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Anatomy and Surgery, &c. is in the

A System of General Anatomy. By : graven on wood, so as to 'accompany W. Wallace, M.R. 1:A. Lecturer the propositions, this edition will pos.

sess a very great superiority over the press, and will include all that is valu- original work, where they are given able in the “ Anatomic Generale" of in copperplates at the end of the book. Bichat, and in the additions to the same Speedily will be published, a new work, together with such facts as have

and enlarged edition of A Defence of been ascertained in this country, &c. the Doctrine and Worship of the

Translation of Legendre's Elements Church of England, in a Series of of Geometry. A translation of this Letters, addressed to the Rev. John classical and popular work on Geome. Lingard. By the Rev. N. J. Hollingstry, which has gone through so many worth, M. A. Also, by the same author, editions in France, is now in the press, 1. A Defence of the Educaticn of the and will be published in a short time, Rising Generation in the Doctrines and The work is edited by Dr. Brewster, Worship of the Established Church, a and under the sanction of M. Le Che Sermon : price 2s. 2. A Defence of valier Legendre, who has .communica the Society of the Sons of the Clergy, ted several important additions to the and of Divine Revelation, &c. in a seeditor. As all the diagrams are en ries of letters.


op. 428.


and familiar as possible, and thereby Rome in the Nineteenth Century ; calculated to instil Principles of Moracontaining a complete Account of the lity and Religion into the youthful Ruins of the Ancient City, the Remains Mind. of the Middle Ages, and the Monu Select Passages from the Bible, arments of Modern Times, &c. &c. Second ranged under distinct Heads, for the edition, 3 volş. 8vo. 11. 11s, 6d,

Use of Schools and Families. By Alex

ander Adam, Teacher, Edinburgh. BIOGRAPHY. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of

EDUCATION. the Right Hon. Lord Byron, with Anec A New System of Arithmetic, on a dotes of some of his Contemporaries. Plan entirely Original, calculated to Dedicated to William Gifford, Esq. 8vo. · abridge the labour of the Tutor very

considerably, and facilitate the progress Memoirs of Charles Brocden Brown, of the Pupil. By J. Walker. 2s. 6d. the American Novelist, Author of Wieland, Ormond, Arthur Merrin, &c. with

MISCELLANEOUS. Selections from his Original Letters and

A Series of Portraits of Eminent Miscellaneous Writings. By William

Historical Characters introduced in the Dunlap, $vo. pp. 337. Memoirs of Mary Queen of Scots, Waverley;" with Biographical Notices,

6 Novels and Tales of the Author of with Anecdotes of the Court of Henry II. during her residence in France. By Lion--George Heriot-Duke of Buck

Part VI. containing Richard, Cour de Miss Benger, 2 vols. 8vo. with a genuine portrait, never before engraved.

ingham Duke of Montrose. 12mo. 8s. Svo. 10s.

Quarles's Spare Hours; or Four CenBOTANY.

turies of Meditations. 2 vols. royal The Florist's Manual; or Hints for 16mo. portrait, 9s. the construction of a gay Flower Gar The Modern Art of Fencing, agree. den, with directions for preventing the ably to the Practice of the Most EmiDepredations of Insects, Second edi

nent Masters in Europe. By Le Sieur tion. By the Authoress of Botanical Guzman Rolando, of the Académie des Dialogues. Small 8vo. coloured plates, Armes; carefully revised and augment 5s.6d,

ed with a Technical Glossary, &c. By Lectures on the Elements of Botany,

J.S. Forsyth Embellished with nuPart 1. By A. T. Thompson, F. L. S. 1

merous coloured plates. 18mo. 10s. 6d. vol. 8vo. 11. 8s.

bds, 12s. bound.

A Gazetteer of the most Reinarkable - DIVINITY.

Places in the World, with brief Notices An Explanation of the Five Books of the most remarkable Events and of of Moses; in which it is attempted to the most celebrated Persons connected render Sacred History as interesting with them, to which are annexed refeEur. Mag. Vol. 82.


Laws' who

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rences to Books of History, Voyages,

which regulate Rent, Profit, Travels, &c. intended to promote the Wages, and the Value of Money, in improvement of Youth in Geography, which the Doctrine maintained by Mr. History, and Biography. By Thomas Ricardo and others, that Rent of Land Bourn, Teacher of Writing and Geo does not enter into, and form a part of graphy, Hackney. Third edition, cor the exchangeable Value of Commodirected and greatly enlarged. 8vo. pp. ties, iş refuted. By Thomas Hopkins. 984. The Steam Boat. By the Author of

POETRY. 6 Annals of the Parish,” Legatees," The Maid's Revenge; a Summer's «Sir Andrew Wylie,” and “ The Pro Evening Tale; and other Poems. By vost." 12mo. 7s.

