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.. islands of John and James; safes /jflAey River to Charles Tenon NttJt J
Jiige of that cj,y. Admiral A-hmhi:ot safes the Bar •with dtfftcultj.
American an'ti Fi ench marine free abandon their satin, and retire lo
the spun, lib re most of the former are funk to bar a postage. The ma-
miral pass the heavy sire of the fort on Sullivan's Island, and tab*
pof'Jsion of the barlour. General Lincoln summoned without effeB.
State if the defences on Cha'ls Town Neck. Colonel Tar/eten cuts off a
party of the rebels. Col. Webster passes Cooper River -with a detach-
ment, by -which the tity is closely invested. Lori Cornwallis takes the
command on that side. Si-ge prested -with great vigour* Admiral Ar-
buthnot takes M-unt Pleasant, and reduces Fort Mou/trir.} Tarlctce de-
feats apd destroys the rebel] Cavalry. Capitulation of Qkarlts Town,
Garrison, artillery, frigate!, &c. Rebels again defeated hj Tariettt,
et Waxaw. Regulations b\ Sir Henry Clinton for the security of the
province. Departure for New Tori. Earl CornuaUis redact* the
whole colony. Unexpected danger to which the severity of tie tatter
had exposed Neiv Tori.' Gallant made by Capt. Corwwaihs,
against a French superior naval force. Three naval actions between
Sir George Rodney, and M. de Guichen, productive of no decisive csn-
Jequences. Insurrections of the loyalists in North Carolina fuelled. Bars*
de Kalbe marches into that prciince with a continental force. Is folUxued
ly General Gates, who Jakes, the chief command. State of affairs inJ> the
two Carolina's. Battle of Camden. Complete viiiory gained by Lord
Cornwallis. Sampler routed by Tarltton. -. ^ s*tl6

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A P P END IX to the CH R O NI C LE.

Between his majesty s fltip Bienfaifant, commanded by Capt. Mac
Bride, and the Cbmtc d'Artdis, a French private fliip of ivar of
64 guns — — — — [29'i

Between the Fame, a private ship of ivar of Dublin, commanded by
Capt. Moor, and five French vessels, all letters of marque [2 QI

Short account of the desolation made in several of the Wist India islands by the late hurricanes ■— — — — [2Q2

Journal of what faffed at Barbadoes from the ()th of Oftobcr until the ibth, during -which time another violent tempest happened — [29S

Authentic accounts of the fame from other {/binds — — [297

Copies of letters between the Earl of Hill/borough and the Earl of Pembroke, on the dismission of the latter from the office os lord-lieutenant of the county of Wilts — — — — [z98

Proceedings in the cafe of Mr. Piszoni, the Venetian resident [299

Breviate of Mr. Burke's bill for ' the better regulation of his majesty's civil establishment, and of certain public offices; for the limitation of pensions, and the supprestiun of sundry useless, expensive, and inconvenient places j and for applying the monies J'avcd thereby to the public service? — — — — — [3°0

JLxtrail from two edict i lately published by the King of France on the subject of national cecono/ny — — — — [30s

An account of the quantities of all corn and grain exported from, and imported into, England and Scotland, with the bounties and drawbacks paid, and tlie duties received thereon, for uiu year ended the eth of January, [781 — -r- — — [305 Prices ofStocks for the year 17 80 -- — — [307 Supplies granted by parlhunent for the year 1780 — — [3°8 JVays and means for raising the above supplies — [ 313


fits majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of parliament, on Thursday the 2$th of November, 1779 — — — £321

The humble address of the Ixtrds spiritual and temporal, in parliament assembled; wit/t his majesty's answer — _ [322. The humble address of the House of Dominant to the King — [323 Address of the archbishop, bishops, and clergy, of t lie province of Canterbury, iu convocation assembled, presented to his majesty on the \-ith of November 17805 with his majesty s answer — — — [324. Protests of the Lords — —' — [^26, 330, 332 His majesty's most gracious speech to both houses of parliament, June■ 19, 1780 — — — — — [333 The humble address of the Lords spiritual and temporal, in parliament assembled; with his majesty s answer — ,— [334The humble address of the House of Commons — — r-j 3 5 His majesty's answer to the address of the House of Commons ibid. His imijejiyvs speech to both houses of parliament on July %, 17 80 [336

S 2 A pro

A proclamation for dissolving this present parliament, and declaring the calling

of another — — — — [337

The fpeich of his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland to both houses of

parliament — — — — ibid

The petition of the gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders, of the county of York,

to the honourable House of Commons — — £338

To the Honourable House of Commons: A representation and petition of the

planters, merchants, and other persons interested in the island of Jamaica


The memorial presented by Sir Joseph Yorke, the English ambassador extra-

ordinary at the Hague, the 21JI day of March, 1780 — [342

Provisional answer given to the above memorial — — [34S

Declaration of the court of Great Britain, April I'Jth, 1780 — ibid

The memorial presented to their High Mightinesses by Prince Gallitxin, the

Ruffian minister, on the part of the Empress bis sovereign — . [346

Declaration of the Empress of Russia lo the courts of London, Versailles, end

Madrid — — — [347

Answer of the court of Great Britain to the declaration of the Empress of

Russia — — — — [349

Answer of the King os France to the declaration of the Empress of Russia


Answer of the King of Spain to the fame declaration — — [350

Declaration of the King of Denmark and Norvjay, to the courts of London,
Versailles, and Madrid — — — [35a

Declaration of the King of Sweden to the fame courts . — — [3S3

Explanation vibich the court of S<wcden has demanded, relative to the pro-

posal which the court of Russia has made for the reciprocal protection and

navigation oftheirsubjects _____ [354

Answer of the court of Russia — — — [355

Papers which <were communicated by Sir Joseph Yorke, by express orders

from the king his master, to his serene highness the Prince Stadtholder,

and which were taken out of Mr. Lauren?'s trunk, viz.

