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terested benevoIcnce.

CHAP. Give place to this man;" so thou master of the house was angry, and CHAP XIV.

XIV. wilt begin with shame to take the said to his servant, 'Go out immejo lowest place. But when thou art diately into the streets and lanes of

invited, go and take the lowest the city, and bring in hither the place, that when he who invited poor, and maimed, and lame, and thee cometh, he may say unto thee, blind. And the servant said, “Sir, 22 • Friend, go up higher then thou it is done as thou hast command.

wilt have respect in the presence of ed, and still there is room.' And 23 il the guests. For every one that ex- the master said to his servant, Go

alteth himself shall be brought low, out among the high-ways' and
and he that humbleth himself shall hedges, and importune them to
be exalted.”

come in, that my house may be 12 Then he said also to him that in filled.' For I say unto you, norte 24 . and disin- vited him, " When thou makest a of those men who were invited shall

dinner or a supper, invite not al- taste of my supper."
ways thy friends, nor thy brethren, I. Now great multitudes were go-25
nor thy kinsmen, nor rich neighing with him, and he turned and Qualifica
bours, lest they also invite thee said to them, “ If any one come to tions of

Christ's again, and recompence be made me, and be not ready to forsake disciples. 13 thee. But when thou makesi his father, and mother, and wife, 26

a feast, invite the poor, the maim- and children, and brethren, and

ed, the lame, the blind, because sisters, and even his own life also,
14 they cannot recompense thee; and when the honour of God and the

thou shalt be happy, for thou shalt interest of my religion require
be recompensed at the resurrection such a sacrifice, he cannot be my
of the righteous."

disciple. And whosoever doth not 27 15 Now, when one of the guests bear his cross, and come with me Parable of heard these things, he said unto cannot be my disciple. For which 28 the supper. Jesus, “ Happy is he who eateth of you intending to build a tower,

bread in the kingdom of God." doth not sit down first, and com16 But Jesus said unto him, " A cer- pute the expence, whether he have

tain inan made a great supper, and sufficient to complete it? Lest 29 17 invited many; and at supper time, perhaps, after he haih laid the foun

sent his servant to say unto them dation, and is not able to finish it,

that were invited, Come, for all every beholder laugh at him, and 18 things are now ready.' And they say, “This man began to build, and 30

all began alike to excuse them was not able to finish.' Or what 31 selves. The first said, 'I have king going to war against another bought a field, and I must needs go king, doth not stay to consult,

and see it: I beseech thee have me whether he be able with ten thous .. 19 excused. And another said, Isand men to meet him who cometh

have bought five pair of oxen, and against him with twenty thousand?

am going to try them, I beseech | Or else, while he is yet afar off, he 32. 20 thee have me excused. And ano- sendeth an embassy, and desireth

ther said, “I have married a wife, conditions of peace. In like man- 33 21 and therefore I cannot come.' So ner, whosoever among you doth

that servant came, and told his not feel a readiness, if need be to
master these things. Then the give up all his substance, he cannot


I That kingdom which God is establish- 3 As the apostles did when they were ing under the Messiah.

sent to preach the gospel to persons of all Thus the Jews rejected the gospel I descriptions.

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CHAP. be my disciple. I mean my disci-f them said to his father, "Father, CHAP. XV. " ples to be the salt of the earth, to give me the portion of goods, that XV. 34 preserve mankind from corrup-falleth to my share ;' and he di- The prodi,

tion: Now salt is good in its na vided his substance, so as to allot gal son. tural genuine state ; but if the what he could spare to each of

salt had lost its savour, with what them. And not many days after 13 35 shall it be seasoned ? It is not fit the younger son got all together,

even to manure the land, but is and went into another country, and
thrown away as useless, or to re there 'wasted his substance with
pair the highways. He that hath disorderly living. And when he 14
ears to hear, let him hear.”

had spent all, a great famine arose , CHAP. Then a great number of taxga- | in that land, and he began to be in

