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CHAP. think ye? If a man have an hun-seven times ?” Jesus saith unto CHAP. Ml. dred sheep, and one of them have him, " I say unto thee, not only as XVII. 12 strayed, doth he not leave the far as seven times, but as seventy 22

ninety and nine upon the moun- times seven.

tains, and go and seek that which “ As to this matter, the kingdom 23 13 hath strayed? And if he find it, of heaven is like a king, who wish- Parable of

verily I say unto you, he rejoicethed to reckon with his servants. the unmermore over it than over the ninety And when he had begun to reckon, van

and nine which had not strayed. one was brought to him that owed 14 Even so it is not the will of your him ten thousand talents. But as 25

Father who is in heaven, that one of he had not wherewith to pay, his

these lowly disciples should be lost. inaster ordered him, and his wife .

15 " Moreover if thy brother have and children, to be sold, and pay. How of- committed a fault against thee, go ment to be made: The servant 26 fenders are

are and argue the matter between thee therefore fell down and did him with, and him alone; if he listen to thee, obeisance, saying, “ Master, have

16 thou hast gained thy brother ; but patience with me, and I will pay

if he will not listen, take with thee thee all.” Then the master took 27
one or two more, that by the mouth pity on that servant, and released

of two or three witnesses every him, and * forgave him the debt.
17 word may be established. And if But that servant went out and met 23
he will not listen to them, tell the with one of his fellow-servants,

church, and if he will not listen who owed him an hundred deto the church, let him be unto thee narii ; and he seized him by the as an heathen and a taxgatherer, by throat, and said, “ Pay me what

avoiding all intercourse with him. thou owest.” His fellow-servant 29 IS Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever fell down at his feet and besought

ye shall bind or declare obligatory him, saying, “ Have patience with
on earth shall be bound in heaven, me, and I will pay thee all :” and 30

and whatsoever ye shall loose shall he would not, but went and threw 19 be loosed in heaven. Again, I say him into prison, till he should pav

unto you, if two of you agree in the debt. When his fellow-servants 31
asking any thing for the miracu- saw what was done, they were very
lous confirmation of your decisions sorry, and went and told their mas-

it shall be granted them by myter all that was done. Then his 32 20 Father, who is heaven. For where master callcd him, and saith unto

two or three are gathered together him, “Thou wicked servant, I for.
in my name, there am I in effect I gave thee all that debt because thou
in the midst of them."

desiredst me. Oughtest not thou 33
21 Then Peter came to him and also to have had pity on thy fellow-
and how said, “ Master, how many times, servant, even as I had pity on
often to be if my brother offend against me. thee?” And his master was angry, 34

must I 3 forgive him ? As far as and delivered him over to the gaol.

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I The congregation of which thou and thy 5 A denarius, was a Roman coin, worth brother are members.

7 d. of our money, and was the Jewish hire
*As my disciples, and acting agreeably to for a day. But neither these nor the talents
the authority which I have delegated to need be taken literally for specific sums.

The general idea is enough, that the sum
3 In case I argue with him and he listen which the servant was forgiven, vastly ex-
to me.

| ceeded the sum which his fellow-servant
*4 That is, on condition of his behavingowed him,
well for the future.

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CHAP. what thou hast, and give it to the For the kingdom of heaven is like CHAP.

poor, and thou wilt have a treasure an householder, who went out early XX.

in heaven; and come, and be with in the morning to hire labourers Parable of 22 me.” But when the young man for his vineyard, and having agreed labourers

ced hired to heard these words, he went away with some labourers for a denarius work sorrowful; for he had great pos- a day, he sent them into his vine- vineyard. sessions.

yard. And he went out about the 3 23 Then said Jesus to his disciples, third hour, and saw others standing Bad ten- 6 Verily I say unto you, a rich without work in the market place, riches.

of man will hardly come into the and he said unto them, “Go ye also 4

kingdom of heaven. Again, I say into the vineyard, and whatever is 24 unto you, it is easier for a camel | right I will give you," and they

to pass through the eye of a needle, went. Again, he went out about 5

than for a rich man to come into the sixth and ninth hour, and did 25 the kingdom of heaven.” The likewise. And about the eleventh 6

disciples on hearing this were hour he went out, and found others

greatly amazed, saying, “What standing without work, and saith
26 rich man then can be saved?” But unto them, “Why are ye standing

Jesus, looking earnestly on them, here all the day doing nothing ?
said, “With men this is impossi-They say unto him, “No man
ble, but with God all things are hath hired us." He saith unto 7

them, “Go ye also into the vine27 Then Peter answered, " We yard, and whatever is right ye shall Promise of gave up all to come with thee, what receive.” And in the evening, the s the Apos.

on to shall we have therefore ?" And owner of the vineyard saith unto des. Jesus said unto them, “ Verily I his steward, “ Call the labourers,

28 say unto you, ye who have accom- and give them their wages from the

panied me, shall, in the future s re- last to the first.” And they who 9
novation of all things, when the were hired at the eleventh hour,
son of man sitteth on the throne of came and received each a denarius.
his glory, yourselves also sit on But when the first came, they sup- 10

twelve thrones as 4 judges of the posed that they should receive
29 twelve tribes of Israel. And every more, and they also received each

one who hath left houses or brethren, a denarius. But when they received it
or sisters, or father, or mother, or it, they murmured against the
wife, or children, or lands, for my householder, and said, These 12
name's sake, shall receive 5 what is last have worked but one hour, and
equal to an hundred times as much dost thou make them equal to us
as he leaves, and shall inherit who have borne the burden and
eternal life. .

heat of the day ?” But he answered 13
30 “But many that are first called one of them and said, “ Friend, I

into the kingdom of God, shall be do thee no wrong ; didst thou not
last in his favour, and the last first. agree with me for a denarius? Take 14


reward to

Rabbins as well as Arabs, in describing Qualified and authorised to bind and
a high degree of improbability, used to say, loose, to interpret and apply the doctrine
It will not happen before a camel or an ele- which ye have received from me, and en-
phant has crept through the eye of a needle. abled to propagate it with new evidence of

2 The true love of God would make that its truth and divine original.
easy to men, which without that love ap- 5 The blessings of a good conscience, hope
pears impossible.

1 of future happiness, and an escape from the
3 When a great and happy change shall calamities in which the unbelieving Jews
take place, by the holy spirit's being sent will be involved by the Romans.
down from heaven,

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