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ledge-Story of Mr. Friendly and his nephew Hawkesworth. 18. Critical remarks upon Fables-Fable of the Dog and Shadow upon a new plan · Hawkesworth. 19. Proposals to improve the Dramatic Entertainment of the Animal Comedians Bathurst. 20. Imperceptible Deviation to Vice-Moral use of punishment-Remonstrances of Conscience universal-Amurath, an Eastern Story Hawkesworth. 21. Eastern Story continued 22. Eastern Story concluded

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23. Scheme of a new Memorandum-Book for the Use of the Ladies, with a specimen

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Bathurst. 24. A parallel between an evening spent at the playhouse, and the several stages of Life Hawkesworth. 25. Infelicities of Matrimony produced by an imprudent Choice: exemplified in many characters Bathurst.

26. Right of the Town to suppress Dramatic Performances; an Allegory Hawkesworth. 27. An Allegorical Letter from Night: Anon— Requisites to the successful Practice of Physic Hawkesworth. 28. The practice of the positive Duties of Religion influence moral conduct Hawkesworth.

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29. The Character of a Gamester defended

30. The Ladies directed in the Choice of a Husband -Good-nature described


31. The Origin of Cunning; an Allegory

32. Religion the only foundation of Content, an Eastern Story Hawkesworth. 33. Indirect quarrelling in Company censured


34. Folly of extravagance-The Story of Misar




35. Plan of a new Paper called the Beau Monde



36. Directions to the Ladies, for their Conduct to a Husband 37. Happiness properly estimated by its degree in

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Elegy on a Blackbird

Cruelty to Brutes

Instances of

38. No life pleasing to GOD, that is not useful to

Man; an Eastern Story

39. An encomium on Sleep

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40. The Existence of Evil, and unequal Distribution of Happiness and Misery, necessary to exercise Virtue and animate Hope Hawkesworth. 41. Sequel to the Story of Misargyrus Johnson.


No. 1-41.

-Tentanda via est; quâ me quoque possim
Tollere humo, victorque virum volitare per ora.-VIRG.

On vent'rous wing in quest of praise I go,
And leave the gazing multitude below.

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