• therers, and heathens, drew near | want; so he went and connected 15 Encourage- unto Jesus, to hear him. And the himself with a citizen of that counfinners to neto to Pharisees and Seribes murmured, try, who sent him into his fields to

saying, “ 'This man receiveth sin- feed swine; and he was desirous of 16
3 ners, and eateth with them. Then filling himself with the husks which

he spake this parable unto them, the swine ate, and yet, though he
4“ What man among you having an was reduced to this ertreme de-
hundred sheep, if he lose one of gree of hunger, no man gave him
them, doth not leave the ninety- food. But, coming to himself, he 17
nine in the desert, and go after that said, “How many hired servants of
5 which is lost, until he find it? And my father have bread in abundance,

when he hath found it, he layeth it whilst I am perishing with hunger!
6 on his shoulders, rejoiciny. And I will arise, and go unto my father, 18
when he cometh home, he calleth and say unto him, " Father I have
together his friends and neighbours, sinned against heaven, and in thy
and saith unto them, “Rejoice with sight; I am no more worthy to be 19
me, for I have found my lost sheep.' called thy son ; make me as one of
7 I say unto you, that more joy thy hired servants.' So he arose, 20

likewise will be in heaven over one and went to his father: But when
sinner that repenteth, than over he was yet far off, his father saw

ninety and nine righteous persons, him, and had compassion on him,
8 that need no repentance. Or what and ran, and fell on his neck, and
woman having ten pieces of silver, kissed him. And the son said un-21
if she lose one piece, doth not light to him, “Father, I have sinned
a candle, and sweep the house, and against heaven, and in thy sight :

seek carefully until she find it? | and am no more worthy to be call-
o And when she hath found it, she ed thy son: make me as one of thy

calleth together her friends, and her hired servants. But the father said 22
neighbours, saying, "Rejoice with unto the servants, Bring forth the

me, for I have found the piece | best robe, and clothe hiin with it, 10 which I had lost. In like manner, and put a ring on his hands, and

I say unto you, there is joy in the sandals on his feet. And bring the 23
presence of the angels of God, over fatted calf, and kill it, and let us

one sinner who repenteth." eat, and be joyful ; for this my son 11 He said also, “A certain man was a dead, and is alive again, he 24 12 had two sons, and the younger of was lost, but is found.

* Joy that is sudden, and lasts but for a obedience is however much better than re-
short time, like the joy of men, when an pentance.
unexpected good happens to them. Regular e In the apprehension of his father.

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CHAP. « Now, his elder son was in the he called to him every one of his CHAP : . field, and as he came, and drew master's debtors, and said to the X

near to the house, he heard music first, “How much owest thou to
26 and dancing. Then he called one my master!' And he said, "A 6

of the servants to him, and enquir-hundred gallons of oil.' Then the
27 ed what these things meant. And steward said, "Take thy bill and

the servant said unto him, " Thy sit down immediately, and write
brother is coine, and thy father fifty. And he said to another, 7
hath killed the fatted calf, because And how much owest thou,' and

he hath received him in good he said, “A hundred measures of
28 health. And he was angry, and wheat !'. And the steward saith,

would not go in; his father therefore · Take thy bill, and write eighty.'
29 came out, and entreated him. But And the master commended his 8.

he said to his father, “Lo! these steward for the prudence of this un-
many years have I served thee, nor righteous dealing, for the children
have I at any time disobeyed thy of this world are more prudent in
commandment, yet thou never the management of their concerns,

gavest me even a kid, that I might than the children of light. I say 9
30 be joyful with my friends; but also unto you, make to yourselves

when this thy son came, who hath friends of these uncertain riches,
devoured thy substance with har- that when ye die, ye may be re-

lots, thou hast killed for him the ceived into everlasting habita-
31 fatted calf.' And his father said tions.

unto him, "Son, thou art always “He that is faithful in a very 10

with me, and all that I have is | little is faithful also in much, and True fide32' thine. Yet it was right that we he that is unjust in a very little, is dit

is lity is not

10 altered by should be joyful and glad, for this unjust also in much. If therefore circumthy ? brother was dead, and is alive ye have not been faithful in the unstances.

