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admirals of the red; John Rey- heirs male. Lord Viscount Gage nolds, Esq; Sir Hugh Palliser, of the kingdom of Ireland, and Bart. Hon. John Byron, Matthew his heirs male, the dignity of a Barton, Esq; Sir Peter Parker, Knt. Baron of Great Britain, by the Hon. Samuel Barrington, Mariot name, tile, and citle, of Baron Arburth not, Efq; Robert Rod. Gage of Firle in Sussex. The foldam, Esq; George Darby, Esq; lowing gentlemen, and their heirs John Campbell, Esq; (vice-admi- male, the dignity of a Baron of sals of the blue) to be vice-admi. Great Britain, viz. the Ho.. James rals of the white; James Gambier, Brudenell, Baron Brudenell, of Esq; William Lloyd, Esq; fra. Deene in the county of Northamp. William Drake, Efq; Sir Edward ton.-- The Right Hon, Sir Wm. Hughes, K. B. Hyde Parker, Ely; De Grey, Knt. Baron Walling. (rear-admirals of the red) John hain, of Wallingham in Norfolk. Evans, Esq; Mark Milbanke, Esq; Sir William Bagot, Bart. Baron (rear admirals of the white) to be B got, of Bagot's Bromley in vice-admirals of the blue; Nic. Staffordshire. - The Hon. Charles Vincent, Esq; John Storr, Esq; Fitzroy, Lord Southampton, Baron Sir Edward Vernon, Knt. (rear of Southampton in Hants. - Hen. admirals of the white) to be rear. Herbert, Eig; Baron Portchester, admirals of the red; Jolhua Row- of Highclere, in the county of ley, Esq; Richard Edwards, Esq; Southampton. Thomas Graves, Esq; Robert Dig- The Right Hon. Frederick, Earl by, Esq; Sir John Lockhart Ross, of Carlife, to be Lieut. Gen, and Bart. (rear-admirals of the blu.) to Governor of his Majesty's kingdom be rear-admirals of the red. And of Ireland. the following captains were also William Eden, Efq; to be prinappointed Aag officers, viz. Charles cipal Secretary to the Lord Lieut. Webber, Eig; Wm. Langdon, Erg; and of his Majesty's most honour. Benjamin Marlow, Esq; Alexander able Privy Council in the kingdom Hood, Efq; Alexander Innes, Esq; of Ireland. rear-admirals of the white; Sir Sir Thomas Pye, Lieut, Gen. Charl. Ogle, Knt. Sir Sam. Hood, of Marines. Bart. Matthew Moore, Esq; Sir B. Thompson, Esq; under Sq. Richard Hughes, Bart. Franciscretary of State for the Northern Samuel Drake, Esg; Rich. Kem. department, penfelt, Esq; rear-admirals of the


His R. H. Prince Frederick, James Earl of Salisbury, Trea- Bishop of Osnaburg, colonel in furer of the Houthold, sworn of the army, by brevet, bearing date the Privy Council.

the ist of Nov. 1780. Earl Talbot, and his heirs male, Lieut. Gen. William Augustus the dignity of a Buron of Great Pitt, colonel of the 10th reg. of . Britain, by the name, flile, and dragoons. title, of Baron Dinevor, of Dine. Hon. Major General Vaughan, vor in the county of Caermarthen, Governor of Berwick. with remainder to his daughter, Right Hon. Charles Wolfran Lady Cecil Rice, widow, and her Cornwall, speaker of the House

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of Commons, sword of the Privy jeltz's Caaccellor of Ireland, Viro Coorcl.

coast L: jord, of Lifford, is the Thomas Wroughtoo, Eid; Es- county of Doonegall. voy Extraordinary to the King of Ocway Lord Deiart, Viscount Sweden, to the mot boncurable Delart, of De art, in the county Order of the Barh.

of Kilkeboy. Sir George Brydzes Rodney, John baroa Erne, Viscount Bart. Admiral of the white fqua. Erne, of Crom Cartie, in the coondron of his Majefty's feet, and ty of Fermanagh. Commander io Chief of all his Barry Lord Farnham, Viscount Majesty's hips and vessels employ- Farnham, of Farnham, in the ed at Barbadoes and the Leeward county of Casan. Jlands, to the most honourable · Simon Lord Ircham, Viscount Order of the Bach.

