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cropping and improvements, that is followed in Coupar and the neighbouring parishes, is practised here, and the produce is much in the same proportion. Here, too, the same disadvantages, scarcity of firing, and the distance from lime and coal, operate as a check on the industry and improvement of the farmer.—There are a few dealers in cattle in the parish, who keep grass parks, and drive their fed cattle to Falkirk, or to England.—There are now no sheep in the parish. A few were kept to pasture on the hill of Peatie till lately.

Rent and Proprietors.—The valued rent of the parish is 51291. 16s. 8d. Scotch. The present rent is unknown. The land, at a medium, lets at 17 s. Sterling per acre.—The number of heritors is 8, whereof 7 are resident. Lord A Boy NE is chief heritor.

Ecclesiastical State—The Crown is patron. The stipend was formerly 8 chalders 9 bolls 7 pecks of vićtual, but has been lately augmented. The church was built in 1768 °, and repaired in 1791. The manse was built from the foundation in 1792. The name of the present incumbent is John HALIBURT on.

Poor and School.—The poors money, colle&ted at the church doors, together with a rent arising from a mortification on land, amounts to 50 l. yearly. The number of poor at present on the roll is 14. The school house was repaired in

1782. The salary was augmented in 1790, by a decreet of the

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the Commissioners of Supply. It was formerly 1ool. Scotch. The present schoolmaster has taught with reputation a good number of years, and has, with his small emoluments, brought up a numerous family.

Population.—The population of Kettins has varied at different periods, as will appear from the following table:

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In 1755, the return to Dr Webster was - - 1475

Increase in 30 years 75 In 1793, the total number of inhabitants was only I IOO Decrease in 38 years 375

Total number of baptisms, from 1722 to 1726, inclufive - - - - - 45o Annual average of ditto during that period - 90 Ditto of ditto, from 1751 to 1755, inclusive - 45 Ditto of burials, during that period - - 4o Ditto of ditto, from 1787 to 1791, inclusive f. 33 - Families

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t There is nothing, remarkable in the proportion of males and females, nor in the prices of labour, or of the necessaries of life, in this district, different from those of Coupar.

Families in the parish 218 Teachers - - 3 Families in Kettins 4o Brewers - - 2 Roman Catholic ditto I Smiths - - 6 Widowers - - 5 Wrights - - 13 Widows - - 8 Sieve-makers - 3 Bachelors - - 5 Day-labourers - 27 Unmarried women 4 Masons - - 2 Weavers - - 62 Cooper - - I Looms - - ico Flax-dressers - 3 Farmers - - 41 Gardeners - • 2 Drovers - - 3 Bleachers - - 3 Shoemakers - - 7 Public houses - 5

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Antiquities.—There are no Roman ways, nor Druidical circles in the parish". At Camp-muir, a village belonging to Vo L. XVII. C Kettins,

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Kettins, and upwards of a mile N.W. of the church, there are still visible the outlines of a camp, fupposed to be Roman, as noticed in the account of Coupar. At Baldowrie there is an erect Danish monument, 6 feet high. It contains some figures, but they are almost entirely defaced.—The Castle of Dores stood on the summit of the hill “, south from Pitcur. Tradition reports it to have been some time the residence of MACBET H. The following names are doubtless of Celtic derivation: Baldowrie, Baldinnie, Balunie, Balgove, and Airdlair.

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