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hath greates from therefore, amo

CHAP. When Pilate, therefore, heard I read this title, for the place where CHAP.

Sia. these words, he was the more afraid, ) Jesus was crucified was near the * wat is afraid and went again into the judgment-city: and it was written in Hebrew, Fews,

hall, and saith unto Jesus, hence Greek, and Latin. Then the chief 21 )

art thou ?" But Jesus gave him priests of the Jews said to Pilate,
10 no answer, Then saith Pilate un-15 Write not, The king of the Jews,

to him, " Wilt thou not speak un- but that he said, I am the king
to me? Dost thou not know that of the Jews.” Pilate answered, 22

I have power to crucify thee, and " What I have written, I have
11 have power to let thee go ?” Jesus written.”

answered, “Thou couldst have no Then the Jews, after fastening 23 power against me, unless it had Jesus to the cross, took his outer The sol.

diers take been given thee from above; but garments, and made four parts, to his concerning this matter, he that de- every soldier a part ; and his coat

livered me up to thee hath greater which was woven without a seam
12 sin.” On this account Pilate was from the top throughout. They 24

desirous to release him ; but the said, therefore, among themselves,
Jews cried out, “ If thou let this "Let us not rendit, but cast lots
man go, thou art not Cesar's friend : for it, whose it shall be ;" whereby
every one that setteth himself up this scripture was fulfilled, which

for a king, opposeth Cesar."" saith, " They divided my gar- Psalm

13 When Pilate heard this, he ments among them, and for iny **11. 18, and con.. brought Jesus out, and sat down vesture they cast lots.” So these Bents that Jesus

de on the judgment-seat, in a place things the soldiers did. should be called the Pavement, but in He- Now the mother of Jesus, and 25 crucified. brew, Gabbatha. Now it was the his mother's sister, Mary, the wife Jesus com14 preparation of the paschal-sabhath, of Cleophas, and Mary Magdalene,

Mary Magdalene, care of his and about the sixth hour, when he had placed themselves by the cross mother to

said unto the Jews, “ Behold! of Jesus. Jesus therefore seeing John, 15 your king." But they cried out, his mother, and the disciple whom 26

“ Put him to death! put him to he loved, standing by her, saith un-
death ! crucify him!” Pilate saith to his mother, “ Woman ! behold
unto them, “ Shall I crucify your thy son.” Then he saith to the 27
king ?” The chief priests an- disciple, “ Behold thy mother.”

swered, “ We have no king but And from that time this disciple
16 Cesar.” Then Pilate delivered him took her to his own house.
up to be crucified.

After this, Jesus knowing that 23
17 And they took Jesus, and led all things were nearly finished, and ex-
The cruci- him away, and he went, carrying fulfilled the scripture, by saying, pires
Ollo his own 2 cross, to a place called " I thirst.” For upon this some 29

the Place of a Skull, but in He | filled a spunge out of a vessel full Psalm 18 brew, Golgotha, where they fast- of vinegar that was there, and after \xix. 2 ened him to the cross, and two putting a branch of hyssop about

others with him, one on each side, it, lifted it to his mouth. When 30
19 and Jesus in the middle. Now Pi- Jesus therefore had received the

late also wrote a title, and put it on vinegar, he said, “ It is finished,"
the cross, and the writing was, and bowed down his head, and ex-

“ Jesus of Nazareth, the king of pired.
20 the Jews.” And many of the Jews. Now, the Jews, because it was 31

ts the

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- 1 He was more swayed by fear to con- should otherwise arise.
demn Jesus, lest disturbance and tumult1 • The upper part of it,

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the liheth the stone ratio was light the theoretis

CHAP. the preparation for the Sabbath, 1 Now on the first day of the CHAP

*. that the bodies might not remain week, Mary Magdalene setteth XX. A soldier on the cross that Sabbath, which was out early in the morning while Peter and in a great day, besought Pilate, that it was yet dark, towards the.onno

the tomb with a they might have their legs broken, tomb, and when it was light she with Mary spear. and be iaken away. Accordingly seeth the stone taken away from Magdalene,

