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By the King.

Dublin Castle, September 2. A PROCLAMATION, THIS day his Excellency the For billing this prolont pris 1 Lord Lieutenant went in ment, and declaring the calling of Itute to the Houle of Peers, with

the usual solemnity; and, the another,

. Commons being fent for, gave the George R.

royal assent to luch bills as were W HEREAS we have thought

we have thought ready ; after which his Excellency W fit, by and with the advice made the following molt gracious, of our privy - council, to dissolve

to allove speech to both Houses of Parlia

fpes this present parliament, which

ment: . now ftands prorogued to Thursday the 28th day of this instant Sep.' My Lords and Gentlemen, tember : We do, for that end, 'I am happy at length to conpublith this our royal procla- gratulate you on the conclusion of mation; and do hereby dissolve this feflion of parliament, though the said parliament accordingly : the important measures under de. and the lords fpiritual and tem- liberation must have made your poral, and the knights, citizens, attendance lets irksome to you. , and burgesses, and the commif. If your long absence from your honers for shires and burghs, of several counties has been prothe house of commons, are disc ductive of any inconvenience, charged from their meeting and such inconvenience is fully comattendance on Thursday the faid pensated by permanent and folid 28th day of this instant September. benefits, the successful confe. And we being desirous and re- quences of your labours. solved, as soon as may be, to meet our people, and to have their ad- Gentlemen of the House of vice in parliament, do hereby Commons, make known, to all our loving I thank you, in his Majesty's, lubjects, our royal will and plea name, for the liberal supplies you sure to call a new parliament; hare granted Your cheerfusera and do hereby further declare,

in giving, and your attention to that, with the advice of our privy. th

our privy the case of the subject in the mode council, we have, this day, given of raising them, must be very acorder to our chancellor of Great- ceptable to his Majesty ; on my. Britain to issue out writs, in due

part, I assure you they shall be form, for calling a new parlia

faithfully applied. ment; which writs are to bear tefte on Saturday the 2d day of My Lords and Gentlemen, this instant September, and to be The satisfaction with which the retornable on Tuesday the 31st heart of every Irishnan must exult day of O&ober following.

at the scene of prosperity now, Given at our court at St. James's, opening to this country, may,

the It day of September, 1780, equal, it cannot exceed, the glow, in the twentieth year of our

of my private feelings. And reign.

whilft you applaud the conduct of God save the King.

Great Britain in removing the reVOL. XXIII.



strictions upon the trade of this are lavished in vain. Cherish such kingdom, you cannot but particu- a spirit of industry; and convince Jarly acknowledge the unegui- them of the effectual advantages vocal demonftrations of her fincere they derive from their free and affe&tion, in admitting you, upon excellent constitution, the mainthe most liberal plan, to an imme- tenance of every branch of which, diate, free, and equal intercourse in its just vigour and authority, with her colonies.

can alone secure their liberties, The wise and falutary laws and preserve their happiness. which you have framed naturally lead to the most beneficial enjoy.

After which the Lord Chan

Af ment of that intercourse : and cellor, by his Excellency's comwhen I refice on those objects, mand, laid, ' and on your meritorious attention My Lords and Gentlemen. to the trade, agriculture, and It is' his Excellency the Lord manufactures of this kingdom, 10 Lieutenant's pleasure, that this conspicuoully manifested by the parliament be' prorogued to Tuerlaws pailed for granting ample day the joth day of October next, bounties on the export of your to be then here held; and this corn, your linen, and your lailparliament is accordingly procloth; by the premiums for en- rogued tu Tuesday the oth day couraging the growth of hemp of October next. and flax-seed, and by the judi. cious provisions for the better regulation of your manufactures, 1 To the Honourable the Commons of feel a conscious satisfaction, that Great - Britain, in Parliament the commerce of this kingdom has

allembleil : been ettablished upon an extended, firm, and latting basis ; and that The Petition of the Gendemen, Ireland mult, in the course of her

Clergy, and Freeholders of the future prosperity, look back to

County of York, . this æra, the labours of the present parliament, and the diffutive Sheweth, indulgence of his Majetty, with I HAT this nation hath the most grateful veneration.

