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Lincoln's - inn - fields, with the we had moft tremendous and rethanks of the common council, peated claps of thunder, accomwhen we hear the learned Judge panied with vivid flashes of lightdeclined accepting the freedom, ning; and about fix in the even. which was voted him in a gold ing a ball of fire struck the outside box,

of the chimney of Mr. Meredith, in On Saturday a cause cutler, of St. Clement's, in the agen. was tried in the Court of suburbs of this city, where having Common Pleas in London, be forced through the wall, it eno fore Lord Loughborough, and tered into the upper room, shivered a special jury of merchants, in the partition of the stair-case, which Samuel Lloyd, an eminent broke the maid's box, and did tea - dealer, was plaintiff, and other damages ; from thence de. Thomas Cooper, a surveyor-ge- scending to the one-pair-of-stairs, neral of the excise, defendant, in a room where Mrs. Meredith The action was for scandalous and sat at work, it totally destroyed defamatory words spoken by the the chimney piece ; and the glass defendant of the plantiff, by over it was reduced to powder, means of which the plaintiff was and scattered about the room like injured in his character and credit, fand; several glazed prints were and many persons who had been likewise broke and dispersed about in the habit of dealing with him, the room ; a mahogany chest of refused to do so any longer. The drawers was penetrated as if it had case on the part of the plaintiff been fired at with small shot; it was moft clearly established, and also forced the casement of the the learned judge, in his charge window considerably outward, to the jury, was very pointedly From hence palling down to the severe on the defendant, whose kitchen, upon the ground floor, offence, he said, was much ag. where the maid servant was pregravated by his situation as a re- paring for tea, she was ftruck to venue officer, having in that ca- the ground, and received several pacity a greater opportunity of scratches upon the fide of her face : prejudicing the reputations of whilft a little girl in the fame those tradesmen with whose affairs room providentially received, no his office made him more parti- hurt; though a wooden framo cularly acquainted. His lord ship round the fire - place was torn further added that independent away, the china broke; the spits, of the damages to be given by the candlesticks, flat irons, &c. (cat. jury to the plaintiff, the com- tered about, and a copper coffeemissioners of excise ought to be pot, a skimmer, a bell-metal morinformed of the defendant's con- tar, and divers other things, were duet, with a view of passing their partially melted. From hence, censure upon it likewise.

the door of this room, as well as The jury, without hesitation, that of the thop, being open, it gave a verdict for the plaintiff, pailed into the street without meet. with gool. damages, and costs of ing with any other obstructions ; fuit.

and its further progress could not Oxford, June 1. This afternoon be ascertained.

Certain Certain advice is received froin horse act amendment bill. The Macao, a settlement of the Por-'ttarch duty bill. The sinking. tuguese in the river Canton, of fund bill. The bill to extend the arrival of the Resolution and and encourage the Greenland fishDiscovery in great distress, and in ery. The bill. for granting to want of provisions. Upon the his majesty one million on a vote death of capt. Cook, capt. Clerke of credit. The bill relative to the succeeded to the command of the drawback on the duty on coffee. two thips, and lieut. Gore to be The bill for appointing commis. captain of the Discovery ; but on Honers to infpect the public ac. the death of capt. Clerke, lieut. counts. The bill for granting a King succeeded to his place.

reward to persons discovering the Rev. Mr. J. H. Wafer, forlongitude. And several inclosure mer minister of the church of and private bills. Zurich in Switzerland, was be- Was tried before the headed for baving ordered some Right Honourable Earl 4th. treasonable pieces to be inserted Mansfield and a special jury, a in the political correspondence of cause wherein Mr. Schreiber, a M. Scholffer of Gottingen, and merchant, was plaintiff, and Mrs. for having withheld a document Frazer, widow of the late Gen. of the 15th century, belonging to Frazer, who died at Saratoga, the public archives, after being defendant. The action was brought demanded by the town secretary for damages on a breach of pro.

