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advantage that either art or nature could bestow, have made
little progress, except in low situations, and not in fight of
the sea. Wherever old Neptune gets but a peep at them,
they soon begin to sicken and to fade.
The lakes above mentioned, and several others in the pa-
rish, are stored with perch and trout, pike and eel, of which
confiderable quantities are caught at the proper seasons.
There are no rivers, but plenty of burns and small rivu-
lets, as also of excellent springs, in Mochrum.
There are two corn mills, the one a very good, and the
other a very bad one; and, as the farmers are not, in gene-
ral, thirled to either, they are at no loss which to prefer.
No manufactures have yet found their way here; but Sir
William Maxwell has been proposing to have one erected on
some of his fine fituations. The present number of me-
chanics, of every description, is about 20. " .

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keeping, mathematics, French, and Latin, by a very well qualified teacher, who has lately been procured. The quarterly

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Gentlemens Seats.-Of these there are none worthy of notice excepting Sir William Maxwell's, which is a very elegant and commodious edifice, only finished about two years ago. It is fituated on a gently rising ground, near the eastern boundary of the parish, and a short mile from the sea. It has in front, at a small distance, a beautiful lake of clear water, surrounded by a belt of thriving young planting; as also the old family castle, rearing its head amidst a clump of lofty trees; while the opposite fide commands a most extenfive and delightful view of the Bay of Luce, the Mull of Galloway, the Rock of Bigscar, the Isle of Man, and even the mountains of Cumberland and Morn, when the weather is clear.

Rental and Proprietors.—The gross rental of the parish, is about 5 cool.

Sir William Maxwell is by far the largest proprietor, his estate being nearly about one-third of the extent, and twothirds of the value, of the whole surface.

Next to him follow the Earls of Dumfrics, Galloway, and Selkirk, and a few private gentlemen.

Church —The manse and offices are very good, being all of late substantially rebuilt, and covered with slate; and an

xcellent new church was completed about 4 months ago. The The stipend, which is paid a part in money, and a part in vićtual, was augmented last year from about 75 1. to 1 col.; and the glebe, though rather of small fize, is of good quality.

The present incumbent was ordained in 1787, and has a wife and children.

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(County of East Lothi AN.—PREs by rer v or DusBAR.—SYNod of Lor H 1 AN AND Tween ALE.)

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