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came and knocked at the door, induce biin to do it, but in vain, was let in, and the door shut. whereupon his lordfhip bound him Attending to see the event, the over to prosecute Daruford and thought the heard an uncominon Newton at the next session at the noise, and stepping over the way, Old-Bailey. If the evidence of and listening, was ftruck with the Mrs. Bouchier and her affiftants found of murder, pronounced in a do not bring the fact home to hoarse faint voice, succeeded by a them, it is feared the two offenders kind of groaning, which very will escape. much alarmed her; and looking At the allizes for the county of through the key-hole, she saw two Lincoln was tried a cause between men dragging the third down the the hon. John Manners and alcellar stairs, on which the cried derman Sanser, for pulling down out violently they're murdering a the market-cross at Grantham, man, knocked hard at the door, and converting the same to his and begged the people in the street own use. It appeared that this to break it open ; but none would cross had stood beyond memory, interfere. Being enraged at their and was claimed as part of the brutality, the burst open the win- manor of Grantham by the plaindow herself, and was entering, tiff. The defendant set up his when one of the villains opened right to take it down by a prethe door, and was running off ; tended grant from Charles I. or II. but on the cry of “ Stop thief," which gave to the corporation a he was instantly taken, and the market and three fairs; but the other the seized by the throat her. jury, which was special, found før self, and dragged him to her own the plaintiff, with 401. damages. bouie, by which this horrid con- A most dreadful storm trivance was brought to light. of thunder and lightning 9

gth. They had robbed the poor man of killed a man making hay near his pocket-book, and had nearly Swansea in Glamorganshire, and throttled him to stop his noise, set fire to the hay on which he till they had got him into the was found. The swivel of his back cellar, where they certainly watch was melted, and a round designed to have murdered him, hole made in the outer case, which had not the woman by her forti- fixed it to the inner cafe, but no tude providentially interposed to mark appeared on his body, and save his life.

only a black spot on his shirt, ath. The clerk to the bank- near to the hole made in his

1. ing - house in Lombard- watch. street was again examined before On the same day a horse and the lord mayor, with regard to 18 sheep were ftruck dead near the attempt of a robbery, and the Uík, in Monmouthshire, They manner of his treatment whilst in had all got together under a pear. the house in Water-lane, Black- tree, to avoid the violence of the friars; but he refused to take an tempeft. Two horses were also oath, being a quaker. The lord killed by the lightning in a stable mayor used many arguments to near Pontypool.


At the court at St. James's, the fendants, on an action for illegally

18th of August, 1780, present, impretling and imprisoning the the king's moft excellent ma- plaintiff in July 1779, he having jesty in council.

at no time acted in any other caHis majesty in council was this pacity than as owner or master of day, pleased to order, that the a vessel at sea; when the jury parliament, which Itands pro gave a verdict in his favour with Fogued to Thursday, the 24th of sol. damages. The damages were this inftant, Auguft, fhould be laid at sool further prorogued to Thursday Lately was presented to the lord the 28th day of September next. mayor of York, by his Grace the Isth. About fix o'clock in the Duke of Portland, a cluster of Sy

afternoon, as the phaeton rian grapes, the largest, it is sup.

Manners, Esq; son of lord posed, that ever grew in England. · Manners, was standing in Ar.. Its girt round was five feet nine lington street, St. James's, the inches, and its weight ji pounds horles suddenly took fright, and io ounces. fall into Piccadilly at a furious Athocking murder was como rate, and threw down a man who. mitted at Milton, Aear Chrifthad a child in his arms. Both the Church, Hants, by a gang of man and child were greatly smugglers, who went to the house

rulled; but it unfortunately of Mr. John Buffey, officer of happened that the man had a customs, called him up, and fracte of aqua-fortis in his hand : cured his skull in such a manner

bottle was broke in the fall, that seven pieces were taken from a great part of the liquid pour- it. He lived in great agony till mug upon the child. occafioned a the 27th, when he expired. most shocking and terrible scene

Cambridge, August 18. On Mon

Car us misery and distress : nor had day last, Anne Jeffrey and Mary

man much better fortune. Wells, two pour women belonging

Croaths of both were on fire, to Cambridge, who had been in swelled, and

podies most horridly burnt, the fields to glean, were found by

and their eyes closed up, the road fide in a kind of ftupor, le cries of the child were by a gentleman who was returning table. At length their home. On enquiry, it appeared

re cut off (for they could they had been ignorantly eating wile be got off), and the berries of the deadly night. 1. put into linen furnished thade. The gentleman' very hu.

ghbours, and carried to manely brought the poor women s Hospital, without to Mr. Hoffman, chymist, on the

Pease hill, who immediately ap29th. Came on at the Guild- plied proper remedies, and both

of the city of Bristol, the women are now perfectly re

not otherwise be got off); they were put into line by the neighbours, and St. George's Hospital, hopes of their recovery.