Carhampion, of Calilebaren, in DE CEME E R.

the county of Cork. The King has been pleased to Bernard Lord Bangor, Viscount order letters patent to be paired Bangor, of Catieward, in the under the great seal of the kicg. county of Downe. dom of Ireland, containing his Pepyiton Lord Melbourne, Vir. Majely's granis of the dignity of count Melbourne, of Kilmore, in a baron of the said kingdom unto the county of Cavao. the following gentlemen, and their James Lord Clifden, Viscount heirs male, by the names, ftiles, Clitden, of Gowran, in the coun: and titles, as under - mentioned, ty of Kilkenny. viz. James Dennis, Esq; Chief John Lord Naas, Viscount Baron of his Majelly's Court of Mayo, of Monecrouer. Exchequer in Ireland, Baron Trac. Also like leiters patent, conton, of Tracton Abbey, in the taining his Majesty's grant of the county of Cork.

dignities of baron and earl of the Sir Robert Tilson Deane, Bart. faid kingdom unto Henry Lord Baron Muskerry, in the county of Viscount Conyngham, and his Cork.

heirs male, by the name, ftile, and Almar Lowry Corry, Esq; Baron title of Baron and Earl ConyngBelmore, of Castlecoole, in the ham, of Mount Charles, in the county of Fermanagh.

county of Donnegall, with re: Thomas Knox, Erg: Baron mainder of the barony to his neWelles, of Dungannon, in the phew Francis Pierpoint Burton, county of Tyrone.

Esq; and his heirs male. Joho Baker Holroyd, Esq; Ba- . And the like letters patent, con: ron Shefhcld, of Dunamore, in taining his Majesty's grant of the the county of Meath.

dignity of an earl of the said kingAlso like letters pitent, con- dom unto Stephen Lord Viscount taining his Majesty's grants of the Mount Cashell, and his heirs male, dignity of a viscount of the said by the name, ftile, and title of kingdom unto the following noble. Earl Mount Cashell, of Cashell, men, and their heirs male, by the in the county of Tipperary.. names, ftiles, and titles, as un. The Earl of Inchiquin, John dermentioned, viz.

O'Neil, and Luke Gardiner, Efgrs. James Baron Lifford, his Ma- to be of his Majesty's most honoare


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able Privy Council in the kingdom Sir Nathaniel Wombwell, Bart. of Ireland.

The Right Hon. Hans Stanley, The King has been pleased to F.R.S. Cofferer of the Houshold, order letters patent to be passed Governor of the Idle of Wight, under the great feal of Ireland, Treasurer of the Museum, and memcontaining his Majesty's grants of ber for Southampton. the dignity of a baronet of that Sir John Moore, Bart. the title kingdom unto the following gen- extinct. tlemen, and their heirs male, viz. Lady Head, relict of the Rev. Sir John Stuart Hamilton, Elg; of John, Bart. Dunnamana, in the county of Ty Christ. Blake, Esq; brother of Sir Tone; John Tottenham, Esq; of Patrick, Bart. Tottenham-green, in the county Miss Frances Mackworth, eidele of Wexford; and Neal O'Donnell, daughter of Sir Herbert, Bart. Esq; of Newport, in the county of Dowager Lady Blois, relict of Mayo.