32 the soldiers came, and brake the the tomb. She runneth there- 2

legs of the first, and of the other, fore, and cometh to Simon Peter,

that had been crucified with Jesus ; and to the other disciple whom 33 but when they came to Jesus, and Jesus loved, and saith unto them,

saw that he was dead already, they" They have taken away our mas34 did not break his legs ; but one of ter out of the tomb, and we

the soldiers with a spear, pierced know not where they have laid

his side, and immediately there him.” Then Peter and that other 3 35 came out blood and water. And he disciple went out to go to the

who saw this, beareth testimony of tomb. Now they both rån toge-4 it, that ye may believe; and this tes- ther, but the other disciple outran tiniony of his is true,and Jesus him- Peter, and came first to the tomb.

self knoweth that he speaketh truth. And when he had stooped down 5 36 And hereby was that scripture ful- to look in, he saw the linen

filled, “ Abone of him will not be clothes lying, but he went not in. Exod. broken.” And another'scripture Then cometh Simon Peter after 6

.. also saith, “ They will look on him, and went into the tomb, xii. 10. him whom they pierced."

and seeth the linen clothes lying, 7 38 Now, after this, Joseph of Ari- and the napkin that had been on He is bu- mathea, a disciple of Jesus,(but se- the head of Jesus not lying with Joseph and

and cretly for fear of the Jews) asked the linen clothes, but wrapped up

" Nicode- leave of Pilate to take away the in a place by itself. Then that s

body of Jesus; and when Pilate other disciple who came first to

had given him leave, he went and the tomb, went in also, and saw, 39 took away the body of Jesus. And and believed ; for they did not 9

Nicodemus (who went at the first yet understand this scripture, that
to Jesus by night) came and brought he must rise from the dead.
with himn a mixture of myrrh and And these disciples went home 10

aloes, about a hundred pounds again.
40 2 weight. So they took the body But Mary stood by the tomb on 11

of Jesus, and wound it in linen the outside, weeping; and as she Jesus is clothes with the spices, according wept, she stooped down to look in

to the custom of embalming among into the tomb, and seeth two
41 the Jews. Now in the place, where angels in white raiment, one sit- 12

he was crucified, there was a gar- ting at the head, and the other at
den, and in that garden a new the feet, where the body of Jesus

tomb, wherein no one had yet been had lain. And they say unto her, 13 42 laid. There they laid Jesus there- " Woman, why weepest thou ?"

fore, because that tomb was nigh, she saith unto them, “ Because
and that day was the day of pre- they have taken away my master,
paration to the Jews. .

and I know not where they have

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The evangelist in applying these texts Spices in large quantities were heaped on to Jesus, does not say that they were origi- | the dead body, when peculiar honour was denally meant of him.

I signed.

ness of


CHAP. laid him." And when she said spirit. If ye Sremit the sins of CHAP. xx, this, she turned herself back, any, they are remitted unto them,

XX. and saw Jesus standing by, but and if ye retain them, they are re15 knew not that it was Jesus. Jesustained.”

saith unto her, “ Woman, why But Thomas called Didymus, 24 weepest thou?” She, supposing him was not with them when Jesus Backwardto be the gardener, saith unto came. The other disciples then

1 Thomas to him, “ Sir, if thou have carried said unto him, “ We have seen believe. him hence, tell me where thou the Lord.” But he said unto

hast laid him, and I will take him them, “ Unless I shall see in his 16 away.” Jesus saith unto her, hands the print of the nails, and

" Mary !” She turneth herself and put my finger into the print of the

saith unto him, " Rabboni," nails, and put my hand into his 17 (which means, My master !) Jesus side, I will not believe.” .

saith unto her, “ Embrace me not And eight days after, while the 26
now, for I do not yet ascend to disciples were in the house, and He is con-
my Father : but go to my bre-Thomas with them, Jesus came,

; sensible thren, and say unto them, I shall when the doors were shut, and proof. ascend to my Father, and your stood in the midst of them, and