1 been engaged for several Your own discreet judgment years in a most expensive and will naturally suggest the expe- unfortunate war; that many of diency, when you return to your our valuable colonies, having several counties, of impreffing a&ually declared themselves indeupon the minds of all ranks of pendent, have formed a friet con. men the various bleflings of their federacy with France and Spain, present situation. Demonstrate to the dangerous and inveterate enethem, that every effectual source mies of Great-Britain ; that the of commercial wealth is now their consequence of those combined own, and invites that industry, misfortunes bath been a large without which the wifest commer. addition to the national debt, a cial regulations, remain a dead heavy accumulation of tases, a letter, and the bounties of nature rapid decline of the trade, mapu


fa&tures, and land - rents of the by this house to enquire into and kingdom.

correct the gross abuses in the Alarmed at the diminished re- expenditure of public money ; to sources and growing burthens of reduce all exorbitant emoluments; this country, and convinced that to rescind and abolish all finecure rigid frugality is now indispen- . places add unmerited pensions ; Tably necessary in every depart. and to appropriate the produce to ment of the state, your petitioners the necessities of the state in such observe with grief, that notwith- manner as to the wisdom of parRanding the calamitous and im- liament shall seem meet. poverished condition of the nation, And your petitioners shall ever much public money has been im

pray, &c. &c. providently squandered, and that , many individuals enjoy finecure

The following counties preplaces, efficient places with exor

sented petitions nearly in the same

words : bitant emoluments, and pensions unmerited by public fervice, to a

Middlesex, Dorset, large and still increasing amount;

Chester, Devon,

Norfolk, whence the crown has acquired a


Berks, great and unconftitutional influence, which, if not checked, may

Suflex, Bucks, foon prove fatal to the liberties of

Huntingdon, Nottingham, this country.


Kent, Your petitioners' conceiving

Cumberland, Northumberl.

Bedford, Suffolk, that the true end of every legitimate government is not the emo

Eifex, : Hereford, lament of any individual, but the

Gloucester, Cambridge,

Somerset, welfare of the community; and

Derby. considering that by the constitution

Wilts, of this realm the national purse is

Also the cities of London, intrusted in a peculiar manner to

Westminster, York, Bristol, and the custody of this honourable

the towns of Cambridge, Note house; beg' leave further to re

tingham, Newcastle, Reading, and present, that until effectual mea.

Bridgewater, — The county of fures be taken to redress the op.

Northampton agreed to instruct preflive grievances herein stated,

their inembers on the points of the grant of any additional sum of the pennon. ? public money, beyond the produce of the present taxes, will be injurious to the rights and pro. To the Honourable the Cominons of perty of the people, and dero. Great - Britain in Parliumint gatory from the honour and dig afsembled: nity of parliament. A Your petitioners therefore, apo

A Reprelentation and Petition of

the Planters, Merchants, and pealing to the justice of this bo.

other Persons interelied in the nourable house, do most carnestly. request, that, before any new bur.

Inand of Jamaica. thens are laid upon this country, THAT your petitioners, in eticctual measures may be taken T il duty and humility, beg

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leave to lay before this honourable alty to the crown of Great - Brihouse several circumstances which tain, and their unbounded attache they presume it is important for ment to the prosperity of the the house to know, and to which whole empire, they are not able they are certain it is of the utmott to conjecture for what offence, importance to them, that a due real or pretended, they bave so attention thould be paid.