29th. hall of th


before Juftice Nares and jury, the trial between M plaintiff, and a captain. tenant in the im prels 10

between Mr. Caton,

a captain and lieu le impress service de.

Many instances might be given of the fatal effects of this plant. Two young English gentlemen,


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travelling in France, and being to the Sussex Regiment of Militia, thirsty, were tempted by the in- quartered near Dorking, Surry, viting appearance of the berry, of were violently affected by eating which they imprudently eat, which of the berries of the night fhade; brought on an immediate stupor, but fortunately, after fix or eight and occasioned their death. Two days illness, were all recovered. ftudents in the botanic garden at Poland, Auguft 7. We bave reLeyden also eat of the berries of ceived affecting accounts from the night thade; one of them died Austrian Moldavia, that the lor the next day, the other with great cuits, which appeared in autumn difficulty was recovered. About last in the district of Herza in that seven years ago, a labourer who province, having then depofited was at work in Trinity-College, their eggs, they now appear in a ignorantly eat a plant of the night- thousand times greater number thade by way of sallad, but for- than last year, and are two inches tunately applied to Mr. Hoffman, long; they are divided into three by whom he was cured. The formidable armies; the first exmethod of cure, recommended by tends seven leagues in length, and Mr. Hoffman, is to give a vomit nine in breadth, from Herza to as foon as posible, then to drink Potuthan ; the focond extends vinegar or lemon juice, about a from Roman to the Danube, which pipt diluted in an equal quantity is about eight leagues; and the of water, in the course of the day, third from Jaffy to Bessarabia : and to walk the patient about to they bave destroyed all the grass, prevent sleep, which would be fruit, and even leaves of the fofatal. For the information of our rest trees, but have not yet touched readers, we add a botanical de- the vines or the wheat; they are feription of the plant.

as yet too young to fly, and if, Belladonna, deadly nightshade, when they rise, the wind sets toor dwale: ftem ere&, forked, wards Austrian Moldavia, that branched, three or four feet high; fine country will be ruined. leaves oval, eptire, large, bairy, Leghorn, August 12. We hear soft, pointed; flowers dead pur- from Rome, that they had a ple, numerous, ou pedicles from luftrum (or a numbering of the The alæ of the leaves, single; people) there on the 24th of June, fruit, when ripe, a large black when it appeared there were in glossy berry; it grows in woods, that city 155,184 inhabitants; of hedges, &c. and is ripe in June, whom were 36,48; house-keepers. July, and Auguft. The Italians in this number were included give the name of Belladonna to 3847 monks, 2827 secular priests, this plant, because the ladies in 1910 puns, 1065 Iludents, 1470 Italy make use of a water distilled alms-house, poor, 7 pegroes, and from the nightshade as a cosmetic; 52 persons not Romans. The and the miniature painters prepare numbers born from June 24, 1779, from the fruit a moft beautiful to June 24, 178c, were 5228, and green colour.

the burials 7181. Soon after the accident above. Paris, August 21. The king. mentioned, five soldiers belonging ever attentive to give his subjects

fresh proofs of his love and equi. DIED, At Simanston, Mrs. cy, would have his name-day, Sul. Evison, aged 10%. August 25, marked by an act of At Liverpool, Mr. W. Ellis, benevolence to his people. In aged 130 years and 6 months. -, consequence, his majekty, of his At his feat at Antermonie, John own proper motion, has abolished Bell, Esq; who in 1715, 1716. on that day, la question prelimi- 1717 1718, accompanied, as naire, (the torture) which, ac- physician and surgeon, Peter the cording to a barbarous custom, Great's embassy to Persia, and preserved since the ages of igno- in 1719, 1720, 1721, that to rance, criminals were put to, a China, of which he published a moment before their execution particular account in 2 vols. 4to. The edict, ordaining that abo- Glasgow, 1762, fince reprinted, lition, will soon appear, and the in 2 vols, 12mo. sovereign courts, who have long Sir John Jefferson, Knt. aged lamented that custom, though 96. obliged to put it in execution, · At Epping, Mr. Ed. Brinton, will receive the new law with aged 102. rapture.

