. Cardiff, September 6
Gray, C. Oxford-st. August 31
Gregson, B. Spindlestone,

September 6
Hay, H, and Turner, F.A. Newcastle-st. Strand,

August 17 Hill, J. Dover, August 19 Hould, S. Laytonstone, Essex, August 27 Heslington, J. jun. York, September 6 Hartley, R. Ripon, September 10 Houseman, Bridge-st. Blackfriars, Aug. 10 Hassell, J. Richard-st. Islington, July 27 Hardisty, G, and Cowing, J. Bedford-ct. Covent

garden, July 30 Jones, T. Ware, Herts, August 10 Johnson, T. junr. Wakefield, September 9 Kershaw, s, Oldham, August 19 Knight, J. Halifax, August 21 Knight, J. Mile-end-road, August 27 Kay, E. Sheffield, September 4 King, W. Birmingham, August 27 Kirkland, J, & Badenoch, J. Coventry, Aug. 31 Lowes, R. Hexham, Sept. 3 Lea, W. & Lea, J. F. Paternoster-row, Aug. 10 Lander, J. Birmingham, Aug. 27 Livesey, J. Bolton, Aug. 20 Lippard, J. Deptford, Aug. 24 Maddock, R. & Tweed, J. Rosemary-la. Aug. 17 Morris, W. Bolton, Aug. 20 MeCall, Kingston, Jamaica, Aug. 26

Mather, E. Oxford, Aug.27
Marsh, J. Gracechurch-st. Aug. 27
Marsden, P. Sheffield, Sept. 3
Mawhood, R. jun. Wakefield, Aug. 14,
Moore, J. Somersetshire, Aug. 19
Moore, T. Herts, Sept. 16
Nattriss, J. sen, Thornton, Yorksh. Aug. 28
Olivia, T. C. Liverpool, Sept. 10
Palmer, W. Norfolk, Aug. 20
Parsons, J. Whitechapel, Aug. 6
Penley, J. jun. Gloucestershire, Aug. 21
Pourtales, A. P. and A. G. Bread-st. Aug. 20
Prentice, A. & Shelley, T. Manchester, Aug. 22
Parsons, R. sen. Parsons, R. jun, and Parsons,

T. Widcombe, September 20
Player, J.B. and Keen, J. Bristol, Aug. 16
Riley, J. Leicester, Aug. 30
Rodd, c. W. Worcester, Sept. 17
Rudd, C. Lawflat, Lancashire, October 5
Stanford, P. Chester, Aug. 26
Spence, I. Providence-row, Hackney-rd. Aug. 20
Snelgrove, R. Sussex, Aug. 20
Simons, S. Hilperton, Wilts, Aug. 24
Sharp, G. sen. Sharp, G. jun. and Sharp, W.

Threadneedle-st. Aug. 10 Smethurst, J. sen. and Hindle, R. Torkington,

Cheshire, Aug. 17 Troughton, B. Coventry, July 30

[Aug. 24 Troughton, B. sen. and Troughton. J. Wood-st. Turner, T. Stock-exchange, Aug. 27 Trafford, T. Oxfordshire, Sept. 10

[20 Wylie, W. Southampton-rw, Bloomsbury, Aug. Wharton, R. and H. Little Crosby, Lanc, Au

gust 20 Windeatt, T. Bridgetown, Berry Pomperoy,

Devonshire, August 26 Walker, F. Ripon, Yorkshire, August 31" Ward, J. Beech, Staffordshire, Sept.7 Walters, J. Studham, Herts. Aug. 31 Wingate, J. Rathwick, Somerset, Oct, 23 Webb, G. Cornhill, Aug. 10 Whitehead, G.jun, and Clarke, G. Basinghall

street, November 23


Notice of opposition to the discharge of any prisoner must be entered in the Look at the office, 33, Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, three clear days, exclusive of Sunday, before the day of hearing. The schedules are filed and may be inspected every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, between the hours of ten and four, up to the last day for entering opposition.

