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prince, birce baptizei by the names The lady cf Joan Eoglina Dol. of Charles, L itico, Eo:eb:us, ten. Eic: a 6:. Raphari, Jern, A.-!00:0, Jbs. The lady of tie Hon. Heory no, Nepomuceno, Gabrislo, Ju. Sanell Bil on Legse, a caoghter. lizoo, Vincept - Ferrer, Arcie. The lady of off. Vincent, Bart. Avelin, Louis, Ferdicant, Angelo, a son. Pratciíco, Palca, Joachico, C-ye. The lacy of Sir Thomas Tantan. Iyoacio, Emanuelo, Ras. cred, Bart. a íon. mond, Janiverio, Fraucisco de

AUGUST. Paulo.

Lady of Sir William Lorraire, Marth.

Bart, a fon. The Couples of Virierton,

SEPTEMBER a daughter.

Lady Po:chefer, a son. The lady of Lord de Ferrars, 22d. Her MAJESTY safely dela a lon.

pored of a PRIXCE, at Windsor. The Right Hon. Lady Louisa Lady Brownlow, a sop. Manners, a daughter.

OCTOBER. Lady of the Hon. and Rev. Dr. Duchess of Rurland, a son. Cornwaliis, Dean of Canterbury, Lady of Sir James Pringle, Bart. a on.

a daughter. AP BIL.

Her imperial Highness the The lady of the Earl of War. Grand Dutchess of Tuscany, a wick, a lon.

princess. The lady of the Earl of Har- " Lady of Sir W.Williams W'v rington, a son and heir.

Eart. a daughter. The lady of the Earl of Stor

NOVEMBER. mont, a fun.

Countess of Carlisle, a daughter. 'The Right Hon. Lady Kino Lady of Sir James Cockburn, naird, a fun and heir.

Eart, a son. MAY. The Dutchess of Portland, a Right Hon. Lady Galloway, a son.

daughter, The lady of Sir Marth. White Durchess of Buccleugh, a daughRidley, Bart, a fon and heis. ter.

The lady of --- Wilson, Esq. Lady of John Coxe Hippilley, daughter of Lady Greenwich, a Esq; a daughter.

Lady of Sir Thomas Egerton, a The lady of Sir George Brydges fon. Rodney, Bart. a daughier.

The lady of Sir John Blois, Bart. a daughter.

MARRIAGES, 1789. JUNE. Countess of Radnor, a son. '

JANUARY. Counters of Tankerville, & John Cowper. Elg; to Miss daughter.

Cope, after to Sir Charles Cope, JULY. Countess of Shelburne, a son, Colonel Gordon, to Miss BamCounters Percy, a daughter.

fylde, lister of Sir Charles, Bart.





Thomas Gage, Esq; only fon Mary Cunliffe, second daughter of of Sir Thomas Gage, Bart.

the late Sir Robert Cunliffe, Bart. Arthur Earl of Arran, to Miss Rev. Sandford Harcastle, Rector Underwood.

of Athal in the county of York, FEBRUARY

to the Dowager Countess of Mex. Richard Aubrey, Esq; youngest borough. son of Sir Thomas Aubrey, Bart. Major Vyse, to Miss Howard, to Mifs Digby, daughter of the daughter of Sir George Howard, late Hon. Wriothelly Digby.

K. B. Thomas Grimstone, Esq; of Lord Parker, son to the Ear of Kilnwick, to Miss F. Legard, Macclesfield, to Miss Drake, of daughter of the late Sir Digby Le. Amer sham. gard, Bart.

Miss Catharine Grenville, youngAt the Castle, Dublin, Almar est lister of Earl Temple, to Mr. Lowry Corry, Esq; to the Right Neville, son of Richard Aldworth, Hon. Lady Harriet Hobart, eldest. Neville, Esg; of Billingbeare, daughter of the Earl of Bucking. Berkthire. hamshire.

At Lisbon, the Hon. Robert At Rome, J. Coxe Hippisey, Walpole, to Miss Diana Grosett, Efq; to Miss Margaret Stuart, daughter of Walter Grosett, Fiq. daughter of Sir John Stuart, Bart. Robert Harding, Esq; of Up. of Allenbank.

cott, to Miss Wrey, second daugia MARCH.

ter of Sir Bouchier Wrey, Bait.
At Calcutta, Sir John Doily, Earl of Balcarras, to Miss Dal-
Bart. to Mrs. Coates. And the rymple.
Hon. Lieut. Anftruther, to Miss Sir William Forbes, Bart. ta che

Hon. Mif. Sempel.

Walter James Head, Esq; only Sir H. Dashwood, Bart. to Miss
son of Sir James Head, Bart. of Graham, niece to Lord Newhaven.
Langley, Bucks, to the Hon. Miss Earl of Tyrconnel, to Miss
Jane Pratt, youngeit daughter of Hussey Delaval.
Lord Camden.

