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25. The Pre-Adamite Earth: Contributions to Theological Science.

By John Harris, D. D. Boston. Gould, Kendall & Lincoln. pp. 294. 12mo. 1847.

The title of this book is sufficiently startling at the outset to provoke attention. One is led, at the first glance, to inquire, whence did the author obtain the materials of his reasoning? And, are the statements made concerning the pre-Adamitic earth founded on facts, on hypothesis, or on principles infallibly conducting him to discoveries of the condition of the earth at so early a period? It is easy, on a moment's reflection, to see, that he must have drawn largely upon a scheme of reasoning founded on premises which may or may not be fallacious. The geologists generally have favored such conclusions as those to which the author has come. The premises, (it is the most we can say,) do not militate against them. Yet we do not perceive that Dr. Harris has given us any new stand-point, from which we can survey with increased precision the earth with its inhabitants, history, and process of formation, for infinite ages preceding the period when it became the abode of

In a vivacious and manly style, he carries us through a series of propositions in respect to the divine nature and the divine plan; and then by an appeal to geological facts, to which he applies these principles, he shows that we have reason to believe that the earth has existed for an indefinite period. The volume is an interesting repository of scientific facts and theological reasonings, and will be read both with pleasure and profit. It seems to us to be one of the most readable of Dr. H.'s works. It will commend itself especially to students of geology, and to those who have occasion to examine, in connection with that science, the first chapter of Genesis.


26. ChambersCyclopedia of English Literature: A Selection of the

choicest productions of English Authors, from the earliest to the present time, connected by a Critical and Biographical History. Elegantly Illustrated. Boston. Gould, Kendall & Lincoln. 1846.

We welcome with pleasure, the first number of this great work. It contains a vast quantity of reading matter, illustrated by well executed wood cuts, and the present number is accompanied by a fine steel engraving of the head of Shakspeare. Students and professional men of small means, will find the volumes, when they are completed, a convenient and cheap repository of specimens of all the most celebrated authors in the English language, and of the language itself at successive periods. The clear white paper on which the present number is printed renders it more beautiful than the Scotch edition. The number now before the public contains extracts from nearly forty different authors, besides an account of the English language at a still earlier period, with anonymous pieces. The extent of the extracts differs in different authors—those from Chaucer cover eleven pages. The enterprise of giving this book to the American public is highly praiseworthy, and we believe the work will meet, as it deserves, an extensive circulation. It is said that forty thousand copies have been sold in England in less than three years. Two numbers are to be fur. nished every month, containing eighty-four pages each.

28. Alderbrook: a Collection of Fanny Forester's Village Sketches,

Poems, etc. By Miss EMILY CHUBBUCK. In 2 vols. 12mo. Boston. William D. Ticknor & Co. 1847.

These beautiful volumes are published in excellent season to serve as presentation-books for the new year. They will be recognized at once as the earlier efforts of the lady who has recently become the wife of our distinguished and beloved missionary, Dr. Judson. One of the most charming features of the book, and one which is calculated to disarm criticism, if there were any thing to arouse it, is the modesty with which it is sent forth, containing not a single word of preface, explanation, or apology ; but instead of this, a very beautiful dedication to her present revered companion. The volumes are composed of the poems and other contributions, furnished by the author to the Magazines of this country at various times. They are written in a chaste, simple and vigorous style. The narratives are natural and well told, and the pieces are all distinguished by a high moral tendency. We think no one can find fault with them; and on various accounts, we anticipate for the work an extensive circulation. A beautiful portrait of the writer, which is pronounced an accurate resemblance, adorns the work.

29. Select Treatises of Martin Luther, in the Original German, with

Philological Notes, and an Essay on German and English Etymology. By B. Sears. Andover. Allen, Morrill & Wardwell. 1816. 382 pp. 12mo. A help which will be welcomed by students, and especially by those who have obtained some advancement in the German language. The notes are numerous and sufficiently extended ; and the information contained in them is of a character not to be found in dictionaries or grammars. No work of the kind has been published. “ Particular attention has been paid to the peculiar structure and idjoms of the language, to the exact signification of difficult words, to synonymes, to the connection existing between etymology and usage, and in short, to everything which should tend to remove from the mind of the student vague generalities in respect to the meaning of words and phrases." etymological synopsis at the beginning will prove interesting to those who are fond of tracing the derivation of words, and perhaps awaken in others a taste for this kind of study. The extracts from Luther are such as will gratify the English reader ;-the sermon on indulgences, exposition of the thirty-seventh psalm, address to the German nobility, address in behalf of public schools, exposition of John xiv, and a comment on Psalm 118: 1. The book will be a useful one in its peculiar sphere, and we commend it to the attention of students of the German language.


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