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ufual ascended the throne in his Secretary of State, went to him in royal robes; and being seated, Sir the name of the king, and deFra. Molineux, gentleman other of manded his state papers. It is the black rod, was sent with a mes. said, that he delivered to him a sage to the House of Commons, letter from the king, who thanked commanding their attendance, him, in obliging terms, for his when his majesty's pleasure was services in the marine. Ggnified to them by the lord chan- The fucceffor in the above im. cellor, that they fhould return 10 portant post, is M. de Caiftres, their Houte and chuse a speaker, lieutenant general, and the comto be presented to his majetty for mandant of the Gendarmerie ; his royal approbation the next day and vesterday morning he went to at two o'clock. They accordingly Marly, where the court is at prechose. Charles Wolfran Cornwall, fent, and there took the oaths to Efq.

the king in quality of minifter of . This evening the ceremony of the marine. the christening of the young prince . Died. At Staunton, Cumber. was performed in the Great Coun- land, Mrs. M. Smith, aged 104. cil.Chamber, by his Grace the Ac Fintray, Scotland, J. Taylor, Archbishop of Canterbury. His aged 108. royal highness was named Alfred. At Taunton, James Codring. The sponsors were his Royal High- ton, Esq; aged 104. ness, the Prince of Wales, his At Winchester, Mrs. Clark, aged Royal Highness the Prince Bishop 195. of Osnaburgh, and her Royal in Bright's Alley, Gray's-InnHighness the Princess Royal. lane, Elizabeth Swanbrook, aged - A session of oyer and terminer 111. and goal delivery of the High Mrs. Bradlhaw, formerly of Court of Admiralty of England, Drury-lane theatre. The circumwas held before Sir James Marriot, stances of her death are worth relatknt. Judge of the High Court of ing. She had a few years ago adoptAdmiralty, and Mr. Juilice Heath.; ed a young girl ; but the uncomwhen James Robinson was tried for mon care which she had taken of piratically and feloniously running her education, and the fatal conaway with a merchant brig, called sequence which has attended the the Hermione, in the Jamaica want of fuccefs of her adopted, trade. The jury acquitted the makes it now believed that ibe -prisoner.

was really Mrs. Bradshaw's own There being no other 'bill's of daughter ; for, upon her return indictment found by the grand from France, she was engaged to jury, the court was adjourned. dance at Plymouth; but whether There were many other prisoners from the length of the dance, the remanded to prison till next fel. timidity of the performer, or the Gong.

ill nature or ignorance of the au. Paris, OR, 15. M. de Sartine, dience, she was hissed. The effect the minister of the marine, is dif- this misfortune had upon Mrs. missed. On Friday last, at two Bradshaw was truly tragical. She o'clock, M. Amelot, Minister and fell into fits instantly, was convey.

ed ed home raving mad, and died in goods, every where taking change a short time after.

out of her counterfeit notes. The several articles thus taken up they

likewise found means to carry off N O V E M B E R. lait Friday night, assisted by a

third person, their accomplice, and The loses sustained by va. who went off with them privately 1. rious persons during the riots, after dark in the same poit chaise. as delivered to the Board of Works, Upon breaking open the door of amounted, previous to the adver- the apartment where they lodged, tisements from that office, to in a large leather trunk (supposed 130,0001. Since those advertise to contain their wearing apparel, ments several other articles hive which they also left locked) were been given in, such as Newgare, found only a couple of walking a prison in the Borough, the coll. sticks. houles on Black - Friars - bridge, In the Court of King's &c. So that on the present lut Bench. the Attorney-Gene- Tom. the damages amount to about ral presented a bill of indictment

against George Gordon, Elg; com· Oxford, Nov. 2. Last week di. monly called Lord Geo. Gordon, vers tradesmen of this city were to the grand Jury, which they very defrauded of soms to the amount foon returned, finding a true bill. of upwards of 100l, by a female Mr. Dunning obtained a Tharper of very genteel address and mandamus from the court "que appearance, who had made Ox- of King's Bench to transfer stock ford her refidence for about three at the bank, which was refused by weeks past, in company with a the directors, on pretence that bal. person who spoke, or affected to tards could not devise by will ; speak, broken English, and whom which was held nugatory. she called her husband. This fraud | The report was made to , was effected by negociating false his majelty in council, of "5 and counterfeit notes on copper. the prisoners under sentence of plate cheques. Those put off here death in Newgate, who were conwere filled up in an exceeding good victed last September seffions, when hand payable to Robert Pearce the following were' ordered for or order at a barker's in Lom- execution on Wednesday the 22d bard-street, London; the last in instant, viz. Samuel Baker, Stewdorfer, A, Clifford; and it seems ard Montague, Thomas Cox, Jo. the lady had daily practised the seph Freeman, Mary Gardner, art of going from shop to top in Joseph Carter, Abraham Danford, an affable way, purchasing trifes and William Newton, Benjamin with ready money, and telling the Kinder, and Thomas Humphreys. people ihe should be a better cur- The following were respiced durtomer hereafter, being come to ing his m: jesty's pleasure, viz. John make a considerable stay. Having Harris, Grace Maddocks, George thus made a night acquaintance, Duffey, and George Watson. the day she left Oxford she went This evening came on by perifound and took up filver and other tion, btiere ine twelve judges at


