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CHAP. The men of Nineveh will rise up are like decayed tombs, and men CHAP.

in judgment with this race, and will are not aware, when they walk 21.
condemn it; for they repented at upon them.” Then one of the 45
the preaching of Jonah, and be | teachers of the law answered,
hold! something greater than Jo-" Master ! by saying these things
nah is here.

thou reproachest us also.” But he 46
33 “ Now no one lighteth a lamp said, “ Alas! for you also, ye
Value of a to put in a secret place, or un- teachers of the law, for ye load
pound der
at der a measure, but upon a stand, men with burdens heavy to be

that they who come in may see the | borne ; but ye yourselves touch 34 light. The eye is the lainp of the not the burdens with one of your

body; when therefore thine eye is fingers. Alas! for you, because 47
sound, thy whole body is enlight-ye build the tombs of the prophets,

ened, but if it be disordered, then and your fathers slew thein. For 48 35 thy body is in darkness. Take thus ye declare that ye consent not

heed therefore, that the 'light which to the deeds of your fathers, know36 is in thee be not darkness: then if ing them to be wrong, since they

thy whole body be enlightened, indeed killed them, and ye build
without any dark part at all, it their tombs. Yet so ill-disposed
will be altogether so enlightened, as are ye, that ye will act directly.
when the lamp set on a stand en opposite to your own convictions.
lighteneth thee with its bright- Wherefore besides what I think 49

. of you, the wisdom of God hath Grievous, 37 Now after he had spoken this, a also said, I will send unio them qui

jews. Hypocrisy Pharisee asked him to dine with prophets and apostles, and some of fitect

Fade him; so he went in and sat down thein they will kill, and persecute
33 to table. But when the Pharisee others,' so that the blood of all the 50

saw that he did not wash his hands prophets which has been shed from

in water before dinner, he was the foundation of the world, will 39 astonished. And the Lord said be required of this generation ;

unto him, " Now ye Pharisces from the blood of Abel to the blood 51
make clean the outside of the cup of Zachariah, who perished be-

and dish, but leave the inside full tween the altar and ihe temple; 40 of rapine and wickedness, Ye yea I say unto you so great will be

foolish inen! Doth not he who your wickedness and so exemplary

cleaneth the outside usually clean your punishment, that it will seem 41 the inside also ? Rather than at- as if it was required of this very

tend to external washings give alms generation. Alas! for you ye 52
according to your ability, and be teachers of the law, for ye have

hold! all things are clean to you." taken away the key ot' know42 “ Alas! for you Pharisees, for ledge, so that ye go not in your severely ye pay tithe of mint and rue and selves, and hinder those that are proved. every herb, but pass over justice going in.”

and the love of God; these things Now while he was saying these 53

ye ought to do, and not leave the things unto them, the Scribes and Eraged 43 other undone. Alas! for you Pha- the Pharisees began to be greatly isus

risees, for ye love the first seats in enraged, and to provoke him to

the synagogues, and greetings in speak rashly of other inatters, lying 44 the streets. Alas! for you Scribes in wait for him, and seeking

and Pharisees, hypocrites ! for ye to catch something out of his


I The understanding.
· Mental or corporeal.

3 The wisdom of God means the wise Gode



bich shalte is nothing in eritance.", me my share of my immo


said, wn my ba mmil store

CHAP. mouth by which they might ac- | ye must defend yourselves, or CHAP. XI. cuse him.

what ye must say, for the holy CHAP When many thousands of the spirit will teach you at that mo->

mia multitude were gathered together, ment what ye ought to say.". Caution against by. so that they trod upon each other, Then one of the multitude said 13 pocrisy i Jesus began to say to his disciples, unto him, “ Master, bid my immode66 Above all things beware of the brother give me my share of our !

