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few days ago; an investigation of the state of the stage before the date when Shakespeare began to write for it.

Elliot. A very interesting topic, upon which I confess myself almost wholly ignorant.

Thus terminated the first ten days' conversations between the three friends: the discussions were continued to the end of the fortnight, to which the visit of Morton and Elliot was originally intended to be limited, but when the period fixed for departure arrived, the weather continued so beautiful, the river and the country near it so delightful, and the occupation in the library so agreeable, that the guests were easily prevailed upon to prolong their stay, and to continue their inquiries.


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Muses stript and whipt, by George Wither 22

Specimens.. ii. 27, 28, 30, 41, 42, 43

Actors Remonstrance, the, 1643 323

Actresses, when first allowed, proved from Jordan's

"Rosary of Rarities" 319

jEneid of Virgil, translated by Vicars, quoted i. 112

Affanue, 1601, by C. Fitzgeffrey, the authors mentioned

in i. 12

Alarum against Usurers, by T. Lodge ii. 223

described ii. 267

Alcilia, Philoparthen's Loving Folly, 1619 ii. 112

quotations from ii. 118,119

Allot, Robert, his claim to the compilation of "Englands

Parnassus," 1600 i. 17

Amos and Laura, the Loves of, 1619, dedicated to Iz.

Walton ii. 110

Quotations from ii. 111, 113, 114

Ant and the Nightingale of Father Hubberd's Tales

quoted in reference to Spenser i. 100

Apology for Actors, by T. Heywood, referred to i. 125

quoted ii. 288, 290, 291, 293, 299

: Refutation of the, by J. G. 1615 .. ii. 301

Apology of Poetry, by Sir P. Sidney, Constable's Son-'

- nets before ii. 104

———! Edw. Wootton mentioned in ii. 107

. * by Sir J. Harington alluded to ii. 288

Apolonius and Silla, a novel, by B. Rich, on which

Shakespeare founded his Twelfth Night, examined.. ii. 146

Vol. Page

Arcadia, Sir P. Sidney's, mentioned i. 65, 67

-— Sonnet omitted in i. 66

Arraignment of Paris, by G. Peele, song from i. 123

As you Like it, compared with T. Lodge's "Rosalynde" ii. 170
Ascham, Roger, cited on the taste for Italian Poetry .. i. 81

against rhyme in English i. 92

Aske, James, quotation in blank verse from his Elim-

betha Triumphant, 1588 i. 126

Ass, The Nobleness of the, 1595, examined i. 168

— the admirable properties of the animal .. i. 169

its most melodious voice i. 170

Authors, self-delusion of, as to their fame i. 46

Sanies' horse, curious tract relating to, called "Ma-

roccus Extaticus," 1595 i. 163

—— ^—— quotations from it i. 164, 165'

• fate of Bankes and his horse i. 166

Barkstead, Will his " Myrrha the Mother of Adonis".. i. 237
JBarnes, Barnabe, his " Parthenophil and Parthenophe,"

dedicated to Will. Percy, referred to i. 13

— his "Four Books of Offices," 1606,

noticed, and a question regarding two editions of it i. 14

: Madrigal, by W. Percy.. i. 15

Barry, Lod. his " Ram Alley" quoted .......... ii. 27, 284

Bastard, Thos. Epigrams from his Chrestoleros, 1598.. i. 199

on Sir H. Wootton ii. 108

i— on Fishing ................ ii. ib.

on Dr. Eeds, Dean of Wor-
cester ii. 12.0

on Dr. Reynolds ..ii. 254

on Swearing on the Stage ii. 255

Beard, Tho. his Theatre of God's Judgments i. 128

cited regarding Marlow ii. 273

doubt if he were not the translator of " the

French Academy" ii. ib.

Belvedere, the Garden of the Muses, by Bodenham .... i. 2,28
Blank verse, Peele's " Farewell to Norris and Drake,"

a specimen of i. 57

Vol. Page

Blank verse, inquiry into the origin of undramatic i- 88

early specimens of i. 94 to 144, ii. 231

Blenerhasset, Tho. a writer of blank verse in "the

Mirror for Magistrates" i. 102

his recommendation to hunt down the Irish

Kernes L 105

Blessed Birth-day, by Fitzgeffrey, specimen of i. 71

Boccacio, his novel of Titus and Gisippus ii. 79

——— early English translations of his Decameron.. ii. 196
Bodenliam, John, mention of his "Belvedere," 1600 .. i. 228

Bramins, etymology of ii. 204

their plays ii. 205

Brathwayte, R. his " Strappado for the Devil," 1615,

quoted i. 70

his " Time's Curtain drawn," &c. 1621, and

imitations ii. 54

1 quotations from it ii. 54, 55, 57

his " Health from Helicon," with a specimen ii. 59

Breton, N. said to have written blank verse i. 118

"Cornu-copiae, Pasquil's Night-cap," assigned

to him i. 329

. his " Pasquil's Pass and Passeth not" quoted .. i. ib.

. "'Tis merry when Gossips meet," 1602, perhaps

his i. 330

. his " Mad World my Masters," account of and

extracts from i. 331,332,333,335

—— poem by him in Hind's " Eliosto Libidinoso" .. il. 8
—— MS. poem by him in praise of Virtue, Wisdom,

&c. ii. 10

Bright burning Beacon, &c. 1580, by Abr. Fleming .. i. 116
Broughton, Rowland, his poem on the Marq. of Win-
chester ii. 125

Brysket, Lod. his claim to the poem of the " Mourning

Muse of Thestylis" considered i. 98

—— his "Discourse of civil Life" 1606 i. 99

Bucke, Paul, his "Three Lords and three Ladies of

London," 1590 ii. 294

Burgh, Sir John, R. Markham's poem on the death of.. ii. 100
Burton's " Anatomy of Melancholy" quoted ii. 317

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