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CHAP. This is my commandment, that ye (both me and my Father. But thus CHAP. XV. love one another, as I have loved is fulfilled the saying written in * 13 you. No one can show his love their 'law. " They hated me Psalm

more, than by laying down his life without a cause.” Now, when **** 14 for his friends. Ye will be my the advocate is come, whom I will 26

friends, if ye do what I command send to you from the Father, even
15 you. I no more call you servants, the spirit of truth which shall pro-

for the servant knoweth not wbaceed from the Father, he will be a 27
his master is doing ; but I call you witness to me, and ye also are wit-
friends, because I have made known nesses, because ye have been with

to you all that I have heard from me from the beginning.
16 my Father. Ye chose not me, but “ These things have I spoken un- CHAP.
I chose you, and placed you on the to you, that ye may not fall off from

XVI. vine, that you may go on bearing me. They will drive you from Apprises fruit, and this fruit may continue, their synagogues; yea a time ish that whatsoever ye shall ask the coming, when whosoever killeth cution that Father in my name, hc may give you, will think that he offereth a re- awaited it you.

ligious service unto God. Now, them .17 " These things I again com- these things they will do unto you, 3 Warns mand you, that ye love one ano- because they know neither the Fa

id ther. If the world hate you, con- ther, nor me. But I have spoken 4 the hatred of the sider that it hated me before it hated these things unto you, that when world, at you. If ye had been of the world, the time is come, ye may rememwhich they the world would have loved its ber that I told you of them ; but I 5 were not to wonder. own ; but because ye are not of the did not tell you of them before, be

19 world, but I chose you for myself, cause I was with you, and could

out of the world, therefore the world occasionally teach, comfort, and
20 hateth ycı. Remember the words support you, but now I am going

which I said unto you, 'A servant to him who sent me. Yet none of 6
is not greater than his master. If you asketh me, “Whither art thou
they have persecuted me, they will going ?' but because I say these
persecute you also, as on the co!

l ihings unto you, sorrow hath filled
trary, if any have kept my words, your hearts.
21 they will also keep your's.' But " Nevertheless I tell you the 7

they will do all these things unto truth, it is better for you that I go Effects of
you, huting and persecuting you, away ; for if I go not away, the ad-

of the ho on account of my name, because vocate will not come unto you, but ly spirit.

they know not him who sent me. if I do go, I will send hiin to you.
22 If I had not come and spoken unto And when he is come, he will 8

them, they would not have had sin reprove the world concerning
to such a degree as they now have; sin, and concerning righteousness,

but now they have no excuse for and concerning justice. Concern-9
23 their sin. He who hateth me, ing sin, because they believe not
24 hateth my Father also. If I had in me; concerning righteousness, 10

not done among them such works because I am going to my Father, .
as no other ever did, they would and ye see me no more ; concern- il
not have had sin ; but now, though ing justice, because the prince of
they have seen my works, they hate this world is iniquitously condemn.

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* Meaning the volume which contains the ousness of Christ, and treating him with law, and other sacred writings.

justice, · For their sin, in denying the righte- |


CHAP. ed. I have still many things to ljoice, and your joy no one will CHAP. m. say unto you, but ye cannot bear take from you. And in that day,

XVII. 12 them now; but when the advocate ye will have no need to ask me any 23 13 is come, even the spirit of truth, he thing, for verily, verily, I say unto

will guide you into all the truth; you, whatsoever ye shall ask the Fa-
for he will not speak of himself, ther in my name, he will give it
but whatsoever he shall hear, that you. Hitherto ye have asked noa 24
shall he speak, and he will explain thing in my name: ask and ye will

to you things now coming to pass. receive, so as to have your joy com (14 He will glorify me; for he will replete.

ceive of mine, and declare it unto " These things have I spoken 25 15 you. All that the Father hath is unto you in 3 dark speeches: a

minė, by his permission, and to time however is coming, when I
use to his glory, therefore I said, will no longer speak to yon in dark

he will receive of mine, and declare speeches, but will tell you plainly 16 it unto you. A little while, and ye of the Father. In that day ye will 26

will not see me, and again a little ask in my name, and I do not say
while, and ye will see me, because that I will ask the Father for you,
"I go to the Father."!