JULY. Sir Thomas Mannoch, of Gif. The Hon. Thomas Fitz-Wil. ford-hall, in the county of Suffolk, liam, of Woolstanton, in the Bart. to Miss Anastasia Browne, a county of Stafford, son to the late near relation of Lord Viscount Lord Viscount Fitz-William, of Montague.

Mount Meruin, in the kingdom Francis Fortescue Turville, Efq; of Ireland, to Miss Agnes Macto Miss Barbara Talbot, niece to clesfield, daughter and coheiress the Earl of Shrewsbury.

of the late Macclesfield, of MAY.

Chesterton, in the said county, The Hon. Mr. Clifford, eldeft , Esq. Son of the Right Hon. Lord Clif. Edward Knatchbu!, Esq; only ford, to the Hon. Miss A. Lang. son of Sir Edward, Bart. to Miss dale, daughter of the late Lord Mary Hugessen. Langdale.

In Dublin, Dennis Daly, Erg; Richard Brooke, Esq; to Miss to Lady Harriet Maxwell.

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Grant donchiar of Tien Canard

Grant, daugh:er of Lieut. General Hon. William Ward, to Miss Grant. Borville.

His Excellency Baron de KutzRight Hon. Lord Grantham, to leben, the Hessian minister, to the Lady Mary Grey, daughter of the Hon. Miss Dorothy Wrottelley, Marchioness Grey and Earl of niece to the Dutchess of Bedford, Hardwicke.

and fifter to the Dutchess of GrafGeorge Thornhill, Esg; to Miss ton and Sir John Wrottesley. Hawkins, daughter to Sir Cæsar, .' Sir George Barlow Warren, Bt. Bari.

. to Miss Caroline Clavering, young. Alexander Murray, Esq; of Ay- est daughter of the late Sir J. Claion, to the Hon. Miss Mary vering, Bart. Ogilvie, daughter to the late Lord Sir John Wedderburn, Bart. to Banff.

Miss Dundass. ОстовE R. Captain Garrick, to Miss Leigh, daughter of Sir Gerton Leigh,' PROMOTIONS, 1780. Bart. Montagu Burgoyne, Erg: son

JANUARY. of Sir Roger Burgoyne, Bart. to Brownlow, Duke of Ancafler Miss Hervey.

and Kelleven, to be Lord Lieut. . Her Serene Highness the Prin- of the county of Lincoln cess Augulla Carolina Frederica Dr. George Chinnery, Bishop of Loujsa, eldest daughter of his Se- Killaloe, translated to the Bishoprene Highness the reigning Duke rick of Cloyne. of Brunswick, to his Serene High. Dr. Thomas Barnard, Dean of ness Prince Frederick William Derry, promoted to the Bishoprick Charles of Wirtemberg.

of Killaloe. - NOVEMBER

W. Cecil Perry, M. A. Dean of The Right Hon. Lord Duncan. Derry. non, son of the Earl of Belborcugh, Samuel Raftal, clerk, Dean of to the second daughter of Earl St. Flanan Killaloe. Spenser. .

Frederick Earl of Carlisle, Lord John Peter, Esq; his majesty's Lieut. of the East Riding of YorkConful at Oftend, to Miss Eliz. Ahire. Herries, litter of Sir Robert Her Şir Richard Worsley, Governos ries, Bart.

of the Isle of Wight, and sworn of DE CE M EER. , the privy council. Right Hon. Lord St. John, of ' FEBRUARY Bletsoe, to Miss Emma White James Cunninghame, Esq; Mabread, second daughter of the jor General of his Majesty's forces, member for Bedford.

and Captain General and GoverRev. Mr. Tate, to Miss Moore, nor in Chief of Barbadoes. daughter of Sir John Moore, Bart. Earl of Aylesbury, Lord Lieut..

Right Hon. Lord George Mur- of Wilts. ray, second son to the late Duke Priscilla Barbara Elizabeth Burof Athol, to Miss Ann Charlotte rel, the dignity of Baroness


Willoughby de Eresby, co. Lin. in his majesty's royal navy, recoln.

ceived the honour of knighthood. Right Hon. John Scott, the re. Rev. Dr. Noel, Dean of Sa. version of Clerk of the Common lisbury. Pleas in the Court of Exchequer in

MAY. Ireland.

The Earl of Dalhousie to be Robert Macqueen, Esq; a Lord ‘High Commiflioner to the Church of Justiciary in Scotland.

of Scotland. MARCH

Benjamin Pingo, Gent. to the Ralph Bigland, Esq; Claren- office of Rouge-dragon, Pursui. ceux king of arms, to be a principal vant of Arms, in the room of king of English arms, and a prin- Ralph Bigland, Esq; now Richcipal officer of arms of the noble mond herald. order of the Garter, and also that the king has been pleased to office which is commonly called order letters patent to be passed Garter; and likewise the name under the great seal of Ireland, Garter, with the stile, liberties, containing his majesty's grants pre-eminences, and emoluments, of the dignity of a baronet of the belonging and anciently accur- . said kingdom, unto the following tomed to the faid office, vacant by gentlemen, and to their heirs the death of Thomas Browne, Esq; male, viz. Frederick Flood, of late Garter.