LONDON. Petitions to be heard at Westminster,

victualler and common-carrier, of Barnes, Surry, grocer, last of Old Brentford, dealer

in butter, eggs, poultry, &c. Hopkins, Daniel, of 64, Old Nichol-st. Bethnal

green, horse-hair-manufacturer Jackson Thomas Bass, of Southampton-build

ings, of Upper North-place, Gray's-Inn-lane, last of Middle New-st. Fetter-lane, attorney's.

elerk Lark,Mary, of the Mutton Cove-inn, Plymouth

dock, victualler Lewis, Isaac, of Upton, Bilton, Gloucester

shiro, farmer and butcher Malings, Samuel, of Horseleydown-lane, last of

Lisson-grove, schoolmaster Matthewson, James, of Oxford, bookseller, last



5th September, at nine.
Anshorn, James Edward, of Broad-sanctuary

Westminster, schoolmaster.
Bloore, John, of the Waterman's Arms, Dog and

Bear-yard, Tooley-street, of Little Bell-alley,
and of Swan-alley, Coleman-street, of Great
Bell-alley, of Goswell-street-road, of West-
moreland-buildings, Aldersgate-st. of Shoe-
lane, of Addle-st. last of Hanover-co. Grubb-

st, sheriff's-officer's-assistant. Bridger, James, of Tilford, Surrey, labourer. Crossland, John Michael, of 10 Thavies-inn, of

Great St. Helens, last of 27, Lower John-st. Commercial-road, clerk in the excise-office, Dulson, Thomas, of 2, New-st. Dockhead, car

man, and coal and potatoe dealer. Dupụis, Louis Francais, of Webb's-lane,Ham

mersmith, last of Dean-st. Soho; wax-chandler

and bleacher. Evershed, Charles, 'of Great Mary-le bone-st.

batcher, last of East-st. Mary-le-Done, livery

stable-keeper Gotch, John, of Kingsland-green, Hackney, last

of James-st. Islington, builder Griffin, Thomas, of Marlborough, Wilishire,

of the Southwark Arms, Borough-road, vic

tualler Molloy, Charles Leeke, of Brooke's-market, of

Exmouth-street, Spa-fieids, last of Cross-st.

Hatton-garden, painter and glazier'
Monday, William, Sheerness, grocer
Neave, Thomas, of London-st. Doekhead, last

of Gravel-lane, Lambeth, carman
Price, Joseph, of 10, Gloucester-st. last of 3,

Green's-buildings, Lambeth, carman and

chandler-shop-keeper Ray,'Thomas, of Shipston-upon-Stour, Worces

tershire, saddler and book-keeper


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Squires, Johc Newby, of Walton-on-the-Hill, Old, Humphry,of Bowes, Yorkshire, of Sunder: neur Liverpool, surgeon and apothecary, last aland, last of Hetton-le-Hole, Durham,

grocer house-surgeon in the dispensary at Windsor

Red Lion, Northop, Flintshire, 3d Sept. 6th September, at nine.

at ten. Berg, Wernest, of Tunk-et.

Tunk-st. Mile-end

Adams, Edward, of Gwernafield, Mold, Flint

shire, miner. New-town, of Little Carter-st. Doctors'-com

HE mons, last of Henage-st. Whitechapel, sugar

Townhall, Scarborough, 6th Sept, at refiner Brown, Robert, of Guildford, Surry, tallow

ten. chandler, &c.

Belt, John, of Scalby, Yorkshire, innkeeper. Bysh, John, of Paternoster-row, bookseller, &c. Cooper, Joseph, of Manby, Lincolnshire, of the Wakefield, Yorkshire, 6th September, Bell and Crown, and 36, Brooke-st. Holborn,

ten. late of Smithfield, dealer in cattle Edmonds, Joseph, of Northover, Somersetshire, Aldam, Thomas, of Sheffield, butcher

miller and shopkeeper, last of 233, Hoxton Brown, Joseph, of Sheffield, watchmaker Old-town, Middlesex, baker

Drew, William, of Pontefract, Yorkshire, timer Fawson, Thomas, of 10, Great Piazza, Covent- and brazier

garden, hotel-keeper, last of Hart-st. Covent- Furniss, Joseph, of Sheffield, butcher garden

Hammerton, Thomas, of Barnsley, Yorkshire, Francis, Peter Clement, of Old Broad-st. of Up- wire-worker per Baker st. of Cottage-grove, Camberwell, Leach, Henry, of Colne, Lancashire, cottonof Orchard-st. Hackney, of Blaekheath, of manufacturer, last of Gisburn. Yorkshire, Bayswater, of 3, Rowland-row, Stepney-gn. carrier of 15, Arnoldepl. Walworth, last of Watney- Mount, William, of Sheffield, cordwainer st. Commercial road, commission-broker Place, Alexander, of Halifax, book-keeper Goslin, John, of Devonshire-st. Queen-sq. of Pryor, George, of Sheffield, grinder

