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I have never read a more complete and sound account of Revelations. None of the religious classes I have attented have brought more peace and understanding to my mind about the "end of days" than this book has done. I no longer live in fear for it will be a "great" day to me when the Savior comes again. Such simple truth a child can understand! Wonderful for any who has ever wondered about the reality of the second coming and what John meant in his deeply symbolic account. This book truly "unfolds" and "reveals" all.  

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I really enjoyed reading this book. I must say the first 9 chapters were very revealing about our world and how humans act towards each other. I came to great understanding of what is actually happening between the wealthy and the poor and the resources of our planet.
It really all comes down to MONEY. The wealthy have it and the poor don't.
What a metaphor for the human condition. This book explained the book of Revelations perfectly to me. I've read revelations many times really trying to understand what it meant. I've watched documentaries on tv and read what others have written. Nothing has ever made sense to me.
I think when it was explained what 666 really meant and that it came from the old testament concerning how much gold Solomon took into his kingdom in one year was perfect. Amazing that it was there all the time and no one ever got it.
This book explains step by step what John the revelator really was trying to tell us. I'm glad it is now revealed what he meant and from now on I can be at peace within myself and stand upon the sea of glass and have a perpestive of life on this earth I never had before.
Enjoy the truth of revelations in a way that has never been revealed before.
Dominic Larkin

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