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Prices of Labour and Provisions.—The wages of a man-servant are from 10 l. to 12 l. Sterling a year; of a woman-servant, from 41. to 5 l. with vićtuals. Day-labourers receive from 15 d. to 18 d. a day in summer, and about is, in winter, without vićtuals. Oat-meal is here the principal food of the people, and generally sells at I s. the peck. Butter sells

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Long leases, and moderate rents, are likewise favourable circumstances in this parish. The leases, in general, are for 19 years, and during the life of the holder after the expiration of that period. Some of them extend the length even of two lives. The rent of the best land in the parish does not exceed 20 s. and the greater part is below 1.5 s. per acre. Thus the tenants are in a good measure independent, and enjoy all the necessaries, and many of the comforts and con

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(County of STIRLING.—SYNoD of Glasgow ANB AY R.—PREs by TERY of DU M BART on.)

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ALFRON is a word of Gaelic derivation, and is said to fignify “ the Town of Sorrow.” On what account the place obtained this name is not certainly known. The form of the parish is nearly an oblong square. Its length, from east to west, is somewhat more than 8 miles; and its breadth, from north to south, from 1 to 2 miles. It is bounded by the parishes of Drymen, Killearn, Fintry, Gargunnock, and Kippen. The greater part of the grounds in this parish have the advantage of a fine southern exposure, rising gradually from the water of Endrick.

Climate, Soil, &c.—The climate is wet, but not unhealthy, several of the inhabitants living to a great age ; and there are few instances of epidemical diseases. An epidemical fever, indeed, prevailed in the winter and spring of 1791, and carried off, in the village, upwards of 40 grown up people. But this mortality may be ascribed, not so much to the unhealthiness of the climate, as to the intemperance of the people at the time, and the damp state of many new houses,

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