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Rent.—The real rent is about 190ol. Sterling. The-vae Iued rent, in Scotch money, is 3940 l. 14s. 5d.

Agriculture and Produce—There is a good deal of grain raised in, and exported from this parish.-There are three kinds of oats, white, black, and grey, befides beans, potatoes, and pease.—Sowing of grass and turnips is only in its infancy. This is no doubt partly owing to the shortness of the leases, and partly to the want of inclosures. The seed time commences commonly about the end of March, or beginning of April, and the harvest about the beginning of September. The crops on some of the strath grounds, at a distance from the sea, are very apt to be hurt by frosts, blasting, or mildew, particularly on the Highland estate of Braemore. The inhabitants in these parts suffered very much in 1782 and 1784. The common mode of farming among the tenantry is to sow bear and oats alternately, excepting what ground they lay down with potatoes. If the land in this parish had the same justice done to it, which other parts have, by be. ing rested, and raising green crops, there is no doubt that it would yield as luxuriant crops as most parts of Scotland. But the cattle being small, little is done by the plough. They go four a-breast, and the driver goes backward, with his face to the ploughman and the cattle.

Vol. XVII. D Qattle,

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The following Memoir respešiing the gigantic WiLL AM, grandson to Hector MoRe of LANG well, has been communicated by another hand.

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