Died, At Tynmouth, Cum- mise of marriage.-Mr. Dunning berland, D. Bennet, aged 107. opened for the plaintiff, and

At Green-street, Berks, Mr. brought witnesses to prove the Josiah Morril, a lieutenant in promites. The first and prinqueen Ann's wars, aged 10%, cipal was the plaintiff's son ; who within two days.

deposed, that the lady had ac. At Morton, Mr. John Mullet, knowledged to him her having aged 103.

consented to marry his father. A Thomas Hutchinson, Esq; for- man servant deposed, that his merly governor of Massachusett's mistress had engaged him to go Bay.

abroad with her to Germany, in case of the marriage taking place. Mr. Christie was brought to prove

that the plaintiff bought a house . J U L Y.

in Portland-square or Portland

place, at the price of 4100 1. and By virtue of a commis- on account of the marriage not 34• fion from his majesty, the taking place, had sold it again royal afsent was given to the fol. for 36001.-A horse-dealer proved lowing bills, &c.

he had bought four horses, at The bill for vesting in the East- thirty-five guineas each, and fold India Company their territorital them again all four at leventy, acquisitions in India. The bill four guineas. A coach - maker to prevent the carrying copper in proved he bad bought two carTheets, coastways, &c. The post- riages for 200l. A taylor proved

making a suit of livery, on account the evidence, observed, that the of the promised marriage.

promise of marriage was proved ; Mr. Solicitor General pleaded, ihat certainly each party engaged that his client had no objection to to marry has a right to retrad at the perfon, cbaracter, or fortune any time previous to the cereof the planriti, who is certainly mony, and even before the priest, a very respectable wealthy mer if they apprehended unhappiness chant, and in every respect a to be the events but it was under Fery advantageous match for her; this circumstance, that the party that in the course of the treaty, retra&ing, if able, Thould make the began to think Mr. Schreiber's good the damages sustained by the temper and her's, perhaps none other, through the treaty : the of the best, might not agree; in plaintiff had proved fome da. that care the match would render mages it was for the jury to both parties extreinely unhappy, afless the quantum. for which reason the thought best The jury, after a consultation to retract, though evidently to of a few minutes, gave a verdiet her own loss and disadvantage, of 600l. damages, with costs. bis fortune being far superior to A court of common ash her's. Her late husband had also council was held at Guild in a dream cautioned her against hall, when a motion was made this new engagement.-He fur- by Mr. Parith, and seconded by ther observed, that no attempt Mr. Powell, that an humble ad. had been made to prove bis client dress be presented to his majesty, a woman of fortune ; therefore it exprefling the grateful thanks of was much below the plaintiff to this court for his majesty's care want to take from her small pit- and attention to the citizens of tance, and add to his own great London, in granting them such abundance. Here he was stopped aid as became neceílary to subdue by Mr Dunning, who adduced the late dangerous riots, they proof that the lady's fortune here, being too formidable for the conin the East Indies, and America, troul of the civil authority; which amounted to 24,000). or upwards. occafioned very long and great

Mr. Solicitor-General replied, debates. The principal speakers that the fortune in England might were, the aldermen Townsend, be ascertained, but ihat abroad Wilkes, Newnham, and Woolconld not; but with regard to dridge; Mr. deputy Leeky, Mr. fortune, bis client bad luffered Dornford, Mr. Hurford, Mr. most by breaking off the match, Merry, Mr. Thorpe, Mr. Sharpe, for the was to have her own furtune and deputy Judy. The previous at her own disposal, 300l. a year question was put, whether the pin-money, 10,0col. Icttled upon above question should be put, her, and the house at Forty-Hill, which was carried in the negative; Enfield, or at her option socol. but it appeared upon a division, loftead of it, in all 15,0col. in that four aldermen and 61 com. case of her survival.

moners were for putting the quesLord Mansfield, in fumming up tion, and four aldermen and 56


commoners against it; therefore St. Margaret's - Hill, fifty were the question to address was put, tried for riots, of whom twentyand carried in the affirmative. four were capitally convi&ed, and