Union-st.Southwark, last of Prospect-pl. Sur- Smithson, Miles, of Chapel Allerton, near Leeds, ry, gentleman

maltster and farmer Jones, Robert, of Newport, Monmouthshire, Willans, George, of Almondbury, near Hudders. wine-merchant and common-brewer

field, clothier, Keating, Thomas, of Bristol, wholesale provi

sion-merchant, & Lamb, William Davis, of Worcester, surgeon,

County Courts, Durham, 7th Sept. last of Serle's coffee-house, Cary-st

at eleven. Partridge. Thomas, of Bloxwich, Staffordshire, awl-blade-maker

Domville. John, of Hurworth, Durham, innRavis, Daniel Harris, of Crooked-lane, accoun

keeper and farmer

Jackson, William, of Sunderland, butcher and tant, of Walworth, and of Union-st. Hackney. ship-owner road, victualler, of Somerset-pl, Whitechapel, Wright. Edward, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grolast of Charles-st. Kent-road, paper-hanger Richardson, Alexander, of Camberwell, of Rich

cer, last of Bedlington, Durham, coal-owner. ardson-st. Bermondsey, last of 12, King-st. Soho, cordwainer

Shirehall, Ipswich, 7th September, at Smith, Henry Burdon Todd, of Low Hewarth,

twelve. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, gentleman, of West Bolden, near Sunderland, surgeon and apo

Lankester, James, of Ipswich, yeoman thecary, last of Princes-sq. Rateliffe-highway,

Wright, John. of Ipswich, of 152, Drury-lane, gentleman

and 23, Hyde-st. Bloomsbury-sq. London, Taylor, George, of Goudhurst, Kent, fariner jeweller, &c. Vawser, David Cowherd, of Upwell, near Wisbeach, Cambridge, farmer

Northampton, 7th September, at ten. West, Thomas, of Barkins-side, Essex, farmer Coleman, John, of Burton-Latimer, NorthampWilliams, William, of Amen-corner, Paternos- tonshire, blacksmith.

ter-row, bookseller, last of Hatfield-st. Blackfriärs-road, gentleman Willis Sarah, of Baldwin-st. City-rd. last of Wa.

Shirehouse, Norwich, 7th September, terloo-st, St. Luke's, fancy-trimming-maker.

at ten.


Doe, William, of Forncett St. Peter, of Moaltong $t's one otpruCOUNTRY.

publican, of Fundenhall, last of Forncett St.

Peter, all in Norfolk, farmer, de Dragon-inn, Montgomery, 5th Sept.

Warwick, 9th September, at ten.. at ten..

Clark, William, of Birmingham, rule-maker Mansfield, Richard, of Gartmill, Berrew, Mont- Creshull, James Astley, of Birmingham, cabigomeryshire, farmer


Darby, Edward, of Hales Owen, Salop, nail Guildhall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 4tk factor Sept, at eleven.

Freeth, William, of Birmingham, coal-dealers

Lane, John, of Birmingham,coal-dealer.. Ameers, Richard,

of Newcastle-uppn-Tyne, last Lines, John, of Birmingham, pastry-cook of Gateshead, victualler and shoemaker, Downie, Alexander, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

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Page, Joseph, of Birmingham, caster *****

Smith, William, of Birmingham, steel-toy-maker joiner

Walters, Thomas, of Birmingham, plater and Geddes, John, of Jarrow, Durham, cordwainer Harrison, William, of the Ouseburn, Byker, Nor


Ward, John, of Deritend, Birningliảm, nail and thumberland, miller, victualler, &c.





