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The present volume contains the remainder of Bramhall's treatises upon the subject of schism. They have been reprinted, as were those in the former volume, from the folio edition of his Works corrected by the original editions of the separate treatises : and consist of two Discourses ; viz. The Replication to the Bishop of Chalcedon’sa Survey, with an Appendix in Reply to S. W., Lond. 1656 ; and Schism Guarded, Hague 1658.

It is necessary to mention, that the quotations, made in the former of these treatises from the Bishop of Chalcedon's book to which it is a reply, do not tally in all cases with the copy of that book in the Bodleian Library; and this, in many instances, in a way which cannot have arisen from carelessnessb. The copy in question bears no marks of belonging to a second or revised edition ; but as the titlepage has the date 1655, while Doddo and Woodd both speak of it as being published in 1654, it probably is so.

It must be mentioned also, as some apology for the frequent introduction of corrections into the latter of the two

Richard Smith, titular Bishop of of far inferior character, both for learn. Chalcedon, presided over the English ing, for talent, and for courtesy, see Romanists from 1625 until his death p. 358. note j of the present volume. in 1654-5. A full account of his life and 6 E. g. p. 72, text to note q; p. 222, writings will be found in Dodd's Church text to note c; p. 248, text to note 8. History, vol. iii. Pt. vi. bk. 1. art. 2. € Ch. Hist., vol. ii. Pt. vi. bk. 2. pp. 4-17. and bk. 2. art. 4. pp. 76 Art. 4. p. 79. 79; and in Wood, Athen. Oxon., vol. Athen. Oxon., vol. ii. p. 387. ed. iii. pp. 38388. ed. Bliss. For S. W. Bliss. or Mr. Serjeant, who was an opponent

treatises, that the original edition of it was printed abroad by a printer who knew no English, and abounds confessedly with errors But it need hardly be added, that no change has been made in the text unless with express notice, and where the context appeared absolutely to require it.

As the Replies and Rejoinders which followed upon the publication of the Just Vindication were rather numerous, it may be convenient to add a list of them. They were as follows:

Lond. 1654

Paris, 1654 or 5

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1. The Just Vindication of the Ch. of Engl. &c.
(Disc. ii. Pt. i.)
R(ichard) C(halcedon)'s Brief Survey of the Lord

of Derry his Treatise of Schism; wherein to
cleare the Protestant Church from Schism, and

to lay the fault upon the Roman Church.
2. S. W. (William Serjeant)'s Down-Derry, or, Bp.

Brainhall's Just Vindic. of the Ch. of Engl.
Refuted (at the end of Schism Disarmed of the
Defensive Weapons lent it by Dr. Hammond

and the Bp. of Derry).
3. Replication to the Bp. of Chalcedon, with an Ap-

pendix in Reply to S. W. (Disc. iii. Pt. i.) 4. S. W.'s Appendix Vindicated against the pretended

Reply of Dr. Bramhall, Lord of Derry (being the second division of Schism Dispatch't, or, A Rejoynder to the Replies of Dr. Hammond and the Ld. of

Derry) 5. Schism Guarded &c. (Disc. iv. Pt. i. in answer to

the second division of Schism Dispatch't, last mentionel).

Paris, 1655

Lond. 1656



n. p. 1657

Hague, 1658

Another answer to Bramhall and Hammond jointly was published by Franciscus â Sancta Clara, entitled De Schismate, Speciatim Anglicano. It is in the first volume of his Works as published at Douay in 1665.

A. W. H.

• According to a Postscript (otherwise of no consequence) added by

Bramhall to the original edition of the book.

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