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А Companion to the Altar" ? Shewing the Natureand

Necessity, Sacramental Preparation Inorderto our worthy receiving the HOLY COMMUNION Wherein those Fears and Scruples

about Eating and Drinking unworthily & and of incurringourown Damnation thereby peproved groumdless and untwarrantable

Unto which are added PRAYERS and MEDITATIONS Preparative to a Sacramental Preparation, according to what the Church of England

requires from her Commmicants.

LONDON. Printed by Assignment from E PARKER , for JOHN BEECROFT at the Bible & Croron

in Pater Noster Row .


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'HE usual Reason which Men asign for their not coming so often to the Holy Sacra

ment as they would do, is their Fear of eat. ing and drinking unworthily, and consequently of incurring their own Damnation thereby. The Design then of this short Discourse is, to fnew what that Sacramental Preparation is, which is absolutely necessary to qualify Men for a worthy Participation

of the Lord's Supper, that so Men may come without the least Fear of eating and drinking Damnation to themselves i For which Purpose, I conceive no Ruie, no Instruction more safe, easy and instructive, than that of our Church Catechism, which I have endeavoured to explain, and to accommodate for the Use and Benefit of the meanest Capacity.

The concluding Part of this Discourse ontains Prayers and Meditations preparative to a Sacramental Preparation ; and though they be few in Number, yet I hope they fully answer all thoje Jeveral Parts of a Communicant's Duty, according to that Rule and Stanılard which our Church has fixed for our Guide and Companion to the hole Altar. By the Addition of those Psalms, and proper Lessons annexed to each particular Praver and Meditation, the Communicant may enlargelis Devotions to what Degree or Length he please... By which Method you have as much Matter for actual Preparation in this little Book, as in any other Discourse of this Nature whatsoever,


BOOKS lately Printed for J. BeeCROFT, A

at No. 23, Pater-noster Row.
HE WHOLE Duty of Man, laid down in a

plain and familiar Way, for the Use of All, but especially the Mearest Reader." Divided into seventeen Chapters. Necessary for all Families. With private Devotions for several Occasions.

The above Book is printed in a large Letter in Octavo, and sold at 45. 6d. - Ditto in Twelves, at 35.–And in Small Twelves, on a good Paper and neat Letter, at is. 6d. With some Allowance to those Persons who buy a Quantity to give away.

The History of Mademoiselle De St. PHALE, giving a full Account of the miraculous Conversion of a Noble French Lady and her Daughter to the Reformed Religion, with the Defeat of the Intrigues of a Jesuit, their Confeffor. Price I s. 6 d. W. B. The above is a proper Present to young

Ladies at Boarding-School, as it contains a
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the Jesuits in France.
The London New Method and Art of Teaching
Children to spell and read distinctly and perfe&ly;
containing all the necessary Rules of Spelling, with
Chapters to learn the Stops, Marks and Figures,
Portions of Scripture, Fables with Cuts, several
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The Happiness and Pleasure of a Religious Life, set forth in two Discourses: Wherein, ist, The Importance of it is considered, from the happy Conclusion of it, by J. Norris, M. A. 2d, The continual Pleasure arising from the Practice of it; with a devout Prayer suitable to the important Subject. By R. WARREN, D. D. Price 3d. ori 20 s. per Hundred. There may be had all Sorts of Bibles, Commod.

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