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vitrified forts *. Vestiges of such buildings are not uncommon in the lower parts of Galloway, and the one now allur ded to stands on the north-west border of Buittle parish, within a farm called Caffle-Gower, which lies along the march of Kelton.

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Climate and Charaćier.—As the soil of Buittle is in general dry, as the air of it is good, and the tract of country it comprehends warm, good health and length of days are correspondent to those aids of both. “Medicina summa medica“mentis non uti.” With this most important maxim of physic, the inhabitants of Buittle are well acquainted, without consulting antiquity. There is a surgeon about a mile from the border of the parish, and an attorney at nearly the same distance. Either, or both of them, will come if sent for, but this is as seldom as possible. Indeed it is just rather than complimentary, to say, that the morals of the inhabitants of this parish, as seldom need the interference of law, as their health does the aids of physic.—Religion is still reverenced, and they esteem a Christian Church the best temple of reason. To mention politics might be extraneous and petulant, rather than serviceable to the work for which this article is designed, were it not that it becomes every good citizen, at a time like the present, to omit nothing that may any wise increase public confidence, or allay capricious innovation. Independent in their sentiments, and in their circumstances, the people of Buittle, (like many of the county to which they beHong) seem neither so besotted as to imagine, that any human form of government is without infirmity, nor so infatuated as to believe, that every thing is wrong in our own, and that reformation must be sought in anarchy. The apostles of Mr PAINE seemed at one time affiduous, and his works, (and works of less merit too), were as common as the church catechism. They are now forgotten. One idea has of late this

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more affeded the public mind. That spirit of unity and indivisibility, that is, of arrogance and depredation, which has so fatally attracted the rabble of Paris, may prevail in Edinburgh or Glasgow —Should that be the case, the peaceable and unarmed inhabitants of the country know what awaits them. On this principle, it is believed, more national guards might be enlisted in this quarter in one day, than all the declamations against regal tyranny, or parliamentary corruption, could assemble in a twelvemonth. The lowering the freehold qualification, and the abrogating or limiting the law of patronage, have been the ultimatum of proposed reformation in this country.

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, now good pasture land; and in the middle of this arm of

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portioning of custom-house fees, and the shortening of delays incident or usual there, will then be objećts of correspondent magnitude. But the Statistical Account is not meant as a magazine of grievances. May providence avert greater thans we have felt, perhaps than we have imagined

The author of this article, having thus noticed every thing in the parish, where he does his duty, that he conceives helpful to public utility, and connected with the patriotic work he would wish to support, claims from the reader that indulgence, in respect of literary endowment, which may well be looked for, by one who appears in print, from no view of profit or of praise, but (like many reverend gentlemen) from compulsion. Minus aptus acutis naribur—If it is now accepted, he hopes it may be a while before he has occasion to repeat the above apology. Devoid of those brilliant talents, and ill supported by that profound erudition, which Dočtors, Chaplains, and Almoners only possess, the humble parson of Buittle doubts if he has persuaded the world, that in his humble parish, “all is for the best.”—Happy should he be, in believing, that the sense of the public admitted things to be tolerable. -


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Town of Cupar.—The burgh of Cupar, which is the coun

ty town, is beautifully fituated in the center of the parish, on the northern bank of the Eden, in the spot where it Vol. XVII. S forms

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