that will not be requisite ; for the 27 17 Upon this, some of his disciples Father himself loveth you, because

said to each other, " What is this, ye love me, and believe that I came Disciples that he is telling us ? A little from God. I came forth from the 28 tre terrific

a while, and ye will not see me, and Father,and am come into the world; hought of again a little while, and ye will see again I leave the world, and go to asing their me, and because I am going to the the Father.” His disciples say unto 29 master. Father." Then they said, “ We him, "Lo! now thou speakest plain

18 know not what this little while, of ly, without any dark speech at all.
19 which he speaks, can mean." Upon Now we are sure that thou' know-30

this, Jesus knowing that they were est all things, and there is no need
desirous to ask him, said unto them, that any one should ask thee again.
« Are ye debating among your- By this we believe that thou camest
selves about what I said. A little forth froin God."
while and ye will not see me, and Jesus answered them, “ Do ye 31

again a little while, and ye will see now believe? Behold! a time is 32 20 me.' Verily, verily, I say unto coming, yea is now at hand, that

you, ye will weep and lainent, but ye will each go your own way, and
the world will rejoice; and ye will leave me alone ; though I am not

be sorrowful, but your sorrow will alone, because the Father is with 21 be turned into joy. A woman in me. These things have I spoken 33

labour hath sorrow, because her unto you, that in me ye may have
hour is come, but when she is de- peace: in the world ye will have
livered of the child, she remember- affliction ; but be of good courage,
eth no more the anguish, for joy I have overcome the world.”

that a man is born into the world; After Jesus had spoken these CHAP: 22 thus ye have sorrow now, but when things, he lifted up his eyes to hea

I see you again, your heart will re-ven, and said, “ Father, the hour

d at the



"After my resurrection.

5 Because our Lord showed a knowledge • At the time when they should receive of their private discourse ; ver. 17, 18, 19. the spirit.

6 They were now satisfied, both of his 3 In general, and less distinct expressions. divine commission, and bis future glory. * The time of the spirit's being given,


CHAP. is' come. Glorify thy son; that! Whilst I was with them in the world, CHAP

XVII. thy son may also glorify thee, byl I preserved those whom thou gavest Jesus giving eternal life to all whom me, in thy name: I kept them, and 12 prays God thou hast given him, inasmuch as not one of them is lost, but the son to glorify him ;

thou hast given him authority over of " mischief; by which the scrip- Psalm 3% all mankind; and this is eternal ture is fulfilled. And these things cix. &.

life, to know thee to be the only I speak in the world, but now I am 13 true God, and Jesus thy messenger coming to thee, that these my dis4 to be the Christ. I have glorified ciples may bave their joy in me

thee on earth, I have finished the completed. I have given them thy 14 work which thou gavest' me to word, and the world hated them, 5 perform. And therefore, Father! because they are not of the world, do thau glorify me with thyself in even as I am not of the world. 115 heaven, with that glory in thy pre- do not ask thee to take them sence which I had, in thy fore-out of the world, but to preknowledge and intention, before the serve them from evil. Since they 16 6 world was. I have manifested thy are not of the world, even as í

name to the men whom thou gavest I am not of the world, - sanctify 17 me out of the world ; they were them through the truth; thy thine, in belief and love of thee, word is truth. As thou sent. 13 and thou gavest them to me, and est me into the world, so send 7 they have kept thy word. Now I them into the world, and for 19

they know that all those things their sakes I devote myself to which thou gavest me, did come thee, that they may be sanctified 8 from thee; for the doctrines through the truth. which thou gavest me I have given And I ask not for these only, but 20 them, and they have received them, for those also who shall believe and all and know certainly that I came in me through their word, that they ocher

forth from thee, and they believe all may be one ; as thou, Father! lievers in 9 that thou didst send me. I request art in me, and I in thee, that they him.