Sir Ralpn, Bart. The Right Hon. Thomas Lord Lady of Sir James Hereford, Grantham, Lord Robert Spencer, Bart. the Right Hon. William Eden, Sir Thomas Fleetwood, Bart. the Hon. Thomas De Grey, An- Lady Diana Middleton. drew Stuart, Edward Gibbon, Right Hon. Thomas Waite, Scan Hans Sloane, and Benjamin Lang- cretary, and one of the Privy Counlois, Esqrs. to be his Majesty's cil of Ireland. Commisioners for Trade and Plan- Right Hon. Lady Jane Boyle, tations,

filter to Richard Earl of BurlingCharles Middleton, Erq; 'Sir ton. John Williams, Knt. Edmund Miss Martha Abdy, daughter of Hunt, George Maríh, Timothy Sir Anthony, Bart. Brett, William Palmer, and Wil. Her Royal Highness Louisa liam Bateman, Esgrs. Sir Richard Amelia of Bruntwick, Princess Temple, Bart. Edward Le Cras, Dowager of Pruflia, and mother Samuel Wallis, l'aul Henry Our- to the Hereditary Prince of Prullid, ry, Henry Martin, and Charles and to the spouse of the Prince Proby, Eiqrs, and Sir Andrew Snape Stadtholder. Hammond, Knt. to be his Majesty's The lady of Sir Alexander Gil, Commissioners in quality of principal mour, Bart. at Alnwick. officers of his Majesty's navy.

Sir William Sharp, Bart, in The Duke of Montague, to be his Great Titchfeld - itreet, Major Majesty's Master of the Horse. General in the Portuguese service,

The Right Hon. the Earl of and Governor of the province of Aylesbury, to be Chamberlain of her Minho. -. Majesty's Houshold.

Lady Fowlis, relict of Sir Wil.

liam, Bart. DE AT HS, 1780. Dr. Richard Richmond, Bishop of JANUARY.

Sodor and Man. Lady Hudson, reliet of Sir Lady Davers, mother of Sir Charles, Bart.

Charles, Bart.



Lady Lucy Douglas, daughter of Egerton, wife of the Bishop of Durthe Duke of Montrose.,

ham. Her ladyship was the daughter Samuel Egerton, Erq; of Tat- of Henry, late Duke of Kent, by the ton: he was the only surviving ion Lady Sophia Bentinck, daughter of of John Egerton, grandson of John the Earl of Portland.

Earl of Bridgewater by Lady Eliz. Lady-Gooch, reli&t of the Right · Cavendish, daughter to John Duke Rev. Sir Thomas Gooch, Bart, of Newcaitie.

late Lord Bishop of Ely. Hér Sir William Blackstone, Knt. ladyship was the daughter of Judge of the Court of Common Compton, Esq; and nearly related Pleas.

to the present Earl of NorthampDowager Countess of Kildare. ton.

Lady Catherine Pelham, Ranger Sir Francis Blake, Bart. of Greenwich Park. She was filter

APRIL of the late Duke of Leeds, and mar. Lady Isabella Douglass, daughter ried, 1726, to the late Hon. Henry of William, first Earl of March. Pelham, by whom she had two sons, Sir Adolphus Oughton, Licut. who died young of an epidemical Gen. and K. B. fever.

George Earl of Granard, one Countess Dowager of Eglin- of his Majesty's most honourable toun.

Privy Council in Ireland, and a Lady Jenkinson, mother of Sir Baronet of Nova Scotia ; by whose Banks, Bart.

death the title and eftate have deHis Serene Highness the Duke of volved on his eldest son, Lord Modena.

George Forbes, now Earl of GraHis Serene Highness the Duke of nard. Brunswick.

Rev. Sir Stephen Glynne, Bart. MARCH.

Hon. Henry St. John, son of the The Right Rev. Doctor John late, and uncle to the present, Oswald, Bishop of Raphoe.