John Villiers. « Narrative of an Expedition from Tri Cummar, or, the Bugle-horn, a poli, in Barbary, to the Western Frontier Tragedy; with Dramatic Dialogues, of Egypt, in 1817, by the Bey of Tri. and Miscellaneous Poems. By Elijah? poli, By A. Aufrerenn, Esq. 1 vol. Svo. Barwell Impey, in 12mo, 8s. bds. 10s. 60.

The Odes of Anacreon, of Teos. 3 Edinburgh Gazetteer ; or, Geogra- Translated into English Measure by i phical Dictionary, in 6 vols. 8vo. 51. 8s. Lord Thurlow. 5s. Also, by Lord -1 Paterson's Roads, being an entirely Thurlow, Ariadne, a Masque, 12mo. 3s. original and accurate description of all Angelica, a Masque, 12mo. 35. Poems the direct and principal Cross-roads in on Several Occasions. 6s. The Knight's England and Wales ; with part of the Tale, and the Flower and the Leaf, i Roads of Scotland. Sixteenth Edition, after Chaucer. 7s. with an entirely new Set of Maps. By A Lyric Poem on the Death of Na Edward Mogg, 1 vol. 16s.

poleon. From the French of P. Lebran, ?», The Abbey of Kilkhampton Revived; 8vo. 16s. or, Monumental Records, for the year The Spirit of the Lakes ; or, Mucruss 1980, 1 vol. 8vo. 6s.

Abbey; a Poem in three Cantos ; with
Explanatory Notes, from the best Au-

thorities. By Miss Suby. 8vo. pp.192 1 The Study of Medicine. By John 10s. 64. bds. Mason Good, M.D.F.R.S. &c. Member Athaliah; a Tragedy, in five Acts. of the Royal College of Physicians of Founded upon 2 Kings, 11: and 2 Chr. London, 4 vols. 31. 4s.

23. Translated from the French of J. Racine, with Notes. By J. C. Knight.

12mo. pp. 95: Napoleon in Exile; or, a Voice from St. Helena.--The Opinions and Reflections of Napoleon, on the most Im

Traditional Tales of the English and portant Events of his Life and Govern Scotch Peasantry, By Allen Cunningment.--In his own Words. By Barry ham, 2 vols. 12s. O'Meara, Esq. bis late Surgeon, 2 vols. 8vo. 11.8s.


Messrs. Lysons's Magna Britannia, NATURAL HISTORY.

containing Devonshire; the sixth voMemoirs of the Wernerian Natural lume, in two Parts. History Society, vol. 4, part I. with ten Engravings, 10s. 63.-To be continued

TOURS, in Half-yearly Parts.

Switzerland; or, a Journal of a Tour

and Residence in that Country, in the POLITICAL ECONOMY.

years 1817, 1818, and 1819. By L. Economical Inquiries relative to the Simond, 2 vols. Svo. 24s.

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The accounts we daily receive from ley, and bean crops, but their quality Bilall parts of the country, assure us of a is stated to be good; beans are the

most abundant harvest; and the follow, most deficient. It is confidently antiing information may be considered as cipated, that the average crop of wheat, a fair epitome of the intelligence we barley, and oats, will prove much suhave received since the publication of perior to that of the former harvest. our last number.

CORNWALL, The wheat crop is CHESHIRE:

-We find complaints re much beyond an average, and the quaspecting the quantity of the oat, bar lity of the grain is excellent, The

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barley and oat crops are fough den

much below SOMERSETSHIRE. The wheat has an average.

been stacked or brought home. - The Devon. The harvest is got in, and injury done by the partial rains is not the farmer avers that for a number of material to the wheat. The lent grain years past the ears of corn have not has improved, but the oats' and barley been so productive as in the present. will prové short. Notwithstanding the rain, the crops SUSSEX, The weather has been have been well housed; and very little highly favourable to the harvest, which damage has been sustained by the con enabled the farmers generally to get tinued showers which so frequently up the whole of their wheat in very prevailed. The wheat crops are uni- prime condition; and so much so that versally good. Beans and oats wilt in many instances it was taken from give a very defective produce, and bar the field to the barn floors for immediley partially so on light grounds. Tur- ate threshing--a finer crop never was nips have every where planted well, known. and there is not the least appearance

SCOTLAND.-Scotland appears to be of the fly.

doubly 'fortunate this year; it is hot, HANTS.The barley crop, though' noured with the presence of the Sovegood in some places, is not generally reign, and has every reason to expect so as the wheat; the number of ricks an abundant barvest. The potatoes of that grain is far greater than ever have a most beautiful appearance. The before known.