for them, I request not for the also may be one in us; that the 21 world, for those who are hardened world may believe that thou didst and incorrigible, but for those send me, and that thou gavest me

whom thou gavest me, because the glory, which I gave them, that 10 they are thine. Indeed all things they may be one, even as we are 22

that are mine, are thine, as the ori- one, I'in them, and thou in me, 23 ginal giver, and all things that are so as to be perfected more, for the thine, are mine, by thy gracious world to know that thou sentest communication, and I am glorified me, and lovedst them, as thou lovthereby.

edst me. Father, as to them whom 24 11 “ AsI am to be no longer in the hou gavest me, my desire is, that to preserve world, but they shall be in the they may also be with me where I bis apose world, and I am coming to thee, I am, that they may behold my glory dles;

Holy Father ! preserve them whom which thou ? gavest me, because thou gavest me, in thy' name, that thou lovedst me before the foundathey may be one, as we are one. tion of the world. O righteous 25


i The term of my ministry approaches to will. a period.

4 That lost character, Judas. Gentiles as well as Jews, who will ob- 5The glorious power of working miracles, tain eternal life, on the conditions of the 6 One in affection, and in co-operation, for gospel covenant.

the advancement of truth and goodness 3 In the love of thee, and obedience to thy'. ? Didst design to give me.



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CHAP. Father! the world knew thee not ; Then the band, and the com. CHAP.

de but I knew thee, and these my dis-mander, and the officers of the *. ciples know that thou didst send Jews, took Jesus, and bound him, who is car26 me. And I have made known thy and carried him away to Annas

od him way to Anno ried before

- Annas, name unto them, and will make it first, father-in-law to Caiaphas the known, that the love with whịch high priest that year. Now it was 13 thou lovedst me may be in them, Caiaphas who had told the Jews in 14 and I in them."

council, that it was expedient for CHAP. When Jesus had thus spoken, he one man to die for the people.

1. went forth with his disciples over And Simon Peter, and 2 another 15 Jodas de. the brook Kedron, where there was disciple followed Jesus, and that and then Jesus ; s up a garden, into which he and his disciple was known to the high to

8 Caiaphas,
disciples entered. Now Judas also priest, and went in with Jesus into
2 who delivered him up, knew the the palace of the high priest ; but

plače, because Jesus often resorted Peter stood by the door without.
3 thither with his disciples. Then Upon this, that other disciple who 16

Judas, taking with him a band of was known to the high priest, went
men and officers from the chief out, and spake to her who kept the
priests and Pharisees, cometh 'thi-door, and brought in Peter. Then 17

ther with lanterns, torches, and the maid servant who kept the door, 4 weapons. Jesus, therefore, know- saith to Peter, “ Art not thou also

ing all that was coming upon him, one of this man's disciples ?" He went forth and said unto them, saith, "I am not." Now the ser- 13 5“ Whom are ye seeking ?” They vants and officers had made a fire, answered, “ Jesus of Nazareth.'' for it was cold, and were warming

Jesus saith unto them, “ I am he." themselves ; and Peter was also
6 And Judas also who delivered him standing with them, and warming

up, stood with them. As soon then himself.
as he had said unto them, 'I am he,' Then the high priest asked Jesus 19

they went back, and fell on the about his disciples, and his doc- and ex. 7 ground. Then he asked them trines. Jesus answered him, “ line

again, " Whom seek ye?” And spake openly to the world; I taught

they said, “ Jesus of Nazareth.” constantly in the synagogue, and in 20 8 Jesus answered, “ I told you that the temple, whither the Jews resort

I am he ; if therefore ye seek me, from all quarters, and in secret I • let these who are with me, go have spoken nothing. Why then 21

away ;" so that the saying which dost thou ask me ? ask those that

9 he had spoken was fulfilled, Of heard what I spake unto them, beSee xvii. 1z.theni whom thou gavest me, I losthold !, they know what I said.”