again, was lost, and is found.” certain riches, who will trust you 11 CHAP. Then Jesus said also to his dis- with the true? And if ye have not 19

V. ciples, " A certain rich man had a been faithful in what passeth from The unjust steward, who was accused to him one to another, who will give you steward. of wasting his substance. And he that which will be for ever your

2 called the steward, and said to own? No servant can serve two 13
lim, "How is it that I hear this of masters of opposite tempers ; for
thee? give up the business of thy either he will hate the one, and love

stewardship, for thou must not be the other, or hold to one, and ne.
3 any longer steward.' Then the glect the other. Ye cannot serve
steward said within himself, “What God and wealth.”
shall I do? for my master is taking Now the Pharisees who were co-14
away my stewardship? I cannot vetous, heard all these things, and Pharisees
4 dig ; to beg I am ashamed. I am they scoffed at him. And he said severely,

reprored. resolved what to do : that when I unto them, “ Ye are they who ena" am put out of the stewardship, Ideavoured to appear righteous bemay be received into the houses fore men, but God knoweth your 5 of those whom I have obliged. So hearts : for what is highly esteem

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To partake of it in common with my-ous persons.

3 Religious persons.
The younger brother means the Gentiles, 4 By doing all the good you can witha
and the elder the Jews, or they may be them.'
taken in general for penitents and self-righte-




CHAP. ed amongst men is abomination in, will repent.' Then Abraham said CHAP.

to the sight of God. . unto him, “If they hear not Moses *

19 " There was a certain rich man, and the prophets, neither will they 31 Parable of who was clothed in purple and fine| be persuaded, though one rise from

inand Jinen, and feasted sumptuously the dead.” Lazarus. every day. And there was a cer- | Jesus said also to his disciples, “2st CHAP.

20 tain poor man, named Lazarus, must be that temptations come;

full of sores, who was laid at the but alas ! for him by whom they Danger of rich man's porch, desiring to eat come. It were better for him that tempting the crumbs that fell from his table; a millstone were hanged about his

Labout any to sin. 21 moreover the dogs also came, and neck, and he were cast into the 2 22 licked hissores. Now, when the poor sea, than that he should entice one

man died,' he was conveyed by the of these little ones now before me
angels into Abraham's bosom, toto sin.
partake, as it were, of an heaven- “ Take heed to yourselves : If 3

ly banquet with him ; and the rich thy brother offend against thee, re- Duty of 23 man also died, and was buried; buke him, and if he repent, forgive for

ive forgiving and in the state of death, he lifted him. Even if he offend against when they up his eyes being in torments, and thee seven times a day, and seven repent.

saw Abraham afar off, and Lazarus times a day turn unto thee, saying, 4 24 in his bosom. And he called to " I repent,' thou must forgive him."

him, saying, “ Faiher Abraham, And the disciples said unto the 5
take pity on me, and send Lazarus | Lord, “ Add some directions about
to dip the tip of his finger in water, our faith.” And the Lord said, “ If 6

and cool my tongue, for I am tor- ye had s faith as a grain of mustard 25 mented in this flame. But Abra- seed, ye might have said to this

ham said, " Son, remember that very • sycamine tree, ' Be thou
thou in thy lifetime didst receive rooted up, and planted in the sea,
thy good things, and Lazarus in and it would have obeyed you.”
like inanner evil things ; but now Then to teach them humility, 7

he is comforted, and thou art tor- notwithstanding all their altain- The best 26 mented.' And besides all this, be- ments, Jesus said, “ Which of men de

more than tween us and you a great gulf is you will say to his plowman or cheie duty. fixed, so that they who wish to shepherd, at their return from the cross from us to you, or from you field, • Come hither, and sit down

to us, are not able to pass over. immediately at table? Will he 8 27 Then he said to Abrahan, • I be- not rather say, 'Get supper ready,

seech thee, therefore, father, send and prepare thyself to wait upon

him to my father's house ; for I me, whilst I eat and drink, and af. 28 have five brethren ; that he may terwards do thou also eat and

expostulate with them, lest they al- drink!' Is he under any obliga-9

so come into this place of torment.' tion to that servant for doing what 29 Abraham saith unto him, “They he commanded him? I think not.