A few days ago the long de- twenty fix acquitted. So that on pending cause of Miss Butterfield the whole one bundred and thirtywas fiually determined in Doctor's five have been tried, and fftyCommons, when the will made by pine of them convicted. the late William Scawen, Erg; A court of aldermen was..L while he was at Mr. Sanxay's, held at Guildhall, when was established, and all former aldermen were present. The court wills in her favour were set aside. resolved, that as the executions This decision was founded in these have passed with perfe& peace and principles : that when the de- quiet, and there being no apceased made the will in question, pearance of any riots within this he was in his perfect senses, and city, no further allowance be had time enough to deliberate on made to the troops by this city the merits of Miss Butterfield after Saiurday next. One very before his death, or even before forcible reason offered to prove he annexed the codicil, by which the necessity of a coinpliance with be cancelled all his former wills ; this motion, was, that the average and that the last will was properly expence of maintaining the folfigned and attested. The judge, diers, and providing a table for before he pronounced this decree, the officers, is rool. a day; and ftated the evidence with great per. that the bills already drawn on Spicuity and candour, and bestow the chamber, exceed 40001. ed many encomiums on the cha- At a meeting of the corporation racer and conduct of Miss Butter- of York at the Guildhall of that field, but observed, that it was city, a motion was made to adnot his business to say what Mr. dress his majesty on the taking of Scawen ought to have done, but Charles - Town, and the sup. what he actually did, and what preslion of the late riots, which the law requires when a will is was carried, and an address drawn executed in proper from.

up; but on hearing the same His majesty's free pardon read, it was, on a division, disSo hath been granted to Tames approved, 28 to 19. Purse, a convie of May session, Some few weeks ago, the postunder sentence of death; he was boy bringing the mail from Ste. discharged by the persous who venage to Welwyn in Hertfordbroke open and demolished New. fhire, was robbed by a man on gate, but surrounded himself foot, who at first was thought to again into the custody of Mr. be a farnier in that neighbourAkerman.

· hood, whose case was somewhat There were eighty five persons fingular. Soon after the robbery tried for riots at the Old Bailey, was committed, not being conof whom thirty-five were capitally versant in bank - notes, he had convicted, seven convicted of fine, joined the balf of one note of rol. gle felony, and forty-three ac. to the half of another of 20), and quitted. At the commillion at had paid the same to a tradesman

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in Hertford. This being brought College, Oxon, well known to the to the bank for payment, caused public by his examination before a suspicion, and, on enquiry, the the House of Commons, relative fact was easily traced to the far. to the peace of 1762; and to the mer, who, being under no fear learned, by his notes and col of danger, was taken out of his lections on Euripides, which the bed without refiftance, and carried university purchased, it is faid, to Hertford gaol for trial.

for 2col. and have inserted in the wa At Oxford assizes, a splendid edition of that poet, iu 01. cause was tried between four vols. 4°, 1778. He also the city and university; the quer- published many medical tra&ts. tion was, Whether a tradesman, living in the city, but matricu.

AUGUST lated by the university, was liable to serve the office of constable? Abraham Darnford and wbicb was determined in the William Newton were ex. 5th. affirmative ; but the university, it amined before the fitting alderis said, intend to carry the final man at Guildhall, being charged decision into Westminster-Hall. by William Warts, clerk to Melirs.

. It was decided by Lord Smith, Wright and Gray, bankers, 3010. Chief Baron Skynner, at with robbing and attempting to Bedford. that evidence which de- murder him. It appeared on their clares the assertions of a person examination, that one of the men Gnce dead, cannot be admitted in had lodged an accepted bill at the point of law, notwithstanding that banking - house, to be received perfon did not die till a year and when due, and the money to be a half after the traysaction, and remitted into the country, accordtbe a&ion at law would not have ing to direction. As this prebeen brought, had tbar witness tended bill was directed to an been alive.

empty house, and had several DIED, At Leeds, Yorkshire, Mr. days to run, the villains in the Wheatley, clothier, aged 106. mean time applied to the persons

At Ditchley, Suffes, Mr. Isaac who had the letting of the house. Sherman, aged 97.

to take it, had taken it, and got In the county of Louth, Ireland, the key, under pretence of getting Mr. Gernon, aged 125.

the house cleaned. The landlord In South Wales, Mr. D. War- being made acquainted with the fam, aged 10g.

haste his new tenants were in to At Frampton, Hants, Mr. Rob. take possession, and not very well Pring, aged 103.

liking their description, desired Thomas Ellis, Thoemaker, aged the inistress of the public house, 104.

on the opposite ide of the way, At Burton, Hants, John Ben- to have an eye to their proceed. net, esq. near 100 years old. He ings. Accordingly, on the day was page to queen Anne, at the when the bill became due, the beginning of her reign.

observed two men enter the house, Samuel Musgrave, M.D. F.R.S. and open the parlour windows, and formerly of Corpus Chrifi and presently after, a third man


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