Zur Volkskunde: Alte und neue Aufsätze

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Verlag nicht ermittelbar, 1879 - Folklore - 522 pages

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Page 404 - Martis sacrario ancilia commovere; 8, 3: nam ia qui belli susceperat curam sacrarium Martis ingressus primo ancilia commovebat, post hastam simulacri ipsius, dicens: Mars, vigila.
Page 259 - And turn'd him o'er and o'er. They filled up a darksome pit With water to the brim, They heaved in John Barleycorn, There let him sink or swim. They laid him out upon the floor, To work him farther woe, And still, as signs of life appear'd, They toss'd him to and fro. They wasted, o'er a scorching flame, The marrow of his bones ; But a miller used him worst of all , For he crush'd him between two stones.
Page 288 - Boario vero in foro Graecum Graecamque defossos aut aliarum gentium cum quibus tum res esset etiam nostra aetas vidit.
Page 270 - Namaquas are asked what they are, they say that Heije Eibib, their Great Father, is below the heap ; they do not know what he is like, or what he does ; they only imagine that he also came from the East, and had plenty of sheep and goats ; and when they add a stone or branch to the heap, they mutter,
Page 199 - Kretas Volkslieder nebst Distichen und Sprichwörtern. In der Ursprache mit Glossar herausgegeben von Anton Jeannaraki. Leipzig.
Page 429 - Here I am, Riding upon a black ram, Like a whore as I am, And for my crincum crancum, Have lost my bincum bancum; And for my tail's game Have done this worldly shame; Therefore I pray you, Mr. Steward, let me have my land again.
Page 482 - Moles, with their Signification and Interpretation. — 4. A New and Well - experienced Card Fortune Book, delivered to the World from the Astrologer's Office, in Greenwich Park, for the Benefit of Young Men and Blooming Maids. — 5. The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain, „Is a religious homily of a poor man, a shepherd, his reliance upon God's providence and satisfied with his lot.
Page 292 - Should the carpenters be very apprehensive of the building falling, they, when fixing a post, should take something living and put it beneath, and lower the post on it, and to liberate [the evil influences] they should strike the post with an axe and repeat— " It is well, it is well, May those who live within Be ever warm and well fed.
Page 55 - Antisiodorus. sorores a quibus rapta sum, aut locum aut lucum unde, aut aliqua circiter illud; a die vero illa decides a felicitate, meque sublata detrimento frequenti deficies, diemque tuum importunitate tua praevenies.
Page 503 - Jamais dehors qu'en forme d'une femme nue, belle au reste, et dont les manières d'agir sont telles que, quand elle veut donner de l'amour à quelqu'un et luy faire perdre l'esprit, elle...

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