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King's Departure for Scotland. The Isle of Dogs, usually so deserted His Majesty's arrival at Greenwich and so sombre, displayed a moving Hospital was announced by the firing mass of animation. The acclamations of a gun, and the Royal Standard was were loud and reiterated when the immediately hoisted at the top of the King appeared. A great number of Governor's house. When his Majesty Noblemen's and Gentlemen's cutters came out of the Hospital and appeared had made a rendevous at Greenwich, at the landing place, he gracefully equipped for sea. Of these fast-sailing bowed to his subjects, immediately boats it was supposed that a fleet of at descended to the Royal barge, and was least a hundred sail attended the Royal rowed alongside the Royal George; squadron. the bands of music on board the State The preparations for the contraction barges playing God save the King. and other judicious alterations before On his Majesty's arrival on board the the curtain of Drury-lane Theatre are Royal Yacht, he was received with commenced ; to complete which, the three cheers and the Royal Standard erection of the scaffolding is estimated hoisted. The Comet steam vessel took at an expense of at least 2500. the Royal Yacht in tow, and proceeded At the late sale of the property of down the river, accompanied by the his Royal Highness the Duke of York, Lord Mayor in the city state barge, very little was actually sold, and the and the Merchant Tailors' and Gold- amount of the two days' sale of what smiths' Companies in their barges, was sold and bought in is about 140,0951 which were followed by an immense On Thursday last, being the anninumber of vessels and boats. Pleasure

versary of the opening of the Regent's boats without number, and every steam Canal, a numerous party of the Direcvessel on the River, seemed to be in a tors, Proprietors, and their Friends, instate of active requisition. The Hero spected the Canal from Limehouse to steam boat had a company on board the City-road Basin, where they afterthat, in point of number, exceeded any wards dined at the Macclesfield Arms. thing ever witnessed. The Swiftsure, The party were much gratified with Venus, Eagle, and Comet, steam boats, the progress making in the formation were occupiedwith very large compa- of new works establishing on various nies. The venerable Earl St. Vincent, as parts along the banks of the Canal, senior Admiral of the Red, was in attend-, and with the increasing activity of ance at Greenwich at a very early business throughout its whole line. hour. The spectacle of the embarkation Absentees. It will scarcely be crewas altogether a brilliant one. The dited by those, who have no means of fneness of the weather, the river knowing the circumstance, that there covered with vessels of all kinds, gaily are from 100,000 to 150,000 English decorated and filled with well-dressed and Irish people of property living in people, the concourse of spectators that different parts of the Continent. Whole filled every place where a view of the towns are absolutely peopled by them. scene could be obtained, the costuines In Paris, the Duke of Hamilton, with of the Greenwich pensioners, the sol- the Earls of Stair and Fife, at an exdiers and marines assembled on duty, pense to themselves, or rather to their presented a lively picture to the eye. country, of 100,0001. per annum, lead Eur. Mag. Vot. 82.



the fashion to about 20,000 English when they can get

their rents paid. At persons, of a mixed character, at Ver- Tours there is a select corps of about sailles. Mr. Robert Williams, the 4,000, who pride themselves upon their Member for Carparvonshire, with his family connexions in the United Kings numerous and amiable family, and se. dom. At Boulogne there are 6,000 veral titled persons, have, for some English, 4,000 of whom are entitled to years, taken up their residence in the

some compassion, being half-pay offneighbourhood of Geneva. There are cers, who cannot live without wine. 1,500 English families with the Duke Prince Leopold very naturally expends of Leeds at the head, the Marchioness his 50,0001. a-year in Germany. "At of Bute, and many distinguished nobles Brussels the English and Irish congreof both sexes, at Rome. Lord Montford gate, and there is scarcely a town or has lived some time near Bordeaux, village in France, the Netherlands, surrounded by about 2,000, one half of Switzerland, and Italy, in which they whom are small fundholders, and one are not to be found. half Irish of 3001. to 4001. per annum,



SONS. Mrs. Baring, Berkeley-square

Mrs. Breedon, Pangbourn, Berks,
Mrs. Stillingfeet, How Castle, Herts.

Mrs. A. Atherley, Heavitree, Devon.
Mrs. Sutton, Kelham, nr. Newark-upon-Trent Mrs. Parker, Sloane-terrace
Mrs. Rowlatt, Cressing, Essex

Mrs. Portal, Treefolk-house, Hants.
Mrs. Hay, Connaught-terrace, Edgware-road Mrs. Cator, Beckenham-place, Kent
Mrs. Gutton, Lodge, South Lambeth

Mrs. Dr. Lusbington Mrs. Hisst, Temple-place

Mrs. Edward Lawes, Serjeant's-inn Mrs. Crosse, Tottenham

Mrs. G. Evelyn, Gloucester-place Mrs. Parkinson, Hoxton-square

Mrs. R. W. Williams, Guildford-st. Russell-saMrs. Venables, Queenhithe

Mrs. Robinson, Argyle-street,
Mrs. John Miles, Hampstead
B. IX.