Father, and to my God, and your said, “ Peace be unto you."
18 God. So Mary Magdalene went Then saith he to Thomas, “ Bring 27

and told the disciples, that she had hither thy finger, and examine my
seen the Lord, and related what hands, and bring hither thy hand,
he had said unto her.

and put it into my side, and be
19 Then in the evening of that day, not too backward to believe, but
by ten of which was the first day of the be convinced.” And Thomas an- 28
apos week, the doors, where the disciples swered, and said unto him, “ O .

were assembled, being shut for fear my Lord!” and, 466 () my God!"
of the Jews, Jesus came and 'stood Jesus saith unto him, “ 'Because 29

in the midst, and saith unto them, thou seest me, Thomas doest thou 20 “ Peace be unto you.” And when believe? Happy are they who have

he had said this, he showed them not seen me, and yet believe.”
his hands and his side, and the Now Jesus performed in the 30

disciples rejoiced at seeing the presence of his disciples many other Design and 21 Lord. Then said Jesus unto them miracles, which are not written in

again : “ Peace be unto you! As this book ; but these are written, gospel.

the Father sent me, so I send that ye may believe Jesus to be the 22 you." And upon saying this, he Christ, the son of God, and that

breathed on them, and saith unto believing ye may have life through
hem, 866 Receive ye the holy his name.




I Having opened the door miraculously, was now convinced. The other part to God,
and without the disciples perceiving it. whose power and goodness in raising up his

• He probably meant this as an earnest of Lord, the piety of the apostle naturally led
the spirit, reserving the full effusion of it him to admire.
to the day of Pentecost.

1 5 On sufficient moral evidence.
3 According to the terms of the gospel. 1. 6 Through belief of, and obedience to

4 The first part of this exclamation relates his gospel.
10 Jesus, of whose resurrection Thomas


CHAP. I MADE the former relation, O spirit coming upon you, and shall CHAP.

he Theophilus, concerning all those be witnesses unto me, both in Jes ? The ascen- things which Jesus both did and rusalem, and in all Judea, and in sion of taught, until the day when he Samaria, and to the uttermost 9 Christ.

was taken up, after giving his com- part of the land.” And when he
mands to the apostles, whom he had spoken these things, as they
3 had chosen by the holy spirit ; to were looking on him, he was taken

whom also he showed himself to up, and a cloud removed him out
be alive, after he had suffered of their sight. And while they 10
death, by many proofs, during were looking earnestly towards
forty days being seen by them, heaven, as he went, behold! two
and speaking of the things con- men stood by them in white ap-
4 cerning the kingdom of God. And parel, who said, " Ye men of 11
during these communications with Galilee, why stand ye looking to-
them, he commanded them not towards heaven? This same Jesus
leave Jerusalem, but to wait for who is taken up from you into hea-
that promise of the Father, “which ven, will come in the same manner

he said, ye have heard from me; as ye have seen him go to heaven." 5 for John, indeed, baptized with Then they returned to Jerusalem 12

water, but ye shall be baptized from the mount, called the Mount with a holy spirit, not many days of Olives, which is near Jerusalem, The apose 6 hence.” Then while they were too at the distance of a Sabbath-day's totes gether at Bethany, they asked him, journey. And when they were themselves saying, “ Master, art thou going come to the city, they went into the to pray. at this time to restore the king upper-room, where they usually 13 7 dom to Israel?” And he said, abode, both Peter, and James, and