have Moses and the prophets, let In like manner, say ye also, when 10 30 them hear these.' And he said, ye have done all that was com

“Nay, Father Abraham, but if one manded you, " We are servants
go to them from the dead, they that have conferred no favour :.

do no

1 The circumstances mentioned in the re- and a neglect of the wants of the afflicted.
mainder of the parable are not to be taken Morally speaking. .
literally. The moral to be learnt is the dan 3 With respect to working miracles.
ger of riches, and the bad effects of luxury, I 4 Pointing io one then in view,

nem how

CHAP. we have only done what we ought in the days of Noah, so it will be al- CHAP XVII. to have done.”

so in the days of the son of man. XV . And on his way to Jerusalem, They ate, they drank, they married 27 Jesus heals as he was passing through the midst wives, they were given in marriage, ten lepeis ; of Samaria, and Galilee, and was until the day when Noah entered

12 entering a certain village, there the ark, and the flood came, and

met him ten lepers, who stood afar destroyed them all. In like man- 28 13 off, and lifted up their voices, say- ner, as it was also in the days of

ing, “ Jesus, master ! have pity on Lot; they ate, they drank, they 14 us.” And when he saw them, he bought, they sold,' they planted,

said unto them, “Go, show your-they built. But on the day when 29 selves unto the priest.” And as Lot went out of Sodom, fire and

they were going, they were cleans-brimstone were rained down from 15 ed. And one of them, when he heaven, and destroyed them all.

saw that he was healed, turned Even so will it be on the day when 30

back, glorifying God with a loud the son of man is revealed. 16 voice. And fell on his face at the 1 “ In that day, whoever shall be 31

feet of Jesus, giving him thanks ; on the house top, and his goods in directs 17 and he was a Samaritan. Then the house, let him noto come to

to escape. Jesus said, “ Were not the ten down, and take them away; and

cleansed ? but where are the nine ? | in like manner, lèt not him that is
18 None have returned to give glory to in the field turn back. Remember 32
19 God, except this stranger.” And Lor's wife. Whosoever shall seek 33

Jesus said unto the man, “ Arise, to save his life, shall lose it, and
go thy way; thy faith hath re- whoever shall be willing to lose his
stored thee.”

life in the cause of truth, shall pre20 Now, having been asked by the serve it. I say unto you, in that 34 corrects a Pharisees, when the kingdom of night there will be two men upon the Phari.

. God was to come, Jesus answered, the same couch, one will be taken sees re- . “ The kingdom of God cometh not away, and the other left. Two 35 specting the with outward show ; nor will men women will be grinding together, kingdom of say of it, 'Lo! here; or lo ! there;' | one will be taken away, and the

for behold the kingdom of God is other left. Two men will be in 36

among you. I am now preaching it." the field, one will be taken away,

22 Then he said to the disciples, and the other left.” And they say 37 warns. - A time will come when ye shall | unto him, " Where, master," and evils to

desire to see one of the' days of he said unto them, " Where the come the son of man, and will not see it. I body is, there will the eagles be ga23 And if any shall say unto you, thered together !!!4

Lo! he is here, or lo! he is there,'| Then too Jesuis showed his dis- CHAP. 24 go not out in search of him. For ciples by this parable, that they XVII.

as the flash of lightning which ought to pray often without being Parable of
lighteneth out of one part under weary. "In a certain city there was
heaven, shineth to another part a judge, who feared not God, nor

under heaven, so will the son of regarded man; and there was a 3
25 man be in his % day. But first widow in the same city, who came

must he suffer many things from to him, saying, "Do me justice

this generation, and be scornfully against my adversary ;' and he re-4 26 rejected by them. And as it was fused for some time; but afterward



them of

S the unjust

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Such peaceable days as you now see.
• He refers to the war with the Romans. 1

3 But hastily escape by the outer stairs.
4 Wherever the unbelieving Jews are,

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