7 sires;
leaven of the Pharisees, which is in eritance." But Jesus said,
2 hypocrisy; for there is nothing " Man, who set me over you as 14
covered, which shall not be laida judge or a divider ?" And he 15

open, and hidden that will not be said unto those about him, " Take
3 known. Whatsoever thing, there. heed and beware of iminoderate
fore, ye have said in darkness, desires, for the real enjoyment of
shall be heard in the light, and that a man's life dependeth not on the
which ye have said in the ear in abundance of his possessions.”
closets, shall be as generally known Then he spoke a parable unto 16
as if it reus published aloud upon them: 6 The ground of a rich worldly,
the house tops.

man brought forth plentifully, and minded4 “ Now I say unto you, my he reasoned within himself, . What fearful friends, Fear not those who kill shall I do, for I have no place 17 ness ;. the body, and afterwards can do where. I can store my crops ?'.

5 no more; but I will show you And he said, "This will I do, 18
whom to fear, Fear him, who af- I will take down my barns, and
ter having killed hath power to cast build greater, and there I will store

into hell: yea I say unto you fear all my produce and my goods.
6 him. Are not five sparrows sold And I will say to my soul, Soul 19

for two farthings ? yet even one of thou hast many goods laid up for

these is not forgotten before God : several years, take thine ease, eat, 7 but the very hairs of your head are drink, regale thyself.' But God 20 all numbered. Fear not, there- said unto him, Thoughtless fore, ye are of more value than man! this night shall thy soul be many sparrows."

8 " I say also unto you, Whoso- will these things be which thou denying ever shall acknowledge me before hast provided! So it is with that 21 Christ;

men, him the son of man also will person who layeth up treasure for

acknowledge in the presence of the himself, and is not rich towards 9 angels of God. But he who de- God.” nieth me before men, shall be de- ! Then he said to his disciples, 22 nied in the presence of the angelsi“ Therefore I say unto you, be not Anxiety

at for the 10 of God. And every one who anxious for your life what ye must

present speaketh a word against the son of eat, nor for your body what you must life, man may be forgiven, but he put on. Life is better than food; 23 who 'speaketh wickedly against and the body than raiment. Con- 24 the holy spirit will not be for- sider the ravens, they sow not, given.

neither do they reap, they have nei11 “ And when ye are brought to ther storehouse nor barn ; yet God anxiety in synagogues, and before rulers and feedeth them. How much better

magistrates, be not anxious how are ye than the birds. Now which 25

where then

me before will these thingse

I He who resists all the evidence arising fore cannot be forgiven.
from the miracles of Jesus and his apostles, : You will be miraculously directed what
cannot be brought to repentance, and there. 'to say.

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CHAP. of you, with all his anxiety can the second watch, or come in the CHAP. Xll. add a single cubit to his life. If third watch, and find them so preo 26 then ye cannot do the least pared, happy are those servanis.

thing, why are you anxious about Now ye know this, that if the 39 27 the rest ? Consider how the lilies master of the house had known at

grow, they neither labour nor what hour the thief would come,
spin; but I say unto you, Even he would have watched, and not

Solomon in all his glory was not have suffered his house to be brok28 arrayed like one of these. If God en into. Therefore be ye also 40

then so clothe the herb which to-ready, for the son of man cometh
day flourisheth in the field, and at an hour when ye think not.”
to-morrow is cast into the furnace; 1 Then Peter said unto hiin, “ Mas- 41

how much more will he clothe you, ter, speakest thou this parable unto extends to 29 () ye of little faith? Wherefore us, or to all likewise ?” And the all.

seek not with anxiety and suspense Lord said, intimating that he 42

what ye must eat, or what ye must meant it for all according to their 30 drink, for all these things the na- | respective abilities, and opportul

tions of the world are seeking af-nities of doing good, Who then

ter, and your Father knoweth that is that prudent and faithful steward, 31 ye need these things. But seek whom his master will place over

rather the kingdom of God, and his household, to give them their
all these things with a moderate portion of food in due season. Hap-13
degree of care and diligence shall py is that servant whom his master
be added unto you.