crops in Argyleshire never looked bet9 MIDLAND COUNTIES.-These Coun- ter, but they are, at least, fourteen days ties appear to have suffered some in later than those around Glasgow, in jury from the rains, which did not fall, the Highlands the crops generally proin the most northern, until the sickle mise well, and on the western coast was about to be put in motion. Some they are excellent. fields of wheat were laid, but not suffi IRELAND. The accounts are tari. ciept to affect, in any material degree, ous, speculative, and consequently flucthe average crop, which is on all sides tuating. But from there being new declared to be excellent.

grain in all their markets, and that in NORTHERN COUNTIES. Nothing large quantities, we are convinced that can be more gratifying than the ac the harvest is unusually early; and we counts from these Counties. It is too have a strong proof of its abundance often the case in this division of the in the content and plenty its produce kingdom, that the summer lasts only has already spread in those counties long enough to bring the corn to fail where it is the most forward. growth, and then deserts it, subjecting FRUITS,We never recollect a more the agriculturist to a dreadful loss at plentiful or more early year fór fruits the very moment be'anticipated a full in general than this has been. The remuneration for his past labours. That wall fruits are extremely fine, and are is happily not the case in the present to be had in all counties, and in all season, for the northern farmers are markets, in great plenty. Apples will now reaping a noble crop of wheat, be very abundant, and are unusually and there is every probability of their large, probably owing to the profuse closing their labours as prosperously rain with which our orchards have been as they have hitherto, carried them fertilized. The quantity of cider ex

pected to be made will be considerable.



(London, August 23.)

COTTON.There is little variation vades has been very steady, and though in the Cotton market; the purchases, no general advance in the prices can from the 16th to the 22d inst. inclusive, "be stated, yet the market is more firm, exceed 1200 packages, viz -730 Ben- 'and the Sugars from 52s. a 57s. bave gal, 5 d. a 6d. in bond—70 Sarat, 6 d. realized higher rates. a 6d. ditto - 22 Upland, 838. ditto In Refined goods there is no altera350 Pernambuco, Tod, á lid. ditto- tion; the quantity at market is quite 63 Para, 83d., a std. ditto -60 Deme-' inconsiderable, and the few buyers have rara, 101d, a 11d. duty paid.

difficulty in finding the small parcels SUGAR. The demand for Musco which have been wanted during the

ment in prices.--Molasses have been dis OPS. The acconnts from the hop

week; there is, however, no improve.

are more favourable, the duty steady, 26s. 6d. a 27s.

is now estimated at 140,0001. to There have been considerable en 145,000l.1!!1!!!!!!! quiries after Foreign Sugar by private TALLOW.-The demand for Tallow contract, particularly for yellow Ha has lately been steady, the prices withvannah, but no sales to any extent are out any alteration ; yellow Candle Talyet reported. By public sale on Wedas low is to day 378. a 378. 6d. The letnesday, 760 bags Bengal Sugars sold at ters from St. Petersburgh state a fall in full prices; ordinary white, 30s. 6d., the Exchange, 97., a 31s. 6d.; middling, 32s. 6d. a 33s. RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.

COFFEE.-The market on Tuesday' - There are more enquiries after Rum, and Wednesday last was very heavy, but the revived demand has not yet and a slight depression in the prices been followed by any extensive purwas submitted to: the demand has chases, the prices remain nominally the again revived, and a considerable sale same as last.Brandy is offered on rawent off with spirit, nearly realising ther lower terms without facilitating the prices of last week for Jamaica sales. A public sale advertised, has Coffee; the Demerara and Berbice sold tended greatly to danıp the market. freely, at prices 2$, a 38. per cwt. Geneva is held for a further advancc. higher,

OILS.The market remains in the This forenoon, 142 casks 7 bags same nominal state which we have Jamaica and Berbice Coffee went off lạtely reported; there are no accounts with considerable briskness at very respecting the fishery. Greenland Oik full prices, middling Berbice, in ex-, is held at the advanced quotations, but tensive parcels, 128 s. and 130.

there are no sales. CORN.—There was very little de IM PROVED STATE OF TRADE.- The mand for Wheat this forenoon; the accounts which we have received from prime samples fully supported Monday's various parts of England are highly prices; all other descriptions were un gratifying, as they respect almost every saleable even at a further reduction, branch of British Manufacturing Inwhich the holders were willing to dustry. In hardware, in cottons, in accept to facilitate sales, but there woollens, &c. the trade is as brisk as were few transactions reported. Fine has been remembered for a great num. Barley was in some request, at an ber of years, and wages have obtained advance of 1s.-Oats were ls, lower, a corresponding increase. --The hard. and met a dull sale at the reduction. ware trade in Staffordshire and War, In Beans, Peas, and other articles, there wickshire is very brisk, and numerous was no alteration.