19 none.' Then Simon Peter, having a Now, when he had said this, one of 22

sword, drew it, and smote the high the officers who stood by, struck

priest's servant, whose name was Jesus with the palm of his hand, . Malchus, and cut off his right ear. and said, “ Answerest thou the high II Upon which Jesus said unto Peter, priest thus?” Jesus answered him, 23

“ 'Put up the sword into the sheath." If I spake amiss, tell me what it Shall I not drink the cup which the was ; but if well, why dost thou Father hath given me to drink?" smite me?” Now Annas had sent 24


* This being done by the miraculous to the hands of tlie Jews. power which Jesus possessed, showed that . Probably, John himself. he afterwards voluntarily resigned himself in

XVIIl. priest.

CHAP. him bound to Caiaphas the high, but indeed my kingdom is not CHAP.

here." Upon this, Pilate said unto XIX, 25 But Simon Peter was still warm-him, “ So thou art a king then?" 37 denied re- ing himself, when some of them Jesus answered, " Thou sayest De pers. said unto him, "Art not thou also truly, I am a king. For this cause

one of his disciples ?" He denied, was I born, and for this cause I
26 and said, “ I am not." One of the came into the world, that I might

servants of the high priest, (kins bear testimony to the truth ; every
man to him whose ear Peter cut one that is of the truth, listeneth to

off,) saith, “ Did I not see thee my voice.” Pilate saith to him, 38 27 in the garden with him." Upon - What is truth to me ?

this Peter denied again, and im- And when he had said this, he Jews premediately the cock crew.

went out again to the Jews, and fer bar 28 Then the Jews bring Jesus from said unto them, “I find no fault in brought Caiaphas to the judgment-hall, ear-him. But ye have a custom that 39 before Pi. lusin late,

1 ly in the morning, and they them. I should release unto you one pri

selves went not into the judgment soner at the passover, will ye there-
hall, that they might not be de- fore that I release to you the king

filed, but be able to eat the pass- of the Jews ?” Upon which they 40 29 over. Pilate, therefore, went out all cried out, “ Not this man, but

unto them, and said, “ What accu- Barabbas.” Now Barabbas, was a

sation do you bring against this murderer. 30 man?They answered, “If he Then Pilate upon this took Je- CHAP.

were not a malefactor, we should sus, and had him scourged. And .. not have delivered him up unto the soldiers platted a crown of Pilate

thee.” Then said Pilate unto them, thorns, and put it on his head, and withes to 31 “Do ye take him, and punish him clad him in a purple robe, and said, him,

according to your law." But the “ Hail, king of the Jews.” And 3 Jews said unto him, “We are not they struck him with the palms of

allowed to put any one to death.” their hands. Then Pilate went out 4 32 So that the words of Jesus were again, and saith unto them, “ See,

fulfilled which he spake, signifying I bring him out to you, that ve

what' death he should die. may know that I find no fault in

33 Then Pilate entered again into him, and think that you have noand ex. the judgment-ball, and called Jesus, thing to fear fronz letting him by him and said to him, “ Art thou the live.Then Jesus came out, wear- 5

king of the Jews ?Jesus an- ing the crown of thorns, and the 34 swered, “ Dost thou say this from purple garment. And Pilates saith

thyself, or did others tell it thee of unto them, “ See. That is the 35 me?Pilate answered, “ Am I a man !". When therefore the chief 6

Jew? Thine own nation, and the priests and the officers saw him,

chief priests delivered thee up unto they cried out, “ Crucify him,
36 me. What hast thou done?” Je- crucify him.Pilate said, “ Do

sus answered, "My kingdom is you take and crucify him, for I
not of this world; if my kingdom find no fault in him.” The Jews 7.
had been of this world, my servants answered, “We have a law, and by
would have contended, that I might this law he ought to die, because he
not be delivered up to the Jews ; made himself the son of God.”

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Crucifixion, which was inflicted by the
Romans, not by the Jews.

? In a tone of voice probably that showed

3 They meant that he falsely pretended to be the Messiah, that great prophet who was to come.

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