Lord St. John of Blecloe,' cap. Right Hon. Lady Mulgrave. tain of the Intrepid man of war, Lord Portescuc Aland.

on board which he was killed, Mrs. Gulfton, wife of Joseph with his ist and ad lieutenants, by Gullton, Efq; and sister of the pre- the same cannon ball, in the fight sent Sir S. Stepney, Bart.

with the French Acet off Guadaloupe. Miss Letitia Beauchamp, daugh. He married Mary Schuyler of New ter of Sir W. Beauchamp Proctor, York, by whom he has lett issue one Bart,

fon, Henry. General Desaguliers, of the ar- Lady Anne Hope, daughter of tillery.

the Earl of Hopetoun. Hon. Topham Beauclerk, only son

MAY. of Lord Sidney Beauclerk.

Hon, Thomas Townshend, one Charlotte, relict of the late Sir of the oldest Tellers of the ExWilliam Sanderson, Bart. and chequer. daughter of Sir R. Gough, of Sir Charles Hardy, Admiral of Edgebalion,

the White, and commander of the Right Hon. Lady Anne Sophia fleet,


Hon. Richard Nassau, brother to of the university of Oxford, and the East of Rochford.

member for Wigan in Lancalhire. Miss Elizabeth Eden, daughter of Lady Viscountess Dowager TyrSir John Eden, Bart.

connel. Lady Sophia Neville, daughter of Sir Charles Halford, Bart. the late, and sister to the present Earl Lady Viscountess Mahon, daugh. of Gainsborough.

ter of the late Earl of Chatham. Sir Godfrey Webster, Bart. of The lady of the Right Hon. the Battle Abbey in Sussex. His title Earl of Hillsborough, at his lord. descends to his eldest son, now Sir Chip's house in Hanover-square. Godfrey Webster, Bart.

Her lady ship was only daughter of Sir Charlton Leighton, Bart. He Edward Stawell, 4th and lait Lord is succeeded by his son, now Sir Stawell, first married to the late Charlton.

Right Hon. Henry Bilson Legge, Lady Mary Lyon, daughter of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and late Earl of Strathmore.

was created a peerels by the title of Sir Hen. Englefield, Bart. Baroness Staweli, which title deSir Anthony Buchannan, Bart. scends to her son, Mr. Legge, now Sir Thomas Cave, Barr.

Lord Stawell, Lady Standish, mother of Sir Hon. Lady Susanna Houston, reFrank, Bart.

liet of Sir Thomas, Bart. JUNE.

The Hon. Mrs. Page, reli&t of the Dame Rachael Morgan, reli&t of late Thomas Page, Esq; and aunt Sir William Morgan, of Tredegar, to Lord Viscount vowe. K. B. and daughter of Wil. His Royal Highness Charles Alex-“ liam fecond Duke of Devonshire, ander, Duke of Lorrain and Bar, &c. by Rachael daughter of William Grand Master of the Teutonic OrLord Russel.

der; &c. and Governor and CapLady Jane Strickland.

tain-general of the Austrian NeSir T. Gerrard, Bart.

therlands. Sir John Turner, Bart.


The Dowager Countess Cowper, In the 71st year of his age, at third daughter of John Earl Granhis house in Woolwich Warren, ville, firit married to the Hon. Joha William Belford, Erg colonel of Spencer, and mother of the prethe ift battalion of the royal reg. sene Earl Spencer, afterwards mar. of artillery, and a general in the ried to the late Earl Cowper, but

was not mother of the present Sir J. Hobby Mill, Bart.

Miss Frances Blake, youngest At Sudbury, Derbyshire, George daughter of Sir Patrick Blake. Venables Lord Vernon. His lord.

Lady Goring, wife of Sir Harry, thip was born Feb 9, 1709, and Bart.

was created Lord Vernon, and Sir Andrew Middleton, Bart. Baron of Kinderton, May 12,

John Moreton, Esq; Chief Juf- 1762. He is succeeded in his title tice of Chelter, Attorney-general by the Hon. George Venibles to the Queen, deputy High-teward Vernon, born May 9. 1735.




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