heavy foreigu orders have been reFRUIT. There is no variation this ceived. week


To Marc Isamhard Brunel, of Chelsea, To Thomas Postans, of Charles-street, Middlesex, engineer; for certain improve St. James's, gentleman, and William ments on steam-enginesDated June 26, Jeakes, of Great Russell-street, Blooms1822.

bury, ironmonger; for an improvement on To Thomas Gauntlett, of Bath, Somer cooking apparatus. Dated June 26, 1822. setshire, surgeon's instrument maker; for To George Smart, of Pedlar's Acre, certain improvements on vapour-haths, by Lambeth, Surry, civil engineer; for an which the heat is better regulated, and the improvement in the manufacture of chains, baths rendered more portable. Dated which he denominates mathematical June 26, 1822.

chains. Dated July 4, 1822. To William Brunton, of Birmingham, To Joseph Smith, of Sheffield, YorkWarwickshire, engineer; for certain im shire, book-keeper; for an improvement provements on fire-grates, and the means of or in the steam-engine boiler. Jated of introducing coal thereon, Dated June July 4, 1822. 26, 1822.

John Bold, of West-street, Wilson-street, Louis Barnard Rabant, ofSkinner-street, Long-lane, Bermondsey, printer ; for cer, Snow-hill, London, gentleman, for an im tain improvements in printing. Dated proved apparatus for the preparation of July 4, 1822. coffee or tea.“ Dated June 26, 1822.



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N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Businghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies: Names are between Parenthesis.


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Adams, J. Spalding, Lincolnshire, miller, Aug. ** , 3, 10, and 31. (Fisher and Co. Holborn-ct.

Gray’s-inn Alfrey, W. Cloak-lane, Dowgate-hill, warepat j * houseman, August 10, 17, and Sept. 14,

(Jones, Brunswick-square Als, J. Westfirle, Sussex, farmer, Aug. 10, 12,

and Sept. 7, New.inn, Brighthelmstone.

(Gwynne, Lewes, Sussex Armstrong, J.(G. Princes-sq. Ratcliffe-highway,

coal-merchant, July 23, Aug. 6, and 31.

(Clutton and Co. High-st. Borough Atkins, R.N. Portsea, grocer, Aug. 26, Sept. 4, hors and 24, Mitre-tavern, Portsea. (Collett

and Co. Chancery-lane; and Low, Portsea, Atwood, T. Stelling Minnis, Kent, dealer and

chapman, August 6, 13. and Sept. 14,

(Scadamore, King's-bench-walk, Temple Aynsley, G. of Wakefield, victualler, Aug. 26,

27, and Sept. 21, Sessions-house, Wakefield,

(Lake, Cateaton street Bailey, J. Canwick, Lincolnshire, maltster,

July 24, 25, and Aug. 31, Saracen's-headinn, Lincoln. (Styan, Lincoln's-inn-fields;

and Moore, Lincoln Baker, J. Crutched-friars, wine-merchant, Aug.

9, 10, and Sept. 2 (Péaree and Co. St.

Swithin's-lane Bartle, R, Helston, Cornwall, grocer, Aug. 22,

Sept. 4, and 21, Angel-inn, Helston. (Fol.

lett, Temple; and Rogers, Helston Barnaschina, A. Gravesend, hardwareman,

Aug. 20, 24, and Sept. 28. (Wootton, To

kenhouse-yard Bennett,lJ. jun. Crickmoor, Dorsetshire, coal

werchant, Aug. 10, 20. & Sept. 7. (Wright, Hart-street, Bloomsbury; and Mr. Green,

Poole Bigland, B. Liverpool, merchant, Aug. 19, 20,

and Sept. 3, George-inn, Dale-st. Liverpool

(Chester, Staple-inn, and Hinde, Liverpool Bourne, T. Wyke Regis, Dorsetshire, printer,

Aug. 1, 2, and 31, Guildhall, Weymouth. (Alexander, Carey-street; and Henning,

Weymouth Capon, J. B. Bishop's Hall, Somersetshire,

woolstapler, July 29, 30, & Sept. 3, Castle inn, Taunton. (Heelis, Staple-inn, Hol

born; and Ivie, Taunton Clarke, H, and Grundy, F. Liverpool, mer

chants, Aug. 17, 19, and Sept. 10, Georgeinn, Liverpool. (Lace and Co. Liverpool; and Taylor and Co. King's Bench-walk,

Temple Covell, J. jun. Torquay, Devonshire, wine-mer

chant, Aug. 119, 20, and Sept. 17, Hotel, Torquay, Devonshire. (Hinde, Essex-ct.