The Countess of Jersey, Berkeley-square Mrs. Proctor, Lewes
The Countess of Portsmouth, Edinburgh Mrs. W.M. Bromley, Russell-square
Lady H. Erskine, Swithland Rectory, Leicesth. Mrs. Trevor, Vicarage House, Carnarvon
Lady Isabella Smith, Berkeley-pl. Cheltenham Mrs. Cocks, Farnham, Surrey
Lady of Capt. S. Jackson, R.N.

Mrs. Barber, Bedford-row
Mrs. Meredith, South Lambeth

Mrs. Lester, Crutchedfriars Mrs. Orookshank, Harpur-street

Mrs. J. G. Crickitt, Lower Tooting Mrs. Alexander Nicholson, Sidmouth, Devon Mrs. Winter, Clapham-common Lady of Lt.-Gen. SirJ. Wood, Brighton

Mrs. Briggs, Lincoln's-iun-fields
Mrs. Robt. Winter, Clapham-common

Mrs. G. Gordon, Denmark-hill, Surrey
Lady of Sir Ulysses Burgh, M.P. York-street, Mrs. R. W. Grey
St. James's-square

Lady Copley, Georges-street, Hanover-90-
Mrs. Briggs, Lincoln's-inn-fields

Mrs. Boyton, St. James's-square Mrs. Doctor Boyton, York-st. St. James's-sq. Mrs. Majoribanks, Wimpole-street. Mrs. Mooney, Hanover-st. Hanover-sq.


Arnold, Rev. J. W. esq. Northampton, to

Howard, Lady Mary. Baker, Mr. S. Andover, to.

Cox, Miss A. Russel-st. Russel-sg. Barnard, Capt. 71st Light Infantry, to

Porter, Miss C. Rock beare-house, Devon Barker, R, esq. Tavistock-st. Bedford-sq. to

White, Mrs. Burton-crescent Beeman, Mr. Isaac, Borough, to

Bensley, Miss Ann, Clapham-rise, Surrey Beauchamp, R. F. esq. Tetton-house, Soms, to

Westbrook, Miss Eliza, Chapel-st. Grov,-sq. Bramall, T. esp. 'Tamworth Castle. to

Cooper. Miss, of Brentford
Browne. Peter Esq.M. P. to.

Puget, Miss C. H. Herts
Bright, Dr. Richard, Bloomsbury-sq. to

Babbington, Miss Martha, Aldermanbury
Cartwright, W, esq. Captain 10th Hussars, to

Jones, Miss Mary Ann Carter, H. W. esq. M.D., to

Plumptre, Miss L. Claypole, Kent
Capes, John, esq. Walworth, to

Jones, Miss, of Lambeth
Chamberlayne, S. B. esq. Rycs, Essex, to

Wollet, Mrs. E. Rye, Sussex

Clark, G. esq. Sion-place, Isleworth, to

Spieer, Miss E. Sarah
Coversdale, J. esq. Gray's-inn, to

Clarke, Miss S. Bedford-row
Cook, R. esq. R. A. to

Waddilove, Miss S. Elizabeth
Cook, C. esq. Lower Kennington-green, to

Hunter, Miss A.S. Margate
Crow, T. C. esq. Seven Oaks, Kent, to

Hodsell, Miss Laura, Holborn
Cumberbatch, E. C. esq. of Barbadoes, to

Ashe, Miss M, G.H. Bath
Deron, C. Esq. Lower Seymour-st, to

Long, Miss M. B. Hampston-lodge, Surry,
Douglas, Sir John Roxburgshire, to

Scott, Miss H. C, Bedford, same county
Eaton, S. esq. Ketton-Hall, Rutlandsh, to

Waldie, Miss C. A. Hendersyde Park, Roxbo.
Elkins, E. esq. Guildford, Surry, to

Davis, Miss F. Judd-pl. East, New-rd.
Fyfe. J. csq. Streatham, to

Swainson, Miss E.M.Kennington
Golding, B. esq. M. D. to

Blew, Miss S. P. Warwick-st. Pall Mall
Grimani, C. R. esq. Lee, Kent, to

Finch, Miss S.White, of that place

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