at his coming shall find so doing. 32 - Fear not, little flock, for it is Verily I say unto you, he will 44 A dis- your Father's good pleasure to give make him ruler over all his sub. use of

of you the happiness of his heavenly stance. But if that servant shall 4.5
bdness. kingdom. Rather than lose this say in his heart, “ My master is
33 happiness sell your substance, and long in coming,' and begin to beat

give alms : provide yourselves the men-servants, and the maid-
purses that decay not, a treasure servants, and to eat and drink, and
in the heavens which never will be be drunken ; the master of that:46

spent, where no thief approacheth, servant will come in a day when he 34 nor moth consumeth. For where I looketh not for him, and in an

your treasure is, there will your hour of which he is not aware, and
heart be also.

will cut him asunder, and appoint 35 “Let your loins be girded about, hiin his portion with the unfaithful. cessity and your lamps burning, and be “And that servant who knew 47 - yourselves like servants expecting his master's will, and prepared not The une . pared,

their master's return from the wed himself, nor did according to his parent 36 ding feast, that as soon as he co I will, shall be beaten with many nished in

meth, and knocketh, the door stripes. But he who knew it in a different 37 may be opened for him. Happy much less degree, and committed degrees.

are those servants whom their things worthy of stripes, shall be 43
master when he cometh shall find beaten with few stripes ; for of
watching. Verily I say unto you, every one, to whom much was
he will gird himself, and set them given, will much be required, and

down to table, and come and wait the more will be demanded where 28 upon them. And if he come in much was entrusted.

eo red

* Jesus probably meant his coming at the general each man's death may be considered destruction of Jerusalem, To Christians in as the coming of Christ.

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CHAP.' “ You will have great need of! Now some came to tell Jesus at CHAR

Xll, vigilance, and preparation, since that time concerning those Galile- * The abuse divisions and persecutions will pre- ans, whose blood Pilate had ming. The pur of Christ's vail; for I came to send fire on led with their sacrifices.

"hair conditione

Jesus ni

Tecnie nishment seligion.

4g the earth; and what do I wish more, I answered, " Think ye that these warning &

since it is already kindled ? Now Galileans were sinners above all the others. 50 this I wish. I have a 'baptism to Galileans, because they suffered 2

be baptized with, and how am such things ? I tell you, No: but 3

I distressed until it be accom-unless ye repent, ye will all perish 51 plished! Think ye that I came to in such as manner. Or those 4

give peace on earth. I say unto eighteen, on whom the tower in Si. 52 you, No, but only division. For loam fell and slew them ; think ye

henceforth, if there be five in one that they were sinners above all the

house, three will be divided against inhabitants of Jerusalem. I tells
53 two, and two against three. A fa- you, No: but unless ye repent, ye

ther will be divided against his son, will all perish in like manner.”
and a son against his father, a mo- He spake also this parable.“ A 6
ther against her daughter, and a man had a fig-tree planted in his Parable of
daughter against her mother, a vineyard, and he came seeking fruit the

mother-in-law against her daugh- upon it, but found none. Then he
ter-in-law, and a daughter-in-law said to the dresser of his vineyard,

against her mother-in law," • Lo! these three years I come

54 Then he said also to the multi- seeking fruit on this fig-tree and Duty of tude, " When ye see a cloud rising find none; cut it down, why doth 7 rightly. s from the west, ye say, 'It will be it even encumber the ground?' But 8'

rain very shortly,' and so it is, he answered, Master, let it alone 55 And when the south wind blows, this year also, until I dig about it

'ye say it will be hot,' and so it is. and dung it; then perhaps it may 9
56 Ye hypocrites! ye can discern the bear fruit: if not, afterwards cut it

appearance of the sky and the earth, I down."
how is it that ye do not discern this Now, while he was teaching in 10
season by comparing the language one of the synagogues, on the Sab- Jesus eux
of the uncient prophets with the bath, behold! ihere was a woman an inform
events and circumstances of the who had a spirit of infirmity cigh- the Saba

woman o
57 present times? Why do ye not teen years, and was bowed together, bath.
make use of the advantages you and could not look up at all. And 12
possess, and of your own accord when Jesus saw her, he called to
judge rightly? Be assured that her, and said, “Woman, thou art
calamity is impending, and as in loosed from thine infirmity :" And 13

other cases, so in this I advise you he laid his hands upon her, and im-
58 to strive to escape it. When thou mediately she became straight, and