Temple; and Cosserat, Torquay Cornforth, J. Whitby, Yorkshire, plumber and

glazier, Angust 20, 21, and Sept. 17, Angel, Whitby, Yorkshire (Wardell, jun. Whit

by: and Grace, Birchin-lane, Lombard-st. Crabtree, J. Thorne’s-lane, Wakefield, victual

ler, August 26, 27, and Sept. 21, Sessionshouse, Wakefield. (Lake, Cateaton-street;

and Beaver, Wakefield Davies, T. Whitechapel High-street, baker,

Aug. 10, 17, and Sept. 7. (Baddeley, Leman-street, Goodman’s-fields

Denholme, A. Cheltenham, dealer in slates,

Sept. 3, 4, and 28, George Hotel, Cheltenham.” (King and Co. Castle-street, Hol

born; and Packwood, Cheltenham Edmunds, T. Costell Bugged, Cardiganshire,

tanner, July 29, 30, and Sept. 3, Six-bellsinn, Peter-street, Carmarthen. (Clarke, aud Co. Chancery-lane; Lampter & Bull,

Aylesbury Eveleigh, T.'Devonshire-street; Bloomsbury,

linen-draper, August 17, 24, and Sept, 21.

Arden, Clifford's-inn Fearnley, c. Crutched-friars, wine-merchant,

August 6, 10, and Sept. 3. (Pearce and Co.

St. Swithin's-lane Feacock, J. Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, ship

broker, Aug. 16, Sept. 12, and 24, Bridgeinn, Bishop Wearmouth. (Blakiston,

Symond's-inn; and Reen, Sunderland Foulkes, J. Chester, grocer, Sept. 6, 7, and 28,

George-inn, Liverpool. (Lace and Co.
Liverpool: and Taylor and Co. King's-

bench-walk, Temple Fulford, W. Lad-lane, warehouseman, July 27,

Aug. 6, and 31.' (Stevens and Co. Little

St. Thomas Apostle Gilbert, J. and Taylor, H. Bristol, commission

merchants, Aug. 26, 27, and Sept. 21, Bristol. (Evans, Hatton-garden, and Haber

field, Bristol Greig, J. and Störr, H, Charlotte-street, Rath

bone-place, linen-drapers, Aug. 17, 24, and

Sept. 24. (Jones, Size-lane Havard, F. Hereford, wine-merchant, Sept.6,7,

and 24, Black-swan, Hereford. (Wood house, Leominster; and Darke and Co.

Red-lion.square Hardwige, J. of Wellington, Somersetshire,

draper, Aug. 14, 31, and Sept. 24, Busb-tavern, Bristol. (Daniel, Bristol; and Pear

son, Pump-court, Temple Hallam, J. T. Netherton, Cropthorne, Worces

tershire, farmer, Aug. 5, 6, and Sept. 10, Castle-inn, Coventry. (Woodward and

Co. Tokenhouse-yard; & Mullis, Coventry Hellyer, J. Hayling, North, Hampshire, farmer,

Aug. 7, 8, and Sept. 7, Mitre-tavern, Old
Rope-walk, Portsea. (Johnson, Portsea;

and Cousins, Old Broad-street Hewer, W. Llannelan, Monmouthshire, farmer,

Aug. 15, 16, and Sept. 10, Angel-inn, Abergavenny, (Glabb, Âþergavenny; and Gre

gory, Clement's-inn Hendy, ř. Breage, Cornwall, farmer, Aug. 29,

30, and Sept. 24, Angel-inn, Helston. (Tol

lett, Inner Temple; and Rogers, Helston Hodgson, J. G. Piazza Coffee-house, Covent

garden, wine-merchant, Aug. 9, 10, and

Sept. 14. (Amory and Co. Throgmorton-st. Hulse, J. Shirland, Derbyshire, cotton-spinner,

Aug. 19, 31. and Sept. 21, Albion-hotel, Piccadilly, Manehester. (Hampson, Manches

ter, and Ellis, Chancery-lane, James, J. Wood-street, Cheapside, tea-dealer,

July 30, Aug. 24, and Sept. 7. (Spence and

Co. Furnival's-inn, Holborn Jones, R. P. Abergavenny, linen-draper, Aug.

6, 7, and 31, White-lion-inn, Broad-street, Bristol. (Clarke, Bristol; and Jenkins and Co.New-inn

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