No. I. Treaty of amity and commerce between the republic of Holland

and the united states of America — — 356

No. II. Copy of a letter to Ms Excellency B. Franklin, Esq; at Peris

No. III. A letter from Mr. Stokton, to the Rev. Dr. Witbtrfitu

No. IV. A letter from Col. Dircks, to the Hon. Henry Lauras, Eff,

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Letter from Count Welderen to Lord Stormont -. [379

Ltttir from Lord Storment to Count Welderen — — [3S0

Report of the commifftonert appointed to examine, take, and slate, the public

accounts of the kingdom — — — — ibid.

Proceedings of a board of general officers, held by order of General Wajbing-
ton, re/peeling Major John Andre, Adjutant-general of the British
army — — — — — — [384

General Arnold's address to the inhabitants of America, after having aban-
doned the service of the Congress — — — — [397

Address of Sir George Savilie to his constituents — — — [3991


CbaraSer and manners of the Venetians j from a View of Society and Man-
ners in Italy, by Dr. Moore — — — 1
Of the modern Romans ; from the fame — — -m f.
Of Naples, and the manners of its inhabitants; from thefame -— 12
Of the poetical Rehearsers and Improuvifatori — — 21
Refle thous on the genius and charaSer of the B'fayners — — 25
Description of the town of Bilbao, and the manners of its inhabitants

Of the charaSer of our debt-laws, and of Mr. Howard —. 32

Of the Popijh penal laws, -with the charaSer of Sir George Saville and
Mr. Dunning — — — ■" 54

Adventures of Eyles Irwin, Efq% its a voyage up the Red Sea, and in a jour-
ney through the deserts of Thebais — — -—49

iSarrative of the sufferings of Mr, de St. Germain, and hie companions, in
the deserts of Egypt — — — —- 54

Of the religion of the Kalmucs and Mongouls — — — 57

Of the religion of Tibet; or, of the Dalai Lama — — 59

An account of the sufferings of Lady Harriet Ackland, in the campaigns of
1776 and 1777. in Canada — — — 63

Translation ofa Jhort extractfrom a journal kept by 'C. P, Thunierg, M. D.
during bit voyage to, and residence in, the empire os Japan » 66


An account os the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, which happened in August

1779 — — - — — — 72

Relation of the recent eruption of Mount Ætna — — 91

OftbeeffeSsofvolcanos, and of the hot springs, in Iceland — 92

Of the Basaltic pillars — — — — 96

Natural History of the Grana Kermet, or scarlet grain — — 100

The method ofmaking salt pet re in Spain — — — 105

Extract from Dr. Ingenhousz's account of a new inflammable air, -which can

be made in a moment without apparatus, and is as fit for explosion as any

tthtr inflammable gaffes — — — —ut


Account of a •woman who had the small-pcx during pregnancy, and vjbe seemed to bavl communicated tie same disease to the sartui j -with reflections, by Mr. John Hunter — — - — — Ijj

N. B- This last article is misplaced in the volume, being by mistake inserted under the head of Useful Projects.


Observations on mineral poisons — — — :; ^

Jtn account os a new and cheap method os preparing pot-a/hts; tvitb observations —' — — — — iza Caution in building neagatineifor gunpowder —■ — | jc An account of a method for the removal of Jhits that have been driven on shore, and damaged in their bottoms, to places (however distant) for re. fairing them * — • — — —? u6 A new method of treating the Fistula Lacbrymalis j j» Dr. Outhrie's account of the Ruffian manner of treating persons ejected ty tbt fumes of burning charcoal, and other ejfiuvia of the fame natnrt


Directions for preventing the fatal effects which frequently fillew tbt drinks ing large quantities if spirits — — _- I + t

Hints for the general improvement of commons, recommended to tbt consideration tf every person concerned in them — — ^. 14 j

A N T I C^U I T I E S,

, Of tbt ancient English stage — — — — 146

Of the origin of the English language «- — — 1^7

Authentic account es the vahtt of many articles, in the rtign of Edward 111.

anna 1336 — **■ — — >TM- 163


History of Gardening; from WalfoL's Anecdotes of Painting in England

164 On improving ih,'memory. 1— -*- —r — 178

On the literary education ofwomen — — — 181

Refections on the distresses of tbt poor; ivitb an account of the unspeakable

distress of one miserable family — — — — 184

Description of Fomsey's Pillar in the neighbourhood of Alexandria in Egypt,

and an anecdote if fume English sta-offictrs tbtre — *^ 187

Examplary instance of justut in the present King of Prussia <— 189


Ode for the new year, 1780. — — — '193

Ode for bis majesty's birth-Jay, June 4, 1780 -r- ^-194


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