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Serjeant's-lon-hall, the scale of on. The book-keepers, secing the Mr. Hari, against the benchers of direction the same, and the postGray's-Inn, for refusing to call mark on it, they usually gave me him to the bar on account of his what I aked for, on paying their having taken the benefit of an Ac demand. of Insolvency; when, after hearing The following are the principal counsel, they were unanimously of transactions I have been concerned opinion that the petition be dif. in, which I can at present recol. missed. All the judges were pre- lect: fent on the occasion.

In September 1777, I got e parThis morning the fol- cel fent from Norwich, directed to 224. lowing malefactors were car- Smith, Wright, and Gray, which ried in three carts from Newgate contained bills to the amount of to Tyburn, where they were all sool. and upwards; one of them executed according to their sen, for 216 1. 5 s. was drawn on Mr. tence, viz. William Edwards, Gaussen, in St. Helen's, which I Steward Montague, Samuel Baker, carried for acceptance, and pre. Abraham Danford, William New. vailed on him to give me the ton, Thomas Cox, Benjamin Kin. calh, allowing him the discount. I der, Mary Gardner, and Joseph wrote John Waikins on the bill, Carter, who was drawn on a iledge. and likewise on the draft, which They all behaved very penitently; Mr. Gaussen paid me; the amount particularly Danford, who left the I received in cash at the Bank of

following curious paper in the England. Two more of the bills · hands of the ordinary.

I left for acceptance, and the others Nerugate Cells, Nov. 21, 1780. I destroyed. Sensible of the injuries I have In July, 1778, I obtained a box committed against many people at the Bull and Mouth Inn, sent who have been defrauded hy me, from Birmingham in the same and having nothing before me but manner. After hearing the sevethe prospect of a speedy dissolution, ral parcels called over, I fixed on and an ignominious one ; as it is a box directed to Mr. Ford, Lom, not in my power to make any refi- bard-Atreet; I had a letter in my tution to the several persons who pocket with the Birmingham poft, bave been injured by me, but do mark on it, and went to a publicfor their fatisfaction declare the house juft by and wrote the same principal transactions. I have been dire&ion as on the box, On thewguilty of, or concerned in.

ing the letter to the book-keeper, The method I chiefly pot in he immediately gave me the box, practice was forging the post-mark which I carried to Cheapside, took of different towns, which I put on a coach home, opened it, and a piece of paper made up as a found upwards of 1901. in calh, letter, and then went to the inns and some bills; several I negowhere the coaches came, and heard ciated, and the others I returned the parcels called over ; then went in a cover to Birmingham, to the to a public-house near, and wrote persons who sent them, Meff. Whit, the direction on the letter the same worth and Yates. Two of these as was on the parcel I had fixed bills I negociated at Hazard's for

tickets i gickets; two with Mr. Cox for to pay the bill at fight; and togold; and one with Mr. Crafton deceive them the more, I desired for stockings, which his man car- them in the letter to enquire ried to a box-maker, in Bishops- about a ticket in the State Lottery, gate street, where I bought a box which I knew was drawn a scol. to pack them in. I indorsed those prize a few days before, telling bills in the name of Thomas them it was the property of myself Downer, Tooley-ftreet, and after. (meaning Curtis), and if it was wards conveyed the box to Mr. à prize, I would send iç to them to Ford's house, and there left it. . fell for me,

Soon after, I obtained a parcel Another parçel I obtained from directed to Sir William Lemon the Bell and Crown, Holborn, and Co. wherein was a letter and directed for Mr. Fox, Cheapside, account, the writing of which ap- containing a piece of Irish cloth, peared very much like mine. I and several bills, two of which I copied the letter with an addition, negociated ; one of them was defiring them to purchase 25 lot, drawn on Smith, Wright, and lery tickets, which I afterwards Gray, for gol. which I paid Hornsby understood they did; I desired and Pearce for lottery cickets; the they might be delivered to a per- others, about 201. 'I received in son who would call for them ; I cash. Another parcel I obtained fent a ticket porter for them, who from the King's-arms, - Snow-hill, soon returned, and said they would directed to Mr. Bedford, Friday. not deliver them.