“ It is not for you to know those John, and Andrew, Philip and Thoseasons of time, which the Father mas, Bartholomew and Matthew, 8 keepeth in his own disposal ; but James the son of Alpheus, and

ye shall receive power by the holy Simon Zelotes, and Judas the bro

tles return and betakt

I This book which would have been in which this record appears, as a valuable more correctly entitled, “ A concise his piece of church-history, it recommends it. tory of the Church of Christ, during thirty self to all Christians, as furnishing, in conyears subsequent to his Ascension," is, with nection with the gospel history, a very every good reason, believed to have been striking proof of the truth of Christianity. written by the Evangelist Luke, A. D. 63, By comparing the character and conduct of or 64. It is evidently a second part, or the apostles, as related in the gospels, with continuation of St. Luke's gospel, as ap

what was effected by their instrumentality pears from the beginning of it; and from

when their Master was gone from them, it its bearing upon it the strongest marks appears almost undeniably certain, that they with respect to style, of being the produc

were divinely assisted; and that the cause tion of the same pen. It forms a central or

in which they were engaged was the cause
intermediate book to connect the gospels

| of God and of his truth."
and epistles; serving as an useful postscript : Of working miracles, and communicat-
to the former, and a proper introduction to ing spiritual gifts.
the latter. Besides the very interesting light | About a mile.


oses the

CHAP. ther of James. All these with one lots, and the lot fell upon Mat- CHAP, 1. mind, continued in the frequent thias, and he was numbered with b. 14 use of prayer, with certain women, the eleven apostles.

and Mary the mother of Jesus, and Now when the day of Pentecost CHAP. with his brethren.

was come, the apostles were all 11. 15 And in those days Peter stood with one mind in the same place : Effusion of Peter pro- up in the midst of the disciples, when suddenly there was a noise spirit lection of

if the number of whom then present from heaven, like the rushing of come one was about an hundred and twenty, a mighty wind, which filled all o succeed and said, “ Brethren, it was ne- the room where they were sitting, adas. cessary for that scripture to be ful- | And they saw, as it were, tongues 3

16 filled, which the holy spirit spake of fire distributing themselves, and

before by the mouth of David, sitting upon each of them, and 4

concerning Judas, who was guide they were all filled with a holy
17 to those who took Jesus, and who spirit, and began to speak with

was numbered with us, and had other languages, as that spirit
his part allotted him in this ser- gave them utterance. Now there 5

vice, in which we are engaged. were dwelling at Jerusalem at 18 - (Now this man was the cause of that time, Jews, religious men, out

a field being purchased with the re-of many nations under heaven,
ward of his iniquity, and afterwards And when this report was spread 6

fell down flat and burst, so that abroad, the multitude came toge-
19 all his bowels gushed out. And ther, and were perplexed, because

this was known to all the inhabi- every man heard the apostles speak
tants of Jerusalem, so that the field in his own language. And they 7

was called, Aceldama, that is, the were all amazed and wondered,

20 Field of Blood). For it is written in saying one to another, “ Behold, Psalm the book of Psalms, “Let his ha- are not all those who are speaking, Six. 25. bitation be desolate, and let no one Galileans? How then do we hear 8

dwell therein." And in another every man in our own language,
place, “Let another take his of- in which we were born! We who

fice.” Out of these men therefore are Parthians and Medes, and 9
21 who have been with us all the time Persians, inhabitants of Mesopo-

that the Lord Jesus was amongst tamia, of Judea,+ and Cappadocia, -22 us, from the time he was baptized of Pontus, and the western part of

by John, to the day of his being the Lesser Asia, of Phrygia, and 10
taken up from us, one should be ap- Pamphylia, of Egypt, and of the
pointed to be a witness with us of parts of Lybia about Cyrene, and
his resurrection.”

strangers from Rome, both native
23 Then they proposed two; Joseph, Jews, and proselytes, Cretans, 11
Iatthias is called Barsabas, whose surname was also, and Arabians; we hear them
osta. Justus, and Matthias. And they speaking in our own languages
24 prayed, saying, “Thou Lord! who the wonderful works of God."

knowest the hearts of all men, So they were all amazed, and doubt- 12
25 show which of these two thou hast ed, saying one to another, “What

chosen, that he may take the al- can this mean.” But others scof-13
lotment of this service of anfing, said, “ These men are full

apostleship, which Judas left to go of new wine.”
26 to his own place.” So they cast! Then Peter, with the eleven, 14

1 This and the next verse are the words of the historian. .

* After he had strangled or choked himself.'

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