“At Blackwall, Capt. T. Welch, Petersburg, August 26. This aged 98. · evening, at about eight o'clock, W. Raymond, Esq; aged 96. "

this city was terribly alarmed by a At his house in Piccadilly; R. dreadful fire breaking out in the Hutchinson, Esg; aged 97. hemp magazine, which raged with At Plaistow, Capt. W. Monsuch violence, that it was not only tague, aged 97. impossible to stop its burning down Rev. Mr. Richard Dillon, late the warehoufe, but even its com- of the Roman Catholic chapel in municating to several vessels that Moorfields,, where he had resided were loaded and loading with for 36 years, till it was destroyed hemp, fax, oil, and cordage, by the mob in the late riots; at which, being all combustible the same time his house having goods, made the conflagration been totally pulled down, his very tremendous; and had not books and household furniture the flames taken another direction, burnt, without even a bed being the whole quarter of Wally left for him to lie on'; the flock Oftrow must have been burnt. he received from such barbarous The fire, however, communicated treatment deeply affected his healih to a magazine which was surround- and spirits, and is supposed to . ed with water, and contained great, have haftened his death. He was part of the last crop of tobacco a younger brother of the ancient which grew in the Ukraine. The family of Preudston, in the county fire burnt three days, and the da- of Meath, in Ireland; and his mage done by it is reckoned at character was universally respected two millions of roubles; the num- and esteemed by a numerous acber of people who have lost cheir quaintance. lives is not yet known, but from Of convulsions in the stomach, various circumstances it is not occasioned by eating mushrooms doubted, but it must be very stewed in a bell-metal: saucepan, great.

Ch. Maitland, Esq; of Raynham. Vol. XXIII.



tions of two members to represent SEPTEMBER. the county of Middlesex in the en.

' suing parliament. A proclamation was issued“

About eleven o'clock the under 14. by the king in council, for theriff opened the business upon a diffolving the present parliament, temporary hultings built for that and declaring the calling of ano. purpose; and after reading the ther ; the writs for which to bear writ, and the acts of parliament date on Saturday the 2d day of respecting the mode of election. this instant September, and to be John Wilkes and George Byny. returnable on Tuesday the 31st day. Erars, were proposed as candidates of October following:

by Mr. Scott and Mr. Taylor ; no . This day there was 2 other person being put in nomina7. numerous meeting, in the tion, these gentlemen were deportico of Covent Garden church, clared of course unanimously in order to elect two proper per- elected. fons to represent the city of West. This morning about half pak minster in the ensuing parliament, four o'clock, a duel was fought in when the Right Hon. Lord Lin- Hyde-Park between the Rev. Mr. coln, Sir George Brydges Rodney, Bate, of Surrey-ftreet, and Mr. R. bart, and the Hon. Charles Fox, a student of the law, late of St. were put in nomination as candi. John's College, Cambridge. The dates. The majority of hands be- quarrel arose from some circum. ing declared in favour of Lord fiances relating to the conduct Lincoln and Sir George Rodney, of the Morning Poft, in which a poll was demanded for Mr. Fox. they are both engaged. The

A court of huftings was chance of the first fire falling to fin. held at Guildhall, for the Mr. B. he discharged his piftol, election of four members to repre

and hit Mr. R. in the fleshy part · sent this city in the ensuing parlia. of the right arm; the wound, ment.

however, was not sufficient to inUpon the separate shew of hands, capacitate him from returning the the sheriffs declared the election fire, which he did, but without to have fallen upon Aldermen effect. The seconds now interHayley, Bull, Sawbridge, and posed, and the affair was adNewnham. Mr, Alderman Townsend de

At three o'clock, the poll clined any contest ;, but the friends


finished at Guildhall, for "S" of Aldermen Kirkman and Clarke

four representatives for this city, demanded polls, which commenced

when the numbers were ; for Alderat four o'clock.

man h A county court was held 14th. at Brentford, for the elec

. Fr. Sat. M. T. W. Th. Fr. Tot. Hayley - - - - 228 424 547 951 731 583 598 4062 Kirkman · · - - 160 349 511 911 719 563 591 3804 Bull

. - 151 294 427 698 512 478 590 3150 Newnham - - - 137 272 437 703 577 425 485 3036 Sawbridge - - 152 280 347 583 492 499 604 2957 Clarke - - - 110 174 239 400 349 241 258 1771



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