ftreet, containing some dimity, &c. Soon after I began practising the which I sold for what I could get. invention of the post-mark, I went I also obtained a basket from to the Green Dragon, in Bishops. the Spread Eagle, Gracechurch, gate-ftreet, and fixed on a parcel ftreet, directed to Mr. Stock, linèn. from Lynn, directed, I think, to draper, containing a goose, and a Mell. Boydells, Caftle-street, Lei. bill on Mr. Branwaite, which he cester-fields--I produced the letter, accepted, and I negociated it at a and received the parcel; on open- refiner's, in Çaftle. Atreet, pear Al, ing it, I found it contained only derfgate-street. a parcel of livery cioaths, and I was the fole actor, and had no a letter ; I found by the letter accomplices, in all the above that Meff. Boydells were in frauds; and I hope no person will debted to the person who sent the ever reflect on my poor wife and cloaths about 301. (I think his children, or suppose they were in name was Curtis) wrote a lete any manner concerned with me. ter, instead of the other, as com, I folemnly declare they are per. ing from Mr. Curtis, telling them fe&tly innocent, and were never Í had burot my hand, and that I acquainted with any one fraud I could not write myself, but had have committed. I make this con got a neighbour to write for me, feffion voluntarily, for the fatis. and I drew a bill at fight for 25!. faction of the many persons that which they paid to the porter I have been injured by me, and to sent for the money. I was afraid prevent suspicion from being calt it would not quit Mesf. Boydelis on innocent persons, having free


quently discovered that was the This being St. Andrew's consequence of the frauds I prac- day, the Royal Society held 30 tised. I declare this solemnly to their anniversary meeting at their be a true and voluntary confer- apartments in Somerset-place, when fion.

the Prelident (Mr. Banks) in the ABRAHAM DANFORD." name of the society, prefented the · Witness, J. VILLETE,

gold medal (called Sir Godfrey Ordinary of Newgate.

Copley's) to the Rev. Samuel

Vince, for his paper, enuitled, “ An His majesty was pleased to re. Investagation of the Principles of fpite Thomas Humphreys and lo- Progrellive and Rotatory Motion." feph Freeman, until further figni. The prendent on this occasion defication of the royal pleasure.

livered a Mort but elegant oration Of the convicts under sentence on the great utility of Mr. Vince's of death, the following are order. paper. ed for execution on Wednesday the DIED, At Boxford, Herts, 291h, viz. George Bishop. Robert Thomas Field, a labouring mail, Hill, and Margaret M Löchlan. aged 102. His father was 104,

The following are refpited: Ann his uncle 93, his brother 95, and Lavender, Rich. Hapgood, James scarce any of the family have died Johnson, and Richard Brown. 'under ninety. . This being the day'ap. At Ballynakill, in Queen's Couo. .

• poinced for the election of a ty, Ireland, Mr. J. Woodworth, representative for this city in parlia- aged 112. ment, in the room of the late At Celbridge, in the county of Alderman Kirkman, the drawing Kildare, Mrs. Mary M.Kee, aged of the lottery at Guildhall ceased 110. at ten o'clock. About twelve, Near Stevenage, Mr. J. Thorpe, near a thousand liverymen were af- aged 109. sembled, and the sheriffs, having waited for the lord mayor till near one o'clock, ascended the hustings

DE CE M B E R.. in his absence, with the Aldermen Townsend, Bull, Wilkes, Saw. Was tried in the Court of bridge, Hayley, Thomas, Clarke, Common - Pleas, Westminster, de Burnell, attended by the city offi- before Lord Loughborough, by a cers. The wsit for the election, special jury, a cause between Jurand the act of parliament against tiče Wilmot; for damages, by the bribery being read, the lord mayor, destruction of his house at Bethnal. and all the aldermen not in parlia. green and in Worship-{treet, and ·ment, were then put in nomina. damage in his garden, plaintiff,

tion, and distinguished accurately and the inhabitants of the district in the popular manner, according of Bethnal-green, defendants. Afto ancient custom ; but the whole ter hearing evidence, and the reMew of hands being in favour of ports of the surveyors employed Mr. Sawbridge, he was declared by both parties, the jury went by the theriffs duly elected.

out, and having staid about half


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