goest with thine adversary to the glorified God. But the ruler of 14
magistrates, do all thou canst on the synagogue being displeased be-
the way to free thyself from him, cause Jesus had healed her on the
lest he take thee to the judge, and Sabbath, said to the multitude,
the judge deliver thee to the officer, “ There are six days in which

and the officer cast thee into pri- work should be done, come there
59 son. I say unto ihee, thou mayest fore in them, and he healed, and

not come out thence, until thou not on the Sabbath day.” Upon 15 hast paid the very last farthing." this the Lord answered, “ Thou

ea this

one of the synonymer e sey eight be

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Herod An.

CHAP. hypocrite! doth not any of you 1 part from this place, for Heród CHAP. Alll. loose his ox or his ass from the I meaneth to kill thee.” And he saith IV,

stall on the Sabbath, and lead him unto them, “Go, tell that crafty, Jesus dis16 away to water him? And ought cruel prince, behold! I cast out the

not this woman, a daughter of demons, and perform cures to-day tipas ; Abraham, whom 'Satan hath and to-morrow, and on the 'third 32 bound, lo ! these eighteen years, be day I end my course. But I must 33

loosed from this bond on the Sab- needs go on to-day, and to-mor17 bath-day.” And when he had row, and on the third day I must

said these things, all his opposers die ; for it cannot be that a pro-
were ashamed, and all the multitude phet perish out of Jerusalem.
rejoiced at all the glorious things “O Jerusalem! Jerusalem ! that 34
done by him.

killest the prophets, and stonest laments 22 And he taught in cities and villa-them that are sent unto thee, how :

salem ; Impenitent ges as he pursued his way to Jeru- often would I have gathered thy inst to be salem. Then one said unto him, children together as a hen gather

“ Master, will but few be saved ?" eth her brood under her wings ! but
24 And Jesus said unto them, “ Strive ye would not. Behold! your ha- 35

to enter in by the strait door; for bitation shall be left by you deso-
many, I say unto you, will seek to late ; and verily I say unto you, ye
enter in, but for want of being will not see me, until the time will

sufficiently active and zealous, will come when ye shall say, “ Blessed 25 not be able. When once the mas- is he who cometh in the name of

ter of the house hath risen to shut the Lord.”
the door, though ye begin as ye And as Jesus was eating on a CHAP.
stand without to knock at the door, Sabbath, in the house of one of the ti
and say "Master, master, open to rulers, a Pharisee, they malicious- cures a
us ;' he will answer, I know notly watched him. And behold ! dropsicas

. man on the 26 whence ye are.' Then ye will be there was before him a certain man Sabbath.

gin to say, “We have eaten and that had a dropsy. Wherefore Je- 3

drunk in thy presence, and thou sus spake to the teachers of the law 27 hast taught in our streets. And and Pharisees, saying, “ Is it law

he will say, "I tell you, I know not ful to heal on the Sabbath ?" And

whence ye are; depart from me, all they were silent. And he took, and 4 38 ye workers of iniquity. There healed him, and sent him away, and

will be weeping and gnashing of said unto them, “ Which of you, 5
teeth when ye shall see Abraham, if an ox or an ass fall into a pit will
and Isaac, and Jacob, and all the not immediately draw him out on

prophets, in the kingdom of God, the Sabbath-day?” And they were 6 29 and yourselves turned out. And not able to answer these things. .

there will come from the east, and Then on occasion of his observ- 7
from the west, and from the north, ing how the guests chose out the Modesty
and from the south, those who will first seats, he spake this parable.

ole this porable and humi

" lity recomsit at table in the kingdom of God. When thou art invited by any mended; 30 But behold! some that are last one to a marriage teast, do not 8

will be first, and there are first who place thyself on the first seat, lest a
will be last.”

inore honourable man than thou have 31 The same day some Pharisees been invited ; and he that invited 9

came to him, and said, “ Go, de- thee and him come and say to thee,

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In the popular language of the Jews, agency of supposed evil spirits. diseases and infirmities were atti ibuted to the ela a short time.

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