Newton Ormond, in the county The Rev. Doctor George Ma- of Kilkenny, Esq; and Robert fon, confirmed Bishop of Sodor Waller, of Newport, in the county and Man, and consecrated a Bishop of Tipperary, Esq. at Whitehall Chapel, by his Grace Lord Rivers, Lord Lieut, of the the Archbishop of York. ' county of Southampton. John Doddington, Esq; to the

JUN E. office of fourth Port-cullis pursui Alexander Wedderburne, Erg; vant of arms.

late his Majesty's Attorney-genePeter Dore, Esq; Richmond he. ral, to be Lord Chief Justice of rald, to the office of Norroysking his Majesty's Court of Common of arms, and principal herald of Pleas, upon the resignation of the the North parts of England. Right Hon. Sir William de Grey,

The Right Rev. Doctor James Knt. late Chief Juftice thereof; Hawkins, Bishop of - Dromore, and also one of his Majelty's most to the Bithoprick of Raphoe. Honourable Privy Council.

William Beresford, M. A. to The Right Hon. Alexander the Bishoprick of Dromore.

Wedderburne, Lord Chief Justice APRIL. . of the Court of Common Pleas, Hon. John Trevor, appointed and to his heirs male, the dignity miniler plenipotentiary to the of a Baron of Great Britain, by Elector Palatine, and minister to the name,: stile, and title of Lord the Diet of Ratisbon.

Loughborough, Baron of LoughRalph Bigland the Younger, borough, in the county of LeiEsq; Richmond herald.

. celter. Richard Pearson, Esq; captain John Campbell, Esq; to be



Governor of Milford Haven, in the Comptroiler of the Accounts of county of Per.broke, in the room his Majesty's Army, vice Thomas of Wyrriot Owen, Esq; deceased Bowlby, Esq.

Rchard Pepper Arder, Esq; Thom25 Bowlby, Elg; to be Lloyd Kenyon, Esq; Jobs Lee, Commisiary General of the Mur. Eq; ard William Selwyn, Eiq; ters, and chief Mafter Matter of all to be of bis majefy's counsel learn- tis Majeity's Forces, vice Chrittoed in the law.

pher D'Oyley, Eiq. JULY.

Henry Siracbey, Eig; to the James Wallace, Esq; to be his office of Keeper of his Majesty's Majesty's Attorney-General. Stores, Ordnance, and Ammuni

James Mansfield, Esg; to be his tion of War. Mój dy's Solicitor-General.

John Kenrick, Eq; to the office jono Heath, Esq; to be one of of Clerk of the Delivery and De. the judges of the Court of Com- liverance of all manner of artillery, mon Picas.

ammunition, and other necessaries Sir Hugh Palliser, Bart. to be whatsoever, appertaining to his Mafer of his Majesty's Hospital at Majesty's office of ordnance. Greenwich.

John Ross Mackye, Esq; to be SEPTEMBER,

Receiver General of the Stamp Sr William Gordon, Knight of Duties., the Bach, and Lovel Stanhope, Archibald Macdonald, Esq; one Efq; to be Clerks Comptrollers of of his Majesty's counsel, to be his the Board of Green Cloth. - Majeily's justice of the counties of

John Buller, sen. Esq; io be Caermarthen, Pembroke, Cardi. one of his Majesty's Commiffioners gan, &c. for executing the office of Trea- The Right Hon. Lord Onlow, surer of his Majesty's Exchequer, and Lord Boston, to be Lords of vice C. W. Cornwall, Esq.

his Majesty's Bedchamber, George Darby, Esq; to be one Thomas Morgan, Gent. Thoof his Majesty's Commissioners for mas Morgan, the younger, Gent. execuring the ofiice of Lord High his 1977, and Thomas Kynnerfley, Admiral of Great Britain and Ire. Erg; to the office or offices of Proland, vice John Buller, Eq.

thonotary and Clerk of the Crown Benjamin Langlois, Esq; to be in the counties of Denbigh and one of his Majeily's Commissioners Montgomery. for Trade ard Plantations, vice William Adam, Esq; Treasurer Soame Jenyns, Esq.

and Paymaster of his Majesty's Charles Volfran Cornwall, Esq; Ordnance. to the offices of Warden and Chief Flag-officers of his Majesty's Justice in Eyre of all bis Majesty's feet; Matthew Buckle, Erg; Rob. forells, parks, chaces, and war- Mann, Esq; (vice-admirals of the rens, beyond Trent.

red) to be admirals of the blue ; The lon. James Cecil, Esq; Hugh Pigot, Esq; Right Hon. commonly called Lord Viscount Molyneux Lord Shuldham, John Cranburn, to be Treasurer of his Vaughan, Erg; (vice-admirals of Majesty's Houshold.

the white) Rob. Duff, Esg; (vice. Conlopher D'Oyley, Esq; to be admiral of the blue) to be vice


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