long been put under this proYour petitioners represent to scription. If your petitioners had this bonourable house, that the been active by facious clamours, illand of Jamaica has not been or delusive representations, by protected. They represent, ibat concealing true or suggesting falle the temporary safety which it has information, in betraying their enjoyed has been owing to the sovereign and their country into direction of the enemy's force war, ihey might have the lets towards other objects, and not reason to complain of the neglect to any intrinsic means of defence by which they have suffered to provided for that itland by his many distresses, and have. been Majesty's ministers. They con- exposed to so many dangers. It is ceive, that the safety of such a in the recollection of this honourpofseflion as Jamaica ought not able houte, that, at an early peio have been left to chance. riod of the present unhappy trou. They represent, that the island bles, the body of the West India of Jamaica is inferior in value planters and merchants did humbly to none of the dependencies of state their apprehenfions to parliaGreat - Britain; that great part ment, and deprecated the upeven of what appears to be the happy measures which were then interior wealth of Great - Britain taken. It is the misfortune of itself is, in reality, the wealth of the public, as well as theirs, that Jamaica, which is to intimately no attention was paid to their interwoven with the internal in- humble prayers, and that their

terest of this kingdom, that it is most dutiful and faithful repre· not easy to diftinguith them; that sentations were totally neglected.

a great part of the trade and navi. They affirm, that they have not gation, a large proportion of the deserved to be thus abandoned, revenue, and yery much of the from a want of having purchased mercantile and the national credit, for a valuable confideration the and the value of the landed in protection of the ftate. The planttereft, depend immediately on its ers have seen, not only with ac. preservation; that its defence is quiefcence but pleasure, their therefore an objcct as important trade almost wholly confined to the to Great - Britain as any part of motber country, the place of refiGreat Britain itself; and that it is dence of the greater part, and the an object to be provided for with object of the tenderelt affe&tion to ftill greater care and foresight, all of them. Both planters and becaute its natural means of home merchants have had the produce defence are infinitely less confi- of their estates as largely taxed in derable.

Great-Britain, to the common They folemnly declare, that, support, as any others. The afconscious of their invariable loy. sembly of the itland of Jamaïca


has, beyond any former example te&tion of its loyal and useful of liberality, and far beyond their subjects. abilities, laid destructive impo They represent, that they have fitions on their estates and pro- not been wanting to themselves, perties within the island. Vaft per by every representation in their fonal services, burthensome in the power, and every solicitation, to extreme, and nearly ruinous to call upon bis Majesty's minifters the present value of all they pos. for the neceffary protection. For fels, have been chcarfully given. though, from the duty of their They have borne patiently the station, and their high trust, his heavy losses and burthens, the Majesty's ministers ought to have fatal though not unforeseen con- shewn an anxious and provident sequences of their separation from care of all his Majesty's dominions, North America. After all these even if individuals, through igimpositions and taxes in England, norance, or want of foresight, bad these taxes and personal services in neglected their own private inJamaica, and after sufferings of terest in them; yet they hurnbiy every kind in this war, on sugo inform the house, that many strong gestion from friends of govern- remonftrances were made on this ment, they have had resort in subject to his Majesty's minifters their individual characters to their by your petitioners, beginning so almoft exhausted purses, and made early as 1773, and continued to a Jarge private subscription for the 8th of December, 1779; and their own defence.

that addresses on the same were They represent, that they have made to his Majesty by the af. been credibly informed, that at sembly of Jamaica, as also a rethe time when administration presentation of the want of men, declined to provide the necessary thips, stores, arms, amnunition, forces, either by sea or land, for and of every other means for their their defence, that his Majesty's defence ; yet they never did, at secretary at war publicly declared, any time, receive from the said that his Majesty did then com.' ministers any answers, other than mand more numerous forces, by excuses, on account of the number sea and land, than the most for of thips employed on the Ame. midable monarch ; of the world rican and home service, and cer. had under his orders, when his tain loose general assurances, from power alarmed all Europe'; and which they received little com. they are informed, that large fort, and have reaped no advanadditions to his Majesty's forces tage; and that even the pofitive were made some time after. · They assurances of the governor to the now also feel that they are assembly of the island, of his Maamongst those who are taxed for jesty's gracious intention that the the maintenance of an army of Iquadron on that station Thould be upwards of seventy thousand men conliderably reinforced, have not employed in North America ; and been fulfilled. they presume, that the suppression Your petitioners most humbly of no rebellion whatever can be a request the attention of this house rore near and urgent concern of to their past and present situation, any government than the pro. pledging themselves to prove, be

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