The Royal Road to Health or The Secret of Health without Drugs

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After readig this book I asked myself the following:
How to Lose Weight Fast ?
How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way?
Lose 35 lbs in 4 weeks !
I found Cathy successful story on this blog
She inspired me with a real example!
Some excerpts from her diary:
- exercise and abdominal fitness equipment care personal
- weight loss success with low carb
- wai lana yoga
- tian tian herbal tea
- yoga extension positions for lower back
- abdominal fitness equipment exercise personal care and

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Page 165 - Eight hours !" said the king, " that's too much, too much — six hours' sleep is enough for a man, seven for a woman, and eight for a fool, Mr.
Page 123 - It was the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night, till I confess it began to be something of a bore to me.
Page 23 - Assuredly the uncertain and most unsatisfactory art that we call medical science, is no science at all, but a jumble of inconsistent opinions, of conclusions hastily and often incorrectly drawn, of facts misunderstood or perverted, of comparisons without analogy, of hypotheses without reason, and of theories not only useless but dangerous."* The late Dr.
Page 24 - The science of medicine is a barbarous jargon, and the effects of our medicines on the human system in the highest degree uncertain; except, indeed, that they have destroyed more lives than war, pestilence, and famine combined.
Page 24 - my conscientious opinion, founded on long observation and reflection, that if there was not a single physician, surgeon, apothecary, man-midwife, chemist, druggist, or drug on the face of the earth, there would be less sickness and less mortality than now obtains.
Page 22 - Gentlemen, ninety-nine out of every hundred medical facts are medical lies, and medical doctrines are, for the most part, stark, staring nonsense.
Page 46 - It is to the minor accumulations particularly that I wish to draw attention — the accumulations that we see in the majority of patients who visit our offices. Such patients assure us that the bowels move daily ; but the color of their complexion, the condition of their tongue, and, above all, the color of the feces, are enough to assure us that they are the victims of costiveness.
Page 20 - Joseph M. Smith, MD, of the same school, says: "All medicines which enter the circulation poison the blood in the same manner as do the poisons that produce disease.
Page 23 - It cannot be denied that the present system of medicine is a burning shame to its professors — if indeed a series of vague and uncertain incongruities deserves to be called by that name. How rarely do our medicines do good! How often do they make our patients really worse! I fearlessly assert that in most cases the sufferer would be safer without a physician than with one. I have seen enough of the malpractice of my professional brethren to warrant the strong language I employ.
Page 117 - ... surprisingly slight and of short duration. Another point in its favor, the pain subsides immediately upon the removal of the lens. I have burned the skin of nearly the whole of one side of the face at one sitting, destroying the cuticle; within five minutes the burned surface would be free of pain. There is a curative power in the chemical rays of the sun yet unexplained.

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