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5 Be wise, ye rulers of the earth,
Obey th' anointed Lord;

Adore the King of heavenly birth,
And tremble at his word.

6 With humble love address his throne;
For if he frown, ye die;

Those are secure, and those alone,
Who on his grace rely.

PSALM 2. L. M.

(b) Christ's death, resurrection, and ascension.


their rage?

The Romans,why their swords employ! Against the Lord their pow'rs engage His dear Anointed to destroy.

2 "Come, let us break his bands," they say: "This man shall never give us laws:" And thus they cast his yoke away, And nail'd the monarch to the cross.

3 But God, who high in glory reigns, Laughs at their pride, their rage controls; He'll vex their hearts with inward pains, And speak in thunder to their souls. 4 "I will maintain the King I made, "On Zion's everlasting hill;


My hands shall bring him from the dead, "And he shall stand your sov'reign still."

5 [His wondrous rising from the earth Makes his eternal Godhead known: The Lord declares his heavenly birth; "This day have I begot my Son.


6 " Ascend, my Son, to my right hand,
"There thou shalt ask, and I bestow,
"The utmost bounds of heathen land:
"To thee the northern isles shall bow."

7 But nations that resist his grace
Shall fall beneath his iron stroke:
His rod shall crush his foes with ease,
As potter's earthen work is broke.


8 Now ye who sit on earthly thrones,
Be wise, and serve the Lord, the Lamb;
Now at his feet submit your crowns,
Rejoice and tremble at his name.

9 With humble love address the Son
Lest he grow angry and ye die:
His wrath will burn to worlds unknown,
If ye provoke his jealousy.

10 His storms shall drive you quick to hell!
He is a God, and ye but dust:
Happy the souls that know him well,
And make his grace their only trust.

PSALM 3. C. M.

(b) Doubls and fears suppressed; or, God our defence from sin and Satan.

Y God, how many are my fears!


M my increase!

Conspiring my eternal death,

They break my present peace.. 2 The lying tempter would persuade There's no relief in heaven,

And all my swelling sins appear
Too big to be forgiven.

3 But thou, my glory, and my strength,
Shalt on the tempter tread,
Shalt silence all my threat'ning guilt,
And raise my drooping head.

4 [I cried, and from his holy hill
He bow'd a list'ning ear;
I call'd, my Father, and my God,
And he subdu'd my fear.

5 He sheds soft slumbers on mine eyes,
In spite of all my foes;
I woke, and wonder'd at the grace
Which guarded my repose.]

What though the hosts of death and no
All arm'd, against me stood;
Terrors no more shall shake my soul;
My refuge is my

7 Arise, O Lord, fulfil thy grace, While I thy glory sing:

My God has broke the serpent's teet
And death has lost his sting.

8 Salvation to the Lord belongs,
His arm alone can save:
Blessings attend thy people here,
And reach beyond the grave.

PSALM 3. L. M.


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Ver. 1-5. A morning psalm.


LORD, how many are my foes
In this weak state of flesh and blood
My peace they daily discompose
But my defence and hope is God.


2 Tir'd with the burdens of the day,
To thee I rais'd an evening cry;
Thou heard'st when I began to pray,
And thine almighty help was "nigh.
3 Supported by thine heavenly aid,

I laid me down, and slept secure ;
Not death should make my heart afraid,
Though I should wake and rise no more.
4 But God sustain'd me all the night;
Salvation doth to God belong;
He rais'd my head to see the light,
And makes his praise my morning song

PSALM 4. L. M.

(b) Ver. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. Hearing of prayer ; or, God our portion and Christ our hope. and Hear and attend when I complain; Thou hast enlarg'd me in distress; Bow down a gracious ear again.


? Ye sons of men, in vain ye try
To turn my glory into shame;
How long will scoffers love to lie,
And dare approach my Saviour's name?
3 Know that the Lord divides his saints
From all the tribes of men beside :
He hears the cry of penitents,
For the dear sake of Christ who died.


When our obedient hands have done
A thousand works of righteousness,
We put our trust in God alone,
And glory in his pard'ning grace.

5 Let the unthinking many say,
Who will bestow some earthly good?
But, Lord, thy light and love we pray;
Our souls desire this heav'nly food.

6 Then shall my cheerful pow'rs rejoice'
At grace and favour so divine;
Nor will I change my happy choice
For all their corn and all their wine.


I fear before thee all the day,
Nor would I dare to sin.

PSALM 4. C. M.


Ver. 3, 4, 5, 8. An evening psalm.
ORD, thou wilt hear me when I pray;
I am forever thine;

2 And while I rest my weary head,
From cares and bus'ness free,
'Tis sweet conversing on my bed
With my own heart and three.

3 I pay this ev'ning sacrifice;

And when my work is done
Great God, my faith and hope relie
Upon thy grace alone.

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4 Thus, with my thoughts compos'd to peace,
I'll give mine eyes to sleep;
Thy hand in safety keeps my days,
And will my slumbers keep.

PSALM 5. C. M.


For the Lord's day morning.

LORD, in the morning thou shalt hear

My voice ascending

To thee will I direct my prayer,

To thee lift up mine eye.

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